Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jannette Oke

Dear Readers,

Yes you read that correct, Janette Oke has come out of retirement to write a new Biblical fiction series with Davis Bunn. The Centurion's Wife is book one in the Acts of Faith trilogy.
When Leah's family lost their wealth, she becomes a handmaiden for Pontius Pilate's wife, Procula. It's not a bad life and is much better than her sister who is sold/married to a man who abused her. Leah is very content to just work and never marry, but that is all about to change because of one Jewish carpenter.

Pilate promises Leah in marriage to Alban, a centurian who has ambitions of advancing to a position of power. Alban has had an encounter with the carpenter, his young servent was sick and he asked Jesus to heal him without coming to his house. (Remember the Bible story?) He is interested in the rumors that are circulating about the man and his death.

Sent by Pilate to check out what happen to the guards that were guarding the tomb and why they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth, Alban finds out more than he bargained for.

This series is about the new church and how it got started and what they had to say to the world. The time is set just after the ascension and before Pentecost. (At least part of the book is :-) The followers are in hiding, yet eager to share what has happen to them. I loved meeting the Mary's and even Peter. I think, even with the pursecution that was going on this would have been one of the most interesting times in the life of the church. We all understand what was going on, but they didn't. I can't imagine their confusion and sorrow with their lose, but yet he isn't dead, of their beloved friend and leader. I am not sure what I would be feeling at that time.

I can easily say that if you like Janetter Oke before her retirement you will like her now. It isn't the settling of the west, but it is a good story. I know some of you don't read her, but this series is worth the read just to learn a bit about our history as Christians.

Happy Reading

Ted Dekker

Dear Readers,
Kiss by Ted Dekker is due out on January 6th. This book is a stand alone Physiological thriller that are my favorites of Ted's. My favorite book of his is still Three, mostly because of the huge twist that comes at the end of it. Kiss doesn't have that big twist in it, but it is a good mystery/thriller that does keep you guessing as to who the good and bad guys are all the way to the end.

Shauna McAllister causes a car accident that cost her memories and her brother is permenently brain-damaged. Everyone in her family blames her because of the drugs found in the car. She is struggling to remember anything that will help her understand why the accident happened at all.
Shauna struggles to prove her innocence. She has no proof or memory of why she would try to kill herself or her brother, just a feeling. When snippets of memories start to come back she is more and more sure that this accident wasn't just a simple accident.

I'm done, no more clues as to what the book is about. I hate those reviews. I never understand why someone would want to ruin the whole book for someone else. Just know that I did like this book, it is an interesting read and I had no problem wanting to keep reading it. It is a book that you do need to pay attention to. About the time that you think of someone being a certian thing, Ted changes it for you, just to see if you are paying attention.

This book is not just for Dekker fans, it is for anyone who likes a good mystery. I was so looking forward to reading it and was not disappointed. If you haven't noticed I liked this book. I think those who like this type of book will throughly enjoy it. :-)

Happy Reading

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn

Dear Readers,
Ok first the house keeping stuff. Healing Waters by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn . It is the second book of the Sullivan Crisp series.
To be perfectly honest with you all, I am having a terrrible time writing this review. It is not for lack of trying and it is not because I disliked the book. In fact I loved the book. It is more because I feel I am not doing the story justice.

There is so much to learn from Sullivan and Lucia. I feel like everything I want to write is so very disjointed. Mostly I want all of you to understand that this is a very good book. Simply put if you liked book #1, Healing Stones, then get in your car and come and get your copy of this book today.

Lucia is our main character.. She has always been told to take care of her sister, Sonia. When Sonia had a terrible accident, Lucia drops everything to go and live with Sonia. This is where she meets Sullivan. He is a friend of Sonia's and is looking to make sure she is ok, but it turns out Sonia isn't the only one in need of a counselor.

This is where I will stop. Now this is a good read. You don't want to lay it down, but have no problem picking backup for those times you do. It is always sad when real life interfers with reading isn't it. There is so much to say, but it all gives the plot away and I really don't want to take away from the pleasure of reading this story. I also don't want you to think that this review is a bit shorter than others because I don't have anything to say. The problem is just the opposite, I have to much to say and am not sure I could stop.

Happy Reading

Monday, November 24, 2008

Brandilyn Collins

Dear Readers,

Most of you who have belong to this review group for a while now know what I think of Brandilyn Collins. I really enjoy her books. They are good ones for reading when you need a good "chill." It doesn't usually take me long to read them as I need to find out who the killer is before I can sleep at night, not always, but sometimes.

Dark Pursuit is her newest and I read it over the weekend. Once again she has written one of those hard to put down books. I needed to know that all was well before I closed the book last night. I don't know if this is going to be a series, but I didn't see anything on the book that showed that is was. Authors have been know to change their minds about that after the first book because the characters won't leave them alone. (creepy I know:-)

I do have one complaint, this book is not long enough, but midnight is late enough to read at night and if it was longer I would have stayed up later... Well you can see where that is going.

Kaitlan thinks she finally has it all together. A great guy, a good job, and even a baby on the way. Little does she know that one unsceduled trip home is going to change all that. She is about to find the 3rd victim of the serial killer that is loose in their town. She is sure she knows who it is and off she heads for her Grandfather's house. He just happens to be the world famouse novelist Darell Brooke, the King of Suspense. If he can't figure out what to do then no one can help her. The only problem is the last time they spoke he told her he never wanted to see her again.

So the plot thickens quickly and Brandilyn is very good at giving you the clues, but can you figure out who-done-it?

This book seems to be a bit more creepy than her last couple of the Kanner Lake series. Not that I didn't like them, but they were much more like straight up mysteries, while this one has a bad guy who is not at all what you expect. If you liked her other stories and especially her Hidden Faces series you will like this one.

So if the snow is driving you inside and wrapping up in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate... Ok I am going home now... This is a good book for that. Not relaxing, but a good read.

Happy Reading

Tosca Lee

Dear Readers,
This book caught my interest the minute I heard about it. I know several of you read or tried to read Demon, it wasn't for everyone. I even struggled with it because it made me a bit uncomfortable.

Havah is the Story of Eve as the subtitle says. I understand that this is not necessarily how it was, but it sure was fun to imagine it.

Where they able to run with the Gazelles? Did they take naps while using a Lion as a pillow? What was it like to walk with God? Did it rain? How big was the garden? Did they get bored?

Now you can see why I liked this book. Of course this book doesn't answer all those questions, but what fun it is to think about it.

We all know the story of Adam and Eve and their (mankinds) fall. That happens very early on the book. It is reason behind the story, but it is only part of her story. Once the fall happens and they are removed from the garden, the rest of the story starts and is still happening today.
Imagine if all you knew was perfection. Your food at the ready. God's love shown to you as you walked along side of him. That all changed in two small bites. Now nothing is the same. Nothing is handed to you, rain is cold and comes to you in a storm and two of your animal "friends" are killed to clothe you. Imagine your confusion. Especially because you know that this is not how it was meant to be.

Ok ok I hear ya' all. I will stop giving the story lines away. I really like this story. I can't wait to discuss this book in our book club. It made me read the creation story again and even puts the Cain and Able story takes on a different light after you meet them and their mother.

Talk about putting flesh on a Bible story. This really does that. For the first time I saw Eve as a wife, mother, a woman and a child of God. She was not longer perfect, but she was still loved by God.

Happy Reading

Thursday, November 20, 2008

J.M. Windle

Dear Readers,

I know I usually try to review only really new or coming books. Well this time it isn't such a new book. It is one that came out in March of this year. Betrayed by J.M. Windle. I kept thinking I need to read this book and just never got there. It was a good one for this week.

Vicki Andrews goes to Guatemala to checkout a non-profit orphanage that her company would like to donate a grant to. While there she plans on visiting her sister Holly, who is working at a center that is trying to save the cloud forest of Guatemala. As it turns out Vicki only gets to see Holly once before she goes missing and then turns up dead in the very dump that most of the orphans come from.

When the local authorities list the death as just a mugging gone wrong, Vicki desides to play CSI and quickly finds out that she is not in the USA. She isn't alway sure who she can trust, even the police seem corrupt. No one seems real interested in finding out the truth, not even the American Embassy. It is all very frusttrating for Vicki and makes her even more determed to find out the answers.

I really liked the main character even if to me she seemed a bit less informed about foreign cultures than I thought someone who had been to several foreign fields for work would have been. Some of it seemed like common sense to me and I was a bit surprised by how much she fought against the way things are done. Now I am not saying that I wouldn't turn over every rock to find out who killed my own sister, but there are ways of going about it on the foreign soil that you don't do here.

I did like this book. It kept my interest all the way through it. I liked how Jeanette presented that you can be very concerned about the enviroment and people also. In fact they should go hand in hand, not two seperate things. They really do need each other to survive.
Anyone who likes mystery will enjoy that part of this story and those looking for an action adventure book will also like this one. It is a good mixture of both.

Happy Reading

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Neta Jackson

Dear Readers,
I was very sad to close the book on the Yada Yada Prayer Group. They were and are some of my most favorite book characters. They were a
group of woman I always felt like I could knock on the door where they were meeting and I would have been welcomed and then fit right in.

Well happy day the newest book by Neta Jackson, Where do I go, is subtitled A Yada Yada House of Hope. I can easily say that if you like the Yada's you will love this book. In fact several of the Yadas show up to help our main character out.

I have to tell you that the main character and my youngest daughter share a first name. I had dinner with Neta and her husband a couple of years ago and Neta asked me about my daughter's, Gabby name. She wanted to know why we called her that and how we spelled it etc... She asked me if it would be ok to use it in a book and I said yes of course. I didn't think about it or even remember that conversation until about 1/2 way through the book when it suddenly dawned on me that this was that book. I am not sure that Neta would even remember that conversation, but that is ok. I know that my daughter was just tickled by it and even read the book.

Ok on to the important stuff now that I have rattled on. :-)

Gabby is not sure she is all that excited about her new life in Chicago. Her sons are still at boarding school and she rattles around in their high rise apartment with nothing to do and no friends. That all changes after she has a close incounter with Lucy a bag lady.

After sending Lucy to the Manna House, Gabby desides to check on her to make sure she is ok. The rest is all part of the story. She learns there are many reasons for women to be homeless, not just because of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it is curcumstances beyond their control. As Gabby falls more and more in love with the woman of Manna House, her husband becomes more and more upset about her job. Things really start falling apart when the boys come home. Add a new dog and Gabby loses all control.

I felt this is a bit darker book than I thought any of the Yada books were. Maybe darker isn't the correct word, but it just seems that this book doesn't have the lightness and joy that the Yada's do. Not a bad thing, just different. It also ends in a way that will make you want to either throw the book out the window or go find Neta and insist that she tell you what happens. :-)

I really enjoyed this book. It is a book that really opened my eyes to how sometimes people become homeless because of something that really has nothing to do with them. It does give you an understanding that the women at these shelters are still just women trying to take care of their families as best they can. Sometimes that just means needing help. I know I was with Gabby the first time someone makes a suggestion that they offer "fun" classes as well as ones that will help the ladies find jobs. Everyone needs to have fun no matter who you are or what you circumstances in life are.

So to put it simply if you liked the Yada Yada books read this one. If you haven't read them yet, you can easily start here and find a whole new group of friends you will want to share a cup of coffee with.

Happy Reading

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ginger Garrett

Dear Readers,
I have found one of those quiet authors that writes such great historical fiction, but not many people know about her. Ginger Garrett doesn't not take on or write books that are happy reads. They are quite often a bit dark and different than the "standard" story of the character that we all know about. Chosen: the Lost Diaries of Queen Esther and Dark Hours are both very good and interesting books, but not widely read.

In the Shadow of the Lions Ginger takes on the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry the Vlll. Which for me was a very different read. I am not really all that familiar with that time period and I figure who wants to learn about a ruler who would get sick of a wife and kill her. I have always found him to be a bit inmature and very selfish, so in otherwords normal for a dictator.

What I didn't know or remember was that the Tyndale Bible was starting to hit England at the same time as his rule. Which is interesting because he really fought with the church because of his marriages and the lack of an heir.

In this story you actually start in modern times meeting an unnamed editor who is dying. She is waiting to die and has an incounter with an angel who is one of the Scribes of "history." He wants the editor to write down the story that he will tell her and sell it after which she will die.
Let me add here, I was not very excited to read this part as I was afraid that this story would take over the book and take away from the actually story. It doesn't it. In fact it shows up very little and is used as a transition between the two stories going on.

Back to the story. This is the story of Anne as she becomes queen, but from a very different perspective than the story we have always heard. I had always thought she went after the crown, wanting to be queen and doing everything she could to get it. Well Ginger writes her as someone who was caught in a troubling time and is trying to serve God as best she can. That in and of itself adds a very different twist to this familiar story. I can't say that I find her a sympathic character, but I do in someways feel for her. I still think she used people to get what she wanted, but maybe to a different degree than what she is portrayed in the history books.

I really did find this book interesting even though we all know how it ends. I think sometimes I forget that those people that are so much a part of history are still "normal" people. Whether is is King Henry or the Yeoman that you meet in this book. I also love that God took a time in history that was very turbulent and used it to spread His word to the "common" man. It is an interesting look at a part of church history that I really didn't know much about.

By the way the Catholic Church in here really reminds me of a book I just read by Janette Oke called the Centurion's Wife. The Pharisees of the Bible sound a lot like the Cardinals in this book. Hmmm :-)

Happy Reading

P.S. Those in the Zeeland Book Club this will be our book for January

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Melody Carlson

Dear Readers,
Melody Carlson is one of my favorite authors. I love the "realness" of her stories. It is just amazing. I know several of you have heard me say that the grittiness of stories make them hard to read, but so helpful to life.

In The Otherside of Darkness she takes on the story of Ruth. She is what seems to be a normal wife and mother on the outside, but she suffers from OCD. As the symtoms of her illness become worse she finds herself wrapped up in a church that is not teaching the true word of God. They are more focused on the "bigness" of Satan. They are more worried about what he is doing than what God is doing.

As Ruth's slide becomes stanger and stranger, it effects every aspect of her life. Her children suffer because they are lead down the path with her by the church. Her husband is falsely accused of many things and her spiritual life is always under attack and so she struggles to get the demons out of her house and life by getting rid of things.

This is a dark look at a subject that not many of us experience first hand. As her spiritual struggles and her OCD feed on each other, Ruth looses more and more control. She can't keep on top of it all...

Ok that is where I should stop or I will give the whole book away and there would be no need to read it. This is not a light read by any stretch of the imagination. It is not a quick read either. It is one that actually makes you want to stop reading it, but I know personally I needed to know how everything turned out.

I feel like this is one of those books that is a must read so we can be better prepared to help families or friends that maybe dealing with this. It is a subject I didn't know much about, but had heard a bit about it. I did have a co-worker that suffered from OCD to a smaller degree than Ruth does and she knew it, so was able to control it, but it doesn't go away either.

I can't say this was a great book as it was uncomfortable to read at times, but it is a interesting read. I did learn a lot from it.

Happy Reading

Ace Collins

Dear Readers,
Farrady Road by Ace Collins is a good book. I personally was not familiar with Ace's writing before this, but he has several books out. Including Stories Behind the Best-Loved Christmas Stories, Stories Behind the Great Christmas Traditions and many more. His bio also says he has been on several news shows including "Good Moring America" and "NBC Nightly News". So I guess I better pay more attention.

In Farrady Road Elijah and his wife Kaitlyn are attacked and left for dead, only Lije doesn't die. Why anyone wants him or his wife dead is beyond him and anyone who knows them. It doesn't make sense, but as Lije starts pulling the strings to figure it out there is another attack on his life. Why is someone after him? Did Kaitlyn die because of something he did?

All these questions just lead to different questions. Is there any end in sight? Do the police arrest the right person? Lije doesn't think so and sets out to find the real killer or killers and to free his friend. Each clue leads to a more bizzare answer that leads to a even bigger mystery.

I really enjoyed the storyline/mystery of this book. You will be able to tell from the front of the book he does plan on a series for Lije and his cohorts. They are interesting, fun and people that I found myself wanting to hang out with. There are some very interesting characters along the way. The folk lore of the area is interesting and adds to the story so well. Once you read this story you will understand this statement, I want to go live in Lije's house.

I must warn you, there is one sentence in the book that everyone who reads this book will hate. I am not going to tell you what it is or where it is, but you will know what it is when you find it. Happy hunting and ...

Happy Reading

Sharon Carter Rogers

Dear Reader,
Ok this review has been a bit difficult to write. I loved this book, but it is a bit different than most mysteries. In fact I have taken to calling it a "stalker" book. You know who does the crime and yet you spend the book following him and hoping he doesn't catch up with the only witness to the crime.

Unpretty is the follow up book to Sharon Carter Roger's first book Sinner. It is not a sequel as I had hoped, because of the characters I had come to love in the first one, but in and of itself this is a good book. It has it's own share of quirky characters. It is one that if you liked her first you will enjoy the writing style of this one. She is a good author and someone I will enjoy hopefully for sometime to come.

Now here is the hard part. I want to write a review that makes you want to read this book and one that makes me sound some what intelligent, while not giving any of the story line away. This is one of those books that if I say just a couple words to much it will take away from the story and may even make it not worth reading.

So here it goes... If you like murder and mayhem, if you like books a little off center and if you like books that are just a bit creepy, this is the book for you. It is probably a little more different than anything else you will read this year. It is one that I don't recommend for the middle of the night reading. (Even though I did do some of that) It is one that you will want to race to finish, but you don't want it to end for fear of what is going to happen.

I hope that helps you decide if you want to read this book. I really did like it and am already waiting for Sharon's next book.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patricia Hickman

Dear Readers,
I have a love/dislike relationship with Patricia's book. It isn't that I "hate" them, I have just found a couple of them a little dry. With Painted Dresses I found one I enjoyed. It is the story of two sisters who are different as sister can be. One of the them is the good one and the other isn't. One has always tried to do what was right and the other just does her own thing without worring about anyone else.

Gaylen returns to her home town after father falls ill and dies. As she tries to decide what to do for her sister and how to take care of her. With her marriage on the rocks and not wanting to offend anyone, she is trying to do what is right, even if it isn't what is best for Delia.

When Delia takes a shot at a drug dealer's sister and on the run they go to keep Delia out of jail, but also to save her from the hitman that they hired to kill her. They decide to stay at an Aunt's cottage and find several pictures made of painted dresses. Each one tells a story and each one is left to a different person.

Each delivery reveals a little more about their family's history. Stuff that shouldn't have been hidden. Stuff that made their family the way it was. Things that they could have worked through and been able to heal.

Gaylen is dealing with a sister she doesn't like, a marriage that is struggleing, and these new stories that are awaking the nightmares of the past. Which do you deal with first? Which is more important? Can one lead to the healing in different areas?

This is not as complicated book as I have just made it sound, but it is one of secrets kept and people who have been hurt because of it. It is a terrific look at a family in crisis and how hiding the bad things is not helpful. I found that in some ways I really felt for Gaylen and yet sometimes I was a bit frustrated with her. Delia I found terriably annoying and yet in some ways I have to admit I did admire the way she is able to not be worried about what others thought of her.

Without giving the story completely away, this is a story that can help someone either going through the same crisis or someone trying to understand what happen to themselves or someone else they are walking with. I am would say this is a must have for every church library.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

T.L. Hines

Dear Readers,
I know some of you love T.L. Hines' books and some of you don't. His new book is not going to change your opinion of him. The Unseen is his newest release. It is very different and one that if you like a book that you are not sure what is going on this will be perfect for you. I am going to tell you right away, this is not my favorite of his. It kept me very interested the whole book, I liked the characters and the storyline was very intrigueing, but it wasn't a creepy "ghost" story like The Dead Whisper on and it isn't a mystery like Waking Lazarus. But don't let that turn you off it is a good book.

Lucas is the main character. He is off the radar for everyone and he likes it that way, he just doesn't exsist according the the goverment. He loves to hide in buildings and watch people as they work. He makes up stories about their lives. He never makes contact with them and never ever goes into peoples house. He washes dishes to earn the little money he needs. He sleeps in the buildings and other various places around the city. He likes his life and is quite content. Until...

...a chance meeting with Donavan. A fellow creeper as Donavan's group calls themselves. Suddenly a whole different world is opened up to Lucas and he isn't sure he likes it. Nobody is whom they seem to be. Nothing is as Lucas understands it. Nobody believes he is doing any of this just because he is a good guy.

This is one of those books that leaves you a bit unsettled after you are done. I did like the questions that T.L. has in the back of the book. It made for a little more thinking. In one question he askes you to compare your feelings for Lucas at the beginning of the book to those at the end of the book. It really made me stop and think as I really hadn't thought about it much before that, which in and of itself was surprising to me as I usually find a character that I really like or dislike. I did realize that I didn't really have any of those feeling for Lucas at the beginning. I did find I felt a lot more sympathy for him when I understood him more. I found him as a bit of a innocent and really not all that "street smart." Which maybe would have been endearing to some, I found it a bit annoying.

Once again I am going to say that if you like his other books you will like this one. It is the novel he was working on as he was fighting cancer. Which does give it a bit of a trivia thing, but doesn't effect the book. It is along his good storylines and his charcters are interesting. I don't think this book can be labeled a guy book, it is just a good "riddle book." One that is fun to try to figure out.

Happy Reading

Monday, September 29, 2008

Alice J. Wisler

Dear Readers,
A new author is always exciting. I also must say that one that picks out such great covers, well all the better. Rain Song by Alice J. Wiser, is a gentle story of Nicole Michelin finding herself and her mother.

Nicole and her dad flew back from Japan when Nicole is 2 and her mother had been killed in a fire. That is all the information that Nicole knows and her father refuses to tell her more. Nicole has lived with this little bit of knowledge all her life. That one experience of flying, being sick the whole way home, makes her never want to fly again. She has her teaching, her Koi, and her doll that her mother gave her when she was just a baby.

That is why when her life is turned upside down by someone she meets on the internet. He lives in Japan and it turns out he knew her and her family when they lived there. Does Nicole continue to pursure this relationship or does she cut it off before it leads to something she doesn't want to continue? Does she want to know more about her mom? What if her dad kept a secret about her mom she doesn't really want to know? What if...? Is it worth the risk?

This is again a look at family secrets. It is a different in that the secrets didn't really need to be kept. I know there are certian things you can't tell you kids, but why would you not tell your daughter about her mother? I was to say the least a bit frustrated by Nicole's father. I think that is part of Nicole's problems and of course the wacky/normal family adds to the problems.

I did like this book a lot. I found it a story that any of us could live. The characters are normal, lovable and very annoying when they need to be. It is a good story that is fun to read.

Happy Reading

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tim Downs

Dear Readers,
Tim Downs is back with his 4th bug guy book. Less than Dead continues the story of Nick Polchek story.

Nick has finally meet his match. He is hired to find out why there is dead bodies on the land where the new shopping mall is going up. When the first cadavier dog fails to find more bodies, Nick, of course, desides to hire someone new. The witch of Endor, or Alena to just a few people. She trains dogs that are able to find just about anyone, living or dead. She is hard headed, opinionated, and very independent, so in other words just like Nick. Which of course makes for some great conversations and scenes in the book.

If you know Nick at all you know that he never goes by the rules. He doesn't really see any sense in doing something just because someone asked him to. Even when his friend is removed from the case and begs him to cooperate with the new guy, Nick does his own thing. Which of course makes this much more interesting. Add a senator-soon to be president if the election goes well- and his wife who have a few to many skeletons in the closet to make this an interesting tale.

There is plenty of murder and mayhew to satisfy anyone that loves a good mystery and then just add Nick and his attitude and mouth and I actually found myself laughing out loud. I love Nick the bug guy and can't wait for his next installment. I also would love to meet Tim Downs to see where this great character is coming from

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lynn Austin

Dear Readers,
Lynn Austin's newest book is here. Yeah! I so enjoy her books, they are just really good stories. Whether a contemporary tale or one set in Biblical times, they are all very good and interesting.

In Until We Reach Home, Lynn writes about 3 sisters that head for America to get away from an Uncle who is to friendly with the oldest one. Elin can think of no other way to keep her sisters safe from him. She can't share her secret with them as they will think less of her and may not even believe her.

Kristen is also keeping a secret. One that may keep her from getting into America and there is nothing for her to go back to. On the eve of their leaving, Tor, her true love tells her that he will never be able to marry her because of her family history.
Sophia doesn't want to leave their family home. Mom and Dad are buried there and their older brother has moved to Stockholm. Why would anyone want to leave the farm?

Secrets kept and later reveled. This novel is about family, about love and truth. It is one that is well woven together and paints a beautiful picture of what life was like for the new immigrants coming to America. It wasn't streets of gold and picture prefect, but yet it was still a new start for people who needed it.

I can easily say that if you like Lynn's books you will love this one also. I was hooked right away, even if some of it was easy to guess what was coming next. It is not a complicated book, but a great story. Take time out of your busy schedule and relax and enjoy a wonderful read.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John B. Olsen

Dear Readers,
With the wide spread popularity with the Twilight series of books and show like Angel and Buffy, John thought he would take the Vampires on from a Christian perspective. In Shade John does just that. He takes on "real" vampires and want-to-bes. The "real" vampires are really just very evil men and women who are dabbling in Satanic worship. The want-to-be vampires are people that are trying to live the life style and just don't understand what they are really messing with.

Hailey Maniates feels like she has fallen through the rabbit hole. Her quiet life is no longer quiet. After being rescued by a homeless guy, everything she knows is right is no longer correct. What she thought was just stories, turn out to be real. She is questioned and doubted by other, which makes her begin to even doubt herself.

Hailey decides for her own sanity she needs to find the homeless guy and at least make sure he is ok and to thank him for saving her. So starts her journey into a side of life and the world she never thought she would see.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this book, but I quickly got caught up in the storyline and the action of it all. There were times as I was reading it that I actually had to stop to figure out where I was. It is a fast moving book. It really is fast paced and keeps you on your toes. I don't recommend it for anyone that is looking of a quiet read, this book is not very restful at all. In fact I was on a camping trip with our youth group and we stay in tents. This is not a good book to be reading when staying in a tent. (Kind of Creepy) It is not a slow read either. It is one that I would recommend for those who have read the Twilight books and are looking for something else. This book gives a much more negative view of this sub-culture. It by no stretch of the imagination paints it in a good light. It is a good and interesting read.

Happy Reading

Patti Hill

Dear Readers.
I have to admit that I didn't think I would like The Queen of Sleepy Eye by Patti Hill as much as I did. I totally enjoyed the story and even found myself a little sad that the story ended.
During the summer of 1975, Amy and her not so traditional mother head on a road trip to California so Amy can finally find the freedom from her mother. That is the only problem with this trip, Mom insisted in coming along.

When Mom's beloved Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe loses it's tranmission, they are stuck in the small town of Cordial. Colorado. Francie, mom, is ok with this and ready to make the best of it. She finds a job, strikes up a friendship and even finds a boyfriend, of course that is the problem. Mom isn't acting like she wants to leave and Amy can't wait to leave.

When Franie takes a job at the local funeral home Amy is sure that she will never see California. Not only is she stuck in this one horse town, she now has to spend her days and nights answering the death calls, as Mrs. Clancy so delicately puts it. How will they ever get a chance to leave? Will it ever work out and will Amy leave even if her mother doesn't want to?

Susan May Warren is quoted as saying this about the book, "More than a coming-of-age tale, it's about life and loss, love and forgiveness. and discovering there is more to the world than what we see." She is correct. It is one of those books you have to read to really experience it. I know that sounds funny, but this is a book you may not pick up on your own, but I recomend it to all who are looking for something a little different.

Patti has really found her stride with this book. I love the desciptions in it, you can almost feel the summer heat rising from the book just by the word pictures. Even the hippie commune is well pictured and I think I would be able to find this little town, just by how Patti paints it in words.

Happy Reading

Kim Vogel Sawyer

Dear Readers,
I am not sure that Kim is done with this series yet. Where the Heart Leads is a sequel to Waiting for Summer's Return.

A few years have past and we pick up the story of Thomas Ollenburger as he graduates for college. He heads home for a short visit with his family. He is ready to announce some changes that he is making in his life, the biggest being that he is planning on working in Boston not Hillsboro Kanas, as his family expects.

When Thomas reaches Hillsboro and finds things are not as he left them. Will he change his plans? Should he stay in town to help support his family and enjoy getting to know his little sisters? How can he tell his dad that he wants to live and work in Boston when Dad seems so happy to have him home.

Thomas struggles with what he finds out about his new boss and even the canidate he wants to support for President. Is this what God really wants for him? Thomas relizes that he is not making his decisions based on what God's will for his life is. He is deciding things for himself and he has made a royal mess of things
Once again Kim writes a wonderful historical novel which even though is set in1904 has a bit of election year intrigue to it. Of course not our election, but it is a good reminder that underhanded politics is not new to our age. .

Kim does a nice job of teaching me a couple things I didn't know about that time in America's history. I guess it is good to have a history lesson every now and then. Don't worry this book does not read like a history book. It is a good delightful read.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christa Parrish

Dear Readers,
Home Another Way by Christa Parrish is her first novel. I wasn't sure what expect but found a delightful read.

Sarah Graham had never forgiven her father for killing her mother. O.K. first off I am not sure I would be able to forgive that either. She is living a hard and fast life and is now flat broke. When she is told her father had died and has left her an inheritance. Sarah figures she might as well collect it, forget about him and go on with her life. What can it hurt?

When she arrives in Jonah she knows that this is going to be a fast trip. In and out as fast as she can make it. The lawyer for her fathers estate has other ideas. Dear ole Dad has written in his will that she must stay in town for 6 months. Sarah isn't sure that the inheritance is worth it, but what other choice does she have and where else would she go.

She meets the town folk that are not what she expects, especially the pastor of the local church. She also finds out that her father is not who she remembers him to be. We all can learn that things are not always what we suppose them to be.

I really did enjoy this book. I again will say, I wasn't sure what to expect, but found a neat little book in the process. I hope that Christa keeps writing as I am looking forward to her next one.

Happy Reading

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ted Dekker

Dear Readers,
This review is about Sinner, due to come out Sept 3. If you order and prepay for your copy now, Baker has them at $14.97 in the pre-sale.

Sinner is the last of the Paradise series. It draws us closer to a complete circle of the three series he has been working on. I have to say that Ted is writing in his author bio that you can start this series at any book and follow what is going on. Well I believe you must follow the order and read them that way. I do believe that you can read the three different series in any order you want, but the books int the series must be read in order to understand what is going on.

Ok back to the review. There is going to be a showdown between Maruvees Black and the remaining kids from the monistary. He is forcing their hand, his assians are hunting them down one by one. Until only three remain. Billy, Johnny, and Darcy are the reason he exsist and he wants to rid the world of any threat that he can be destroyed.

In a world where Political Correctness has gone wild, Maruvees can manipulate the systems for his own good. He uses the goverment to make it impossible to talk about your faith. I am not going to tell you how he manages to do this, as it takes away an interesting part of the story.

Once again Ted packs a lot of action and adventure in to his 300 plus page book. He hold true to the story, even though I think he gets very preachy about the P.C. issue. I just enjoyed this story for the sake of the story. I know that if you like Ted's books you will want to read this book as it will help you continue the circle to completion.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ginger Kolbaba and Christy Scannell

Dear Readers,
I read the first on of this series only because of the title, Desperate Pastor's Wives. I am so glad I did. It took me a while to get around to reading book two, I am sorry it took me so long to read it. A Matter of Wife and Death picks up right where the first one leaves off. Which is nice if you can remember all that went on. Ginger and Christy do a good job of catching up on the "old" news by making it part of the story instead of just rehashing everything.

Mimi, Lisa, Jennifer, and Felicia are still meeting every other week at Lulu's Cafe to keep their sanity. They talk about family, both blood family and church families. They solve their "world" problems and keep each other accountable. But most of all they laugh... a lot.

Mimi is dealing with a new baby that she wasn't planning on. Milo cries with all the time and she is not getting enough sleep. Can you get a ticket for falling asleep at a traffic light?

Lisa's daughter Callie is rebelling against her family, the church and anyone within reach. Lisa is beside herself as to what to do. Not helping matters, the church is not happy with her pastor husband.

Jennifer still longs for a baby. Why would God not allow something that is so much her hearts desire. Does He maybe have other plans for her and her longings for a family?

Felicia -she is the hardest character for me to like. She is struggling with the working mother thing and a biting child. When headquaters offers her a job in Chicago what will she tell her husband?

Real life problems with the twist of being a pastor's family. How do you operate and deal with everyday normal things when the church your husband is in charge of expects you and your family to be perfect? I know when I read this it makes me stop and think about what I expect from my pastor and his family. Do I allow them to be normal? Do I have to many high expectations of what they are suppose to do or not?

Ok enough of that... I really did enjoy this book. It is funny and yet makes you think. I have said before it is very real. I can only imagine what some families go through. I know personally I wouldn't be able to not say something and would probably make a rotten pastor's wife. :-) Go out read this series it is a good one and I personally am looking forward to book #3.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sharon Hinck

Dear Readers,
I have just finished a book that was surprising to me. Sharon Hinck's newest Stepping into Sunlight is a very good and interesting read.

Her main character, Penny, moves from to Virginia from her home town. Her husband has just left on his first deployment with the navy and she has witnessed a murder and narrowly escaped with her own life.

This is a story of her journey back to normal. A new normal. She can't figure out why she can't just do normal stuff. Going out to the grocery store is an experience in terror for her. She runs out of gas for her car because she is unable to get gas. Her son is mad at her because she can't volunteer to help at the school play. Life is not what it is suppose to be.

I found this an interesting journey through any stress that can happen. Why do we assume that when we have large stresses and tramas in our life we expect ourselves and others to just go on normally? Penny could be any of us. I don't know about you, but if someone held a gun to my head, I may never leave my house again.

Sharon stresses several times, that there is no timeline to recovery. It can take years or not. It can be something that is gradual and sometimes it happens quickly. She just doesn't want you to think that the timeline in the book is the way it is. It is only that way because of the time constrants of the book.

I really did like this book. It was a really good way of looking at something like this. Sometimes we do ask to much of ourselves and sometimes it is hard to find God in all that is happening.
I liked all the different people Penny came into contact with. I loved the project that she started on her own to help her recovery. She tried to do one nice thing for somebody everyday. What fun & a neat thing to do. What a good way to help yourself. I know there were a couple of times I wanted to tell Penny to "just do something," but that is the same thinking of why we don't let people a chance to recover. There is a difference between recovering and holding on to something without a thought of ever letting it go.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Susan Meissner

Dear Readers,
First, the important stuff, The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner. I loved this book. It might be her best one yet. Secondly, this book is releasing on Sept. 16th. But you can order your copy today, just let me know if you want one.

Last but not least, I have had a terrible time writing this review. It is me, not the book. Every time I start a review for it, I feel like I am not doing the book justice. There are several different storylines and each one is very different from the others, and yet, they are all tied together. If you have ever read Susan's books before you know she never has just one story line, some being funny with most being serious.

In The Shape of Mercy, Susan does just that. The story of Mercy's diary alone is amazing, the story of Abigail is fascinating , but the main character, Lauren, is the story that doesn't leave you when you are done.

Lauren wants to prove to everyone that she doesn't need her parents money to survive. She takes a job transcribing an old diary that has been handed down through Abigail's family. The diary is written by an family member during the Salem witch trials. I really didn't know that much about the Salem witch trials other than what the play/book the Crucible tells us. It is a very dark time in our history. Sometimes it is even hard to remember that it isn't a work of fiction, but real families were torn apart and very real people, innocent people, were killed on the will and whim of a few teenage girls. Peer pressure is a very powerful tool.

Back to Lauren. I loved her storyline. She is a very normal person with every day struggles. She is trying to make the right decisions and yet doesn't want to hurt anyone. Especially her family, and yet wants to stand on her own. Which is a fine and difficult line to walk. Sometimes things aren't what you think they are.

I can't stress it enough, read this book. It wasn't at all what I expected, it was better.

Happy Reading

Monday, August 4, 2008

Colleen Coble

Dear Readers,

"I always knew I was a Texan at heart..." So starts the author acknowledgements in the back. Colleen started her writing career by writing western romances, so she has returned to her roots in Lonestar Sanctuary.

Allie and her 5 year old daughter need a place to hide. A stalker is threatening them and they need to hide. The Bluebird Ranch seems to be the perfect place to do just that.
RIck Bailey works at the ranch and Allie's late husband told her " If you are ever in trouble, find Rick." Allie has no one else to turn to, so she takes a chance on Rick and the ranch that may help Betsy talk again.

It only took me one very peaceful day to read this book. Don' t get me wrong, it is a good read. It is a little lighter that her last couple, Abomination & Anathema. It does have a couple really good twist to it. It is just not as intense of a mystery as she usually writes. It does have a twist or two in it which is always fun.

This is a good hot summer day read. It won't keep you awake at night, but it will keep you interested.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John Bevere

Dear Readers
I just wanted to mention that the guest reviewer is someone I work with. He reviews a book that I review when it first came out. I really enjoyed it at that time. It is one I still enjoy talking about and selling. It is very very thought provoking. It made me stop and think about different things I was "justifying" to make them ok. I don't know if Andrew will appear again, but feel free to check out his blog - bbhchurchconnection.blogspot.com.

Happy Reading

Ann H. Gabhart

Dear Readers,
The Outsider is a very different book for Ann. Her three books before this were all set in 1964. A very turbulent time to say the least. This time she takes on 1812 and a Shaker village.

Gabrielle Hope joined the Shaker community, with her mother, 5 years earlier. She is very content and happy with her life. She loves teaching the young sisters, she loves working with the other sisters and isn't worried about commiting matrimony. She doesn't really question the things that are done or why. She believes that Mother Ann was sent from God and they need to follow what she taught. That is until the night of the fire. Enter the handsome Doctor, Brice Scott. Suddenly everything Gabrielle believes and knows is turned upside down.

I enjoyed this story. It is a very simple, gentle love story. It starts just before the war of 1812. It uses that as part of the story and even points out a problem with the "lets be seperate from the world" thinking of the Shaker community. Including the Shaker community really makes this story different and interesting. I am sure there are other fiction books on the Shakers, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

I knew very little about the Shakers going into this story, but I did learn a lot from this story. In fact I talked to someone who has studied the Shakers a bit and she said that the research on the community is very well done. The information included in the book reflects a lot of what went on in those communities. Let me tell you I would not have been able to survive in them for very long. To many rules and not enough fun. :-)

If you are looking for a light historical novel, this is a great choice.

Happy Reading

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Rescued" - Drowning in theology or swimming in story?

I heard about this novel from two pastors who had differing opinions as to the book’s theology. When it was recommended that I read it I thought I was getting into heavily ideological fiction like The Shack, or The Screwtape Letters and prepared myself to search for theological mis-steps and/or profound truths.

I was pleasantly surprised that in Rescued, by John Bevere and Mark Andrew Olsen, story has pride of place and ideological intentions take a back seat, making the book an excellent, engaging read.

Rescued is the story of Alan Rockaway and his semi-estranged son Jeff. Alan is the pastor of a 6,000 member mega-church in Denver who leads a vibrant ministry and is married to a beautiful, devoted wife.

The problem is that the beautiful, devoted wife is not Jeff’s mother and in his eyes, Alan is not the iconic pastor everyone thinks he is. A submarine accident and a live video feed ultimately lead Alan and Jeff towards confronting Alan’s divorce and the hole in their relationship. But is it for the better?

While the story of the Rockaways will engage you emotionally, Rescued has even more to offer. Much of the book focuses on mysterious characters in the afterlife watching the story of Alan and Jeff unfold, while asking their own questions about life and faith. Without giving anything away I can say that you’ll experience a little of bit of Heaven and a little bit of Hell, quite literally, while reading this book.

Rescued reads like a thriller. It’s not too long, with a fair amount of action and plenty of dialogue. Olsen’s writing will have you flipping pages quickly, so start reading early. I guarantee you’ll be up late trying to finish.

And what of the theology?

In a note following the final chapter John Bevere says: “The themes of life, death, and the Hereafter woven into this story are gleaned from my nonfiction work Driven by Eternity, and in it you will find further expansion of the two certainties I keep ever before me: what I do at the cross of Jesus Christ determines where I will spend eternity, and the way I live as a believer determines how I will spend it.”

Simply put, the nuances of real, true salvation are the focus of Rescued. Though you may find something in the book that you disagree with – because theological differences abound among us – you won’t find anything outside of an orthodox Christian perspective. It doesn’t dive as deeply as The Shack, but it’s not as light as a Ted Dekker novel.

Enjoy reading Rescued. It’s my favorite kind of reading – an exciting story that leaves you thinking!

Review by BBH staff member, Andrew Rogers

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Charles Martin - Where the River Ends

Dear Readers,

Any of you that have gotten my reviews of the past few years know how I feel about Charles Martin. I like him better than Nicholas Sparks. He writes good Southern genre books. I can pretty safely say, that if you do like Nicholas you will probably like Charles, if you haven't read him yet.

Where the River Ends has just hit the shelves. It is a tear jerker, without being a "chick" book. I think guys will be able to relate to Doss with very little or no problem. What he wants to do to help his wife is something most girls dream of their husbands doing for them if the need ever arose.

Abbie and Doss are soul mates. They are nothing alike and yet are madly in love. He is a struggling artist and she a super model ( don't worry it isn't about that). He is from a trailer park, her dad is a powerful senator. As you can see their worlds should never have met.

This is a love story. It is a sad love story, but it is a beautiful love story. Most of the book is spent going back and forth between what is happening present time and and their past, but it really adds to the story.

Abbie has a list of things she wants to do before she dies, and they don't have much time left. The one thing she really wants to do is take a 130 mile trip downt he St. Mary's River. She wants to learn about where Doss used to live and work. It could be a trip of a lifetime and it will be.
Charles once again tells a gentle story of two people in love even though society tells them they shouldn't be. He tells the story with great gentleness on a topic most of us don't want to deal with and yet he makes us face our own end. He is easy to read and it is so easy to fall in love with Abbie.

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff, but if you didn't already understand, I liked this book. It is an easy read. It is one that would fit well in a chair on the beach with a tall glass of sweetened iced tea - southern style.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Steven James

Dear Readers,

Sometimes an author starts with a fabulous first book and it makes me worry about what his second book is going to be like. Thankfully Steven James follows up his first with a very good book. The Rook does live up to the hype. It is action packed, interesting and very intriguing.
Patrick is back and this time he is helping in San Diego, where they have had a rash of fires. No one seems to be able to figure out who is starting them or why. The arsonist isn't following any of the regular patterns. He doesn't seem to do it for the excitement of watching the fire or the fire dept. He doesn't do it to get rid of an eye sore. None of it makes any sense and nothing is as it seems.

Tessa is along and the father/daughter relationship is being strained. Patrick wants to protect her and she wants to fly. I must say this storyline adds a whole different dynamic to the book. It really does give Patrick a human side. He isn't just a guy trying to do his job, recovering from losing his wife, while falling in love.

I did make one mistake. I assumed a couple of things and totally missed the clues. So if you haven't read it yet, pay attention and I am sure you can figure it all out before the end. :-) Good luck.

Was it neccessary to make this book almost 500 pages long? Yes. I will admit a couple times in the middle I wished he had hurried it along a bit, but when I got to the end I wished The Knight was started. (coming 2009) I know that for those who love a action/adventure/mystery this is a great summer read. It was not one that I wanted to put down much and when I got a chance to read it, I was involved right away. It was plain and simply a good novel.

If you didn't like Patrick at the end of The Pawn, this book will make you like him. He is just a guy trying to do his job while raising a teenage daughter that he didn't even know until a couple of years ago. He is very good at what he does, but he is trying to balance life and work as a single parent. I know there are many of us trying to do the same thing and sometimes it is nice to hear that others struggle with that too.

If you have a week vacation coming up soon, this is the book for that week. Of course you will need another one along, because you will finish this in a couple days. :-)

Happy Reading

Monday, July 7, 2008


Just a couple of things I wanted to let you know. The Rook by Steven James is on the shelves. It is the sequel to The Pawn, which if you haven't read, do that first. I haven't gotten a chance to read it myself, but I am only hearing good things from those who have. I do know that it is about 500 pages long. Which is very good, because The Pawn wasn't long enough.

Second Unbridled Dreams by Stephanie Whitson is now on our shelves. It has arrived a month early, which is always nice. You can check out my review of this in an earlier blog.

Both of these books will make great summer reads. I know I am looking forward to The Rook. If you need any help getting these book, feel free to contact me here at the store.

Happy Reading

Monday, June 30, 2008

Vanish - Tom Pawlik

Dear Readers,

Tom Pawlik is the winner of the 2006's Christian Writers Guild contest. This contest is a contest that Jerry Jenkins holds through his writers guild.

Vanish is the book that Tom wrote and now Tyndale is publishing. This is a very different book. It is not what I expected and I am not sure what I expected, but this was not it. The only thing I had heard of it before I started this book, was "I am reading it now and find it a bit strange." So with that to go on I am going to give you a very different review. I have said in the past that I don't like to give away anything about the book as then there is no reason to read the book. Which for those of you who don't know me, know that is one of my pet peeves. It really bugs me when someone gives a review and then promptly gives the total story away. I have no reason to read it, and what good is a book you don't need to read? So it is something I try hard not to do.

Conner is very much in charge of his life. Everything is going according to plan. Ok, so there are a few minor gliches, but nothing he can't over come. Until he wakes up one morning and everyone else on the planet is gone.

Everything is no longer what Conner knew, well sort of. Everything is the same - jsut without people. Very strange. And why is he the only one that has survived?

This is Conner's journey to discover what really happened. He does meet up with other people who were left in this situation. Oh, did I fail to mention the strange, ghostly creatures wondering around on this new world?...and they don't seem to friendly.

Ok, that is as far as I dare go without giving away something important that I think you need to discover on your own. I was half thinking this was going to be an "end times" book, but it is not. This is a book I will include on the list of books for the book club here at the store. I think it will be one that will generate a lot of discussion. Just remember, nothing is as you remember it. :-)

Happy Reading

Unbridled Dreams - Stephanie Grace Whitson

Dear Readers,
Ok, tell me that at least some of you didn't want to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show? Who of us didn't want to ride horses, rope cattle and meet hansome cowboys? As you have all guessed by now, Unbridled Dreams is not a guy book.

Imogene Marshall wants to ride horses for Buffulo Bill's wild west show. Her mother wants her to become a lady and go to finishing school. Irmagard is not very excited about that prospect and is trying to figure out a way that she won't have to go.

When her father steps in and gets her a chance to try out for the show and tour with them for a summer, she can hardly contain herself. There is just one problem with this: her mother doesn't know.

As I started this book I figured it was just going to be a nice love story. The great thing about Stephanie's books however, is that they are not like that at all. There are always underlying stories to each character. Shep is a great example (don't worry I am not giving anything away). Imogene thinks he is just a simple a guy who has always been a cowboy, but that is about as far from the truth as you can get.

There are storylines that I wasn't expecting, but as the old saying goes "don't judge me until you walked a mile in my shoes." At first I was ready to not like Irmagard's mother, but as I got to know her I really came to like her and respect her. It is the same with "real" people, you don't really know them until you get to hear their story.

I also think that even if you never wanted to ride with Buffulo Bill, you will like this story. It is fun, interesting and very well researched. It was just fun to learn about how the show was put on and where and how really popular it got. It was, for its time, as popular as American Idol. Everyone wanted to see it.

Happy Reading

P.S. This book is not releasing until August. Sorry for that oversight. You are welcome to pre-order your copy today. Just email me at the store and I will be glad to do that for you.

Wind River - Tom Morrisey

Dear Readers,
Tom Morrisey's newest has just arrived in the store. Wind River is just a little different for him. It is closer to In High Places than Turn Four or Deep Blue. It is a guy book through and through. I did enjoy it, but not as much as male readers will.

Tyler Perkins returns from Iraq with hidden scars. He loses one of his mentors to a carbomb, on a mission he should have been on. The guilt and anger that he is carrying is killing him and his marriage.
When he receives a card from and old friend from back home, he knows he needs to go see him and make one more trek up to Wind River. It will be a good way to say good bye to his friend and even a place to wrestle with his own demons.

Soren also has things in his past that Tyler doesn't know about. This trip is actually his way of setting things right. Soren has an agenda and nothing is going to stop him. Not mother nature, not his own health, and definitely not Tyler. Things will be learned on this trip that neither guy is expecting. Each will take something from the mountian that they were not planning on.

I know I have already said that I liked this book and have found it thought provoking. I also really liked how Tom described the western mountians. It makes me want to go out there and take up fly fishing - I don't even like hiking or fishing.

This is one for the guys, but girls don't miss out on a book that just may explain the guy mind to you a little.

Happy Reading

Winter Haven - Athol Dickson

Dear Readers,
I want to note, that my posts right now are for my latest email reviews that I have sent. I will start posting new books soon. Thank you for your patience.

Winter Haven by Athol Dickson is plain and simply a ghost story. He sets this book on a remote and misty island off the coast of New England. It is a place shrouded in mystery and the latest "find" is not at all what Vera Gamble expects. Her brother, who ran away 13 years ago has washed up on the island's beach. Only he hasn't aged a day since he left home.

Vera is determined to get the bottom of this, only the island itself, not just the people, seems to be trying to keep her from finding the answers.

Like I said before this is a ghost story. It has a great mystery and a good shiver factor. I found it interesting, and very different from anything else I had read this year. I will admit I have liked Athol's other two books and know that they are not for everyone. But if you are looking for something just a little off center, this is it.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"A Mile in My Flip-Flops" by Melody Carlson

Dear Readers,
Melody Carlson's newest, A Mile in my Flip-flops, is a great read. It is perfect for summer and is just a nice relaxing book. It is centered around the house flipping phenomenon that is sweeping cable TV.

Gretchen Hanover needs money and needs it fast. She also needs more room for her rather large and enthusiastic lab. She is sick of her small apt. What's a girl to do? Well, buy a house to flip of course. With little experience, and only happy thoughts, Gretchen desides this is where God wants her to go.

I don't want you to think that this is just a "silly" book. It is a lighter book than some of us are use to from Melody, but I also seem to be saying that a lot about her books lately. I know she is writing some heavy duty teen books for girls, so maybe she needs the break.

This book is a look at what we hear God saying, and what we think he is saying. With many errors and starts and stops, Gretchen finds what she is looking for, only she didn't know she was looking for what she found. Does that make any sense? To figure it out you will have to read the book. :-)

I so enjoy Melody's books. Her characters are real and fun, they make you want to hang out with them. In fact Gretchen reminds me of what I would be like if I decide to fix up a house. Of course she has more experience and get-go to do something like that than I ever would. This was just a fun book to read, though it did not make me want to flip a house. That is too much work.

Happy Reading