Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Release - The Choir Immortal - Katie Schuermann

Dear Readers,

I had the chance to meet Katie Schuermann at a convention this past summer.  I can so easily say that her personality comes through in her writing very clearly.  She was just a delight to talk to.  As I watched her with other visitors to her booth, I could see the bubbly personality that came through in her characters and also a lovely sense of humor.  So I was glad to see her sequel to House of Living Stones arrive here at the store.

The Choir Immortal picks up almost where "House" left off.  Two of Bradbury's own are getting married.  It will be the wedding of the century and anyone who is anyone will be there.  But does any wedding go off without a hitch?  This one doesn't.  If it isn't the broken air-conditioner, the cake starts to melt and if that isn't enough, maybe a trip to the emergency room will ruin the day.

House of Living Stones by Katie SchuermannThankfully the church rallies and all is well.  They just had to learn that prayers, patience and cinnamon rolls are usually a great way to handle those difficult days.

Fun, laugh worthy and a delight to read, I have this one on the TBR list.  We all know people that Katie writes about.  For better or for worse we will all find even ourselves on these pages of what life is like in a church.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Release - Dead Dog like Me - Max Davis

Dear Readers,

I am truly amazed at the different titles that are given to books.  Dead Dogs like Me by Max Davis is probably one of the odder ones I have seen.  It does usually make me wonder what is the book about to make that the title.  With this one, it is going to take a bit more research that just reading the book of the book.

Pastor Nick Gregory's life is falling apart.  His wife is getting a divorce, his church no longer trusts him and his faith is on life support and fading fast.  Can things get any worse?  Well yes, Nick suffers a horrific car accident, but the biggest shock is that once wakes up he knows he is not only not in his hometown, he is not is in his century.  Nick is transported back to 800 B.C. and into the life of Mephibosheth, King Saul's nephew.

As you can tell by that description, this is not really your typical fiction book.  It has an interesting mix of contemporary and Biblical, but set in a time not written about much.  King Saul is not really high on most Biblical fiction writers list to write about.  Well unless he is the bad guy to David's good guy.  So a very different undertaking by Max.

If you are looking for something a bit different, this might just be the book you are looking for.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 28, 2015

New Releases - September 21 - 26

Dear Readers,

Remind me to not complain about writers not writing fast enough.  With all the new titles and authors now arriving in the store, I know I will never catch up with my reading.  How exciting for all of us readers!

Happy Reading,

Come Rain or Come Shine - Jan Karon - A Mitford Novel - The wedding we have all waited years to attend.  Dooley and Lacey are finally getting married and everyone is invited.  It is going to be pretty casual so come as you are and bring a dish to pass.

The Choir Immortal - Katie Schuermann - sequel to Living Stones - Two of their own are getting married. Zion Lutheran church could not be more excited.  Nothing can get them down.  Not busted air conditioners, melted cake or a trip to the emergency room.

The Reluctant Bride - Kathleen Fuller - #1 An Amish of Birch Creek Novel - Sadie was never going to marry.  Especially not Aden.  But when a tragic accident kill her parents and injury her sister, Sadie must marry.  Even when the only answer is the man who betrayed her years ago.

Hiding Places - Erin Healey - 11 year old Kate knows lots of secrets.  Who has marijuana hidden in the lodge.  Who keeps pilfering cash and where does her grandfather keep his stash of candy bars.  But some secrets can hurt her family and Kate maybe shelter that secret.

Falling like Snowflakes - Denise Hunter - A Summer Harbor Novel - Eden maybe the answer to Beau problems.  He needs help with his family's Christmas tree farm.  Facing his first Christmas without his parents Beau feels a bit overwhelmed.  When Eden comes looking for work, he sees a break.

Miracle Drug - Richard Mabry M.D. - One experimental drug, sure to cure the infection killing Dr. Josh Pearson's girlfriend.  The problem is that there is only on dose and two people have the infection.  The other person?  The President of the United States.

Every Girl Get Confused - Janice Thompson - #2 Brides with Style Novel - Katie and Brady are a match made in heaven.  Casey is back in Fairfield wanting to rekindle their relationship and Katie's parents would love for her to leave Dallas behind and come home.  Who will she pick?

Dead Dog Like Me - Max Davis -  Nick's life is falling apart, not only has his wife left him and his church doubts him, he now finds himself in the body of Mephibosheth.  Back in 800 BC and nephew to King Saul Nick/Mephibosheth finds he must adapt to a completely different way of life.

Anna's Healing  - Vannetta Chapman - A Tornado hits Anna's small town and her injury puts her in a wheelchair.  Forces to accept a new way of life, Anna makes adjustment through the help of 3 very special people.  Just as things become normal again she is healed and now draws a whole new kind of attention.

Friday, September 25, 2015

New Release - On a Firm Foundation - Lynn Austin

Dear Readers,

I can't remember the last time a Biblical series did so well as Lynn Austin's The Restoration Chronicles.  Book #1 Return to Me flew off the shelves and each book after has also.  Readers are eating them up and looking for more so book #3, On this Foundation, has not sat on the shelves long.

On+This+FoundationAs the walls of Jerusalem rise so do the enemies trying to make sure the country of Israel never lives again.  When word reaches Nehemiah that the walls are broken and the gates buried, he turns to God for guidance.  He then sets out for Jerusalem himself to make sure the city is rebuilt and God's leadership is followed.

The powerful conclusion to Lynn's popular series, you will find yourself with a great understanding of what life was like for the group of Israelites who were willing to risk their lives to make sure their country is safe and rebuilt so once again it can be a strong and powerful nation.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jan Karon

Dear Readers,

I love to read the Mitford books by Jan Karon.  That is why I was so excited to see another one releasing in the series.  Come Rain or Come Shine is the 12th book with Father Tim as the main character.  The wonderful thing about this series is that you not only love Father Tim, you become immersed in the other delightful characters that have wandered throughout the series. Does anyone else miss Uncle Billy's jokes?

Finally the wedding is going to happen.  Dooley and Lacey are going to tie the knot.  They want to do it in a very casual way and as inexpensively as possible.  It just means that it might be a bit more work for everyone.  But it also means it will truly be a community affair.

I was asked today why I love the Mitford books so much.  It didn't take me long to answer, "because they truly are a get away for me.  It is like a little vacation where everything I am worried or stressed over goes away and I can enjoy a bit of time with some old friend of mine."  That is what the Mitford books have always done for me.

They are that refreshing series where people do get along, they may argue, they may disagree, but when the chips are down they have your back and help you.  I think the Mitford books make most of us wish for that place where we belong.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sharon Brown

Just a reminder, Sharon Brown will be in our store tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m.  speaking about and signing the second book in her "shoes" series, Two Steps Forward.  
RSVP for this free event 
seating is limited. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Release - Murder at the Courthouse - A.H. Gabhart

Dear Readers,

I have really enjoy the different genres that Ann Gabhart has written in.  Whether contemporary or historical she writes with a gentle pen and you can just sink into the story and find your way home.  So I was very excited to hear that she was joining the mystery genre also.  Murder at the Courthouse by A.H. Gabhart is a cozy mystery that promises to be fun to read.

Murder+at+the+Courthouse%3A+A+Hidden+Springs+MysteryMichael Keane gave up his job in Columbus so he could relax.  He figured going to Hidden Spring KY was the pretty place to go as nothing ever happened there.  Of course that is before they find a dead body on the step to the courthouse.  The search for the killer leads Michael to question everything he thought he knew about small town living.

I always love reading descriptions on the back of a book that says "nothing every happen in such and such town."  I think to myself, yup nothing happens there until an author of mysteries find you and then sudden half your town is dead and every killer in the country lives next door.  Okay it isn't that bad, but it sure can feel that way. :-)

I am looking forward to reading Murder at the Courthouse as it looks like a lovely cozy mystery that seems to have a bit of bite to it.  Ann's sense of humor and trying to figure out which of the small town citizens are lying will make for a fun little weekend read.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Releases - September 14 - 19

Dear Readers,

I have lost all control of my TBR pile.  It has taken over my library at home and is now trying to stake claim of the bedroom.  This list does not help the matter at all.  I guess all I can do is hope to not get buried under it all.  The again maybe that won't be so bad as then I can just try and read myself out.

Happy Reading,

On This Foundation - Lynn Austin - #3 The Restoration Chronicles - Work on the Jerusalem continues.  Nehemiah sets off for the city never dreaming of all the danger facing him and the small little country of Israel.

Vendetta - Lisa Harris - #1 The Nikki Boyd Files - Nikki is the best at her job, finding missing people.  Except her sister who has been missing for years now.  When cases start crossing her desk that remind her of her sisters case, Nikki believes she has a serial killer on her hands.

Fire and Ice - Mary Connealy - #3 Wilde at Heart - Bailey is the oldest sister, the one use to taking care of things for everyone.  Now that the other sisters have left, Bailey finds herself lonely.  When an agreement with her stubborn next door neighbor, will either of these independent homesteaders find true love.

Streams of Mercy - Lauraine Snelling - #3 Song of Blessing - Anji Baard Moen returns to North Dakota after losing her husband.  She settles back into her old routine quickly and things get back to normal for her.  Thomas Devlin is a pastor without a church and mostly fills his days with carpenter work. Is there possibility of love for them?

Two Steps Forward - Sharon Brown - #2 - The long awaited sequel to Sensible shoes.  The story of our 4 women continues after the class has ended.  Will they be able to bring all they learned into their everyday lives?  God has a lot planned for them, walk alongside of them as they put their lessons into practice.

Murder at the Courthouse - A.H. Gabhart - #1 A Hidden Springs Mystery - Michael Keane quit his job as a Columbus police officer to get away from the murder and mayhem.  Nothing ever happens in Hidden Springs, Kentucky, well that is until the dead body is discovered on the court house steps.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sharon Brown

Dear Readers,

The long awaited, begged for, not sure it was going to be written sequel to Sensible Shoes  is finally here!  TwoSteps Forward by Sharon Brown is on the shelves.   Anyone who has talked to Sharon knows that she really didn’t have plans to write a sequel. In fact she didn’t really plan on writing a fiction book at all.  Of course we all now know that God had other plans and we all get to enjoy her wonderful gift. 

If you have not read Sensible Shoes you will want to do that first.  Two Steps picks up right where Shoes leaves off.  You would be able to pick up the story line easily as Sharon does a wonderful job of “reminding” us what happened in the first book, but why miss out on a good read. 

Two+Steps+Forward%3A+A+Story+Of+Persevering+In+HopeMeg is off on a journey to London, Charissa is losing control of her studies because of the pregnancy, Hannah is still trying to figure out what personal rest is, and then there is Mara, she just wants her family life to improve.  Each one has a unique and special journey and yet they all form a close bond with each other. 

There is something very special about this little series. (Yes book #3 is in the works.) It is bringing women together in groups to not only talk about the fiction story, but also the spiritual aspects of the story.   We as readers not only have the gift of 4 women that we all want to hang out with, we are learning important and wonderful things about our own spiritual walk along the way. 

I don’t really know if Sharon set out to teach us about the gift of friendship, but that is what we are all walking away with.  Hannah, Meg, Charissa, and Mara would never been friends except that they got thrown together during a class.  Because of that they now walk alongside each other in ways that no one else can. 

Like I said earlier if you haven’t read Sensible Shoes, please go enjoy that one.  I don’t have to tell you to come join the fun in book #2 and then you can join the rest of us while we wait for book #3

Happy Reading,

P.S.  Sharon will be joining us here at Baker Book House for a special night on Sept. 24 at 7:00p.m.  Call to RSVP and join the fun.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Release - The Pilgrim - Davis Bunn

Dear Readers,

Davis Bunn is known for writing in many different genres of fiction, but I still think his wheelhouse is adventure and action.  There are many readers who specifically look for that genre by him and yet he is so good when he writes in other genres also.

The Pilgrim prove that Davis is also able to to mesh two of his favorite genre, Biblical and adventure.  This is the story of Empress Helena who is traveling from Ceasarea to Judea.  She has been abandoned by her husband because of her faith, but still journeys on for her faith.
The Pilgrim
Along the way she meets many people, some who help and some who try to harm her, but she remains faithful the whole way.  Changing not only other's lives, but her own also.

"The unforgettable Story of the discovery of the True Cross... with its vivid portrait of one of Christian history's most important women."

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Release - Only with Blood - Therese Down

Dear Readers,

I was drawn to Only with Blood by Therese Down by the cover.  I have put it on the TBR pile and hope to get to it soon.  The subject of the book interested me a great deal.  Set in a small town in Ireland, it is during the time when the Republic of Ireland is just brand new.

Only with BloodJack Flynn needs an heir and in his small little town, he can not seem to find a wife.  He turns to a local matchmaker and he purchases Caitlin as his new wife.  She is half his age and is bitterly resentful that she has become his wife.

As the backcover goes on to say "A Stirring novel set against the struggle for the heart of Ireland during the Second World War, when the IRA notoriously sought assistance from the Nazis..."

To me that sounds like a very adventure just waiting to be taken.  I still find myself surprised as how many different struggles that went on during WWII.  The French revolution, the Russian revolution and now the IRA struggle in Ireland.  I really am beginning to wonder if I actually listened at all in History.

Well anyways, looking forward to enjoying this interesting book.

Happy Reading,

P.S.  This is a Monarch imprint so there maybe language issues.

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Releases September 7 - 12

Dear Readers,

The only problem I really have with my Monday morning posts are that it makes me want to read all the books I list.  Okay maybe not all of them, but more than what I would have normally thought of reading.  But on the other hand, that is really not a problem except for my TBR pile keeps getting bigger. :-)

Happy Reading,

The Photograph - Beverly Lewis - Eva's sister is missing, but the new guy in town has a really interesting photograph.  Why would an old Order Amish pose for a picture when they are strictly forbidden?

Only with Blood - Therese Downs - A novel of Ireland - Jack Flynn is nearing the end of his life and wants a wife to bear him sons.  He goes to a local matchmaker and chooses Caitlin.  Half his age and resentful of her new life and forced obedience, she is hoping to be rescued.  Donal Kelly arrives in town, an IRA activist and ready to fit for those who are downtrodden, especially the beautiful Caitlin.

Oswald - Edoardo Albert - Return of the King - #2 The Northumbrian Thrones series - Oswald has peace, bet the peace won't last.  Gwymedd and Mercia are roaming the land and Oswald needs to claim his right to the throne, but he is sick of bloodshed.  Will Oswald make the right choice or will the abbey get a new monk?

Conversations with a Guardian Angel - Robert Wicks - Jack is recovering from a personal tragedy and is struggling to find hope.  Then he starts have a conversation with his guardian angel, Kathleen. She gives him a whole new perspective and insight in to a new time in his life.

A Lesson in Hope - Phillip Gulley - #2 in the Hope series - Sam has only been pastor of Hope Friends Meeting when Olive Chambers dies.  What causes the stir is that she leaves her entire estate to the church.  An estate worth almost one million dollars.  As the news of the gift spreads opinions differ on how it should be spent.

The Sweetest Rain - Myra Johnson - Flowers of Eden #1 - The drought of 1930 changed everything for Bryony and her family.  Her mama moved the family to grandfather's tenant farm in tiny Eden and times are tough.  Until Bryony meets Michael Heath and finds his beautiful artwork.

Refuge of the Heart - Ruth Logan Herne - Mitchell is a law and order kind of attorney.  It is what will get him re-elected.  But the women he has finally show an interest in may derail that re-election plan. Magdalena is a refugee from Chechnya and her faith is the only thing that kept her going during great tragedy.  Will rumors about her past ruin not only their new love, but also Mitchell's political career?

Recalled - Greg Hibbins - Angel Force #1 - The peace of early May Cornwall is about to be shattered by an attack by al-Qaeda.  Will the one man to witness the start of the attacks be able to stop them?  He will have to rely on his faith in God to help him survive.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cathy Gohlke

Dear Readers,

I almost didn’t pick up Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke.  Then when I did pick it up it was because I thought it was a completely different book.  Happily in both cases I was wrong.  I should have picked it up right away and I don’t think the other book is this good.  Yes, Secrets is a WWII book, but with a bit of a different perspective. 

Hannah is ready to move on.  Her mother, a mother she never felt loved by, has passed.  Hannah just wants to close that chapter in her life.  She knows now she can no long win her mother’s love or attention.  Hannah tries to tell the world she just doesn’t care.  The problem is she does and it comes out in other ways. Her temper even gets her in trouble at work.  That gets her suspended and sends her back to her aunt’s house.

While getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, Hannah overhears a conversation that makes her think there is more to her mother’s story.  Hannah sets out to find out what that is. 

I can already hear you thinking, “how is this a WWII book?”  Well Hannah’s mother's story starts during WWII and that is where Cathy takes us.  It's a wonderful blend of time periods.  I kept finding myself very involved in Hannah’s story and kept wanting to read more of it, but to be honest Lieselotte’s story (Hannah’s mom) is just as compelling.  I didn’t want that story line to pause either.   When an author can do that, you know you have a good story. 

I used an adjective to describe this book when asked what book I had just finished.  I said powerful.  It surprised me as it seemed to pop out before I thought about it.  But when asked why I said that I thought a minute and said it is because this is one of the first inspirational about WWII that is not completely centered around a romance. 

I really do recommend this book even if you feel like you don’t want to read another WWII book.  Cathy does a great job of taking us down a path that not many other books have.  The idea that not all Germans were Nazis.  There were many that ended up in the camps just because the stood up for what they believed was right and correct, even at the cost of their lives and their families' lives.

There is much more to this story, but I will leave you to figure out what that is as I am sure there will be different things that hit you.  Just know that it will be well worth the journey alongside of Hannah and Liesolette.   

Happy Reading, 

Happy Reading,  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Release - The Photograph - Beverly Lewis

Dear Readers,

You will notice that The Photograph by Beverly Lewis is not on my new release list on Monday.  That is because I really had my weeks mixed up.  I thought it released next week Tuesday, you know the second week of September.  Of course that is only sort of true in that it is the second full week of Sept. but not the second Tuesday, that was yesterday.  Anyways all that to say, Bev's book is on the shelf and doing quite well already.

Eva's sister Lily goes missing shortly after her mother's death.  So not only is the family recovering from that, the sisters also are told to move out of the family home so their older brother can move his family in.

So when a stranger shows up in town with a forbidden photo of an old Order Amish girl, Eva has one more problem needing answers.  Why would the young girl pose for a picture when it is strictly frobidden?

Beverly is known for being the #1 author of Amish fiction.  She continues that reputation with a story of love, family and secrets.  She has started writing a bit of mystery into her stories and that just makes them all the more interesting to read.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Release - The Sword and the Song - C.E. Laureano

Dear Readers,

I am always looking for books I can recommend to guy readers or fantasy readers.  When they both come in a series all the better.  The Song of Seare series has provided that opportunity with both groups.

A fantasy series that has kept many entered by someone just looking for an action book as this one has a medieval feel, but also by someone looking just for a fantasy book as the lands and people are created by the author.
The Sword and the Song #3
In book #3 The Sword and the The Song, the battles are coming to a climax.  Not only are there battles against the Red Druid, the brothers are battling with each other.  Eoghan refuses to claim his rightful place and is looking for the key to defeating the enemy.

I don't want to go into too much details in case you haven't read the first two.  I recommend them in order otherwise the story won't flow.  But once you get started it won't take you long to finish the series.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 7, 2015

New Releases - August 31 - September 5

Dear Readers,

Labor day weekend.  A time to relax one last time before the busyness of Fall hits.  Of course if you are like me that hit about 2 weeks ago, but there is something about a 3 day weekend as an adult that is so fun.  One extra day to sleep in, goof off and just not worry about work.

Here are a few titles to make the transition back in to reality tomorrow a bit easier.

Happy Reading,

The Sword and the Song - C.E. Laureano - #3 The Song of Seare - Red Druid is getting stronger and ready to stand against the Brotherhood.  The conflict inside the Brotherhood may cause them to fall.  Will Eoghan claim his right to rule?  Will the mission face defeat when the Red Druid attacks?

Second Chances - Sarah Price - #3 Amish Classics Series - Retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion - Eight years after Anna's parents convinced her to break it off with Freman, he returns to her little community.  He is not married and Anna wants to ask his forgiveness and tell him she still and always has loved him.  Will he believe her?

Stealing Jake - Pam Hillman - Livy is not going back to her old life and has now taken a job helping street kids just like she used to be.  Moving to Chestnut, Illinois is where she is starting over.  Sheriff deputy Jake Russell doesn't have time for a girlfriend, but there is something about that new girl in town...

The Pilgrim - Davis Bunn - Empress Helena is on a Pilgrimage to Judea.  She faces trials and assassins but with the protection of God and his many miracles, this woman will lead many to faith and changes lives forever.

At Home in Persimmon Hollow - Gerri Bauer - Persimmon Hollow Legacy#1 - Agnes leaves the orphanage in New York to teach in Persimmon Hollow Florida.  She has to leave behind everything she knows including the little girl she is hoping to adopt one day.  With only her strong faith to rely on, Agnes must make her way in this little frontier town.

Friday, September 4, 2015

End of the story

Dear Readers,

Have you seen the video of the little guy who cries every time the book ends?  I feel like that when it is a great book.  I just had that a few weeks ago while reading Lisa Wingate's The Sea Keeper's Daughter.  I didn't want it to end.  What is the last book that happen to you with?

Happy Reading,

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Carrie Stuart Parks

Dear Readers,

I broke the number one rule when reading thrillers.  Do not and I repeat DO NOT read a thriller while staying in a cottage in the woods.  I just did that with Carrie Stuart Parks' newest book, The Bones will Speak.  Yup sitting in the woods in the middle of nowhere and I decided reading about a serial killer was a good idea.  I will admit I probably read the book a little faster than if I was sitting at home.   At least there was a house full of people and I wasn’t alone, that would have been worse.

Gwen Macey is trying to find work as often as she can.  She thinks maybe things will be on a more even keel now and she and her daughter will be able to find a rhythm in life and move forward.  It has not been a kind couple of years with Gwen’s cancer and of course the divorce.  But things may just start looking up.  That is until her dog Winston brings home a human skull.  Well, at least part of one. 

When Gwen goes looking for the burial site for the human remains she instead finds a missing girl.  One that looks like she has been tortured and left for dead.  What really hits Gwen is how much the young teen looks like her own daughter.  Suddenly Gwen has to deal with a killer who seems to be aiming to kidnap her daughter.  Gwen just has to find the killer before they find Aynslee. 

Good clues, fun read, and a bit of a chill up the spine.  That is what makes for a wonderful thriller and this book has them all.  If you missed the first book, A Cry from the Dust, I do recommend that one first.  Get that one read so you can move on to book #2.  Just don’t read it in a cabin in the woods.  Unless you don’t like sleeping until the last page has been turned.

Happy Reading.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Release - Secrets she Kept - Cathy Gohlke

Dear Readers,

I am reading Secrets she Kept by Cathy Gohlke at home.  I wasn't sure I wanted to read another book about WWII.  I have read several in the past couple of months and don't regret any of them, but they have all kind of run together.  But I love Cathy's writing and need something a little different than the thrillers and spiritual warfare books.  So maybe this wasn't the lighter read I needed, but I am so enjoying it.

It is the story of Hannah and a mother who she never felt loved her.  After her mother passes away, Hannah inherited the house and all her mother's belongings.  When she also receives a key to a safe deposit box, Hannah finds out that her grandfather is still alive and living in Germany.  That is where Hannah finds out more about her mother than she could ever guess.

I don't know much more about it than that right now as that is all the farther I am in the book.  I am looking forward to some time to get it read as I know that Cathy is a good author and all her books take you on quite a ride with her characters.

Maybe not a light beach read like yesterday, but a good one to take along so you can spend sometime sinking into the story of Lieselotte and her family as Hitler comes to power.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Release - Counting on a Cowboy - Debra Clopton

Dear Readers,

Labor day weekend is rapidly approaching.  It is time to get that last summer weekend in.  I know it isn't really the end of summer, but it begins to feel like it.  I know I am looking forward to an extra day to rest and not get up early.

One of the best things to do on Labor day weekend is hit the beach.  I get asked for a good beach read all the time and to be honest is there ever a bad beach read?  You are at the beach and you are not at work, with a book, what is bad about that?  Anyways, I do actually understand what the reader wants.  They want an enjoyable book to stretch out in the sun and get away from everyday life.

Counting on Cowboy by Debra Clopton is the perfect book for just such an occasion.  It will fit very nicely in the beach bag and is a light romance with cowboys and horses.  *Sigh*  :-)

Bo Monahan is not excited that his little town has become a romantic destination.  Mostly because it has brought women who are looking for romance and he seems to be a target for them all.  He is trying to take care of his Pops and his stirrup business that is just getting busier and busier.   But when a son he never knew about lands on his front step, he knows he is going to need help.

Abby is running away after losing everything.  She is hoping that the small town of Wishing Springs, TX will be the perfect place to hide away and never love again.  She can see that Bo needs help, but plans on keeping her distance even though they are really cute together.

As you can see, cowboys, horses, a baby and a bit of romance, the perfect book for that last minute end of summer get away.

Happy Reading,