Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Release - Hidden Blessing - Kim Cash Tate

Dear Readers,

Until you walk along side someone or personally experience it, it would be hard to write a book about cancer. Kim Cash Tate takes on that journey in her newest release, Hidden Blessings

Kendra Woods is blessed beyond her wildest dreams.  Partner at a law firm, engaged to the man she loves, it is just hard to imagine that life will be anything but good.  Then the diagnosis comes in: terminal breast cancer and suddenly everything in life seems dark.  How could God do this to her?

Kendra needs someone to reignite the light in her life and that someone comes from a very unexpected source.  Lance Alexander and young man from her past and one that Kendra only remembers as a trouble maker.  Will he be able to spark that fire once again?

It is not an easy journey to walk, either for yourself or with someone you love, but it is one that can leave you richer for it.  Kim blends that with the choices you have to make if you know that your life is soon over.  How do you act and what do you do or say?  Who do you surround yourself with?  All things we should always think of as we never know, but ones that make for a rich story also.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Releases Sept. 22 - 27

Dear Readers, 

Fall is upon us.  Crisp nights, cooler days and color everywhere.  I do enjoy fall, I actually find it harder to be inside when the sun is shining and the temps are lower.  But a blanket and a comfy chair solves that problem for outdoor reading. 

Happy Reading,

Honor - Lyn Cote - #1 Quaker Brides - Finding herself with no means to support herself after her family fortune is lost, Honor is forced into a marriage to Samuel.  He has been unable to trust since he was a child and lost his hearing.  A move west proves how much they will need each other.

Hidden Blessing - Kim Cash Tate - Of all the roles Kendra has played over the years, cancer patient was not in the plans.  How can God have this in his plans for her life? 

The Color of Justice - Ace Collins - Two racially charge trials decades apart change a family's legacy.  The Lindsay family was forever changed when Coop agreed to take on the case of a young black man accused of killing a white teen.  Can his grandson find the answer their family seeks?

Finding Mercy - Michael Landon Jr. and Cindy Kelley - sequel to Traces of Mercy - Mercy is in the race for her life.  Accused of crimes she didn't commit, but because she can't remember her past, she must find the answers before the bounty hunters catch her.

The Brickmaker's Bride - Judith Miller - #1 Refined by Love - (from the backcover) In the clay-rich hills of the newly founded state of West Virginia, two families tentatively come together to rebuild a war-torn brickmaker's business.

The Last Queen of Sheba - Jill Francis Hudson - Chosen to be the Queen of her land, Makeda knows she is not equipped to run a country.  A visit to the legendary King of Israel will hopefully teach her the tools she needs.

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Release - Farewell, Four Waters - Kate McCord

Dear Readers, 

You maybe familiar with Kate McCord's name.  She wrote a book a couple years ago called the Land of the Blue Burqas.  It is a sensational look at what life is like for woman in an Islamic society.  Kate herself lived and worked among the Afghan people.  Teaching women and girls how to read.  In Farewell, Four Waters she takes us back to Afghanistan and what was it like living there as everything changed.

Marie just need a couple more signatures and stamps to start her school for women in Shektan a small rural town in Afghanistan.  She was so close to seeing her dream come to life.  It all changed in a blink of an eye when an aid worker is killed on the streets of Kabul and suddenly it is no longer safe to be a foreigner in Afghanistan.  Will she leave?  She wants to stay and teach, but will it cost her her life? 

She decides to stay and ends up being a pawn in a local feud.   Based on events that happened to the author and friends of hers, this novel is a gripping glance into a life that most of us would never choose. Kate McCord is not the authors real name so she can protect those that helped her escape. 

We are reminded everyday now of countries torn apart by armies that believe their way is the only way and if you disagree you are dead.  Most of us will never (prayerfully) have to worry about making that choice, but books like Farewell, Four Waters makes you think about it.  They also maybe prepare us a little bit for the future.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jocelyn Green

Dear Readers,

There seems to be a large number of books about WWII and Civil War this year and I think I have read the majority of them.  J  I know each war has significant anniversaries this year and that always seems to generate more fiction books about them.  Jocelyn Green is one of the authors who have set their books during the Civil war, but she has been writing about that topic for a couple of years now.  She has won herself many fans who enjoy reading about the Civil War, but also readers who just enjoy a good book.  I kind of fall into both categories.   I love historical books, but they need to be good and even written from a unique perspective and Jocelyn seem to have that down.

Yankee 600In Yankee in Atlanta, book #3 in the Heroines behind the Lines – Civil War – Jocelyn writes about Caitlin, a woman who is fighting dressed as a man.  She is fighting on the side of the Union when she is wounded. Through a couple of mistakes she is thought to be southern when she is found.   She is not only suffering from a wound, she has typho- malarial fever.  She is now behind enemy lines, but an enemy that thinks she is one of them.   Will she be able to keep her identity a secret until she can either make her way north again or is rescued by an advancing army?

I think the thing that really got my interest in this book is that Caitlin’s storyline is not the only one going on.  Caitlin talks about a Jack and how she worries about him while he is fighting.  You are left for a bit to wonder who Jack is, but it is an important part of the story so I won’t tell you his story.  You will need to read it. 

Each story line could stand as a complete story on its own and yet Jocelyn weaves them together very well.  It means you travel around the war a bit, north and south, but I had no problem keeping the storylines straight.  I really liked how it all was brought together in the end.

Happy Reading.
P.S. She along with 4 other authors will be in our store Oct. 9th at 7:00 p.m.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Release - Last Family Standing - Jennifer Allee

Dear Readers,

I am not a huge fan of reality TV.  I have a couple of them I watch, but I find myself bored with them or frustrated with the people on them.  I guess I am usually thankful that we as a society don't usually act that way. 

That is probably why Last Family Standing by Jennifer Allee didn't get my attention when the rep first mentioned it to me.  Then I got the gist of the storyline and I thought that is an interesting twist on a reality show.

Ever since Monica gave up her daughter 25 years ago, she has been trying to reconnect with her.  She finally believes she has found a way.  Both her and her daughter are going to be contestants on a reality TV show.  Monica doesn't think this is the best way for them to get to know each other, but agrees to meet just to have time with Jessica. 

Being on a reality show is a different perspective on how a parent and child get along.  It really will make you look at that relationship differently.  I like when a author takes a different perspective on a story, a different angle usually means a fresh story.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Release - A Promise to Protect - Patricia Bradley

Dear Readers,

The Romantic Suspense shelves are getting to be a crowded place.  This is a good thing.  With new authors being added all the time, it can be a nervous time as you can get some really bad books.  Thankfully Baker Publishing is working very hard to make sure that doesn't happen anytime soon.

A Promise to Protect is Patricia Bradley's newest release and second in her Logan Point series.  She wowed readers with book one and they are eagerly awaiting the sequel. 

Sheriff Ben Logan has been put in charge of keeping Leigh Somerall safe.  This should not have been that hard of a job, well except their past together.  They had a quick romance several years ago and she has been avoiding him ever since.  The secret she is keeping is a life changer.

Fast paced with several twist, Patricia keeps you turning pages later into the night than you plan on.  If she is not on your TBR book pile, she should be.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Releases - September 15 - 20

Dear Readers,

A wedding in the family and now a new grandson.  It is a wonder I am getting any reading done.  Maybe that explains why I am so far behind on that TBR pile.  Ah well, I will keep plugging away at it and add a few more titles to it.

Happy Reading,

Last Family Standing - Jennifer Allee - Monica is excited to have her daughter that she gave up for adoption reenter her life.  But the only way to make it happen is on a reality show.  Monica quickly learns that a reality show is not a place to build relationships.  Will she be able to be what her daughter really needs?

Farewell, Four Waters - Kate McCord - One aid worker's sudden escape from Afghanistan - A novel based on true events.  Marie was so close to being able to teach Afghan women to read.  Only a couple of stamps were needed, then an aid worker is killed in Kabul and nothing is the same.

Joyful - Shelley Shepard Gray - #3 Return to Sugarcreek - Randall has given up so much to keep his siblings together including love.  So when his brother offers Elizabeth a job cleaning their house, Randall is furious at first. 

Wonderful Lonesome - Olivia Newport - #1 Amish Turns of Time - Survival in a struggling Amish community in Colorado.  Abbie is trying to save their community, but also the little church that she loves.  Friends are leaving and returning east.  Will she be able to hold them together?

A Matter of the Heart - Tracie Peterson - #1 Lone Star Brides - Jessica's heart was broken when her intended wed another.  Now two very different men are getting her attention. One with similar ambitions and the other with unspoken pain.  Which will she choose?

A Promise to Protect - Patricia Bradley - #2 Logan Point - Ben Logan can't get Leigh off his mind or their broken romance for that matter.  When he is charged with protecting her, it becomes difficult as she is trying to avoid him at all cost.

A Place called Hope - Philip Gulley - When controversy and misunderstands come to Harmony, Pastor Sam begins to think it is time to move on.  Hope IN's Friends meeting is looking for a new pastor and they have a pie committee and Sam likes pie.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Release - Into the Canyon - Michael Neale

Dear Readers,

Into the Canyon by Michael Neale continues the story that started in The River.  The story of Gabriel and how the river is so part of his life.  A river that he loves an longs to be with and work on, but also the river that took his father's life.  He is continuing on with his life.

Jacob Fielding owes his life to Gabriel's father.  He is alive because of the sacrifice John made to make sure he and the other boy survived that day.  Jacob wants to thank John's family for what he did.  The other young man feels guilty for what happened that day.  Will either be able to find the peace they long for?

Written in Allegory style, these books have been a very interesting read.  You know that the River stand for something besides a 'regular' river and yet Michael does such a good job making it just an good story, you forget that sometimes through out the book.

Both books are wonderful books to share with young men as they are making choices about their future.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kristy Cambron

Dear Readers,

The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron is one of the WWII books that I put aside because I had read too many books about concentration camps all at once. I needed to read about something, anything else.  Well, I couldn’t wait any longer and I am so glad I didn’t as this is a fantastic book. 

Adele is Austria’s sweetheart. She is the youngest member of the Austrian Philharmonic when the 3rd Reich has taken over.  She lives a very sheltered life and has no idea what true horrors the Reich is bringing to the rest of the world.  She has heard rumors, but not many because her parents have protected her from all those horrible things.   Her father is a general in the military and supports the Nazis and her mother seem to live in a world that doesn’t really exist.

Adele’s happy world is shattered the night she finds out what is really going on with the Nazis and the Jews.  She then agrees to help try to get a family of Jews out of town.  She is caught helping them and sent to Aushwitz where she becomes part of the woman’s orchestra.  Her world is upside down and she is forced into a new reality, one that is, to say the least, difficult to understand and handle. 

Kristy uses her books to show us some of the stories of Auschwitz.  They may not be ones we have heard before, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important that the more familiar ones.  At one time Adele struggles with having to get up in the morning to go play happy, cheerful music for the prisoners headed off to a brutal day of work. She wonders how she can continue doing that when she knows that many of them won’t return from the work detail just because they are starving to death.

It makes you wonder about the beauty that was produced in that concentration camp.  Part of this book is a contemporary story about the search for the woman behind a painting that Sera has been familiar with since she was a young girl.  Who would paint a picture of a prisoner, and why?  Interesting.  There are so many stories of what happened to certain people behind those fences that we may never know, but Kristy gives us a little glimpse of one of these stories. 

I could go on and on as there is more than one thread running through this book. It makes you think about the families and what happened to them once they were feet on the ground in Auschwitz.  Not knowing what happened to each other and how even those that were in the same prison camp had no idea if their family members were alive or dead.  How to the Nazis it was so important to dehumanize the prisoners so they could break their will and make them easier to control. 

Not a happy, easy book to read, but one that is so worth it. 

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Release - All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes - Betsy St. Amant

Dear Readers,

I don't know what you think of reality shows.  I have to admit there are a couple that I do enjoy watching.  The funny thing is I don't like to watch them alone.  I find it much more interesting watch with someone else as then we can talk about it.  But one I do like to watch no matter what was a baking one that was on one of the cable network.  I loved that one, I can't remember the name but it was about cake decorating.  It was so interesting to see what they would try to do and could accomplish.  So when I saw what All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes by Betsy St. Amant hit the shelves here I got interested in reading it because it is a cupcake war reality show book.

Kat has lived in the shadow of her family.  She works at her Aunt's baker, but longs to show what she can really do.  So when her friend, Lucas gets her a spot on the Cupcake Combat show, she is beyond excited.  It all backfires for Lucas when she lands a job at a top bakery in New York, he wants her back home so he can ask her to marry him.  Does he allow her to fly and follow her dreams or does he try to get her to stay in Louisiana?

What fun a chance to follow your dreams.  Not all of us get such a great chance.  But Kat will and we are invited along for the ride. 

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Release - Thunder - Bonnie S. Calhoun

Dear Readers,

Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun attracted my attention just by the cover.  It is a darker cover which gives you the feeling of the book right away.  It is a dystopian novel with echoes of a society closer to our own than we sometimes care to admit. 

Selah is out hunting one evening and stumbles on something else, a Lander.  The much sought after people from an unknown land.  They are prized by the Company and Selah's brother is ready him after stealing him from Selah.  Now Selah has the marked and she is the hunted. 

Bonnie S. Calhoun is not known for this type of book, but she has written a couple good books with mystery to them.  I am excited to read this and see what it is all about.  It is scheduled for a 3 book series titled Stone Braide Chronicles, so we can look forward to 2 more books of adventure.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Releases - Sept 8 - 13

Dear Readers,

I need about 5 weeks off from work so I can just sit and read and catch up on all the books in my to be read list.  I can't read the ones I want of authors I love because of all the new authors that sound so good.  *Sigh*  This new list isn't helping either. 

Happy Reading,

Jane Austen's First Love - Syrie James - Inspired by Actual Events - 15 year old Jane longs to do something useful, write something worthy and falling in love.  While visiting her brother it seems that at least one of the three are going to happen.

The Remaining - Travis Thrasher - A wedding turns to terror when many of the guest die for no apparent reason.  The survivors soon discover that it wasn't just the wedding, but reports are coming in from around the world.  Is this the end or just the beginning of something even more terrifying?

Into the Canyon -  Michael Neale - follow up to The River - Jacob Fielding owes a debt to Gabriel's father for saving his life.  He has spend the last years trying to show him that gratitude.  But another man just feels guilt about that death and gratitude and guilt are about to meet face to face.

Hidden in the Stars - Robin Carroll - Quilts of Love series - Since the attack that killed her mother, Sophia is unable to speak.  It has frustrated Detective Julian as he tries to find the killer.  As he tries to solve the crime he doesn't realize an important clue might be right in front of him.

All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes - Betsy St. Amant - Kat still lives at home working at her Aunt Maggie's bakery.  She longs for a chance to spread her wings.  When her friend signs her up for a reality TV show, Kat can hardly wait to show everyone what she is capable of. 

Thunder - Bonnie S. Calhoun - #1 Stone Braide Chronicles - Selah finds a Lander.  People from a mysterious land across the ocean.  When the Lander is stolen suddenly she becomes the hunted.

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Release - Making Marion - Beth Maron

Dear Readers,

I am always on the look out for new and fun books.  Something that might just be a little different from the normal.  Making Marion by Beth Moran seems to fit that bill very well.  Throw in the Sherwood forest (yes that one) add a young lady named Marion and you know that this is not your "normal" romance book. 

Jacket Image For Making MarionMarion is a shy and quiet person who finds it difficult to come out of her shell.  Headed to Sherwood Forest to uncover her father's past.  Something that has remained a mystery.  Upon arriving she finds herself helping at the unlikely named Peace and Pigs Campsite.  She lands a job and even though the chickens seem to have it in for her, she finds herself enjoying her work. Until she is throw into the arms of handsome Reuben during an unfortunate bike incident. 

See what could be more fun than a summer jaunt into the English country side looking for Robin Hood.  Ok maybe not Robin Hood, but at least what your father was all about.  Sounds like a great adventure.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jan Karon

Dear Readers,

Somewhere+Safe+with+Somebody+Good%3A+The+New+Mitford+NovelI just spent this past weekend in one of my favorite towns.  I went home to Mitford along with Father Tim and Cynthia in the next installment of the Mitford books,  Somewhere Safe with SomeoneGood by Jan Karon.  They have just returned home from their trip to Ireland and are ready to settle in for a good rest.  Father Tim is looking to enjoy his retirement and relax, read, and stop being the one who is in charge.  Of course you know that is not what is going to happen in Mitford, there are always a million things that need doing and when you are as deeply embedded in the life of a town as Father Tim is in Mitford, your work is never done. 

We soon find the good father once again “meddling” in other’s lives and helping every time he turns around.  There is even a time when he tries to say no and the person who is volunteering him just won’t listen. 

For those that have never read the Mitford books, do yourself a favor and start with At Home in Mitford.  It is the start of a wonderful adventure with a cast of unlikely characters that you will grow to love.  Each one has something special about them and you will find yourself wishing they were your neighbors.  It is one of those series that make you glad that small town USA still exists and they still take care of their own.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Release - The Legend of Sheba - Tosca Lee

Dear Readers,

The list of new releases these past two weeks is almost overwhelming.  I don't know which one to talk about first.  I can think of at least 6 titles that went right to the top on my reading list.  Of course the trick is which one to read first. 

The Legend of Sheba by Tosca Lee is right on the top.  I was hoping to snag an advanced readers copy, but alas I did not.  That just means I get to savor the thought of reading Tosca's newest longer.  Tosca's writing is gritty and she never seems to want to take on the easy topics that everyone is familiar with.  She takes on the Bible character we don't know much about or one that is hated by all of humanity.  Interesting.

The+Legend+of+Sheba%3A+Rise+of+a+QueenSheba's king is dead and in a bold move, his exiled daughter fights for the crown.  As she wages a different war with the rulers who supported her in a bid for power, she travels to Israel to match wits with the wisest man alive. 

There is very few actual facts known about the Queen of Sheba.  When I went and looked it up, even the location of her country is in question.  But she is one woman who is mention in many different sources including the Bible and the Qur'an.  It was fascinating to read what is know and to compare the differences in each of the stories. 

Tosca brings all that myth and legend to life in a engrossing novel and I can't wait to open the covers and meet the woman behind the legend.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Release - A Life Intercepted - Charles Martin

Dear Readers,

I love love love Charles Martin's books.  They are one of the sappiest books you can read and yet there is something very powerful about them.  There are messages hidden in the pages for everyone.  He makes sure his characters are real, with faults all their own, but shared by so many of us.  In A Life Intercepted, Charles once again takes us on a journey that we may know little about, but he makes it one we can walk easily with the characters.

A Life InterceptedMatthew "the Rocket" Rising had everything he had always dreamed of.  He married his high school sweetheart, he was drafted number one into the NFL and life was good.  Then the night of the draft he is accused of a horrible crime he did not commit.  With evidence that is irrefutable, Matthew ends up in jail.

12 years later he is released with the condition that he will not have anything to do with football, on any level.  Matthew just wants to win his wife's love back and sets out to find her.  But the one thing that may win her back, may cost him everything all over again, including his freedom.

A story that can take you to the highest peaks and the lowest lows, Charles will take you on an emotional roller coaster that once you step off makes you wish the ride had been just a little bit longer. 

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Releases - Sept 1 - 6

Dear Readers,

The school buses are on the roads again, marking the changing of the seasons again.  Fall is upon us and that signals more inside reading than outside reading, but thankfully it doesn't mean a lack of good books. 

Happy Reading,

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good - Jan Karon - A new Mitford Novel - It has been 5 years since Jan's last book.  She once again takes us back to our favorite town.  Father Tim and Cynthia have returned.  Father Tim is afraid he has lost his passion for preaching when he turns down a chance to take over a new pulpit. 

Angels Walking - Karen Kingsbury - Angels Walking #1 - (from the jacket) A Team of Angels Walking  takes on the mission to see hope restored in Tyler, Sami, and Virginia.  Call the small and seemingly insignificant actions of the unseen bring healing and redemption?

A Life Intercepted - Charles Martin - Matthew Rising had it all until falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit.  12 years later he is out of prison and ready to find his wife.  She has taken shelter at a Catholic school where she has discovered a young man with a talent for football. 

Playing by Heart - Anne Mateer - Lula is continuing her dream, teaching and her college education. A phone call from her sister changes everything and Lula returns home and to take on the job of music teacher and (of all things) basketball coach.

Making Marion - Beth Moran - Where's Robin Hood when you need him?  Marion heads to Sherwood Forest to find out her father's secret.  While trying to figure out the answers she has more adventures than she plans on.

The River - Beverly Lewis - Tilly and Ruth return to Lancaster County to celebrate their parents anniversary.  They long for forgiveness and acceptance.  Will they find it with the people they had left behind?

The Legend of Sheba - Tosca Lee - Bilqis is thrust into power when her father passes away.  Now she is in a battle of wits with Solomon over the survival of her kingdom. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Release - The Curious Case of the Missing Figurehead - Diane Noble

Dear Readers,

The Curious Case of the Missing Figurehead by Diane Noble should win the award for the funnest title. ( I know that isn't a real word, but Most fun Title just didn't feel right)  It is definitely catches your attention as you browse the shelves. 

The+Curious+Case+of+the+Missing+FigureheadEl Littlefield runs a catering business, which is the perfect cover for her real love, solving whodunits.  Nothing dangerous please, but a good mystery is great. 

While catering her most important job yet a large number of those attending fall ill.  While trying to figure out why, an ancient relic goes missing followed by her best friend.  That all happens in the first hour.  Goodness, which mystery will El solve first.

Diane Noble is an award-winning novelist who has not only written fun cozy mysteries but has also tackled issues like Polygamy and the effects on those involved in the relationship (s).  I look forward to enjoying this next series and it looks like a cute little read with little town full of mystery, intrigue and romance (as the backcover says). \

                                                 Happy Reading,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A review - sort of

Dear Readers,

I was walking through one of my favorite places in the store, well, besides the fiction department, the used books.  There is something about that part of the store that is just a nice peaceful place to be.  Of course my favorite part of it is the used fiction, there are many of my old friends sitting on the shelves just waiting to introduce themselves to a reader.
That is one thing that makes that place so special, the chance to bring readers back there and either show them books from their favorite authors that they haven’t had a chance to read or to introduce them to writers they have not yet met.  Prices are quite a bit lower than on the new shelves and that makes it easy to “talk” a reader into a book. 

As I walk by the shelves a book like The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner reminds me of the
Old version of the used fiction department.
story she wrote that made her an instant favorite.  There's the Season Series by Terri Blackstock and Beverly LaHaye that made me want to move into a small neighborhood and enjoy the benefits of having neighbors who are your best friends and a wonderful support system.  There's Stephen Lawhead who years ago introduced me to a world so unlike our own which yet was part of world history with Merlin, King Arthur and the round table.   Of course I can’t forget Dominion by Randy Alcorn, it changed how I looked at Christian fiction, but also was the reason behind the job I have now. 

They're dear friends that I still love to share.  There is something special about a used book.  They come with a history all their own, that may or may not have anything to do with the story between the covers.   One that the books themselves can’t share with us, but can leave us wondering about those that came before us.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something exciting about opening a new book for the first time.  Being the first reader of that edition is a great feeling, but used books… they have something else and it is good feeling of a shared joy of reading.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Somewhere Safe with Someone Good - Jan Karon

Dear Readers,

Anyone want to move to Mitford with me?  I fell in love with that little town many many years ago and since then have devoured each and every book of Jan Karon's.  It has been a long 5 year wait since the last book in the Father Tim adventures was released.  Somewhere safe with Someone Good is finally here.  YAY!!

Father Tim an Cynthia are back in Mitford after 5 years of very busy retirement.  Father Tim feels like something is missing from his life.  He thinks it is the chance to lead a congregation, but when offered a pulpit, he turns it down.  Has he lost his passion?

Welcome back to Mitford and all its wonderful quirky, lovable characters.  There have been some changes, but most things stayed the same and I for one am ready to settle in and enjoy a visit with Father Tim, Cynthia and of course don't forget Barnabas. 

I know where I am going to be this weekend, Mitford!

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Release - Thief of Glory - Sigmund Brower

Dear Readers,

I have been a fan of Sigmund Brower's for years now.  He has written in several different genres and to different age groups also.  His writing style is engaging and makes you want to keep reading.  Whether he is writing for adults or teens you know he does his research, it just shows in how well the story flows.

What really got my attention and made me want to read Thief of Glory wasn't the cover (which is fabulous) but a little note he included in the front.  I can't print it all here, but the last paragraph goes like this, "All these years later, at the time of the writing of this novel, they are still together, still much in love..."  It goes on after that, but you will have to read it for yourself.  I am sure it will tug at your heart strings just as it did mine.

Jeremiah's privilege life some to a rapid close.  When the Japanese invade the Dutch East Indies and march is family off to a camp.  Life is brutal and he becomes responsible for his younger siblings and his emotional fragile mother.

In-spite of the starvation, sacrifice and even generosity, Jeremiah uses all his courage and strength to help his little family survive.  They all must work together and it becomes a test of their fortitude.

A WWII story set in the Pacific is a different perspective on the war.  Especially one from the eyes of a 10 year old boy who is forced to grow up quickly.  I find that Sigmund brings something different to the table with his writing and that makes for a wonderful read.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Releases August 25 - 30

Dear Readers,

Happy Labor Day.  Enjoy your last hurrah to summer. 

Happy Reading,

Thief of Glory - Sigmund Brower - 10 year old Jeremiah lives a life of luxury in the Dutch East Indies.  That is until the Japanese invade, then he is forced into a prison camp with the rest of his siblings and a mother he hardly knows. 

The Curious Case of the Missing Figurehead - Diane Noble - A Professor and Mrs. Littlefield Mystery - El Littlefield is catering the most important event of the year.  Countless guess fall ill, a two-hundred year old relic is stolen and her best friend goes missing all in the first hour.  What else could go wrong?

The Last Witness - Glenn Meade - (from the front flap) - A young girl is the last witness to a horrific massacre at a prison camp in the Bosnian War.  Twenty years later, the fate of her family and her life depend on her finding the criminals responsible. 

Feast for Thieves - Marcus Brotherton - After WWII Rowdy robs a bank and after being caught, vows to turn his life around.  The sheriff doesn't believe him and tells him to serve one years as the towns minister or go to jail.

Love's Fortune - Laura Frantz - #3 The Ballantyne Legacy - (from the back cover) With her signature attention to historical detail and emotional depth, Laura Frantz brings 1850s Pennsylvania alive with a tender story of loss, love and loyalty.