Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kim Vogel Sawyer

Dear Readers,
I am not sure that Kim is done with this series yet. Where the Heart Leads is a sequel to Waiting for Summer's Return.

A few years have past and we pick up the story of Thomas Ollenburger as he graduates for college. He heads home for a short visit with his family. He is ready to announce some changes that he is making in his life, the biggest being that he is planning on working in Boston not Hillsboro Kanas, as his family expects.

When Thomas reaches Hillsboro and finds things are not as he left them. Will he change his plans? Should he stay in town to help support his family and enjoy getting to know his little sisters? How can he tell his dad that he wants to live and work in Boston when Dad seems so happy to have him home.

Thomas struggles with what he finds out about his new boss and even the canidate he wants to support for President. Is this what God really wants for him? Thomas relizes that he is not making his decisions based on what God's will for his life is. He is deciding things for himself and he has made a royal mess of things
Once again Kim writes a wonderful historical novel which even though is set in1904 has a bit of election year intrigue to it. Of course not our election, but it is a good reminder that underhanded politics is not new to our age. .

Kim does a nice job of teaching me a couple things I didn't know about that time in America's history. I guess it is good to have a history lesson every now and then. Don't worry this book does not read like a history book. It is a good delightful read.

Happy Reading

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