Friday, March 29, 2013

New Release - Mesu Andrews

Dear Readers,
Mesu Andrews doesn’t not take on easy writing tasks.  She loves to write the story behind the story of well-known Bible stories.  She has taken on Job, Solomon and now in Love in A Broken Vessel she writes about the story of Gomer and Hosea.
Love in a Broken VesselMesu talks about writing a story that is along the same lines as the beloved book, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.  As she points out Francine’s book is a biblical story set in American’s history, while Love in a Broken Vessel is biblical fiction.  It is set in the time of the Bible story and puts some history to the setting.
Biblical fiction isn’t for everyone, but for me, it puts a face on the people in the stories.   They become real people who are all too human, but that is what makes the stories so relevant to us.

Happy Reading

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ginny L. Yttrup

Dear Readers,
I have started saying that Ginny L. Yttrup is one of Christian fiction’s best kept secrets.  I wish it wasn’t true, but it seems to be right now.  She has been gaining ground and her first book, Words, continues to find readers even with the difficult subject matter.
Invisible is Ginny’s third book and she is just getting better and better.  She takes on the matter of body image,   which is a sore subject to anyone over the age of about 1.  We look into the mirror and don’t see what we think we should see and we beat ourselves up over it.  We watch TV/Movies and look at magazines and know we will never be a size 1 and we believe we don’t measure up to society's standards. 
Ellyn is not anyone’s idea of a model perfect figure.  She is a chef and believes that butter should be an ingredient in every dish possible.  Twila is recovering from anorexia.  She has always tried to make her dad love her and she thinks if she doesn’t feed that need she will not need his love.  Sabina is a counselor who needs time to recover.  She needs to figure out that other people’s choices are not her responsibility.  Three very different women on a journey together.
I am not sure I can put my finger on why Ginny’s books are so good, but I know that she writes about issues that either affect us directly or someone we love.  She writes strong characters and does not give pat answers to the problems.  Her solutions are not a solve-all to the problem, she has her characters know and understand that faith in God does not make us perfect any more than losing weight will make us happy with ourselves. 
Whatever it is, I know that I am already looking forward to Ginny’s next book.
Happy Reading and remember, Imago Dei,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Release - Maureen Lang

Dear Readers,

Maureen Lang has written both historical and contemporary novels.  Both genres are well written and she has established herself as a must read in her historical books. 

Her newest All in Good Time takes us all to Denver in 1887.  Dessa wants to open a refuge for former prostitutes in the city.  She has raised most of the money, but is going to need a loan to make sure her dream comes to past.  Henry Hawkins is in charge of the bank and he isn't sure he can support Dessa because it may bring Henry's dark past to light.

Maureen does her research so her stories ring true.  Not only do you get a interesting read, you might even learn a little something about the history of Denver.

Happy Reading

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Releases March 18 - 23

Dear Readers,
We are only a couple of weeks away from our Spring Librarian's Day.  If you are a church or public Librarian and are interested in details, let me know and I can send you a flyer.  We have loads of fun and lots of giveaways for you. 
Happy Reading
The Dance - Dan Walsh/Gary Smalley - The Restoration series #1 - Marilyn is sick of having everything except the one thing she wants, her husband.  When she leaves Jim has to make a choice as to whether it is worth pursuing her.
The Gate - Dann A.  Stouten - Schuler planned vacation takes a detour when his wife heads off on a shopping trip and he rents a cottage for a getaway.  He is just looking for rest, but the unexpected guest as the ones that make this time alone even more special.
A Place to Belong - Lauraine Snelling - Wild West Wind #3 - Cassie is supposed to be in love with Lucas, but he just doesn't send her heart skipping.  Shouldn't you be attracted to the man you are going to marry?  But Cassie would rather join the traveling Wild West Show
Sweet Sanctuary - Kim Vogel Sawyer - Dr. Micah Hatcher works in Queens helping the immigrant population.  Lydia just wants to provide a safe place for her son.  When their two lives collide the work together to make a place of refuge for all that God puts in their way.
A Noble Groom - Jody Hedlund - Michigan 1880 - Annalisa has been hurt by her husband in many different ways, and his death just seem to be the final straw.  She needs help on the farm, but she only wants to marry for love.  Carl need a job and seems to fit the bill, but he seems to be hiding something.
Avenged - Janice Cantore - Pacific Coast Justice Series #3 - If you are reading this series know this will contain a spoiler or two.  Carly and her husband Nick find 3 gangbangers shot execution style.  They are afraid that it points to a start of a gang war in the town.  But is there more going on than what meets the eye?
All in Good Time - Maureen Lang - Dessa wants to open a house as refuge for former prostitutes.  She has raised lots of money but will still need a loan from the bank.  Henry does not allow people into his life; he has a past to protect.  Henry is drawn to Dessa, but it might bring his dark past to light.
Truth Stained Lies - Terri Blackstock - Moonlighters series #1 - Cathy is an investigative blogger.  She has over 2 million followers.  Some of the can be kind of creepy, but this new letter she got seems more threating.  When her brother is accused in the death of his ex-wife, Cathy begins to think the writer of the letter and the killer might be the same person.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Release - Dan Walsh/Gary Smalley

Dear Readers,
Dan Walsh writes southern genre books.  Gary Smalley's mission in life is to help marriages.  The two of them decided to combine their gifts and write a series.  Gary has authored or co-authored 16 books now.  Most for him are non-fiction, but this is not his first time wading into the fiction waters. 
The DanceDan is gathering quite a following of his own.  His books are gentle stories that have a strong message in them.  This seemed like the perfect for both authors and we the readers get to reap the finished project.  The Dance is the first of a three books series that they will be writing.
Merrill is sick of the perfect wife imagine she needs to uphold.  Her husband has given her everything, except the one thing she longs for, his love and support.  When she finally draws the line and walks out, is shocked to finds her gone.  He needs to make the choice of whether of he wants to pursue her or not and if he does, what does he need to change.
Happy Reading


Friday, March 22, 2013

New Release - Janice Cantore

Dear Readers,
Janice Cantore is doing something with her Pacific Coast series that not many other authors in this genre are doing.  She is appealing to both men and women.  That may not sound like a hard thing, but in the romantic suspense category, it is.  I often find authors going overboard on the romance that the suspense gets lost in the shuffle.  Janice has found a nice balance.
Avenged follows book #1 Accused, and Book 2, Abducted.   I recommend them in order and if you are reading one or the other of the first two this may contain a bit of a spoiler, so you may want to stop reading.
Carly and her husband Nick are beginning to think that Las Playas is on the verge of a gang war.  The weapons they are finding of the street are stolen from a local military base.  The problem is the answers to who and where they come from don’t add up.  As Carly digs deeper it seems to be there are forces that don’t want the answers found.
These books move along at a fast pace and they all make for enjoyable reads.
Happy Reading

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ann H. Gabhart

Dear Readers,
There are not many times that I get really frustrated when a book goes out of print.  I wish they could all stay available forever, but that is just not practical.  But when Ann H. Gabhart’s book Scent of Lilacs and the following two in the series went out I was upset.
Scent of LilacsThere was something about this wonderful series that just made me feel right at home with everyone in the book.  It's set in the summer of 1964 and Jocie is 13 and on the cusp of womanhood.  She is beginning to wonder about this secret that everyone she knows seems to be in on, except her.  The summertime seems like a good time to see if she can discover what it is.   She just didn’t know what she was going to find.
This story was a wonderful delight to read.  I fell in love with the characters, the storyline itself was one that felt like I was there in the middle of the story, and I didn’t want this story to end, even after three books.
I am so happy to say that Scent of Lilacs is on shelves now with book two, Orchard of Hope coming in October and Summer of Joy to soon follow.  If you haven’t read these already you are in for a treat.  If you have read them, let everyone know so they can join the fun.
Happy Reading.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Release - Gina Holmes

Dear Readers,
A co-worker picked up Gina Holmes’ newest book Wings of Glass.  She just told me the other day, “I can’t believe I haven’t read Gina’s books before, she is a really good author.”  I told her “I have been trying to tell you that for a couple of years now.”  We laughed, but she went on to say she was going to find Gina’s other two books and read them also. 
Gina write about spousal abuse and helping someone find their way out of that situation.  Penny think she finds Prince Charming but she ends up with the bully.  Trent has no control so he exercises control over Penny.  That is until he is forced to let her find a job and she find two women who “lend her their backbones just long enough for her to find her own.”  (From the back cover)  I wanted to use that because it is a wonderful word description of what you need to do to help someone caught in the cycle of abuse.
Happy Reading

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Release - Jeanette Windle

Dear Readers,
I stumbled on Jeanette's books when she was writing under the name J.M. Windle.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with her books, but I found a fast paced adventure set in a remote section of the world. 
 In Congo Dawn Jeanette takes us on a wild ride in the Congo.   Robin is trying to secure mining rights in the area.  The problem is there are powerful and dangerous people that don’t want to share the wealth with anyone, including those who work for them. 
I can’t wait to get a chance to read this one. 
Happy Reading

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Releases March 11 - 16

Dear Readers,

With Spring break rapidlly approaching, it is always good to see a huge list of new releases.  These past few weeks has shown many new and interesting titles.  I am excited to get my hands on a couple different ones. 

Happy Reading
Always Remembered – Janelle Mowery – An American Tapestry – Rosa wants to leave the Alamo, but her step-dad is forcing her to stay.  Miles wants his father’s land back and the only way to get it is to fight for Texas’ independence. 
The Kindness of Strangers – Susan Meier – Tales of Grace Chapel Inn – Spring is in the air and life is full of surprises.  Alice is trying to help Myra except a gift beyond words, Louise and Florence are planning a talent show and the inspector find s a problem with the Inn.  Will the sisters have to close their doors?
Catherine’s Pursuit – Lena Nelson Dooley – McKenna Streamline #3 – Catherine was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  When she finds out she has two sisters she didn’t know about she is determined to find them.  Her father send Collin to follow her and make sure nothing happens to her.  He would rather be anywhere but there.
The One Good Thing – Kevin Alan Milne – Halley has always known her husband has carried a handful of stones in his pocket.  When he is killed a Facebook page starts listing all the good deeds he has done.  When one of them talks about “our little girl,” Halley begins to wonder if she knew her husband at all.
Duchess – Susan May Warren – Daughters of Fortune #3 – In the Golden age of Hollywood, Rosie has everything she longed for.  Adoring fans, a loving husband and a career on the silver screen.  That is until Black Friday takes it all away.
Talk of the Town – Anne Marie Rogers – Tales of Grace Chapel Inn – As late March approaches Grace Chapel Inn becomes busy with two long-term guests.  Alice keeps busy mentoring a doctoral student and Jane becomes a tour guide and genealogical sleuth with the other.

Assualted Pretzel - Laura Bradford - An Amish Mystery #2 -  There are rumors flying around the town of Heavenly, PA.  There is a toy manufacturer staying at the local inn and he is looking to have the Amish help him craft a new toy line.  When the communty finds out that he doesn't want to hire the Amish, just steal their ideas, some one takes matters into their own hands and murders him.  Who would do that?  Surely not one of the Amish, but Jakob and Claire know that any one is capable of murder if pushed hard enough. 

A Lady's Choice - Sandra Robbins - An American Tapestry novel - When Sarah needs lawyers Alex's help, they find themselves falling in love.  Alex's employer tells him not to follow his heart because Sarah is fighting for women's rights and it may cost Alex his job.   Sarah finds herself in danger after traveling to Washington D.C. and Alex is rushing to the rescue.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Release - Terri Blackstock

Dear Readers,
Truth-Stained Lies by Terri BlackstockTerri Blackstock has been a popular writing in the Christian market for as long as I can remember.   I am sure neither she nor I would like to me to admit how long that has been.  But it is safe to say it is longer than 5.  I have long enjoyed her mysteries that she writes.  She takes us all over the country including different topics and issues that have faced us all, either as individuals or even as a country. 
Truth Stained Lies is the first in her new series, Moonlighting.   Cathy and her sisters moonlight as private investigators.  They find the job interesting and it helps pay the bills.  That is until the brother is accused in the death of his ex-wife.  The truth seems to farfetched to be right, but the sisters set out to prove Jay’s innocence.
Happy Reading

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Release - Tracie Peterson

Dear Readers,
The Icecutter's DaughterTracie Peterson takes us on a wonderful journey to Minnesota this time in her new series Land of the Shining Waters.  Book one of the series, The Icecutter’s Daughter, introduces us to Merrill who longs for a family of her own.  But because of a promise she made to her mother, she is stuck taking care of her father and brothers.   No one seems real interested in trying to get past her brothers to see the real Merrill, that is until Rurik comes to town.
Tracie is the queen of historical fiction and once again proves it with the new series.  Book #2 The Quarryman’s Bride is releasing in June.
Happy Reading
P.S. I love the cover

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chris Fabry

Dear Readers
Borders on the Heart by Chris Fabry is as gritty as the countryside he sets the story in.  It covers several different topics; among them illegal immigration, drugs and trafficking, terrorism, all of which are important and very relevant to society today.
J.D. has walked away from society.  He once had a promising music career, he was married to the love of his life and things were good.  That all ended suddenly and he walked away from it all.  He now works for room and board and enough food to survive on.   He is learning how to grow crops in the desert of Texas where nothing is friendly.  The land is dry and dusty, animals attack before they get attacked and the plants are the same way.
His boss only has one rule, if you see an illegal, call Border Patrol.  J.D. has no problem with that rule until he finds Marie lying in the desert almost “3/4” dead.  There is something about her that makes J.D. want to protect her and makes sure she is okay. That is where things start to go very wrong.  There are some very bad men chasing Marie and they want her dead along with anyone she has contact with.  They will stop at nothing to get to her either.
Chris sets this book during the summer in Texas near the Mexican/USA border.  It often tops out above 120 during the day there and Chris does such a great job in describing the heat that you can almost feel it coming off the book.  Now I have never been in Texas during July or August, but I have visited in the spring and boy that is a whole different kind of hot.  Humid and hot, no wonder everything is grumpy.
I have found that in reading Chris’ books, he never pushes the answers to these moral questions down your throat.  He wants you to decide for yourself what the answers might be.  He wants you to think about them and answer them after learning more and trying to see both sides of the problem.  The topic of illegal immigration is a touchy subject.  They are breaking the law, they are doing something illegal, so the punishment should follow, but they are also trying to get away from a life that is starving their families and are we not commanded to take care of the least of these.  *Sigh* and there is the moral dilemma.
Happy Reading

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Release - Ginny L. Yttrup

Dear Readers,
Ginny L. Yttrup release her third book Invisible just last week.  It went immediately to the top of my reading list. Ginny is one of Christian fictions best kept secrets.  If you haven’t read any of her books this is a great one to start with.  In Invisible she takes on the topic of food, body image and how we view ourselves.   She never seems to take on topics that are easy and yet writes about them in simple wonderfully rich was that make her books a great delight to read.  Even when it is about something I don’t want to read about.
Words her first book was about child abuse and was tough to read for that reason and yet I couldn’t lay it down either.  Lost and Found was a beautiful book about finding yourself, your true self not something someone else tells you you need to be.  
Happy Reading

Always remember Imago Dei.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Release - Lisa Samson

Dear Readers,
The Sky Beneath My Feet, Lisa SamsonI have really enjoyed Lisa Samson’s books over the years.  They are a bit quirky, gritty and just interesting to read.  Maybe because none of her characters ever seem to fit the bill as what or who should star in a Christian fiction book. 
The Sky Beneath My Feet is already on my reading list and it should be on yours’ also. 
Happy Reading

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Releases March 4 - 9

Dear Readers,

For some reason saying it is March just sounds so much better than February.  I don't know why, but it does.  I guess it is because in March the warmer weather is closer to it being around for a while and in February you know warmer weather is usually followed by a snow storm. 

I am ready to be outside, reading, digging in the garden, enjoying sunshine and fresh air.  Soon, very soon it will be here.

Happy Reading

Damascus Countdown - Joel Rosenberg - Fiction stories ripped off the headlines seem to be Joel's specialty, but he has a knack for writing the headlines before they happen.  Israel’s first strike didn't seem to eliminate the nuclear warheads in Iran.  David and his team have to race to clock to find where they are hiding.
The Chance – Karen Kingsbury – Ellie and her best friend Nolan bury a box with letters to each other.  They plan on coming back 11 years later to open the box.  But things have not gone according to plan for either of them.  As the meeting date looms, they both have to decide if they are ready to see the other.

Invisible - Ginnie Yttrup - If you have not read one of her books, start now.  She is probably one of the Christian Fiction markets best kept secrets.  Ellyn hides behind her weight.  Sabina hides behind her hurt.  Twila is hiding behind her eating habits.  As their lives intetwine can they help each other see how wonderful they are?

The Doubters Testament - Chris Andreas/Daniel Edwards - A letter written two thousand years ago lead to a discovery in India that will confirm the resurrection of Jesus.  There are many who will stop at nothing to make sure this doesn't make the light of day.
The Tempted Soul - Adina Senft - #3 An Amish Quilt Novel - Carrie and her husband have longed for a child.  When an opportunity seems to arise in their community Carrie is sure that is answer to prayer, until the pregnant teenagers decides to give the baby to an English family.
A Story of God and All of Us - Roma Downey/Mark Burnett - Based on the miniseries on the History Channel called the Bible.  It is the telling of the stories in the Bible and how God revealed his enduring love for all his people.
Threads of Hope - Christa Allan - Quilts of Love - Sometimes what we see as a trial is really a blessing in disguise.  Nina is passed over for a promotion and her boyfriend dumps her.  When she is asked to do another fluff piece she decides to write about the group that is making a quilt to raise money for AIDS research.
Angel Falls - Connie Mann - Regina and Brooks focus their energy on helping others.  Regina helps streets kids and Brooks organizes rescue operations.  Their paths cross in Brazil when they rescue a friend’s orphaned baby. 
The Survivor - DiAnn Mills - #2 Houston Scene - Kariss' newest story might be her last.  She agrees to tell Amy's story in novel form.  Being unable to ask Tigo for advice she decides to do her own research.  Which leads her into more danger than she planned on.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Releases - The Chance

Dear Readers,
It has been a while since Karen Kingsbury has released a book that has not had to do with the Baxter family or Bailey Flanigan.  This past Christmas Karen released a short novella about a book store.  This past week she released a standalone contemporary novel that many readers have been waiting for.
Cvr9781451647037_9781451647037_thThe Chance is the story of two old friends who have a chance to find out answers to the questions that have become their lives. Ellie’s life has fallen apart.  Even her faith is gone.  Nolan is now an NBA star and it would seem that his life is perfect.  Each is not sure that they want to go to the meeting that was planned so many years ago.
Happy Reading

Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Release - Damascus Countdown

Dear Readers,
After almost a year wait, Joel Rosenberg released the sequel to The Tehran Initiative.  Damascus Countdown follows the storyline of what happens if and when Iran becomes a nuclear power.  Though the book is speculative as to what the future does hold in these situations, it is becoming common place that what Joel writes about, happens.
The story continues where book #2 left off.  Will David be able to find the warheads in time to save the US and Israel from attack?
Happy Reading

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Neta Jackson

Dear Readers,
Come to the Table by Neta Jackson is the second in the SoldOut Sisters series.  Once again Neta takes us to Chicago on a journey of hope and promise.  Believe it or not, even though I have never lived in Chicago these books have a way of making me feel like I have come home again.
Come to the Table, Neta JacksonKat Davis is still struggling with her desire to share good eating habits with the families of the neighborhood.  Others understand what she is trying to say, but they also feel that Kat has no idea what it is like to live on food stamps, in a single parent home or why the quick and easy isn't the best choice for them.  Edesa tries gently to push her in the right direction with some very interesting results.
I waited until vacation to read this book because it is just so fun to visit with old friends while relaxing.  Avis from Yada Yada prayer group factors in this series and so we have a time to visit with the Yadas again.  Of course you go back to visit the House of Hope and the Manna House also.  That way you can touch base with many of our favorite characters and see how they are all doing.
I am sure there is not anything new I can say about this series or any of the books that are included in any of the series that Neta has written.  They are good gentle reads.  They include a good deal of real life and yet offer answers and hope.  They are just, as I said before, a coming home. 
Happy Reading

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sharon Garlough Brown

Dear Readers,
I wanted to take the time to let you know that Sensible Shoes by Sharon Garlough Brown has just re-released in a beautiful new cover.  The context inside are still the same great story, but Sharon added some book discussion questions. 

I am including my review of the book when it came out a short time ago in case you didn’t catch it the first time. 
Happy Reading book cover
This book was born out of Sharon's desire to take us all on a Sacred Journey. She belongs to a group that meets on Monday and they call themselves the Sensible shoes club (Now you understand the name). In the group they have watched God, through the Holy Spirit, heal and transform lives. Because of that experience Sharon wanted to teach others how to take a spiritual journey. She just didn't feel called to write a teaching book, she felt called to write a fiction book that would help readers learn how to go on a journey themselves.
In this wonderful story we meet 4 interesting women. Each comes with her own baggage that God has been trying to help her get rid of for years, but it takes a special invitation for them each to understand what he has been saying.
Meg - A widow who has never been allowed to grieve the loss of her husband. With her daughter moving to England and her domineer mother passing away, Meg is at loose ends and not sure if her life has meaning. Why would someone who has never been farther than 200 miles from her home need to go on a journey?
Hannah - Her congregation loves her. She is always busy always helping someone and always ... well ... tired. But if she is doing God's work, that doesn't matter. Keep working, or that is what she thinks until her congregation gives her a much unwanted sabbatical. What is she suppose to do for 9 months?
Mara - She has never been good enough. Slightly over weight and not from a good family, she was never wanted by her classmates. She was never really loved by the men she slept with when she was a teen and young woman and she is not really loved by her husband who just doesn't understand why she can't seem to move on. Why would God love her if she has never done anything right in her life?
Clarissa - She is driven to be the best, the brightest, the smartest and always to perfection. She takes no prisoners when she is trying to get something accomplished. No matter if someone gets in the way, whether husband, friends or family members. She has a plan and she is going to stick with it. The only reason she even goes to the first class is she needs it for a requirement in college. What can she be taught about anything, she knows it all already.
These are the woman of the Sensible shoes club. They could be any one of us. They are very human and very fallible. Which is probably what I did like about this book.
Happy Reading

Monday, March 4, 2013

New Titles February 26- March 2

Dear Readers,

That first week back from time off is difficult.  It is hard to adjust back to a schedule.  This time is was harder yet as around here there is cold yucky white stuff on the ground.  When I left Florida is was suppose to be sunny and 80, when I landed here it was 28 and snowing.  I almost stayed on the plane. 

But return I did and back to letting you know about all the wonderful books that came out while I was relaxing.

Happy Reading

The Sky Beneath My Feet - Lisa Samson - Beth's husband is acting funny. Whether he is a prophet or self proclaimed artist, Beth doesn't care.  What is wrong with him? Their boys? Herself?

Home Run - Travis Thrasher - based on the orginal movie - Cory is spraling out of control.  To save his career he heads back home to coach little league.  When he runs head on to memories he isn't ready to face, he wonders if he made the right choice.

Grace Consequences - Lisa T. Bergren - #2 The Grand Tour Series - Cora is on a journey of a lifetime.  As she continues with her new found family, forbidden love puts everyone at risk.

Ring of Secrets - Roseanna M. White - #1 Culper Ring Series - 1779 - Winter is a spy for the Americans.  Bennel is determined to figure out who the spy among the elite is.  But falling in love wasn't in the plans.

Scent of Lilacs - Ann H. Gabhart - release of one of my favorite books.  Summer of 1964 - Jocie and her family look pretty normal on the outside.  It just feels like everyone is hiding something from her.

The Icecutter's Daughter - Tracie Peterson - #1 Land of the Shining Waters - Merrill is the only female in a house hold of men and she promised her mother she would take care of them and the family business.

So Shines the Night - Tracy Higley - Daria is serving as a tutor to a wealthy merchant in Ephesus.  When followers of a strange group called the way threaten the peace in the city.