Monday, June 30, 2008

Winter Haven - Athol Dickson

Dear Readers,
I want to note, that my posts right now are for my latest email reviews that I have sent. I will start posting new books soon. Thank you for your patience.

Winter Haven by Athol Dickson is plain and simply a ghost story. He sets this book on a remote and misty island off the coast of New England. It is a place shrouded in mystery and the latest "find" is not at all what Vera Gamble expects. Her brother, who ran away 13 years ago has washed up on the island's beach. Only he hasn't aged a day since he left home.

Vera is determined to get the bottom of this, only the island itself, not just the people, seems to be trying to keep her from finding the answers.

Like I said before this is a ghost story. It has a great mystery and a good shiver factor. I found it interesting, and very different from anything else I had read this year. I will admit I have liked Athol's other two books and know that they are not for everyone. But if you are looking for something just a little off center, this is it.

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