Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ace Collins

Dear Readers,
Farrady Road by Ace Collins is a good book. I personally was not familiar with Ace's writing before this, but he has several books out. Including Stories Behind the Best-Loved Christmas Stories, Stories Behind the Great Christmas Traditions and many more. His bio also says he has been on several news shows including "Good Moring America" and "NBC Nightly News". So I guess I better pay more attention.

In Farrady Road Elijah and his wife Kaitlyn are attacked and left for dead, only Lije doesn't die. Why anyone wants him or his wife dead is beyond him and anyone who knows them. It doesn't make sense, but as Lije starts pulling the strings to figure it out there is another attack on his life. Why is someone after him? Did Kaitlyn die because of something he did?

All these questions just lead to different questions. Is there any end in sight? Do the police arrest the right person? Lije doesn't think so and sets out to find the real killer or killers and to free his friend. Each clue leads to a more bizzare answer that leads to a even bigger mystery.

I really enjoyed the storyline/mystery of this book. You will be able to tell from the front of the book he does plan on a series for Lije and his cohorts. They are interesting, fun and people that I found myself wanting to hang out with. There are some very interesting characters along the way. The folk lore of the area is interesting and adds to the story so well. Once you read this story you will understand this statement, I want to go live in Lije's house.

I must warn you, there is one sentence in the book that everyone who reads this book will hate. I am not going to tell you what it is or where it is, but you will know what it is when you find it. Happy hunting and ...

Happy Reading

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