Monday, January 30, 2012

New Releases Jan. 23rd - 28th

Dear Readers,

Is anyone else shocked that it is January 30th today?  That means we are one month closer to spring around here.  Which brings to mind that at the beginning of May, the 4th and 5th to be exact, we are taking part in a very exciting weekend.  

At the Shack in Fremont, MI we are going to be participating in an Author Encounter weekend.  You will get a chance to spend Friday night and all day Saturday with some of our favorite authors.  Local authors David and Diane Munson came up with idea and I think it will be a fun and very interesting experience. 

You rent a room by contacting the Shack and the cost includes your meals on Friday night and all day Saturday, with chocolate Sundaes every night.  But while enjoying the beautiful Bed and Breakfast and food, you will also get to spend time with Colleen Coble, Dave and Neta Jackson, and David and Diane Munson.  It will be a time to ask them questions, listen to where they get their ideas from and just to get to know them better. 

At the end of this post is a link to a youtube video that will give you all the details to help you make reservations.  I know I will be technically work while there, but I am so looking forward to visiting with these authors.  I am also looking forward to getting to know some of you better.

Happy Reading

Lost and Found - Ginny L. Yttrup
Sweeter than Birdsong - Rosslyn Elliott
Into the Free - Julie Cantrell
Injustice for All - Robin Caroll
Blue Moon Promise - Colleen Coble
Heart of Gold  - Robin Lee Hatcher

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Releases/New Baker (January 16-21)

Dear Readers,
Starting today Baker Book House will never be the same.  We are remodeling the entire store and today the first move has started to happen.  Our front offices are in a part of the store that the builders want to start with and so they have to go somewhere.  They are joining us on the floor here in the store, sort of.  Because they are taking up floor space that department has to move.  That is going into music, so music has to condense down. 
So 2012 will be the year of dust and excitement.  I have lived through 4 other remodels in my working career and am not looking forward to that part of it.  I can hardly wait to see what it all looks like when it is done, but the process is never any fun.  I can remember when we remodeled our kitchen at home, I would rather move that ever do that again.  Well they are not willing to move the store, so I guess I will be living through this whether I want to or not.  :-)
For you guys our customers it means putting up with noise, dust and things in new places.  The great side of that is  we would rather sell something than move them, so watch for sales.  Starting already with $2.00 used fiction.  There are great titles available for just a couple of bucks.  I am going to admit that I have already picked up several of them.  So you may want to come check them all out before I take them all home. :-)

Happy Reading
To Love and to Cherish - Kelly Irvin
The Wings of Morning - Murry Pura
An Amish Family Reunion - Mary Ellis
The Hawk and the Dove trilogy - Penelope Wilcock - 3 in 1 - rerelease
The Hour before Dawn - Penelope Wilcock
Promise Me This - Cathy Gohlke
Heart's Safe Passage - Laurie Alice Eakes
Words Spoken True - Ann H. Gabhart
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Chris Fabry

Dear Readers,
First, I love Chris Fabry fiction books.  That is also true about Not in the Heart, his newest.  With that said, stay with me on this review even though it seems that at certain points I might not have loved it.   
I have never had a book that I liked this much but really disliked the main character.  I have had bad guys that I don't like, but that is the point right?  I have had books were the characters are poorly written, but that is not the case here.  This was a main character that I really just struggled to like.  If he was a real person, I would not have thought much of him.  There were even certain parts of the book where I felt like I was reading this book just to see what bad would finally happen to him.
Truman has followed his dream where ever and whenever it took him.  It has brought him fame and fortune, but has also cost him his family.  He never said no to doing a story no matter what he would have to miss.  Birthdays, holidays, vacations, sports game, writing the next great news story was more important than anything and everything that had to do with his family.
His son Aiden's life depends on the death of someone who has a match for his heart.  They finally found one; the problem is that person is still using it.  At least until his execution, which is scheduled for 30 days from now.  When Truman agrees to write the convicted man's story, he becomes involved in his family's lives in more ways than he was prepared for.  
I hate to say it, but that is as much as I am going to share of Truman's story.  This book has so many different layers to it that to just doing a short review about it doesn't do it justice.  The one question it speaks to is, can a convicted prisoner, whether on death row or not, donate his organs to someone?  I know that is a very slippery slope that we as a society have refrained from approaching because of how it can suddenly become a problem.
As I said earlier, I really did like this book, I just had a problem with Truman.  It is one of those books that when you get done reading it you still think about it for a while.  Every time I went to write this review, I kept thinking of different things I wanted to share, but I also don't want to give the story line away, so I will be saying no more, but this would be a great book for a book club.   
Happy Reading

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bruce Hennigan

Dear Readers,
I have never hidden that I don't really care for Christmas novellas.  Nothing against the authors, but too short and usually too sappy for me.  But this one was a strange book to read over the holidays.  The 13th Demon by Bruce Hennigan is not by any stretch of the imagination a Christmas book. 
I have also said this before; I am a great big chicken.  I don't like horror movies, I don't read Stephen King etc...  I am just not into scary books or movies.  So reading this book was a bit strange for me.  But I liked it, I just read it during the day instead of at night. 
The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral EyeJonathan Steel has no memory past a couple of years ago when he woke up on a beach with no clothes and no idea who he was.  He has no idea why he is able to handle a gun so well or why he can fight so quickly.  He would just like to know what his history is.
As he searches for his own memories, he is on the trail of the 13th Demon.  The story goes that when Jesus chooses his 12 disciples, Satan chooses 12 also, but the 13th one not chosen was uncontrollable and became loose cannon.  Jonathan promises a new friend that he will track down this demon and banish him to hell where he belongs.   
I found this book very interesting.  Bruce mentions several different aspects of demons that are true, but also points out several things that people think they can do, but they can't.  Sometimes we forget that they are created beings just like us and cannot take on characteristics that are unique to God only.   
This book is not as scary as I thought it would be, but there are disturbing spots in the book.  I could tell you what they are, but it is part of the journey of the book.  I enjoyed reading and discovering the things that were hidden in the book and I don't want to take that away from you. 
I can't recommend this to everyone, but not everyone would enjoy this book.  If you are one that likes Frank Peretti or books with a very strong spiritual element to them, this would be an interesting book to read.
 Happy Reading

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Releases January 9 -14

Dear Readers,
A couple weeks ago I started a much anticipated book.  I could hardly wait to finish the one I was reading, even though I was enjoying that one also, to start the new one.  It had come recommended by someone and they spoke so highly of it I just couldn't wait.
Then I got started and it just wasn't living up to it hype.  How very disappointing.  In a situation like that I can only hope that the book gets better.  I have never been one that doesn't finish a book, no matter how bad.  I can probably count on two hands how many books I haven't finished.  I just always hope that it gets better, it must as someone paid money to have it published it has to.  Right?
Of course I can also tell you about certain books that it is the ending that makes the book.  One comes to mind right away.  100 years of Happiness by Nicole Sietz.  Without reading all the way to the end you miss out on the wonderful way it is all tied together.  I actually told readers that were interested in it, that they couldn't return in until they read all the way to end.
I won't tell you what happen with this book, did it get better or not, as I will probably include that in my blog review.  How about you, do you give up on a book?  If so when?  Right away or do you wait for the story to develop?
Happy Reading

Harbinger: the Ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's Future - Jonathan Cahn
Accused - Janice Cantore
Not in the Heart - Chris Gabry
The Search Committee - Tim Owens
Missing Your Smile - Jerry S. Eicher
Promise Me This - Cathy Gohlke

P.S. These books are available at Baker Book House or by request at 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anne Mateer

Dear Readers,
When I read a book on my lunch break here at the store it always takes me longer to read it.  This is true about Wings of a Dream by Anne Mateer.  Normally I would not take two months to read any book, but I don't get much time to read and I visit with the other employees I eat with. Wings of a Dream, , bpg9780764209031
Rebekah longs for life outside her small home town.  Arthur seems to be the ticket out, but first he needs to answer the call to the Great War.  When Rebekah's aunt sends a letter requesting help, she sees it as a chance to be closer to Arthur while he is learning to fly planes.
Things do not happen as Rebekah plans. When she arrives at her aunt's door she finds Aunt Ada deathly ill with the Spanish Flu.  Living with her aunt are 4 young children whose mother has just passed away and their father is fighting the war.  Rebekah has to grow up very quickly as everyone looks to her to take care of everything.  
I found this book interesting because of the time in history that it is written about.  Yes it is set during World War I, but it not really about the war.  It is about the Spanish Flu that hit the world at that time.  It was one of those times in history that I am sure I learned about in history class somewhere at sometime, but I never put the two things together.  According to an article that I was reading on-line, over a fifth of the world's population was affected.  More people died of the sickness, thought of as a common cold at first, than died in the whole First World War.  This information was very interesting to me as it just kind of puts all that in perspective.
I am going to say in some ways I found myself sick of Rebekah's attitude, but then again if I was put in that situation at that age, I would have been a bit whiny also.  She is someone who is thrust into a time and place not of her asking, who then rises to the occasion and does what is right.  It is a good reminder of what priorities we should have.   
This is a lighter read, yet I found it interesting.  The characters are well written and you find yourself falling in love with the children that Rebekah is asked to look after.
Happy Reading

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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Releases Jan 1 - 7

Dear Readers,

I know most people were looking back on the past year over a week ago, I have never been one that did things like that correctly. :-)  I was working on a list of books that I will review for librarians in October.  They want to know what books I have read and how good they are.  So I have to write them down as I go along or I forget one or two of them and then I feel bad.  If it is a good book I want others to know about it so they get a chance to read it. 

Ok back to why I started this post, I can't read them all.  I hate that.  I want to read every book my favorite authors write.  But I can't.  I will be posting a review soon from a gentleman that is book #4 in the series.  I missed book 2 & 3.  As I was reading book 4 I really wanted to go back and read the other ones, but because of request by publishers and other readers/librarians I need to move on and read other things.  (I am also hard put to read books where I know the ending, which I would in both of those books) 

Someday I will have time to read all those books, but I have no idea when that will be and and even though I am ready to retire, I can't yet.  :-) 

Happy Reading

In Too Deep - Mary Connealy
Sixty Acres and a Bride - Regina Jennings
Song of My Heart - Kim Vogel Sawyer
Blue Moon Bay - Lisa Wingate
When the Smoke Clears - Lynette Eason
Flirting with the Forbidden - Steven James - before you get all excited, this is a none fiction book.  But I found the idea behind the book and that he uses first person stories to write about Bible stories so interesting I just thought I would mention it to you as many of you are fans of his.

P.S.  These books are available at Baker Book House and by request at

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dale Cramer

Dear Readers,
The Captive Heart by Dale Cramer is the much anticipated sequel to Paradise Valley.  It has been a long year of waiting to find out what has happened to Rachel, Miriam, Domingo and the others who have come to live in Paradise Valley, Mexico.
I have had many a reader ask me if I knew when this book was coming out and what was taking so long.  I can safely say, "It was worth the wait."  Ok I will also say I wish it had come out earlier, but I am glad it is here and I hate to say this part, I think there will be a third one.  At least I hope so. :-)Captive Heart, The, Dale Cramer, 978-0-7642-0839-3
I really don't want to give anything away, but all our favorite characters are back.  Life is changing in Paradise Valley.  There are new families joining them in the valley.
There are old problems but also new ones that must be overcome.  When a deadly disease closes the border to America and the promised pastor doesn't arrive, there's more disappointent for the couples who are courting. There is one person, though, who isn't too disappointed the pastor hasn't arrived yet.
Ok I have to stop before I give something away.  I don't want to do that as it would take away from the pleasure of reading this story and I can safely say that if you read the first one and were waiting for this one, it won't disappoint you.
Happy Reading

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Releases Dec. 26 - 31

Dear Readers,

It is snowing here in Michigan as I write this blog.  The weather people all were saying it wasn't suppose to snow much.  Well it isn't much, but it sure is beautiful to watch.  It is the kind of snow that is the large flakes falling almost straight down.  I wish I had a chance to go out into it.  It is the perfect snow for walking in the woods are down a dirt road.  It is the peaceful snow that seems to work magic on one's soul.

Snow and I have a love/hate relationship.  I know it is mostly on my side as snow doesn't really seem to care what I think of it at all.  I love to see snow falling, I love to go sledding on cold crisp days, I love to walk in the woods when it is gently snowing, I love seeing a field of snow when the sun is shining on it.  I hate driving in the snow, I hate shoveling/snowplowing the drive way, I have scrapping my car off.  See what I mean, I like all the good stuff but not the bad.  :-)

One thing I do love about days like today.  It really makes me want to curl up with a good book and just read the winter away.  Lately I have been a pretty good run with good books.  Not all of them were "can't lay it down" types, but not everyone can be.  I have several reviews coming up of several books that I really enjoyed reading and I can't wait for you to hear about them. 

Happy New Year and Happy Reading

Guilty by Association - Pat Simmons
Love lifted Me - Sara Evans/Rachel Hauck

P.S. These books are available at Baker Book House or by request at

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

May God bless you and your family through out this coming new year.