Monday, January 31, 2011

New Releases Jan 24 - 29

Dear Readers,
The snow continues here.  Which for me means more reading time.  I am reading AnnTatlock's newest right now and it fits the weather.  It isn't a cold book, it is one where I want to just wrap up and tuck in for the night.  Perfect for this weather.

Happy Reading

The Promises She Keeps - Erin Healy
The Inheritance of Beauty - Nicole Sietz
A Prayer for the Night - P.L. Gaus
Looking Through the Water - Ginny Karoub
The Circle - Ted Dekker - all 4 circle books in one.
Angel Sister - AnnH. Gabhart
Lady in the Mist - Laurie Alice Eakes

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chris Fabry

Dear Readers,
I don't know a lot about Chris Fabry.  The only thing I do know for sure is he writes really good fiction books and I really like them.  Almost Heaven is the 3rd story centered in Dogwood, West Virginia.  They are part of a series and yet they can all be read as stand-alones. 
In this book you meet Billy Allman.  He is a nice guy who is just living his life as close to God's will as he can.  He feels like he is doing what God wants him to do but something seems to be missing. 
 Almost Heaven, , n9781414319575
He has suffered several great losses in his life.  He lost his family home to a flood, his father died shortly after that.  His mother passed while suffering from dementia.  There are other major things that have happened in his life to make him into the man he is. 
Callie has loved Billy for as long as she has known him.  She isn't the prettiest thing to look at, but she has a heart of gold. She helps take care of him and makes sure he eats well even though he is working hard to make sure the radio station keeps operating.
They are both broken people just trying to do what is right.  They are not making millions and they will not ever be world famous, but they are ok with that.  They just want to do what is right.
I argued with myself whether or not I was liking this book.  I think I kept thinking I knew how this one would end and it never did what I expected it to do.  There was one part of the story I got right, but I don't want to tell you what that was as you need to discover it yourself.  That is what I love about Chris' books as he doesn't write what we think should happen.  He writes the story as it should be told. 
I am hoping that he is writing the next book already as I am looking forward to reading that one.
Happy Reading

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Releases Jan. 17-22

Dear Readers,
I have a desplay in my deptartment at the store that is full of cozy reads.  One that when I read them or heard about them, made me want to curl up on a comfy chair by a fireplace and just read the weather away.  I hope that you can enjoy a time of reading no matter what the weather is by you.  Here are some new ideas to discover.

Happy Reading

The Place of Belonging - Jayne Pearson Faulkener
The Triumph of Grace - Kay Marshall Strom
The Amish Midwife - MInday Starns Clark & Leslie Gould
A Rose Revealed - Gayle Roper
When All My Dreams Come True - Janelle Mowery
Operation Bonnet - Kimberly Stuart
Caroline's Choice - Martha Rogers
A Trail of Ink - Mel Starr
The Rhythm of Secrets - Patti Lacy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dale Cramer

Dear Readers,
I fell in love with Dale Cramer's writing years ago.  Oh that makes us both sound old, doesn't it, and I am sure neither one of us is that old. :-)  Sutter's Cross was the first one I read that he had written.  It made me a fan and I haven't changed my mind since.  He is a very different writer and yet I feel like I could live in one of his novels.  They are just genuine stories.
Paradise Valley is not a totally new topic for him.  He does have another Amish themed book out, Levi's Will.  So it didn't surprise me that he was writing another one, but the subject matter did. 
 Paradise Valley, Dale Cramer, 978-0-7642-0838-6
In 1922 the goverment changed the laws about how long children had to go to school.  The Amish didn't agree with that and there were several families that had their fathers thrown in jail and the children forced into public schools.  This is a fact of American history.  It is also part of Dale's family history and he wanted to share this story with us all.
Caleb Bender decides he cannot stay in a country where he can't have religious freedom and freedom to raise his family the way he believes is best.  After being released from prison when his children do go to the public school, he announces that he is looking to move to where he can have the freedom to choose for himself and his family.  He first looks into moving west, where the laws of the land might not be followed so closely, that is until he meets a land broker who suggests that there is lots of land available in Mexico.
It all seems to be perfect and the answer to prayer.  So Caleb packs up his family and moves to Paradise Valley, Mexico.  Which at first glimpse seems that way, until they find out that not everyone is glad to see them.  How do you protect yourself from Banditoes, men who fought for Poncho Villa, when you don't believe in firearms?  The locals that help them don't always understand why they refuse to protect themselves or their families. 
I really enjoyed reading about this part of American history.  I had no idea that the Amish lived in Mexico and started a colony there.  I am actually looking forward to reading the next two books in the series.  I don't have a release date for the next one, but I am hoping that it will be this year.  This is not really the story of being Amish so much as a story of fighting for the religious freedom that this country was built on.  It is the story of drawing a line in the sand and not crossing it, even if it means moving to a different country or even losing a few things to robbers. 
Happy Reading

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Releases Jan. 10-15

Dear Readers,

As the feeling to hibernate sets in it is always nice to start and new book.  I know here at the store I sell lots of fiction at this time of year just because no one wants to get snowed in without something to read.  It also seems to be the time of year that people who don't normally have time to read have a little extra because of the cold and the dark the sets in so early.

Happy Reading
Save the Date - Jenny B. Jones
A Billion Reasons Why - Kristin Billerbeck
Beneath the Night Free - Nicole Baart
Journey to Riverbend - Henry McLaughlin
The Brotherhood - Jerry Jenkins

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Julie Klassen

Dear Readers, 
Julie Klassen loves Jane Austin and Regency era writing.  That is reflected in the books that she writes.  Her 4th novel, The Girl in the Gatehouse, is no different than the others.  It is very much a Regency period and even has some of Jane's own story intertwined into the main character's life.  It makes for a bit of a different read.
Girl in the Gatehouse, The, , bpg9780764207082Mariah is banished by her father from her family home.  She has created a scandel and her father wants to make sure it doesn't affect her sister's prospects of making a good marriage. 
She moves into the gatehouse at her aunt's estate and resigns herself to a life without the love of a husband.  She needs to make money so she begins writing novels and selling them to a publisher.  She enjoys the work, but uses a pen name because she doesn't want her father to find out. She is afraid of what he would do if he did. 
Captian Matthew Bryant is looking to prove himself to the woman he loves.  Her father would not allow them to marry because he wasn't wealthy enough nor did he come from a good family.  So he leases the estate of Windrush Court in the hopes of proving to the world he is worthy of her hand.
I can not say it enough, these books were written for those who love Jane Austin books.  Julie says on her website, "If you love romance, English accents, Jane Eyre, or anything by Jane Austen, then you and I are soul sisters..."  She also writes for those of us who are looking for a good read and enjoy a good story. 
For January in Michigan this is a perfect read.  A cozy quilt, a cup of hot tea, and a warm fire and you will be ready for a wonderful night of reading. 
Happy Reading

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Releases Jan. 3-8

Dear Readers,
Larkspur Cove, Lisa Wingate, 978-0-7642-0821-8Not many new releases this week, but they are all from authors I am fond of reading.  I have read one already and the review is coming soon.  The other two are on my to read list.  Enjoy.

Promises to Keep - Ann Tatlock                                                
Larkspur Cove - Lisa Wingate
Another Dawn - Kathryn Cushman.
Another Dawn, Kathryn Cushman, 978-0-7642-0825-6

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Releases Dec. 27-31

Dear Readers,

The new books are once again hitting the market.  Some are from authors who are favorites and there are some from new authors.  It is always fun to try something new.

Happy Reading

Sharpshooter in Petticoats - Mary Connealy
The Shoe Box - Francine Rivers - rerelease of an old favorite
Grace - Shelly Shepard Gray
Found in Translation - Roger Bruner
Burying the Hatchet - Chris Well
Digitals - Ronie Kendig
The Search - Suzanne Wood Fisher

Saturday, January 1, 2011

favorite book for 2010

Dear Readers,
I just realized that I had not really picked my favorite book for 2010.  Last year I actually picked it at the beginning of December.  This year I put it off, but then forgot about it because I have been hinting at it in the store for several weeks. 
Latest Novel Review Sidebar ItemThis year I am picking Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman.  The story itself stuck with me and as I talked to more and more readers about the book, I became more and more convinced that this was the book for this year. 
You know how that is, you find yourself thinking about it and then you recommend it to all your fellow readers.  That is when I know that it is the boo
k for the year.  You can find my review of this book by looking up Patricia's name and clicking on it.  I won't rewrite it here, but if you are looking for a great way to start your new year, Pirate Queen will fill that bill.
Happy Reading