Monday, June 30, 2008

Vanish - Tom Pawlik

Dear Readers,

Tom Pawlik is the winner of the 2006's Christian Writers Guild contest. This contest is a contest that Jerry Jenkins holds through his writers guild.

Vanish is the book that Tom wrote and now Tyndale is publishing. This is a very different book. It is not what I expected and I am not sure what I expected, but this was not it. The only thing I had heard of it before I started this book, was "I am reading it now and find it a bit strange." So with that to go on I am going to give you a very different review. I have said in the past that I don't like to give away anything about the book as then there is no reason to read the book. Which for those of you who don't know me, know that is one of my pet peeves. It really bugs me when someone gives a review and then promptly gives the total story away. I have no reason to read it, and what good is a book you don't need to read? So it is something I try hard not to do.

Conner is very much in charge of his life. Everything is going according to plan. Ok, so there are a few minor gliches, but nothing he can't over come. Until he wakes up one morning and everyone else on the planet is gone.

Everything is no longer what Conner knew, well sort of. Everything is the same - jsut without people. Very strange. And why is he the only one that has survived?

This is Conner's journey to discover what really happened. He does meet up with other people who were left in this situation. Oh, did I fail to mention the strange, ghostly creatures wondering around on this new world?...and they don't seem to friendly.

Ok, that is as far as I dare go without giving away something important that I think you need to discover on your own. I was half thinking this was going to be an "end times" book, but it is not. This is a book I will include on the list of books for the book club here at the store. I think it will be one that will generate a lot of discussion. Just remember, nothing is as you remember it. :-)

Happy Reading

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Gary said...

I think you're right on Chris. I t is not as you think it will be!