Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John B. Olsen

Dear Readers,
With the wide spread popularity with the Twilight series of books and show like Angel and Buffy, John thought he would take the Vampires on from a Christian perspective. In Shade John does just that. He takes on "real" vampires and want-to-bes. The "real" vampires are really just very evil men and women who are dabbling in Satanic worship. The want-to-be vampires are people that are trying to live the life style and just don't understand what they are really messing with.

Hailey Maniates feels like she has fallen through the rabbit hole. Her quiet life is no longer quiet. After being rescued by a homeless guy, everything she knows is right is no longer correct. What she thought was just stories, turn out to be real. She is questioned and doubted by other, which makes her begin to even doubt herself.

Hailey decides for her own sanity she needs to find the homeless guy and at least make sure he is ok and to thank him for saving her. So starts her journey into a side of life and the world she never thought she would see.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this book, but I quickly got caught up in the storyline and the action of it all. There were times as I was reading it that I actually had to stop to figure out where I was. It is a fast moving book. It really is fast paced and keeps you on your toes. I don't recommend it for anyone that is looking of a quiet read, this book is not very restful at all. In fact I was on a camping trip with our youth group and we stay in tents. This is not a good book to be reading when staying in a tent. (Kind of Creepy) It is not a slow read either. It is one that I would recommend for those who have read the Twilight books and are looking for something else. This book gives a much more negative view of this sub-culture. It by no stretch of the imagination paints it in a good light. It is a good and interesting read.

Happy Reading

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