Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jannette Oke

Dear Readers,

Yes you read that correct, Janette Oke has come out of retirement to write a new Biblical fiction series with Davis Bunn. The Centurion's Wife is book one in the Acts of Faith trilogy.
When Leah's family lost their wealth, she becomes a handmaiden for Pontius Pilate's wife, Procula. It's not a bad life and is much better than her sister who is sold/married to a man who abused her. Leah is very content to just work and never marry, but that is all about to change because of one Jewish carpenter.

Pilate promises Leah in marriage to Alban, a centurian who has ambitions of advancing to a position of power. Alban has had an encounter with the carpenter, his young servent was sick and he asked Jesus to heal him without coming to his house. (Remember the Bible story?) He is interested in the rumors that are circulating about the man and his death.

Sent by Pilate to check out what happen to the guards that were guarding the tomb and why they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth, Alban finds out more than he bargained for.

This series is about the new church and how it got started and what they had to say to the world. The time is set just after the ascension and before Pentecost. (At least part of the book is :-) The followers are in hiding, yet eager to share what has happen to them. I loved meeting the Mary's and even Peter. I think, even with the pursecution that was going on this would have been one of the most interesting times in the life of the church. We all understand what was going on, but they didn't. I can't imagine their confusion and sorrow with their lose, but yet he isn't dead, of their beloved friend and leader. I am not sure what I would be feeling at that time.

I can easily say that if you like Janetter Oke before her retirement you will like her now. It isn't the settling of the west, but it is a good story. I know some of you don't read her, but this series is worth the read just to learn a bit about our history as Christians.

Happy Reading

Ted Dekker

Dear Readers,
Kiss by Ted Dekker is due out on January 6th. This book is a stand alone Physiological thriller that are my favorites of Ted's. My favorite book of his is still Three, mostly because of the huge twist that comes at the end of it. Kiss doesn't have that big twist in it, but it is a good mystery/thriller that does keep you guessing as to who the good and bad guys are all the way to the end.

Shauna McAllister causes a car accident that cost her memories and her brother is permenently brain-damaged. Everyone in her family blames her because of the drugs found in the car. She is struggling to remember anything that will help her understand why the accident happened at all.
Shauna struggles to prove her innocence. She has no proof or memory of why she would try to kill herself or her brother, just a feeling. When snippets of memories start to come back she is more and more sure that this accident wasn't just a simple accident.

I'm done, no more clues as to what the book is about. I hate those reviews. I never understand why someone would want to ruin the whole book for someone else. Just know that I did like this book, it is an interesting read and I had no problem wanting to keep reading it. It is a book that you do need to pay attention to. About the time that you think of someone being a certian thing, Ted changes it for you, just to see if you are paying attention.

This book is not just for Dekker fans, it is for anyone who likes a good mystery. I was so looking forward to reading it and was not disappointed. If you haven't noticed I liked this book. I think those who like this type of book will throughly enjoy it. :-)

Happy Reading

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn

Dear Readers,
Ok first the house keeping stuff. Healing Waters by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn . It is the second book of the Sullivan Crisp series.
To be perfectly honest with you all, I am having a terrrible time writing this review. It is not for lack of trying and it is not because I disliked the book. In fact I loved the book. It is more because I feel I am not doing the story justice.

There is so much to learn from Sullivan and Lucia. I feel like everything I want to write is so very disjointed. Mostly I want all of you to understand that this is a very good book. Simply put if you liked book #1, Healing Stones, then get in your car and come and get your copy of this book today.

Lucia is our main character.. She has always been told to take care of her sister, Sonia. When Sonia had a terrible accident, Lucia drops everything to go and live with Sonia. This is where she meets Sullivan. He is a friend of Sonia's and is looking to make sure she is ok, but it turns out Sonia isn't the only one in need of a counselor.

This is where I will stop. Now this is a good read. You don't want to lay it down, but have no problem picking backup for those times you do. It is always sad when real life interfers with reading isn't it. There is so much to say, but it all gives the plot away and I really don't want to take away from the pleasure of reading this story. I also don't want you to think that this review is a bit shorter than others because I don't have anything to say. The problem is just the opposite, I have to much to say and am not sure I could stop.

Happy Reading