Thursday, June 28, 2012

Charles Martin

Dear Readers,
Most of you know what I think of Charles Martin's books.  I just love reading them; they make me want to be a better person.  Thunder and Rain, Charles' latest, is no different.  It is a story of two very hurt people finding each other and being able to heal with each other’s help.
I will admit that I have put off reading this book so I would have the time to enjoy and savor the story.  I don’t want to read it too fast or I may miss something.   It only took me a couple of days to read it, but that was a couple of very enjoyable days.
Book ImageTyler is a retired Texas Ranger, but as the saying goes, "once a ranger always a Ranger."  His father was a Ranger before him and his grandfather before that.  It is in his blood and it defines who he is.  He is that guy that John Wayne was trying to play in the movies he acted in.  Tyler's nick name fits him to a "t” - Cowboy. 
Sam is on the run.  She caught her newest love interest in bed with her 10 year old daughter.  When they take off,  they take evidence with them and he wants it back before they use it against him.  She has not been able to get on her feet and is just trying to survive as her faith in men has dwindled down to nothing.
This is not a "good" Christian book in that there is some swearing, and even some sexual content, but it does have really good morals in it.  Cowboy has them and sticks with them even when it is not easy.  I would say, be careful about putting this in a church library, but read the book as it very well written and every little girl should grow up and marry a man like Cowboy. 
One other note about this book, Charles does not use conclusions to stories that you think he should or would use.  I can’t say there are huge storyline twists, but they don’t follow the clich├ęs that other authors and stories can fall victim to.  I really do like that in a book.  I don’t want to know the ending before I get there, and I really like being surprised by that ending. 
Happy Reading

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Releases June 18-23

Dear Readers,

I am now 4 days of leaving for a 10 day vacation.  My husband and I are taking our children, children in laws and grandkids all to Disney.  We are all staying in one condo together, riding down to Disney together in a 15 passanger van and generally spending all 10 days together. 

What that means is I may not get as many books read on this vacation as I normally do.  I plan on taken several along, but I have no idea if I will have the time or the quiet to get many read.  Have a great 4th of July and I will be back in July to reveiw as many of the books I did get read.  :-)

Happy Reading

Bees in the Butterfly Garden - Maureen Lang - When Meg Davenport's father dies, she learns things about him that turn her world upside down.

When Love Comes My Way - Lori Copeland - rerelease - Set in Michigan in 1873.  Tess has lost her memory.  Jake thinks he knows who she is. Will finding out the truth help them find the love they both are looking for?

A Promise for Miriam - Vannetta Chapman - #1 The Pebble Creek Amish Series - When she thought her future would never know love.... When he thought his future would be forever empty...

A Season of Love - Amy Clipston - #5 Kauffman Amish Bakery Series - Final volume of the series - Katie is excited to be baptized into the Amish community, but will she find the special guy?  None of the guys she knows seem right.

2 Seconds 2 Late - Eric Wilson - Natalie wants to push for the new bill for a way to put microchips in humans.  What she doesn't know or understand is there are others who will use this for evil.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Diana Wallis Taylor

Dear Readers,
It is nice to just immerse yourself in a good book.  Sometimes it is just to get away. But sometimes reading one that is well written after having read a few not so well written ones is a treat. 
Mary Magdalene by Diana Wallis Taylor is that book for me.  It is very well written about a woman of the Bible that I can't wait to meet.  I want to hear her side of a story that so many have guessed about through the ages.  She has been misjudged, misunderstood, and just not known for years.  Which does seem to drive everyone who studies, reads or knows the Bible crazy (No pun intended). 
Mad Mary as she becomes known to her family and friends was a beautiful young lady, the apple of her father's eye.  She was well known in Magdalene because of her father's ship building company.  So when she is struck down by headaches, seizures and other mental illnesses the town knows and suddenly no one is interested in marrying her or even standing by her family. 
I probably don’t have to go into any more of Mary’s story.  She is probably one of the best knowMary Magdalene, Diana Wallis Taylor, 978-0-8007-2048-3n women of the Bible.  Like I said before she has had her entire life guessed about and people believing they have the answer to who and what she was.  The Catholic Church declared her a prostitute, even though there was nothing written about it in the Bible.  In recent years people have decided that she was married to Jesus again with no evidence to that fact (ok that is not a new idea).  
This book is not meant to answer those questions. Diana will be the first to tell you she doesn’t know either. However it does paint a picture of a woman that Jesus freed from her mental illness and she loved him for that and followed him to the cross.  This was just a nice book to read.  I really enjoyed the gentleness of it and yet the beautifully written story of a forgiven soul.
Happy Reading

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Releases June 11-16

Dear Readers,

What a week last week was.  I was barely in the store all week.  It was all fun stuff that I was able to do, it just took me away from my normal workstation.  I have to admit the week went by faster than I expected and yet there were times that seemed to slow down so I had a chance to just enjoy what I was doing. 

Hopefully this coming week is a bit more normal

Happy Reading

Mortal - Ted Dekker /Tosca Lee - #2 Book of Mortals - Humanity's final hope is on the brink of Annihilation.

Arena - Karen Hancock - Yes this is a recover of a beloved Sci-fi book.

Almost Amish - Kathryn Cushman - With the cameras running on her reality show can Julie actually slow down and enjoy the simple life?  Or will it just cause more stress?

Nothing to Hide - J. Mark Bertrand - #3 Roland March Mystery - A grisly homicide.  An international threat. The stakes have never been higher for Roland March.

The Deposit Slip - Todd M. Johnson - $10,000,000 is missing. Erin Lawson has the deposit slip to show with that amount on it, but where is the money.

Rare Earth - Davis Bunn - sequel to Lion of Babylon - Marc Royce has a bold and risky venture for restoring justice to the trouble region.

Inescapable - Nancy Mehl - #1 Road to Kingdom - Lizzie Engel feels the only place her and her daughter will be safe is back at hom in Kingdom, but can she live again under her father's strict beliefs.

When Hope Blossoms - Kim Vogel Sawyer - Amy just wants to start over.  Tim doesn't want to be reminded of the Old Order Mennonite he left behind.

Keeping Secrets - Linda Byler - #2 Sadie's Montana - Horse trouble again, but this time someone is killing horses.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ted Dekker/Tosca Lee

Dear Readers,
Mortal is the don’t miss sequel to Forbidden by Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker.   Both of these authors have been favorites of mine since I read their first books a few years ago.  Ted because of his different way of looking at things and Tosca because of the tough subjects she is willing to take on in her books.  
I feel there really isn’t anything else I can say about either one of them that hasn’t already been said by me or someone else.   In this series you do need to read Forbidden to understand what is going on in Mortal.  (Don’t worry it is worth the read.)
In a world ruled by fear, the Mortals have found the way to truly live again.  The blood of the boy Jonathan has saved them all.  They are able to experience all the emotions that go against everything the Order has declared for the cause of Chaos.   But was it Chaos because of emotions or because of evil in the world?
Saric has been brought back by Alchemy and he uses his knowledge to bring the Dark Bloods to life.  He now has an army to rule the world.  He just needs to become Sovereign and he can’t do that if Feyn and/or Jonathan is alive to claim the seat. 
This is a good vs. evil book.  But is everything as it seems?   Who can be trusted?  Who is willing to give all to follow Jonathan?  Who is the true Sovereign of the world? 
Fast paced, easy to read, Mortal is a wonderful continuation of the Immortal series.
Happy Reading

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Releases June 4 - 9

Dear Readers,

I have fallen in love with Pintrest.  Now I am not a huge crafter, but I have found some really good recipies and several wonderful quotes and inspirationaly sayings.  I found one last night that I have posted on my wall by my desk at work. 

"That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everyone is just carrying on with their lives as though you  didn't just experience emontional trama at the hands of a paperback."

Oh yeah that is what makes a good book.

I don't know where the quote came from or who thought it up, but anyone who reads fiction all the time can tell you that has happened to them.

Happy Reading.

The Secret Keeper - Sandra Byrd - a Novel of Kateryn Parr - Once again Sandra takes us to the court of King Henry VIII. 

Five Miles South of Peculiar - Angela Hunt - This is on my must read list - Can the three Caldwell sisters discover who they are meant to be?

The Love of Divena - Kay Marshall Strom - #3 a Novel of India 1990 - Divena makes a choice that changes everything for her family and the even the culture she lives in.

The Forgiven Duke - #2 a Forgotten Castles novel - Alexandria heads to Iceland to find her parents and the Duke tries to figure out what to do with his ward. 

Hide and Seek - Maj (ret) Jeff Strucker/Alton Gansky - Can Master Sargeant J.J. Bartley survive long enough to return home and tell his wife that the news of his death is not correct?

A Plain Death - Amanda Flower - #1 an Appleseed Creek Mystery - When the cut brake lines are found, the accident doesn't seem so accidental.

Serpent of Moses - Don Hoesel - Jack Hawthorne heads to Libya to find the brass serpent of Moses.  He is not the only one who is after it's power.

Perfectly Ridiculous - Kristen Billerbeck - Daisy is happy to be out of high school and with a major trip with her best friend to Argentina  What could go wrong?   How about an unexpected mission trip?

P.S. These books are available at Baker Book House or by request at

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tracy Groot

Dear Readers,
I am so excited to review this book.  First because I have known Tracy Groot for a few years now (I don’t want to say many because neither of us is that old so it can’t be many). Secondly, this is a really good book.
I have read all of Tracy’s books that she has done in recent years: Madman, The Brother’s Keeper and Stones of My Accusers.  Loved all three, the last two really put faces on people that met and walked with Jesus.  Madman, a difficult as it was to read, was one of the most interesting looks at the culture of the Roman society of the time that Jesus walked on the earth.
Flames of Resistance is Tracy’s latest work and by far my favorite.  I was completely caught up by this book and it was to a point where I couldn’t wait to find out what happened, but I really didn’t want the book to end either.  Yes it was that good.
Set during World War II using the idea of Rahab from the Bible, this was a very interesting look at the French resistance.   What these people were willing to give up or risk just to fight for their freedom.  These were everyday people that just did what they thought was right.  Their fighting wasn’t done by the direction of any general and they were all volunteers.  None got paid and few received the recognition that they deserved. 
Brigitte has lost everything to the war.  Her family was killed, her home taken away, and now they have taken the one thing she had left, her innocence.  She has become the lowest of the low; she is running a house of woman that the Nazi officers visit.  Her neighbors and fellow townspeople despise her because they see her as a Nazi sympathizer and she hates herself for the job she has been forced into just because she needs to eat.  
She finally decides she needs to take a stand and when American pilot Tom Jaeger crashes in the area and is rescued by the resistance she knows it is time to make the choice.  Will she have the courage to stand for what is right?  What will be asked of her?  Her freedom?  Her home?  Her life?
There are so many good things to say about this book, I am not even sure where to start without sounding like I am going overboard.  The characters are people that we could be or have met in everyday life.  The storyline got me thinking… "would I have been willing to put myself, my family and my town at risk for just little strikes at freedom?”   I really don’t know the answer to that question and it is one I feel no one can answer honestly until they are in that type of situation.  I would like to think yes, but then again… 
I married into a family that was involved in the Dutch resistance and have heard stories off and on over the years of things that happened to them and things they did.  On the anniversary of the end of WWII the local paper ran several stories of people who live(d) in the area that fought for the resistance and many of those mentioned were related to my in-laws or were known by them.  That may be one of the reasons I loved this book so much, but over all I so enjoyed this book because it is just that good. 
Happy Reading

P.S. Tracy will be in our store next Saturday June 16th at 10 - 1.  She will be signing copies of this her newest book. 

P.S. S. This book is available at Baker Book House or online by request at

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Releases May 31 - June 2

Dear Readers,
With the warm summer season upon us, the summer reading season is in full swing.  I love that season because of the warm temps, the more relaxed schedules and the time to just catch up while doing nothing.   Now in my book any season is good reading season, but summer time just seems to be my favorite.  I did lots of reading over Memorial Day weekend with the warm temps we had here in Michigan.  
What makes a great summer read?  Anything that is good.  LOL.  More people read fiction books that any other time of the year, mostly because they take time on vacation with them.  The end of May beginning of June is when I get asked the most often for those books that they have missed all year and would like to read now.   The trick is to figure out what they think is a good book.  Some really truly just want a get-away book.  Nothing to in depth, a light romance will do great.  Others want to read that one book everyone is talking about.  There have been a couple of those already in the fiction department, one about the end times and one about WWII. 
It is just a matter of what you prefer as to whether or not you will find something a good book.  Me?  I love a great mystery, a sci-fi that takes me to a different world altogether, or a contemporary story that has a storyline that makes me want to disappear into it for hours. 
Happy Reading

A Wedding Song in Lexington Kentucky - Jennifer Johnson - Can Justin's growing faith win Megan's Heart?

Yesterday's Stardust - Becky Melby - #2 Lost Sanctuary - Dani is hot on the trail of her next big story.  She just didn't know that it would come out of the past.

Lily - Diane T. Ashley/Aaron McCarver - #1 Song of the River - When Lily and Blake discover they are co-owners of the Hattie Belle, will they be able to work together?  Or are the doomed fromt he start?

The Guilt Trip - Pat Simmons - #2 The Jamieson Legacy - Ace Jamieson is not looking for a long term relationship, until he meets Talise.  But will he be willing to take responsability for the choices he makes?

End of the Trail - Vickie McDonough - Texas Trails - A Morgan Family Series - Keri and Brooks have only one thing in common: they both want to save the ranch.  Will their differences make that impossible?

Son of A Preacherman - Marlene Banks - 1920 in Tulsa OK.  Bejamina and her family live in the most successful African American neighborhood in the South. "Benny" and Billy get caught in the infamous Tulsa Race Riots. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Read ideas part II

Dear Readers, 

Here is the second part of the summer reads list. 

Happy Reading

Forbidden – Ted Dekker/Tosca Lee – A fantastic start to a new series by Ted and Tosca.  What if the only emotion to exist in the world is fear?  What would it mean if there was a cure and the people in charge don’t want you to know about it?

Covenant of War – Cliff Graham - #2 Lion of War Series – The fate of a nation rest on the shoulders of a rag tag band of men.  Will the Philistines destroy Israel or will they stand firm?  
Garden of Madness – Tracy L. Higley – Story of King Nebuchadnezzar’s daughter.  The king has been struck with a madness, who is running the country.

Firethorn – Ronie Kendig - #4 Discarded Heroes –Can Griffin and Kazi find out who is sabotaging the blacks ops team before it is too late?

Harriet Beamer takes the Bus – Joyce Magnin – Harriet finally agrees to go live with her son and daughter in law, but she will get there on her own terms.  Public transportation.

Chasing the Sun – Tracie Peterson - #1 Land of the Lone Star – Hannah needs help and William wants his land back.  Can these two help each other get what they dream of.

Loves’ Sacred Song – Mesu Andrews – The story of the woman that Solomon wrote the Song of Songs about. 

My Stubborn Heart – Becky Wade – Debut novel – Kate is burned out by work, love and needs an adventure.  Little does she know what to expect when her grandmother asks for her help in renovating the family home.

From Across Ancient Waters – Michael Phillips - #1 The Green Hills of Snowdonia – Michael Phillips once again returns to Wales to write a story of youthful rebellion and friendship.

Last Plea Bargain – Randy Singer – Jamie does not plea bargain with anyone, that is until one person shuts down the system in an attempt to be let go.

Sarai – Jill Taylor Smith – Abram loves his wife, so much he vows to not take another wife.  But what if Sarai never has a child, like God promises she would.

The Chase – Diann Mills - #1 Crime Scene; Houston – When Kariss and Tigo open a cold case; they get more than what they bargained for.

Unhallowed Ground – Mel Starr - #4 Chronicle of Hugh De Singleton - Thomas atte Bridge, a man no one likes, is found hanging from a tree near Cowleys Corner. All assume he has taken his own life, but Master Hugh and Kate find evidence that this may not be so.

Water’s Edge – Robert Whitlow – While closing up his father’s law office, Tom realizes that his death might not have been an accident.

P.S. These books are available at Baker Book House or by request at