Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Release - Conversations with Saint Bernard - Jim Kraus

Dear Readers,

Jim Kraus hit on a hidden gold mine when he wrote is book The Dog Who Talked to God.  He tapped into fiction readers that loved an endearing book and those folks who loved to read books about animals.  He followed that book up with one for cat lovers with The Cat that God Sent.

His newest release continues along those lines with Conversations with Saint Bernard.  George Gibson is taking a trip that he never got to take with his wife.  It was on their bucket list, but she past away before they had a chance to go.  So he is going to take this trip across America and the others plans he doesn't tell anyone else about.

Conversations with Saint BernardHis daughter hears about a beloved Saint Bernard that needs a home and talks George into taking him.  Lewis fits in the side car of George's motorcycle and from their the adventures begin.  Strangely Lewis seems to attract people every where, of course a giant dog sitting in a sidecar will do that.  But George  starts talking to Lewis and the healing begins.

Who doesn't like a book with a huge cuddly dog?  I think that the majority of fiction books I have read have a pet in it somewhere.  Even if it doesn't really add to the story, authors seem to like to include them.  Pets are a gift from God that remind us that no matter how awful we are, someone still loves us.  Thank goodness.

Find your favorite chair call Rover/Spot/Tiger over and enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 30, 2015

New Releases - March 23-28

Dear Readers, 

As I write this, it is raining here and I have heard no less than 5 people say today, "it smells like spring today."  They are correct and to celebrate, here are some really good titles for you.

Happy Reading,

The Tomb - Stephanie Landsem - Martha has the reputation of being the holiest woman in Bethany.  When her brother Lazarus falls ill will she send for Jesus at the risk of exposing her secret?

Vinnie's Diner - Jennifer Allee - (from the backcover) When a freak accident leaves Allie stranded in the desert, she needs help.  But little does she know, accepting help means embarking on a harrowing journey of self-discovery...

A Faith of Her Own - Kathleen Fuller - A Middlefield Amish Novel #1 - Anna Mae has long questioned her place in the Amish community.  When a childhood friend suddenly reappears in the community, they are able to rekindle their friendship with a promise of more. 

Conversations with Saint Bernard - Jim Kraus - George Gibson is crossing off the last item on his bucket list.  The trip across America him and his wife could never take.  Along the way his daughter encourages him to adopt a Saint Bernard.  Lewis and George become traveling companions and George is able to start the healing process.

One Last Thing - Rebecca St James/Nancy Rue - Tara and Seth grew up next door to each other.  Their fairy-tale wedding was a foregone conclusion, but when Tara learns Seth's secret her Happily ever after is changed forever.

Friday, March 27, 2015

bookstores in general

Dear Readers,

The past couple of weeks has seen some very dismal stories about bookstores.  Christian bookstores in particular.  I would say in the last month or two I have heard of no less than 10 bookstores closing and that does not include what is happening at Family Christian bookstores. (no comment)

I watch the closing of these stores with a heavy heart.  Yes they were our competition and yet we are all in this together.  Other than the Family Christian, they are all mentioning lost sales to online purchases.  One bookstore came right out and said that they don't think readers quite understand what that does to a local business when people stop shopping there and elect to shop online. 

I don't know if they understand or not, but that is not what saddened me so much.  I have loved bookstores almost as long as I have loved libraries.  There is a special feel to a bookstore.  It is almost as if time slows down and you are reminded to breathe again.  To rest, to take your time and enjoy. Whether you come into a bookstore by yourself or with someone, it doesn't matter, books beg to be browsed not just grabbed and "put in the cart." 

I think we are doing a disservice to our next generations who may never know the pleasure of wandering through aisles and aisles of books.  What about the excitement of taking a book home as a child, a book that is yours alone and you never have to bring that back to the library and wait to borrow again it at a different date.  It is also not the same as getting it in the mail.  It is hard to explain but is just different.  

There is something special about the bookstore around the corner.  I am sure that is why I never liked the movie You Got Mail.  To watch that beautiful little bookstore close just broke my heart.  Even though in that movie, the neighborhood didn't really loose their bookstore, they just got something different, something not as neighborly.  I have to admit, yes books will always be available in many different forms, but the bookstore, that is a special, magical, wonderful place.

I can't imagine America without any bookstores anywhere, but the rate we are going that may end up being our reality in the not to distant future.  And that would be a very dismal future indeed.

Happy Reading and go to the bookstore. :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elizabeth Camden

Dear Readers,

There is something about Elizabeth's writing that makes me love reading her books.  I kind of stumbled on her after hearing her titles recommended at a sales conference I went to.  She sounded like someone I would like to read, and now I have read most of her books.  I think I missed one and when I have time I need to go back and read it. In the meantime, her latest release, Beyond all Dreams, reminded me why I liked reading her in the first place.  Nothing like romance, mystery and history all rolled into one book to make a wonderful Sunday read.

Beyond+All+DreamsAnna O'Brien works as a map librarian at the Library of Congress.  She is happy with her quiet and predictable life.  That all starts to change when she comes across a mystery about a ship that disappeared at sea.  The more she tries to figure out what happened to the ship, the more it becomes clear that someone is hiding something.  

Anna turns to Luke Callahan for help.  He is one of the most powerful congressmen in America, but his career has always contained a hint of scandal so he is eager to take on a cause that might help rid that from his past.  Together they find themselves involved in something that is much bigger than they planned on. 

Even though this is a work of fiction, Elizabeth shares details of what she loosely based her book on.  I don't want to give those details here as it gives away part of the storyline and actually give you clues as to what is happening before you need to know. :-)

I recommend Elizabeth's books to anyone looking for a gentle read that has a bit of a mystery to it.  Nothing too gruesome, but something that engages your mind in a way that a straight historical/romance won't.  They are one of those wonderful reads that when I pick it up on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I can get it read before the day is over and that is a wonderful thing.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Release - The Creole Princess - Beth White

Dear Readers,

There has been a bit of a surge in books set in and around the revolutionary war.  I have seen them before but they were usually a book set during one of the battles.  This new group of books are about the colonists who were trying to make a living in the new land. 

The Creole Princess by Beth White is such a book.  It is set in Mobile Alabama where the war was almost a non-existent thing.  The British held the port of Mobile and there was really not much change in business.  Well except the spies that have been arriving in town to see if they could help the Americans.

Lyse spends most of her time with a British commander's daughter.  When Rafeal Gonzales starts showing interest in Lyse, is it because he is truly interested in her or only interested in seeing how much information he can get from her about the British Army in Mobile.

Intrigue and mystery abound in a city mile away from the battle and yet you can trust no one.  Will Lyse be able to figure out who to trust in time? 

If historical fiction is one of your favorite genres then this series by Beth White is a must read.  The Gulf Coast Chronicles puts a little different slant on the War for independence and makes for a fun guessing who the good guys are.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Release - Mist of Midnight - Sandra Byrd

Dear Readers,

Covers are covers.  Some make you walk right by others, ah the other ones, they make you want to drop everything you are doing and start reading right this minute.  Sandra Byrd's newest novel, Mist of Midnight is one of those drop everything and start reading me this minute books.

When you see the cover you start asking, who is the girl standing in the rain?  What is her back story and why does she look like she belongs but is a bit unsure of where she belongs?  Now that is a cover.

Mist+of+MidnightRebecca is returning from India.  She has lost everything to the uprising, her family, her friends and her home.   She is returning to England to claim her family home in Hampshire.  But when Rebecca returns she finds the locals are surprised and suspicious of her. 

A year ago a young lady arrived in town claiming to be Rebecca, moved into her home and used her family's fortune .  Shortly after arriving the young woman past away.  The servants fled and  the young woman is buried quietly at midnight.  Now no one believe Rebecca is who she claims to be.

Nothing like a mistaken identity to make a good read.  Of course setting it in England in the middle of the 1800's is always a bonus.  I have read many of Sandra's books and loved each one.  She is an author that transports you to a different time and makes you feel like you should live there.  She does her research and it shows in her writing. 

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Releases - March 16 - 21

Dear Readers,

Spring inches closer.  Spring break is just around the corner.  Time to open windows enjoy the fresh air.  It is time to re-stock all those books you read this winter. 

Happy Reading,

Together with You - Victoria Bylin - Ryan is trying to re-connect with his kids after the mother remarries and leaves the kids with him.  When his daughter Penny is lost at the mall, he meets Carly.  He sees a connection between Penny and Carly and tries to hire her to be Penny's nanny.  Is Carly the missing piece to his family being whole again?

The Creole Princess - Beth White - #2 Gulf Coast Chronicles - The Revolutionary War is a world away in British controlled Mobile Alabama.  Lyse is drawn to the new Spanish merchant that just arrived in town.  But with spies everywhere, can she trust him or are his words of love just a way to hide while spying for the new country?

Lethal Beauty - Lis Wiehl - #3 Mia Quinn Mystery - What should have been an open and shut murder case turns into a life and death situation for Mia and her family and friends.  A rich young American stabs his Chinese prostitute to death and now family and members of his crime cabal are doing everything to get him set free, including threating Mia.

Mist of Midnight - Sandra Byrd - #1 Daughters of Hampshire - Rebecca is returning to Hampshire after losing her family and friends in the Mutiny in India.  She returns to her family's home ready to claim it, but the locals are suspicious of her as less than a year ago a woman showed up claiming to be Rebecca. 

Do You Believe? - Travis Thrasher - Based on the Major Movie of the same title - This book and movie are the follow up of God is not Dead.  A middle of the night encounter leaves Pastor Mark wonder about the results of that meeting.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Dear Readers,

I have asked several people to read a certain book for me and give me their opinion on it.  For some it was a stretch because it was way outside of their normal genre, others it was there favorite genre.  What I found interesting is the reviews and comments I got on it and from who.  Over all they were favorable and that was a huge help as to what type of reader I should present the book to.  Thank you to all who participated.

But one lady read the book, but fell ill.  (Not from the book) And so she felt like she had failed me, which she didn't, but so wanted to finish the book and still offer her review of the title.  I received that letter a few days ago and it was such a lovely written letter, yes letter not email, that it warmed my heart. 

She loved the book as she has a number of the authors books, but one line she wrote has really just stuck with me.  "I have enjoyed all of (the Author's) books and have consider myself having a chair-side travel around the world with (their) books."  She went on to say how much she had enjoyed the 'travel' to countries and eras that she would never experience.  Due to her health she has been 'stuck' at home even more, but doesn't feel the constraints of her walls because she escapes through the papers of the written word.

I thought about that and it echoes in my heart, that is the best part about reading, it is learning new things about people, places and times we will never get to experience first hand.  That vacation that you can't afford can be brought to your doorstep or those dragons that need slaying, they will invade your living room and you can battle them there.

It is always good to be reminded of the fun side of reading fiction books and I am ready for my next adventure.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Angela Hunt

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed Angela Hunt's books for years now.  Her book the Shadow Women is still one I recommend to readers and The Elevator remains one of those books that my book club still talks about because the discussion that night was very heated.  You will have to read it if you haven't already to find out why.

Passing Strangers is not Angela's newest work, but it does have a little stranger journey to my bookstore, or any other bookstore for that matter, than most books.  A group of well published authors got together and created their own publishing company.  Headed up by Jerry Jenkins, this adventuresome group each wrote, edited and published a book each and released them into the reading world.  I found the books because of a heads up by Angela to her followers and the rest is history.

In Passing Strangers, 3 very different people all board the same train headed for a tour of the southern seaboard.  They all bring their own baggage, both literal and figuratively.  None of they are seeking companionship and yet that seems to be what their deepest desire is.

Andie is a young woman hiding from a past she does not want to be recognized for.  Matthew a single father follow the death of his wife, just trying to do what is best for his children and keep his very busy lawyer job.  Janette who needs to run away and just be by herself for a little while.  What happens when they meet?

I think that is what is the most interesting about Angela's books, she can take something so very ordinary and turn it into something wonderful.  I have to admit I have never taken an overnight train trip any where, but this book sure did make me want to.  It also made me notice those around me and think a little more about why they were there or what their story maybe.

Take the time to join this unlikely group of travelers and you might be surprised what you learn along the way, not only about them, but about yourself as well.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Release - The Outlaw takes a Wife - Susan Page Davis

Dear Readers,

 There is one genre that has been around since Louis L'Amour pen his first book.  Actually it was probably longer than that, but he is an author I remember reading as a kid.  My grandfather loved his book and owned a whole set of them and I made my way through them during my childhood and early teens, so the Western hold a special place in my heart. 

The Outlaw takes a Bride by Susan Page Davis has the feel of a western, with cowboys and a cattle ranch, but with a small nod to the Mail Order Brides.  Susan combined the two genres to make an wonderful little read. 

Sally Golding is ready to put the past behind her, her husband has past and she regrets her unhappy marriage.  She is moving from St. Louis to Texas to become the wife of Mark Paynter whom she has been in contact with through letters.  He was looking for a wife and with their letter writing had gotten to know Sally.

Johnny Paynter is running from Denver, fleeing a false accusation of murder.  He decides to hide at his brother's ranch.  When arriving his brother Mark has been killed and Johnny decides to take over his life.  The problem is, Johnny - now Mark - doesn't know that Sally is on the way.  What will happen when she arrives in town?

A good old fashion love story of two very unlikely characters.  Throw in the cowboys and some cattle rustlers and you have a delightful read. 

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Release - Dubiosity - Kristy Barritt

Dear Readers,

Dubiosity by Christy Barritt is a book I brought into the store by the recommendation of some one who shops at our store.  They had read some of Christy's other books and looking forward to reading the new one.  When she couldn't find it on the shelf, we went looking on line to see what we could find.  I am always glad to bring in recommendations of readers, please feel free to make suggestions.

Savannah is leaving her old life behind her.  She no longer wants to be an investigative reporter and is ready to relax and find other interests.  Then two migrant workers go missing and a friend suggest that their disappearance might be a bit mysterious and suddenly Savannah's curiosity is engaged.

As the mysteries start to mount in the area, Savannah finds herself knee deep in the crimes and not sure she wants to be there.  To add to the stress, her new house mate, Clive, is making her feel things that she thought she never would.  But can she trust him? 

Mysterious disappearance, a little murder and mayhem and of course a handsome man, what more could you ask for in a suspense book?  I love being able to find a new book like this to put on the shelf.  The romantic suspense genre is really hope right now and Christy just adds one more author to enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Releases - March 9 - 14

Dear Readers,

Temps in the upper 40's this week.  It has felt like a heat wave around here.  It is over 50 degrees warmer than we were a week or so ago and our average temp in February was around zero.  Break out the shorts.  Ok maybe not quite yet, but close.  I know some are thinking spring break reads, here are a few ideas to take along with you.

Happy Reading,

Dubiosity -Christy Barritt - Savannah is all done being an investigative reporter, but the mystery surrounding two migrate workers who go missing starts to draw her back.  The even more incidents arise and Savannah finds herself right in the middle of it all.

Suspendered Sentence - Laura Bradford - An Amish Mystery - Claire is awed at the communities response when one of their own looses their barn.  But during the barn raising human remains are found.  The bracelet on the skeleton's arm matches one that a teen who disappeared years ago was wearing.  Jakob and Claire team up to find out who is responsible for her death.

The Outlaw Takes a Wife - Susan Page Davis - Johnny arrives at his brother's ranch and finds him murdered.  Because he is hiding from a false murder conviction, he decides to take on his brother's identity.  Things are going well until Sally arrives, a woman Mark had been talking to through letters and decided to marry.

From the Start - Melissa Tagg - Kate still believes in true love in spite of the broken hearts she has experienced, but a career slump sends her home to Maple Valley.  Colton is recovering from a career ending injury.  He is hiding from the media in Maple valley.  An unexpected shared project gives them both a chance to start over.

The Legacy - Dan Walsh/Gary Smalley - #4 the Restoration series - Doug is slowly drifting away from his family and faith.  Just when things seem to be turning around, his life takes a turn for the worse.  His family and friends will need every bit of their faith to help him.

Finding Me - Kathryn Cushman - What if you found out you were not who you thought you were?  Kelli finds out the story her father always told her about her mother and siblings maybe a lie.  When she travels to Tennessee to learn the truth, the trip may open a past better left alone.

Friday, March 13, 2015

water for the soul

Dear Readers,

This past Sunday it was in the upper 40's.  I was in and outside all day.  Beautiful after the long cold winter.  It took everything in me not to go outside sit in a chair and read.  It was still just a bit cold for that, especially because there was still several inches of snow on the ground.

What is it about the weather that effects our mood about reading.  I would think warmer temps would make me want to work in my garden or something like that, but nope reading, that is what my soul longed for.

That is why I love reading so much, it is good for my soul.  I can tell when I have had to cut back on my reading time, my stress level is usually higher and I never seem to be able to relax.  I was asked one time while I was reading how I could read at such a time.  I remembered thinking, what else would you rather I do, pace the floor?

Because reading is like water to my soul it is the one thing I head to just to unwind and relax.  Thankfully I will be able to do that outside soon.

Happy reading,

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sally John

Dear Readers,

I read Sally John’s books when I need a nice sweet story.  Between Us Girls is the first in the Family of the Heart series.  Sally has a wonderful way of writing characters and settlings full of people and areas we all want to live in.  In the Family of the Heart series, it is Casa de Vida.  A community of misfits and those that need a place to hide for a while. 

Run by Olivia “please call me Liv,” each of the cottages of her little sea side community is filled with someone sent by God.  Liv is the mother hen and loves on all who come through her gates.  Young or old, she belives God brought each individual to her for a reason and she prays over them and takes care of them the same. 

Jasmyn lost everything is a tornado that wiped out her home and farm that she inherited from her grandparents.  It leaves her at loose ends, so she decides almost on a spur of the moment to sell the property and live in a tiny little apartment.  When folks in town find out she sold to a developer, things start to get ugly and she takes a vacation. There, she finds what feels like home.  How can California feel like home when she has never been there?  Once introduced to and living at Casa de Vida, will she ever feel like going home to Valley Oaks, Illinois? 

We all long to belong somewhere.  Whether it is with blood relatives or a motley crew of friends who become family, we just want to know we are loved for who we are, not what we can do for others.  Sally uses that in her books and that is what makes them a pleasure to read.  They feel like home, and even if it sounds like everyone in the book may have it all together, you know they don’t.  By helping each other they work through issues and are able to find their way again.  Along the way they also find out something about themselves. 

Reading a book about sunny and warm California while it is snowing out is not always a good idea as it makes me wonder why I live in Michigan.  It made me laugh when one of the characters said everyone in CA is happy and another answered, “Well of course they are, what to they have to be unhappy about? It is warm and sunny there all the time.”  So if you hear I have packed my bags and am moving to the west coast you know this book is to blame. 

Happy Reading,


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Release - Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule - Jennifer Chiaverini

Dear Readers,

Jennifer is continuing her tradition of writing about real events in the Civil war era.  This time she follows Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant and her friendship with her slave.  Jennifer has been showing us a side of history that you don't read about in the history books. 

Julia was a southern belle.  Shy and quiet.  Then she meet Ulysses and they fell in love.  He was against slavery and when Julia moved north with him as her husband, there was only one thing she wasn't willing to give up, her slave Jule. 

Jule and Julia had been companions since they were young children and Julia Grant relied on Jule for not only care, but friendship and support.  Their story spans many years and when the Emancipation Proclamation is sign, Jule makes a bid for freedom. 

I for one never really thought about Mrs. Grant before.  Who she was, where she came from or why she married Ulysses.  But Jennifer opens that door and suddenly history comes alive in a whole new way. 

I love that Jennifer has been writing these books and hope she continues for a long while. 

Happy Reading.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Release - Jaded - Varina Denman

Dear Readers,

I am always on the look out for new authors.  Varina Denman comes to us from David C. Cook publishers and I was drawn to her story right away.  Jaded is the novel of  Ruthie as she is wading threw the treacherous waters of  a local congregation who has shunned both her and her mother from their church.  Know this is not an Amish book, but the shunning almost works the same way, but seems even more cruel in that there is no way of defense or forgiveness.

Ruthie and her mother were shunned when Ruthie was 7 and were aloud to live in the community yet, but completely ignored by their neighbors and past friends.  13 years later when a handsome pastor comes to town, Ruthie finds herself falling in love. 

But when the town gets scent of the interest between the two, those that are opposed threaten to turn the town, church and Ruthie's world upside down.  As the story continues, other secrets begin to come to light and we find a different side to Ruthie, one who longs for hope and forgiveness.

In Varina's author bio it says she likes to write book about unique struggles that women face.  I believe she has a great start to what I hope is a long writing career. 

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Releases - March 2-7

Dear Readers,

Spring Break for West Michigan is rapidly approaching.  If you do not live in a northern state you have never experience the great exodus that happens on the Thursday night/Friday morning.  Suddenly every other house in the neighborhood is dark with a family that travels south.  With these families travel are books that are meant to be read on the beach or sitting next to a pool.  If you are one of the lucky ones here are a few suggestions to get started on the TBR pile. 

Happy Reading,

By Your Side - Candace Calvert - #1 Crisis Team - ER Nurse and foster care survivor, Macy has one motto:  Land on your feet and trust no one.  When she finds the one person she loves like a sister, Macy finds herself butting heads with a cop. 

Jaded - Varina Denman - (from the backcover) "As a child, Ruthie is shunned by the local congregation.  Now, 13 years later, Ruthie's heart begins to stir when an attractive single pastor arrives.  But their relationship is bitterly opposed, and a string of secrets are unearthed."

Betting on Hope - Debra Clopton - A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance - City-girl Maggie Hope will do anything to save her advice column, even learn to ride a horse.  Tru Monahan is a champion horse trainer and is as determined to teach Maggie to ride as he is to keep her out of his heart.

The Decision - Wanda Brunstetter - #1 Prairie State Friends - Twice Jonah has sought love, twice he was rejected.  Is God calling him to be single? Or is the third time the charm?

Spy of Richmond - Jocelyn Green - Heroines Behind the Lines - Civil War #4 - With everything at risk and suspicion growing, Sophie Kent has to decide if it is worth it.  A Unionist living Richmond is not an easy life and being a spy makes it twice as dangerous.

Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule - Jennifer Chiaverini - Julia Dent Grant and her slave Jule shared everything except the most important, freedom.  This is their story.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Dear Readers,

Here is something that has puzzled me for years.  The excitement of a new book.  Whether it is a book I have bought, received as a gift or gotten from a library, there is something very special about a new book. 

One of my co-workers had such a great reaction to a book I gave her and asked her to read.  She was so excited and I kind of laughed.  Then she said "I don't know why I am so excited, I have several books at home already, but I am."  That is when I agreed with her and asked why that was.  What was it about a new book that made her excited. 

She was just a puzzled by that as I was.  In some strange ways I wonder if it is what an addict feels when he/she knows they will be getting their next hit of whatever it is they are craving.  Can you be addicted to books? 

Maybe there should be a meeting for us.  You know get together to discuss how long it has been since we got a new book.  What happens when we fall off the wagon, etc...  Oh wait, none of us would ever stop buying/reading new books.  We are the worse of the worse when it comes to addiction and you know what we are quite proud of it.

In fact we brag about the number of books we have read, we review them on our blogs, we meet in book clubs to talk about our books and we even proudly showoff our addiction in our personal libraries.  I guess we are hopeless.  Our families will just have to put up with us and try their best to survive while we merrily give into our next new story. 

I have to say I am very content with my habit and plan on carrying on for years to come.  Sorry (not really.)

Happy Reading,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jocelyn Green

Dear Readers, 

After having met Jocelyn Green this past fall, I was looking forward to reading her last installment of her Heroines Behind the lines; Civil WarSpy of Richmond once again proved that to be a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to have a man doing the work for you.  You  can love and do great things. 

Sophie is a Union loyalist living behind the enemy lines.  Her father owns slaves and her suitor is an officer in the confederate army.   So what is this a girl to do?  Become a spy for the Union army, she has the perfect cover, a family deeply embedded in the southern culture, who would suspect her?

With suspicion rising, Sophie knows that she isnow risking everything.  Not only is her espionage putting her in danger, it is also risking her father’s life and their lively hood.   Can she continue helping the North at the risk of her life?

I think that is what is the best thing about Jocelyn’s books.  Her characters have to wrestle with what is the right thing to do.  Sometimes the answers are completely gray not black and white.  Is it right to continue something if it is going to endanger someone else?  Even if what you are doing is the right thing to do?  Spying for the North was something Sophie considered as the morally correct thing to do, but she really struggles with right and wrong.  

A book that doesn’t leave you comfortable with what you have always thought was correct makes for an interesting read.  I know ending slavery was/is the correct thing to do, but at the risk of someone who is innocent of the wrong doing… Does the end justify the means?  Hmm that does make it a more difficult question. 

One other thought, I carried a series a few years ago that had as it main character as spy for the U.S.A in Russia.  One of the things they really wrestled with was as a Christian could they be a spy?  Spying is actually lying for a living, and that is considered a sin.  It sure does make for some lively conversations when talking about the book.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Release - Then Sings my Soul - Amy Sorrells

Dear Readers,

Sophomore books can be tough.  When an authors first release is so good, the second one can be a bit of a let down.  Amy Sorrels really hit is out of the park with her first release - How Sweet the Sound and has now released the eagerly awaited Then Sings My Soul

Then+Sings+My+SoulThe story behind the idea for this book is interesting and worth the read once you have read the book.  I am not sure you want to read it before as it may give a bit of the story line away.  There are several things that Amy bases this story on, but some of it is her own family's story.

Nel has returned home after loosing her mother.  She realizes that her father Jakob is struggling with dementia and must make decisions for him.  With the delivery of unexpected packages from the Ukraine and a mysterious gemstone, all lead Nel to start investigating her family's story and where they may have come from. 

Told with flash back to what happened to Jakob and his family while they are fleeing the genocide in Eastern Europe, this story is a reminder that we all need to remember our families history.  It is important to catch those stories before they are lost forever.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Release - How to Catch a Prince - Rachel Hauck

Dear Readers,

Fairy Tales are a standard in almost any house hold that has little girls.  Our little princesses long to meet their price Charming and live happily ever after.  How to Catch a Prince is book number 3 in the Royal Wedding series by Rachel Hauck and the fairy tales continue.

How+to+Catch+a+PrinceCorina an American Heiress has caught her prince, but when the tragedy strikes, they are separated and Corina moves on with her life as a journalist.  Prince Stephen is trying to make sense of his life.  The days he spent in Afghanistan have left him troubled and he can't seem to get out from the dark cloud hanging over him.

Stephen's brother the King finds a document long hidden and tells him it is time to make choices to move on.  Will Corina and Stephen find their way back to each other.

With a little 'star-cross lovers' added, this fairy tale will warm your heart and make you remember the days you believed fairy tales really could come true. 

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Monday, March 2, 2015

New Releases - February 23 - 28

Dear Readers,

March already?  The months are moving along to quickly.  A few good titles to make those last cool days to go by quickly.

Happy Reading,

Hand Me Down Husband - Rosanna Huffman - Suzanne is not excited when Mitch Sanderson takes the principal/teacher job at her high school.  The past taught her that she is not to trust a Sanderson, but Mitch set out to prove that she is wrong about that.

On a Ring and a Prayer - Sandra D. Bricker - A Jessie Stanton novel - Jessie's perfect life comes to a end with quite a bump.  With her husband gone, taking all her money with him, she is left with just the ring on her finger and some designer clothes she doesn't need anymore.  Will she be able to find the answers and life she really needs?

Shadowed - Kariss Lynch - #2 Heart of a Warrior Series - Nick and Kaylan are adjusting to a relationship together.  Nick is out chasing an arms dealing which puts Kaylan in the line of fire.  Will they be able to learn to trust God with their lives and relationship?

Then Sings My Soul - Amy K. Sorrells - Nel returns home to bury her mother and finds her father in a battle with dementia.  When strange things get delivered to their home, she is drawn to her father's past and what it means to her and her future.

How to Catch a Prince - Rachel Hauck - The Royal Wedding series - Heiress Corina seemed destined to marry a prince, until war kept them apart.  As she emerges from the fog of grief she is ready to move on and pursue her career.  Prince Stephen is confronted by his brother the king about his past and now must come clean about what happened.