Monday, June 30, 2008

Wind River - Tom Morrisey

Dear Readers,
Tom Morrisey's newest has just arrived in the store. Wind River is just a little different for him. It is closer to In High Places than Turn Four or Deep Blue. It is a guy book through and through. I did enjoy it, but not as much as male readers will.

Tyler Perkins returns from Iraq with hidden scars. He loses one of his mentors to a carbomb, on a mission he should have been on. The guilt and anger that he is carrying is killing him and his marriage.
When he receives a card from and old friend from back home, he knows he needs to go see him and make one more trek up to Wind River. It will be a good way to say good bye to his friend and even a place to wrestle with his own demons.

Soren also has things in his past that Tyler doesn't know about. This trip is actually his way of setting things right. Soren has an agenda and nothing is going to stop him. Not mother nature, not his own health, and definitely not Tyler. Things will be learned on this trip that neither guy is expecting. Each will take something from the mountian that they were not planning on.

I know I have already said that I liked this book and have found it thought provoking. I also really liked how Tom described the western mountians. It makes me want to go out there and take up fly fishing - I don't even like hiking or fishing.

This is one for the guys, but girls don't miss out on a book that just may explain the guy mind to you a little.

Happy Reading

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