Wednesday, October 1, 2008

T.L. Hines

Dear Readers,
I know some of you love T.L. Hines' books and some of you don't. His new book is not going to change your opinion of him. The Unseen is his newest release. It is very different and one that if you like a book that you are not sure what is going on this will be perfect for you. I am going to tell you right away, this is not my favorite of his. It kept me very interested the whole book, I liked the characters and the storyline was very intrigueing, but it wasn't a creepy "ghost" story like The Dead Whisper on and it isn't a mystery like Waking Lazarus. But don't let that turn you off it is a good book.

Lucas is the main character. He is off the radar for everyone and he likes it that way, he just doesn't exsist according the the goverment. He loves to hide in buildings and watch people as they work. He makes up stories about their lives. He never makes contact with them and never ever goes into peoples house. He washes dishes to earn the little money he needs. He sleeps in the buildings and other various places around the city. He likes his life and is quite content. Until...

...a chance meeting with Donavan. A fellow creeper as Donavan's group calls themselves. Suddenly a whole different world is opened up to Lucas and he isn't sure he likes it. Nobody is whom they seem to be. Nothing is as Lucas understands it. Nobody believes he is doing any of this just because he is a good guy.

This is one of those books that leaves you a bit unsettled after you are done. I did like the questions that T.L. has in the back of the book. It made for a little more thinking. In one question he askes you to compare your feelings for Lucas at the beginning of the book to those at the end of the book. It really made me stop and think as I really hadn't thought about it much before that, which in and of itself was surprising to me as I usually find a character that I really like or dislike. I did realize that I didn't really have any of those feeling for Lucas at the beginning. I did find I felt a lot more sympathy for him when I understood him more. I found him as a bit of a innocent and really not all that "street smart." Which maybe would have been endearing to some, I found it a bit annoying.

Once again I am going to say that if you like his other books you will like this one. It is the novel he was working on as he was fighting cancer. Which does give it a bit of a trivia thing, but doesn't effect the book. It is along his good storylines and his charcters are interesting. I don't think this book can be labeled a guy book, it is just a good "riddle book." One that is fun to try to figure out.

Happy Reading

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for reading--and taking the time to post your thoughts. As you say, the book's probably not for everyone, but the strange stuff is what seems to fuel my imagination.