Thursday, November 13, 2008

Neta Jackson

Dear Readers,
I was very sad to close the book on the Yada Yada Prayer Group. They were and are some of my most favorite book characters. They were a
group of woman I always felt like I could knock on the door where they were meeting and I would have been welcomed and then fit right in.

Well happy day the newest book by Neta Jackson, Where do I go, is subtitled A Yada Yada House of Hope. I can easily say that if you like the Yada's you will love this book. In fact several of the Yadas show up to help our main character out.

I have to tell you that the main character and my youngest daughter share a first name. I had dinner with Neta and her husband a couple of years ago and Neta asked me about my daughter's, Gabby name. She wanted to know why we called her that and how we spelled it etc... She asked me if it would be ok to use it in a book and I said yes of course. I didn't think about it or even remember that conversation until about 1/2 way through the book when it suddenly dawned on me that this was that book. I am not sure that Neta would even remember that conversation, but that is ok. I know that my daughter was just tickled by it and even read the book.

Ok on to the important stuff now that I have rattled on. :-)

Gabby is not sure she is all that excited about her new life in Chicago. Her sons are still at boarding school and she rattles around in their high rise apartment with nothing to do and no friends. That all changes after she has a close incounter with Lucy a bag lady.

After sending Lucy to the Manna House, Gabby desides to check on her to make sure she is ok. The rest is all part of the story. She learns there are many reasons for women to be homeless, not just because of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it is curcumstances beyond their control. As Gabby falls more and more in love with the woman of Manna House, her husband becomes more and more upset about her job. Things really start falling apart when the boys come home. Add a new dog and Gabby loses all control.

I felt this is a bit darker book than I thought any of the Yada books were. Maybe darker isn't the correct word, but it just seems that this book doesn't have the lightness and joy that the Yada's do. Not a bad thing, just different. It also ends in a way that will make you want to either throw the book out the window or go find Neta and insist that she tell you what happens. :-)

I really enjoyed this book. It is a book that really opened my eyes to how sometimes people become homeless because of something that really has nothing to do with them. It does give you an understanding that the women at these shelters are still just women trying to take care of their families as best they can. Sometimes that just means needing help. I know I was with Gabby the first time someone makes a suggestion that they offer "fun" classes as well as ones that will help the ladies find jobs. Everyone needs to have fun no matter who you are or what you circumstances in life are.

So to put it simply if you liked the Yada Yada books read this one. If you haven't read them yet, you can easily start here and find a whole new group of friends you will want to share a cup of coffee with.

Happy Reading

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