Thursday, November 20, 2008

J.M. Windle

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I know I usually try to review only really new or coming books. Well this time it isn't such a new book. It is one that came out in March of this year. Betrayed by J.M. Windle. I kept thinking I need to read this book and just never got there. It was a good one for this week.

Vicki Andrews goes to Guatemala to checkout a non-profit orphanage that her company would like to donate a grant to. While there she plans on visiting her sister Holly, who is working at a center that is trying to save the cloud forest of Guatemala. As it turns out Vicki only gets to see Holly once before she goes missing and then turns up dead in the very dump that most of the orphans come from.

When the local authorities list the death as just a mugging gone wrong, Vicki desides to play CSI and quickly finds out that she is not in the USA. She isn't alway sure who she can trust, even the police seem corrupt. No one seems real interested in finding out the truth, not even the American Embassy. It is all very frusttrating for Vicki and makes her even more determed to find out the answers.

I really liked the main character even if to me she seemed a bit less informed about foreign cultures than I thought someone who had been to several foreign fields for work would have been. Some of it seemed like common sense to me and I was a bit surprised by how much she fought against the way things are done. Now I am not saying that I wouldn't turn over every rock to find out who killed my own sister, but there are ways of going about it on the foreign soil that you don't do here.

I did like this book. It kept my interest all the way through it. I liked how Jeanette presented that you can be very concerned about the enviroment and people also. In fact they should go hand in hand, not two seperate things. They really do need each other to survive.
Anyone who likes mystery will enjoy that part of this story and those looking for an action adventure book will also like this one. It is a good mixture of both.

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