Monday, March 31, 2014

New Releases March 24 - 29

Dear Readers,

I hope that by this point the threat of snow has been taken out of the forecast for a while... a long while, like at least 6 months.  Maybe one or two of these books are already on your to be read list.  I can think of a couple that are on mine.

Happy Reading,

Circle of Spies - Roseanna M. White - #3 in the Culper Ring Series - Marietta never would have chosen to be a spy, even with her family's history of it.  Slade is determined to infiltrate the cell of southern spies, but he doesn't know if he can trust the lady of the house or not.

The Queen's Handmaiden - Tracy L. Higley - Lydia is the handmaiden to Cleopatra and her young son.  But when Lydia's mentor is murder, she decides to deliver the old scrolls to Jerusalem herself.  Can she deliver them safely before they fall into the wrong hands and are destroyed forever. 

Just 18 Summers - Rene Gutteridge/Michelle Cox - (from the back cover) "With just 18 summers before their children are grown, how do (parents) make the most of that time when life gets in the way."

A Plain Man - Mary Ellis - After years in the Englisch world, Caleb decides it is time to return to his Amish roots.  But returning means more than just giving up his Levi and driving a buggy.  Josie Yoder is glad to have Caleb back in her life, but will the past destroy their budding romance?

Visible Threat - Janice Cantore - book #3 of the Brinna Caruso series - Brinna is asked to help solve the murder of a young lady found with a strange tattoo on her hip.  What Brinna finds is something more dangerous than anything she experienced before, a human trafficking ring.

Caught in the Middle - Regina Jennings - Two people with two very different dreams are caught in a small town after their train is robbed.  When they decide to team up and try to figure out what to do with the abandoned baby they are left with they find out their dreams might not be that different.

The Amish Groom - Mindy Starns Clark/Susan Meissner - #1 the Men of Lancaster County - Torn between two worlds, Tyler needs to decide if he is going stay in the Amish community where he was raised after his mother passed or return to the Englisch world that his father is part of.

An Amish Garden - Beth Wiseman/Kathleen Fuller/Tricia Goyer/Vannetta Chapman - Four different stories of why a garden is a great place to hear God's voice.

Rainy Day Dreams - Lori Copeland/Virginia Smith - Seattle Brides #2 - Kathryn is sent to Seattle to find a husband.  It is the end of the world as far as she is concerned.  Jason has no time for romance, but he can't get Kathryn off his mind.

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Release - Rainy Day Dreams - Lori Copeland/Virginia Smith

Dear Readers,

What to take on that spring break vacation that is rapidly approaching?  (Yah!)  

Rainy Day Dreams by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith is sure to fit the bill.  Book #2 in the Seattle Brides it is one that you will be able to sit back, relax and just enjoy reading for the sake of a little romantic getaway. 

Kathryn's father sent her to Seattle with one purpose - find a husband.  She is sure her life is completely over and this little backwater town is not helping.  How can he expect to find a husband in a place so very devoid of culture.

Jason is in Seattle to work at the sawmill and to put his past behind him.  With the rumors of a war with the Indians he just doesn't have time for romance.

Nothing like a delightful little romance to while away the hours sitting in a chair on the beach.  There is something about that chair that makes for a lovely time to read a romance.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Katie Ganshert

Dear Readers,
I have read Katie Ganshert's books since she hit the market just a couple short years ago.  I have enjoyed them and you can find my reviews of them on this blog if you wish. 
When I was planning my vacation I asked a couple of different reps if they had anything that they would like me to read. Stuart at Waterbrook always has something for me.  He sent me a couple different books and one of them was Katie's next book, A Broken Kind of Beautiful
Ivy Clark is a model, it is the life she knows and is very comfortable in.  It is a place where no one cares about her as long as she looks beautiful to the camera.  Because of age and the audacity to make a suggestion to one of the most sought after photographers, her career and everything she built is falling down around her.
This is one of those books that I will be glad to share with just about any reader, but most importantly those that are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Ivy struggles with her self esteem even though she was approaching super model status.   No matter what others says, she feels unlovable because of the actions of her drug addicted mother and a father who finds her an embarrassment.   My heart ached for Ivy. 
It is the perfect read for anyone looking for a great story, but it is one that you will want to share over and over again.
Happy Reading,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Release - The Road to Testament - Eva Marie Everson

Dear Readers,

When I first saw Eva's name on her newest release, The Road to Testament, I was glad to see it.  I had enjoyed many of her books, but I had forgotten how many until I looked at her list of titles.  She is an author that when you read her books and then put them down, it is like moving out of a beloved neighborhood after making fast friends.  It isn't easy, but move on you must.

In the Road to Testament we meet Ashlynne Rothschild who is learning her reporter chops at a small little newspaper in Testament North Carolina.  She plans on not becoming attached to the people of the town, but in-spite her best efforts she finds herself liking them. 

When Ashlynne finds a secret about the town, a secret long buried, she is torn between leaving it alone or following her journalistic leanings.  On one hand she believes the truth should always get told, but in this case, telling the truth will hurt many of the folks she has come to love.

It is a dilemma that we all can face at one time or another.  A solution that doesn't make you feel better no matter what you choose.  Eva is very good at giving you twist to her stories.  The answers are not always black and white, sometimes life contains a bit of gray.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Release - A Table by the Window - Hillary Manton Lodge

Dear Readers,

Hillary Manton Lodge's name may be familiar with you as she has written a couple of Amish fiction books that were light fun reads about Amish life from a little different perspective.  A Table by the Window by Hillary is not in that category at all.  It is a lovely contemporary tale about a young lady in search of love and her place in the world.

Juliette is raised in a family that has a reputation of wonderful and fantastic chefs and pastry chefs.  Her grandmother came to America after her husband died and opens are pastry shop that only offers the finest of the delicate treats.  Juliette's parents own and run one of the finest French-Italian restaurants in town.  So to say she knows food is probably an understatement. 

In a delightful mix of story and appetizing recipes, Hillary weaves a story that will leave you wanting to join the nearest cooking class to learn how to make all those wonderful recipes that Juliette and her family talk about. 

Happy eating er umm Reading,

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Release - March 17 - 22

Dear Readers,

The goods books just keep coming.  It is going to be a great summer reading season, but I think I may have to get started sooner than summer to get them all in.  Whether you are looking for historical or contemporary, romance or mystery... we have a little of each for every reader.

Happy Reading,

The Road to Testament - Eva Marie Everson - Ashlynne is learning her reporting chops by writing in the little town of Testament.  She never thought of herself as a people person, but the folks of the little town have worked their way into her heart.  Now she has found a story that if reported could hurt them all.  Should she do her job or protect the people in the town she has learned to love?

The Shepherd's Song - Betsy Duffey/Laurie Myers - While Kate lies in her hospital bed after a car accident, she wonders if she has truly done enough.  Little does she know that her hand written Psalm 23 is making its way around the world and changing lives.

What Follows After - Dan Walsh - (Not part of the series he is working on with Gary Smalley)  Scott and Gina's marriage is over.  They have carried out a lie for over a year, but their sons, Colt and Timmy are sick of it.  So they decide to run away and force their parents to back together.

A Sensible Arrangement - Tracie Peterson - #1 Lone Star Brides - Marty is ready to leave the past behind, Jake has been burned by love.  Neither wants a real marriage, but one that will answer their needs.  But something happens along the way as their arrangement seems to lead to love instead.

Words of Conviction - Linda J. White - Bruce hears words no parents want to hear.  "I have your child."  The kidnapper seems to know his family and the sins he has tried to cover.  Now someone is forcing his hand and threating to kill his daughter if he doesn't do what is asked.

Scarlett Says - Julie L. Cannon - Scarlett's muse is a fictional character, Scarlett O'Hara.  She uses Scarlett's devil may care attitude to write her blog and give advice that she normally wouldn't.  But when one of her first readers offers her a chance at a life outside of make believe, Scarlett isn't sure she is ready.

The Auschwitz Escape - Joel Rosenberg - (From the backcover)  "Evil, unchecked is the prelude to genocide."  Jacob works for the resistance in Belgium.  When he and his fellow workers attempt a daring rescue of a train headed to Auschwitz, Jacob becomes trapped in one of the cars.  Once at Auschwitz all he can think of is escape.

A Table by the Window - Hillary Manton Lodge - first novel of Family Secrets and Heirloom Recipes - Juliette writes for a food magazine, but she is unsure of what she really wants to do with her life.  When her brother Nico offers a chance to open a new restaurant together she is unsure what to do. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Release - Storming the Black Ice - Don Brown

Dear Readers,

The world's largest oil field is found under Antarctica.  No one country can claim it, and the battle between the countries to claim the economic power is going to be fierce.   A surprise attack against a British outpost triggers a war that pushes the world to the brink of WWIII. 

This is the story line behind the third book in the Pacific Rim Series by Don Brown, Storming the Black Ice.  What if the next riches oil field is in an  a place where no one country holds the rights to it? 

Don Brown must love the what if questions.  What if oil was discovered?  What if several countries scrabbled to lay claim to it?  You get the idea and what we get from those questions are a international thriller that could easily be part of our headlines. 

There are times when I have been reading a Don Brown book and I have to struggle to remember what I heard on the news and what I read in his book.  That is what makes them so interesting and fun to read.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Joel Rosenberg

Dear Readers, 
I am not sure how I have managed to read so many books about prison camps this year, with a little too much focus on Auschwitz.  It seems to be something more than one author has decided to focus on this year.  I am learning I need to space them apart a little or it can be a bit overwhelming. 
The Auschwitz Escape is written by New York bestseller Joel Rosenberg and takes a step away from his action/adventure books he has been writing.  Instead of our main characters fighting to save the world, Jacob ends up in Auschwitz and all he can think of is escaping.  He winds up with a group that is trying to make sure that someone escapes and tells the world what is going on at these death camps. 
As the story moves along, it can actually cause you to stress a bit as life becomes more and more stressful for the prisoners.  Each word, each movement or non-movement at the wrong time can get you killed.  Food is scarce and men and women will turn on each other over the smallest scrap of bread.  
I was going to continue on there, but I really didn't want to give away the plot-line and whether Jacob and the band of resistance men inside the camp succeed in the plot to let the world know. As I read the book, I am reminded of how little America did to help the Jews during WWII.  The government refused to accept the refugees and even turned a blind eye to any and all reports coming out of Germany and Poland of the death camps. 
I enjoyed this book in a very uncomfortable way.  It is not an easy little read for a Saturday afternoon, but Joel is a good author and he reminds us that man can do and does awful stuff to their fellow man all because they believe they are right.
Happy Reading

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Release - Distortion - Terri Blackstock

Dear Readers,

Terri Blackstock has delighted readers for years now and they eagerly look forward to each of her releases.  Distortion is the newest in the Moonlighters series and readers are responding with great excitement.  On the day that it hit the shelves people were coming in and asking for it, which is not as common as it use to be for a fiction book, but that tells you a lot about fans of Terri. 

Juliet's husband is murdered in front of her in what she believes is a random shooting, that is until she gets home and receives a threatening voicemail.  What dark secrets did Bob keep from her? Who is this stranger that she was married to?  Was he really just an innocent victim or is he a criminal that finally had his evil deeds catch up with him?

This latest series by Terri once again reminds us why Terri is one of the best in the fields of suspense writing in the Christian fiction market.  Her books are fast paced, with just enough creep to keep you up at night.  It is hard to lay the book down until you have read the last page. 

Happy Reading

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Release - For Such a Time - Kate Breslin

Dear Readers,

For Such a Time is Kate Breslin's first novel.  She is starting out with a bang.  She uses the story of Esther and weaves it into a story set during WWII.

Hadassah Benjamin knows her life is over as she faces a firing squad only to be saved by a SS Kommandanat.  Where she hides from the Nazis in plain sight.  She works for Aric as his secretary.  She is forced to watch as her fellow Jews are sent off to Auschwitz.  But what can she do?

But like Esther she must discover that she may have been place in the situation she is in for just such a time.   Will she have the courage to stand up for her people in their time of greatest need?

From Kate's own pen she will tell you some of the minor changes she made to dates and placement of buildings, but her goal was to show the suffering of the Jews that were placed in the ghetto before being shipped off to the death camps. 

Once again we have a book that show that the world really turned a blind eye to the reports coming out of the camps and ghettos.  We just did not want to believe that there was so much evil in the world and we were doing nothing about it. 

Not a light read, but one that will keep you turning pages until the very end.

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Releases March 10 - 15

Dear Readers,

Just a few days ago I noticed something strange, well besides the fact that I was walking outside with out my abominable snowman suit on as it was warm, I was hearing a strange sound.  It was the birds singing and I am thinking we are getting to the point where this yucky white stuff might go away and we can enjoy the outdoor reading season again soon.

Happy Reading,

Healer of Carthage - Lynne Gentry - The Carthage Chronicles #1 - Lisbeth believes the only way to save her career is to join her father's archaeological dig.   While investigating a cave, she falls through a hole that lands her in Carthage during the Roman times. 

Vow Unbroken - Caryl McAdoo - A Lone Star Novel #1 - Forced to bring her own cotton to market, Susannah hires a veteran with a not so clean reputation.  Henry has a few demons since the civil war, but maybe Susannah's belief in him will change everything.

Dancing with Fireflies - Denise Hunter - A Chapel Springs Romance #3- Jade McKinley could wait to leave Chapel Spring behind, but now she is forced to return.  Daniel has loved Jade for years, and now he has a second chance to win her love.

Distortion - Terri Blackstock - Moonlighters Series #2 - Juliet sees her husband murdered by what she thought was a random shooting, until she arrives back home and hears the threatening voicemail.  She realizes that she and her children are at risk until she can figure out all the secrets of his past.

The Devil Walks in Mattingly - Billy Coffey - (from the back cover) For three people, secretly complicit in a young man's death, redemption is their most precious desire... and the last thing any of them ever expect to receive.

Sincerely Yours - Jane Kirkpatrick/Amanda Cabot/Laurie Alice Eakes/Ann Shorey - 4 different woman spanning the history of America.  Each very different but all find their paths change by one letter.

For Such a Time - Kate Breslin - Stella Muller isn't whom she seems to be.  She is really a Jewess hiding in plain sight.  She is able to work for a German while working to save her people from the death camps.

A Beauty so Rare - Tamera Alexander - #2 A Belmont Mansion Novel - Eleanor never plans on marring, but her aunt has other idea for her.  While Eleanor tries to start a place for widows and orphans of the civil war, her aunt is trying to marry her to a man she doesn't love.

Friday, March 14, 2014

New Release - Runaway Saint - Lisa Samson

Dear Readers,

Some writers are just a comfortable read.  I like to think like a favorite quilt you pull out their books to read just because you know that no matter what the story will soon find you lost within the pages of a journey with a character you wish you either were yourself or someone you wish was a good friend. 

I find that with Lisa Samson's books and her newest release Runaway Saint is no different.  Lisa writes characters and stories that are just a little off center.  They are fun and quirky and just plain enjoyable to spend time with. 

Sara and Finn have a wonderful marriage, not perfect, but good and hip new company and a house others would kill for.  It is all in perfect balance, until Aunt Bel shows up in town.  Aunt Bel ran off to be a missionary when she was in her 20's and now has finally returned home.  She has returned home with a secret, one she is determined to keep.

Lisa has a way of writing her quirky characters so you want to get to know them better.  Her storylines don't always leave you comfortable, but they do make you want to continue to read her books. 

Pull up that old comfortable chair and your favorite quilt and enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Billy Coffey

Dear Readers,
If you read Billy Coffey's book When Mockingbirds Sing, you will want to follow it up with The Devil Walks in Mattingly.  It is actually set 4 years before Mockingbird, but it is no less a good book.
It is the story of adults who are trying to survive while an event in their teens is still affecting them.  Jake is sheriff in town and he feels so undeserving of the title because he never wanted to be sheriff, his family's name got him the job.  Kate lives with her own demons from that fateful day.  She believes she is the lone reason that Philip McBride decided to kill himself that day.
The+Devil+Walks+in+MattinglyMattingly is a quiet town where the local jail cell is used for storing the local softball team's equipment.  Nothing happens there.  Neighbors take care of each other.  So the night that Jake needs to drive through town with his siren going, no one quite knows what to do.  They just know it was bad. 
Billy writes engaging characters, that make you want to find out their story.  The good guys are not perfect and the bad guys can be very sympathetic.   It makes for a story that is hard to lay down and one that you realize that you could easily be the main character.  We all have ghosts from the past that refuse to let us rest until we are willing to forgive ourselves and let God's forgiveness wash over us.
There is a bit of a supernatural element to this one, but I am pretty sure that if you like book 1 then you will want to visit Mattingly again and get to know the towns folk again.
Happy Reading

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Release - The Thief - Stephanie Landsem

Dear Readers,

As Easter approaches we all start to focus on the cross and the journey made to make it.  In the fiction department there is not one book to help you focus on Lent and the time leading up to Good Friday and Resurrection day, but there are several really good ones that help you focus on more of what was going on at that time.  The Thief by Stephanie Landsem is on of those. 

Nissa has no hope of a marriage.  Living in Jerusalem during the Roman rule she has little choice but to depend on Mouse, the best thief in town.  At least her blind brother, Cedron,is taken care of and the landlord is happy.

After her brother is miraculously healed, Nissa, Cedron and Longinus, a Roman centurion, want to learn more about the miracle worker from Galilee.  The end up getting caught up in his trial and crucifixion they need to decide if the love He offered was what they have been looking for all along or is it just another false prophet.

What was Israel like in the time of Jesus?  What did the rumors of the long promise Messiah mean to them?  What did His death mean to them also?  Did they understand what he actually meant when He talked of freedom from our bonds? 

It is all a wonderful and interesting way to think of the Bible stories that we are all so familiar with.  Normal everyday life would have marched on after that Passover weekend, but to many it would never be the same. 

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Release - How Sweet the Sound - Amy Sorrells

Dear Readers,

Covers are a huge thing in the book industry.  No matter the saying we all judge books by their covers.  I have found some pretty wonderful books hidden under some really bad covers and I have found some really boring books wrapped is beautiful covers.  But still covers can make or break a book. 

For How Sweet the Sound by Amy Sorrells it was the thing that attracted me to the book.  It is quite lovely.  It begs to be picked up and savored for a while and enjoyed.  With it being a southern genre novel, that makes it even easier as we wait for spring.

How+Sweet+the+SoundAt the tender age of 13 Anniston Harlan thinks she has seen it all.  But as her heart awakes to love she needs to deal with her feelings of loneliness and grief.  Even though on the outside her family seems  perfect, it hides great drama and dysfunction. 

As the back cover says 'This tender coming of age tale, inspired by the story of Tamar' this will not always be an easy read, but the best stories never are.  A story of healing that we are privileged to walk alongside as a young lady finds hope.

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Releases - March 3 - 8

Dear Readers,

People are saying that this will be one of those winters that everyone talks about.  You know what I mean, "remember the winter of '14.  It seemed to never end."  Well thank goodness we are not running short of good ideas of what to read.

Happy Reading,

P.S. No idea why this released early.  Sorry it was scheduled for the 10th and in computer that meant the 28th of February. 

How Sweet the Sound - Amy K. Sorrells - 3 generations come together on the family plantation in Alabama where 13 year old Anniston finds love and forgiveness that only God can give.

Waterwalker - Ted Dekker - Another of Ted's books that he is slowly releasing on line.  13 year old orphan Alice only remembers her new life with her adoptive family.  When a strange man kidnaps her and tells her that he is bringing her to her real mother, everything gets confusing as to what is right and what is wrong.

The Thief - Stephanie Landsem - Nissa is just trying to keep her brother fed and the landlord happy.  It means she lives a life of lies until a mysterious prophet heals her brother's blindness.  What is it about him that makes her want to learn more?

A Captain for Laura Rose - Stephanie Grace Whitson - It is 1867 and a woman steamboat pilot is unheard of, that is until Laura Rose must pilot the family boat up and down the Mississippi to save the family's reputation and business.

Lip Reading - Harry Kraus - (from the back cover) There is a high cost in medicine, and it's not always the patient who pays. The clock is ticking, and the pressure is on.  Can Becca find the faith and wisdom she needs to make the right call?

Test of Faith - Christa Allan - a 16 year old secret could destroy Elle and Logan marriage.  It is a secret she has kept for years and thought she would never have to tell him.  It is a secret that has kept her from sharing her whole heart with the man she loves.

Storming the Black Ice - Don Brown - Pacific Rim series #3 - The world powers are squaring off the right to the largest oil field on the planet.  Britain and Chile found the oil under the ice of Antarctica and are determined to control the field themselves.

Maybelle in Stitches - Joyce Magnin - Quilts of Love series - Maybelle is looking for something to fill the nights waiting for her husband, Holden to return from WWII.  She finds an old quilt of her mothers and decides to finish it, until she learns the story behind the pieces already sewn into the quilt.

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Release - In the Shadow of Jezebel - Mesu Andrews

Dear Readers,

Jezebel is one of those Biblical characters that is so easy hate.  She was evil in so many ways and because of that she has found herself in many different books, both fiction and non-fiction.

In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews will give you a small glimpse into life in the palace during Jezebel's reign.  Princess Jehosheba  strives to serve Queen Athaliah, daughter to Queen Jezebel.  She was trained in the temple of Baal and has never known any different that the dark arts, until a letter arrives from a dead prophet predicting the doom of the royal family.

That is when Jehosheba realizes that there is more in play here than just her Queen's happiness.  Jehosheba's new husband, a high priest to Yahweh, seems to know a better way.  Will she be able to trust him enough to save her family and her beloved country?

Mesu has brought a very different perspective to Biblical fiction.  Working very hard to stay true to the stories we read often, she adds a face to those people around the main character.  Whether, like in this book, a person who has to deal with Jezebel or like in Love's Sacred Song where she puts a face on the person who Song of Solomon is written, it is just a chance to view those beloved stories with fresh eyes.

                                              Happy Reading,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lis Wiehl

Dear Readers,
Conspiracy theories are one of the favorite threads to follow for authors.  Snapshot by Lis Wiehl is one of them.  She doesn't use an actual assassination of a civil rights leader, but she does set the flash backs to the 60's during a time in America's history of great turmoil. 
SnapshotTime is running out for Leonard Dubois.  He has sat in federal prison for the murder of Benjamin Gray for over 40 years.  James Walden knows the wrong man was arrested, but he has no proof.  He has no way to prove that there were other forces at work on the fateful day in Fort Worth Texas.
There is that chance his daughter remembers something, as she accompanied him that day.  She doesn't seem to even remember that day, but James is hoping that a picture will help her remember if she saw the actual killer or not.  Leonard's life depends on her memory or their ability to find the other little girl in the picture. 
Many people believe in the conspiracies of Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassinations and Liz uses those topics to write a conspiracy of her own where... oh wait I can't say that it will give too much of the story away. You will just have to read it on your own.   
Happy Reading 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Release - Shunned and Dangerous - Laura Bradford

Dear Readers,

Laura Bradford hit a fun little niche market, Amish mysteries.  Each of her series titled An Amish Mystery, has been a cute fun little read.  Shunned and Dangerous is the third installment of the series and looks just as good as the other two.

Claire loves living in Heavenly PA and has come to really admire the local Amish community.  For the work ethic, but also their simpler lifestyle.  When she hears that Mose Fisher is opening his famous Corn Maze, Claire heads there to be part of the fun. 

What she finds instead is a dead body and a bigger puzzle than she planned on.  How does she help her friend and local Detective Jakob solve the murder when it happened on his father's farm.  The same man who shunned Jakob when he became a detective.  Will they be able to catch the killer before he strikes again?

If is always nice to be able to settle into a comfortable chair and just enjoy a cozy mystery.  Add warm cup of tea and a comfy quilt and you are all set to enjoy a good murder mystery.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Relase - My Mother's Camomille - Susie Finkbeiner

Dear Readers,

One of the things I love the most about working in a bookstore is the chance to support local authors.  Susie Finkbeiner is one such author.  Her first book Paintchips opened more than a few eyes to sex trafficking even in a small town. 

Product DetailsMy Mother's Chamomile Susie writes about the Eliot family who for 50 years have helped the community through their time of greatest need.  They have run the only funeral home in town and have spent that time comforting others.  Now it is their turn, will they be able to trust God with the life of one of their own?

Set in Middle Main Michigan, Susie once again reminds us that no matter how big or small of a town we live in, we all need others sooner or later in our lives and sometimes it is good to be reminded of this before we actually need them.

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Releases - February 24 - March 1st

Dear Readers,

Oh to be back where the sun shines everyday and the temps are well above freezing.  *Sigh*  I guess I will just stay inside and enjoy a few more good reads. 

Happy reading,

Love Comes Calling - Siri Mitchell - A friend asks Ellis to fill in for her as a phone operator.  Ellis sees it as a chance to sharpen her acting skills.  Everything is going great until she over hears a phone call that seems to threaten a close friend.

Shining Light - Judith Miller - Home to Amana # 3 - After the loosing her husband, Andrea decides to return home with her son.  But all she finds is heartache, the family farm has burned and the father has dies.  The Amana colony is where she turns to finds help.

A Heart's Rebellion - Ruth Axtell - Jessamine is tired of waiting for a man to decide he wants to marry her.  She is ready to take society by storm and hits the London Season, where she finds a rakish suitor more than ready to help her.

In the Shadow of Jezebel - Mesu Andrews - Trained as a priestess for Ball, Jehosheba, tries to keep Queen Athaliah happy.  Married off to a priest of Yahweh to farther Jezebel and Athaliah's power, she realizes there is at stake than earthly power.

Death by the Book - Julianna Deering - #2 A Drew Farthering Mystery - Drew and Madeline are once again involved in a murder mystery.  This one is puzzling them and there seems to be no connection between the victims.

Summer of Joy - Ann H. Gabhart - #3 The Heart of Hollyhill - re-release- As the summer of 1964 draws to a close, two people arrive in Hollyhill.  Each one comes for different reason, but each will stir things up for Jocie and her family.

My Mother's Chamomile - Susie Finkbeiner - The Eliot family is used to assisting people in the time of their greatest need, now they will need comforting and support for others.  Will they make it through the drought to find God's promises of comfort again?

Shunned and Dangerous - Laura Bradford - An Amish Mystery #3 - Claire loves living in Heavenly PA.  She has gotten to know the local Amish community and admire their way of life.  She is ready to enjoy the famous corn maze of Mose Fisher, but when she finds a dead body in the rows, she knows there is a more serious puzzle to solve.