Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ted Dekker

Dear Readers,

First of all if you are a Ted Dekker fan... READ THIS BOOK. Yes it is that good. I am so amazed that one man can do this with a series that he started over 5 years ago. I also have to confess that at first I was a bit disappointed that he was going to write another book for a series that he said ended 4 years ago. I hate when authors do that. Well I was wrong, this one so needed to be written and if you haven't read the Circle trilogy, the Paradise books or the Lost Books, you may want to do that first, but you don't have to. I will explain that later.

Ok now the review of Green... sort of. This is one of those reviews that is a bit delicate to write. I am afraid that with anything I say I may give the entire book away and I really don't want to do that as the best part of the book is not knowing what is happening.

I can safely say that all our favorite characters are back in all their glory. There are some new and exciting ones which makes this even better yet. Thomas Hunter is the one who got this all started by crash landing in the black forest and he is once again completely in the center of it all.

This is listed as book 'zero' of the Circle Trilogy, and it fits. It didn't make sense to me until I read it so you are going to have to trust me on that part of it. :-) But the subtitle "the beginning and the end" is completely correct. Do you feel like I am talking in circles yet? lol. (This is why you don't really have to read any of the other books first) I really feel that if Ted wasn't a writer than he would have serious mental problems and at least 7 personalities. :-)

Ted won me as a fan with his books Black and Three and this year he reminded my why with his books Boneman's Daughters and now Green.

Happy Reading
P.S. Book is available on Sept. 1st.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chuck Holton

Dear Readers,

Meltdown by Chuck Holton is number three in the Task Force Valor series. Number one is Allah's Fire written with Gayle Roper and two is Island Inferno. I read the first one and enjoyed it, but missed number two. I didn't have any problem picking up the story line for this book without reading them all. Basic storyline of the series is Task Force Valor is following terrorists and bad guys around the world, making sure America stays safe.

In Meltdown, TFV is sent off to Russia to track down the explosive they found in Panama. They are trying to find out who made it and who now has it. While they are in the Dead Zone around Chernobyl in the Ukraine, terrorists attack the nuclear reactor. They are in the fight for their own lives, but also for thousands of people around the world.

While they are over in the Ukraine, America is under attack. The ITEB has made it way to the US and no one group has claimed responsibility. The bombs are disrupting American commerce and life in general. Our citizens, and congress are screaming for something to be done and yet no one can seem to figure out who is responsible.

While this is an interesting book, I was admittedly left a bit flat by the ending. I guess I didn't understand why Chuck would write the book this way. I can't really tell you what the ending is or there really is no reason to read this book. I try hard not to judge a book by it's cover, but a bad ending is not a good thing for a book. Now this isn't a "bad" ending, but it is not a "good" ending. I know that is confusing, but without giving it all away... Sorry. If you want to know all about it and aren't worried about knowing the ending, I can explain it all for you. :-) Otherwise, this isn't a terrible read, just be forewarned.

Happy Reading

Monday, August 24, 2009

Eric Wilson

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, this is not a "Twilight" vampire book. Haunt of Jackals by Eric Wilson is #2 in the Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy. Field of Blood is the first.

Eric does not write a happy love story. His vampires are evil, undead creatures that will haunt your dreams. Which of course makes you want to run right out and read this series. :-)

"Haunt" picks up right were "Fields" leaves off. Gina, Cal and Dov are battling the vampires of the Akeldame clan. They have taken out a few (I won't say which ones if you haven't read #1 yet). They are looking to take out more but they are also making their escape and preparing to fight another day.

Natira is on a mission to find an identify the 36. If he can find them all, then he can put his evil plan in to action and rid the world of the Nastarim, which will bring in the reign of the Collectors and their master. Natira and Cal are on a collision course that could change history forever.

There are a couple different readers that I will recommend these books to. First the Twilight readers that are beginning to think vampires are cool and that there is such a thing as "good" vampires. This will quickly remind them that undead is not a cool thing. The second is Frank Perettii fans. This is above all a spiritual warfare book. These books have the spiritual warfare more on the physical form, but Eric makes his parallels between demons and vampires very clear. It makes for an interesting read.

I don't read vampire/horror books as a rule, these have become the exception and they are well worth it.

Happy Reading
P.S. My 17 year old daughter has read them and is now sharing them with her friends.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheryl McKay and Rene Gutteridge

Dear Readers,

This is one of those books I never saw coming. In fact I had been giving it half-warm reviews thinking it was more of a typical chick lit book. I was wrong. Not that it isn't light, but it is certainly not fluff.

Never the Bride by Cheryl McKay and Rene Gutteridge is not what I expected. It reminded me of the TV show, Joan of Arcadia. I don't know if you remember the show, but Joan would see God at different points of the day and in her life. He never showed up at a convenient time and of course no one else would see him so Joan was always talking to herself.

Jessie Stone has only wanted ever to be a bride. She has planned her wedding out since she was a little girl. It is all she thinks of, and everything she does has to do with that day (It just struck me she never plans for the marriage that comes after, just that one day). She has a journal that she keeps track of her ideas and a purple pen that she writes with. She wouldn't give them up for anything.

So what do you do when God shows up one day and asks for them. Jessie is not very willing to give them up. She thinks she knows better than God what He has planned for her. She is sure that He doesn't know what He is doing and is very ready to prove that to Him. She keeps second guessing Him and running ahead of Him when He makes suggestions. (Wait, does that sound like anyone you know? :-)

As you can tell this is not just for those single girls that need to hear that God does want to write their love story, but it is for us all who think we know His plans better than He does. There were a couple different times when Jessie was arguing with God and His plans and she would say something that I have used myself when things are not going my way. :-) Rats...

I love recommending this book to the teens in youth group, but also to the older lady who is wondering if God really does care that she is at loose ends right now. Marriage is the focus of this book, but it is not the main message. So take the time to relax and just enjoy this story.

Happy Reading

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jenny Jones

Dear Readers,

Just Between You and Me by Jenny Jones is a story of families. It is about forgiveness and remembering the past even when you don't really want to.

Maggie is fearless, or at least that is what she wants everyone to believe. Her job as a videographer takes her all over the world, but most importantly away for her hometown and her father. She only goes back when she has to. About every 3 years at the most. She has no happy memories of her life there and it got worse after her crazy mother drowned.

Her father knows the only way to get her back to town in a hurry is to tell her that her sister needs help. Because she is between video shoots she commits to a couple of days when his phone call for help comes in. The problems arise when she gets to town and learns her father didn't give her the whole picture. Frustrated to get out of town, Maggie tries to not become emotionally involved with anything that goes on... But we all know how well that works.

I wasn't really planning on liking this book, but I ended up enjoying it. It is just a nice story of a young woman trying to understand herself. It is a bit predictable and some parts leave me a bit confused and wishing for a small explanation, but I am willing to let that go as something she needs to work on with each new book. Overall this is a good book.

For those of you already asking, no this is not the Jenny Jones from the talk show/shock TV fame. This Jenny actually has a couple of teen/young adult books under her belt. They are much more for sheer entertainment purposes than learning anything. This may have turned over a new leaf for her writing.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cindy Woodsmall

Dear Readers,

Hope of Refuge is Cindy Woodsmall's newest book. It is coming out just in time for her visit here at our store. ( It's available now)

I am the first to say that Amish books are not my favorite. I can find them all the same. I know they sell well and lots of people love reading them. Cindy seems to be the exception to the rule for me. I really do enjoy her books. I think it is because of the issues she deals with in the story line as opposed to just the Amish lifestyle.

Cara is homeless. She once again had to leave everything behind to get away from her stalker. She and her daughter Lori head to Dry Creek, Pennsylvania. Cara isn't sure why she is drawn there, but she believes that she will find help and hope there. Maybe even some answers to her questions about her mother.

Ephraim finds Cara hiding out on his property. He remembers her from a short visit Cara and her mother made when she was 10. He goes against everything that he is taught and takes them both in. He is drawn to her even while "dating" another woman. He can't figure out what he is suppose to do and yet he feels he is doing the right thing.

I really did like this book. It was an interesting look at how people react to "past history." Some are quick to judge even when they don't have all the facts and others are the first in line to help no matter what. Because of gossip and people assuming they know why Cara is there, things quickly get out of hand for both Ephraim and Cara.

There is another story line going on that could easily been a complete story line on its own, but Cindy writes as a secondary line. I wonder if that is where book #2 is going. :-)

If you get a chance, come and meet Cindy on the 15th and learn of her heart for the story.

Happy Reading

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Baker Book House

Dear Readers,

Time passes so quickly now - a - days, it is hard to believe we are 70. I know I don't feel a day over 45. :-) The store/publishing group is celebrating their 70th anniversary this week. We have tons of sales and specials. If you get a chance you can come shop and in the afternoons enjoy cake.

Senior day is on Wednesday - always the first Wednesday of the month - and we are doing something extra special for those of you who like us have turned 70 sometimes this year - 2009. So if you are 55 of older come in for your normal senior discount - instore only and if you are 70 - or soon to be - you will take home a special gift. :-)

Happy anniversary Reading

P.S. Reminder that Cindy Woodsmall will be in our store August 15th and study guideworkshop is August 13th. You must RSVP for the workshop.