Monday, September 29, 2008

Alice J. Wisler

Dear Readers,
A new author is always exciting. I also must say that one that picks out such great covers, well all the better. Rain Song by Alice J. Wiser, is a gentle story of Nicole Michelin finding herself and her mother.

Nicole and her dad flew back from Japan when Nicole is 2 and her mother had been killed in a fire. That is all the information that Nicole knows and her father refuses to tell her more. Nicole has lived with this little bit of knowledge all her life. That one experience of flying, being sick the whole way home, makes her never want to fly again. She has her teaching, her Koi, and her doll that her mother gave her when she was just a baby.

That is why when her life is turned upside down by someone she meets on the internet. He lives in Japan and it turns out he knew her and her family when they lived there. Does Nicole continue to pursure this relationship or does she cut it off before it leads to something she doesn't want to continue? Does she want to know more about her mom? What if her dad kept a secret about her mom she doesn't really want to know? What if...? Is it worth the risk?

This is again a look at family secrets. It is a different in that the secrets didn't really need to be kept. I know there are certian things you can't tell you kids, but why would you not tell your daughter about her mother? I was to say the least a bit frustrated by Nicole's father. I think that is part of Nicole's problems and of course the wacky/normal family adds to the problems.

I did like this book a lot. I found it a story that any of us could live. The characters are normal, lovable and very annoying when they need to be. It is a good story that is fun to read.

Happy Reading

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Alice J. Wisler said...

Hi, Chris! Glad you enjoyed both of my novels, Rain Song and How Sweet It Is. My last name, however, is spelled WISLER.


~ Alice J. Wisler
Author Of Rain Song and How Sweet It Is