Thursday, December 29, 2016

Let the adventure begin

What a glorious way to let your imagination run wild.  From the first page this is what a book should look like.  A place you want to visit over and over.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Not all those who wander are lost.

– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I love that J.R.R. wanted to remind us that sometimes 
we need to wander off to find ourselves.

Monday, December 26, 2016

New Releases - Dec. 19 - 24

Dear Readers,

I did get a few new titles last week.  All of them make a great way to finish off the 'old' year.   I will quickly add these to my TBR pile.  Well the ones I haven't already read. :-)

Happy Reading,

Amish Weddings - Leslie Gould - #3 Neighbors of Lancaster County -Gregarious Rose Lehman, who's always the life of the Amish youth singings, is determined to marry the bishop's son, Reuben Byler--until the handsome Army buddy of her future brother-in-law shows up in Lancaster County. In comparison to Trevor, Reuben seems downright boring. Trevor shares Rose's sense of fun and adventure, and her easygoing disposition.

The Mark of the King - Jocelyn Green -After the death of her client, midwife Julianne Chevalier is imprisoned and branded, marking her as a criminal beyond redemption. Hoping to reunite with her brother, a soldier, she trades her life sentence for exile to the fledgling French colony of Louisiana. The price of her transport, however, is a forced marriage to a fellow convict. 

A Moonbow Night - Laura Frantz -  After fleeing Virginia, Temperance Tucker and her family established an inn along the Shawnee River. It's a welcome way station for settlers and frontiersmen traveling through the wild Cumberland region of Kentucke--men like Sion Morgan, a Virginia surveyor who arrives at the inn with his crew, looking for an experienced guide.

An Uncommon Courtship - Kristi Ann Hunter - #3 Hawthorne House -  Lord Trent Hawthorne couldn't be happier he is not the duke in the family. Free to manage his small estate and take his time discovering the life he wants to lead, he has grand plans of someday wooing and falling in love with the woman of his choice. When he finds himself honor bound to marry a woman he barely knows, his dream of a loving marriage like his parents' seems lost forever.

Purgatory Road - Samuel Parker -When a day trip out of Las Vegas with his wife takes a turn for the worse, Jack is sure he has the ability to get them home. But he has driven into something far beyond reason.  Rescue comes in the form of a desert hermit, but hope fades as the couple comes to realize that the nomad has no intention of letting them leave. A chance encounter with a kidnapped runaway and her crazed abductor leads them all farther into the wilderness--and closer to the cold brutality that isolation brings. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Samuel Parker

Dear Readers, 
What if the God became a disgruntled old man living in the desert?  What if the devil was bored with God's seeming indifference to mankind?  How far would he go to get God involved with the world again?  
Purgatory Road by Samuel Parker explores these questions and so many more.  Several of which I didn't even think to ask myself.  
Jack and Laura have grown apart.  His drive to be better, to succeed, to have it all, has left her feeling like she never matters to Jack.  A short trip to Las Vegas is supposed to bring the magic back.  But all it does is make their differences more glaring as Jack can't seem to relax and can't wait to get home.  When he suggests a short sightseeing trip to the desert, Laura figures it can't hurt and maybe they can talk.  What happens next, neither one of them ever planned on.  
Molly just wants to be on her own.  She feels trapped at home, sure the confines of her parents' rules will kill her if she doesn't get out soon.  Off into the world she goes, feeling brave and strong.  What she finds instead is a man who doesn't really care who she is as long as she fulfills his plans.  
Paths cross, stories meet and things happen.  Things that will leave you a bit unsettled.  Things that will make you wonder how you would respond in the same situation.  Things that may even make you ask, how is God trying to get my attention?
I have heard this book described a couple different ways.  It was described as The Shack only scarier, and as a new Frank Peretti style book.  To me it fits either and yet stands completely on its own.  It doesn't seek to mirror either author, Samuel just brings up a book that will not leave you the same.
Just remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Or so the saying goes. 
Happy Reading, 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

New Releases - December 11 - 16

Dear Readers,

This little post is actually directed at any and all publishing houses.  I know that sales have been difficult this past year.  There is one month out of the year that if you released new fiction books they are the easiest to sell.  Why you ask?  Well because of befuddled shopper is looking for a new book for the reader on their list.  One their reader hasn't read yet.  Almost any book would do.  But it has to be new and if it comes highly recommended all the better.

What is this magical month?  December.  Shoppers really are looking for that special book.  They know that their readers wants something wonderful and new.  But alas the shelves don't have that many new books.  So here is my plea, new fiction books in December are an easy sell, but I can't sell what you don't put in my hands.

Thank you for listening and maybe we will have better luck next year,

Happy Reading,

The Returning - Rachelle Dekker - #3 The Seer Novels - Twenty years have passed since Carrington and Remko Brant’s baby, Elise, was kidnapped and they were forced to leave her captive in the Authority City. Though they fled with the Seers far from Authority reach, they’ve never given up hope of rescuing their daughter from the man who betrayed them. Now Authority President, he’s ushered the city into a new era of “peace”―one where the Scientist Roth Reynard’s Genesis Serum has eradicated all memory of emotion or rebellion.

Friday, December 16, 2016

interesting Part 2

Dear Readers, 

I found some very interesting facts about books and readers.  

Bibliosmia‘ is the enjoyment of the smell of old books.

Ford Madox Ford recommended that readers judge a new book, not by its first page, but by its 99th, the better to gauge the book’s quality.

Only 2% of the 1.2 million different books sold in the US in 2004 sold more than 5,000 copies.

The word ‘shrine’ comes from the Latin scrinium meaning ‘chest for books’.

The people of India are the world’s most average readers. On average, an individual will spend around 10.7 hours a week just reading!

Happy Reading, 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michele Phoenix

Dear Readers,

Okay okay okay it is so hard to write a review for a book that I want to tell you everything about and yet can tell you nothing.  Michele Phoenix's newest release In Silence and Storm is a book that once you get finished reading it you want to find someone else who has read it so you can have a discussion about it.  This book will not leave me alone even though I have finished over a week ago.

Lauren and Sam new that wanted to do mission work and yet Lauren thought that had passed them by once they started their family and their life seemed perfect.  But the day Sam comes home with the pamphlets for Nepal, Laura knows their lives will never be the same.

Two years after arriving in Nepal their family has come to a crisis.  Sam is content with his life of mission work, but Lauren and their son Ryan are dying. What choices will be made when it all comes to a head.

I know this book focuses on mission work and the choices that are made and lives that are sacrificed for the work, but I also think it is a reminder for us all when we make life changing choices with out consulting the rest of our family. How sometimes we can think things are of God and yet we ignore all the signpost along the way that tell us otherwise.

This is one of those type of books that each reader is going to get something very different out of the story.  Michele is very good at writing books driven by huge issues and then not giving us pat answers to the problems.  I will be the first to tell you that the book did not end the way I thought it would, which I was very glad for.  But I also am going to be the first to say, it ended is a very good way.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Release - The Pattern Artist - Nancy Moser

New Release - The Pattern Artist - Nancy Moser 

Born into a life of hard work, English housemaid Annie Wood arrives in New York City in 1911 with her wealthy mistress. Wide-eyed with the possibilities America has to offer, Annie wonders if there’s more for her than a life of service. Annie chooses to risk everything, taps into courage she never knew she had, and goes off on her own, finding employment in the sewing department at Macy’s. 

While at Macy’s Annie catches the eye of a salesman at the Butterick Pattern Company. Through determination, hard work, and God’s leading, Annie discovers a hidden gift: she is a talented fashion designer—a pattern artist of the highest degree. As she runs from ghosts of the past and focuses on the future, Annie enters a creative world that takes her to the fashion houses of Paris and into a life of adventure, purpose, and love.

Monday, December 12, 2016

New Releases - December 5 - 10

Dear Readers,

December is a lean time for new titles to hit the shelves.  I really just don't understand why.  Christmas is a time of year when people love to buy books for others.  How much easier is it for those buying gifts for their favorite reader if the clerk in the store can say "Yes this book is brand new.  Arrived this week.  I know your reader has not read this book yet."

Thankfully we do get a few and the two titles we have here are by two favorite authors. They quickly were added to the TBR pile.

Happy Reading

Of Stillness and Storm - Michele' Phoenix - It took Lauren and her husband ten years to achieve their dream—reaching primitive tribes in remote regions of Nepal. But while Sam treks into the Himalayas for weeks at a time, finding passion and purpose in his work among the needy, Lauren and Ryan stay behind, their daily reality more taxing than inspiring. For them, what started as a calling begins to feel like the family’s undoing.

The Pattern Artist - Nancy Moser -  English housemaid Annie Wood arrives in New York City in 1911 with her wealthy mistress.  Annie chooses to risk everything, taps into courage she never knew she had, and goes off on her own, finding employment in the sewing department at Macy’s. While at Macy’s Annie catches the eye of a salesman at the Butterick Pattern Company. Through determination, hard work, and God’s leading, Annie discovers a hidden gift: she is a talented fashion designer—a pattern artist of the highest degree.  Annie enters a creative world that takes her to the fashion houses of Paris and into a life of adventure, purpose, and love

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Release - Conspiracy of Silence - Ronie Kendig

Conspiracy of Silence - Ronie Kendig - #1 The Tox Files 

Conspiracy+of+SilenceFour years after a tragic mission decimated his career and his team, Cole "Tox" Russell is persona non grata to the United States. And that's fine--he just wants to be left alone. But when a dormant, centuries-old disease is unleashed, Tox is lured back into action.

Partnered with FBI agent Kasey Cortes, Tox has to pull together a team to begin a globe-spanning
 search for answers--and a cure. As their quest leads them from continent to continent, it slowly becomes clear they're not just fighting a plague--but battling against an ancient secret society whose true goals remain hidden.

With time running out and opposition growing on every side, the key to everything may rest in an antique codex, the Crown of Jerusalem--but will Tox and his team be able to trust each other enough to break this century-spanning conspiracy of silence?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Titles

Dear Readers,

Christmas titles for the 2017 season have been hopping off the shelves here at the store.  I don't know if it is because around here are not having tradition December weather (no snow) or just because we have so many good authors writing Christmas books this year.  For whatever reason I am glad to share a few of the new titles with you.

Happy Reading,

God Bless Us Every One - Eva Maria Everson -Charlene Dixon—called Charlie by family and friends—is devastated at the recent loss of her job. For the last five years, the twenty-seven-year-old has blossomed as the activities director of an exclusive all-girls school. But when a misunderstanding with the headmistress leads to a pink slip right before the holidays, Charlie packs up her dreams and returns to her grandmother, Sis, who raised Charlie as her own in the mountains of North Carolina.

The Christmas Secret - Wanda Brunstetter -  A poignant historical story of a couple on the threshold of marriage who are suddenly pulled apart. Elizabeth Canning discovers an awful secret in her deceased mother’s diary. Believing her chances for a happy marriage are spoiled, she leaves her fiancĂ© a letter and flees town. Anticipating a Christmas Eve wedding with Elizabeth, David Stinner is confused by her letter and desperate to find her. Can David root out the truth about the past and bring back his bride? Or is the truth destined to bring an ultimate end to their romance?

Kissing Father Christmas - Robin Jones Gunn - Anna's first visit to Carlton Heath in England was last May for the wedding of her cousin Ian to Miranda. The beautiful event ended with a dance under the stars and Anna receiving an unexpected kiss from Peter, the groomsman who caught her eye and now holds her heart. Now, at the invitation of family and friends, Anna is returning to Carlton Heath for Christmas. She has Peter's recent email to fill her with assurance that he's looking forward to seeing her again as well. More than his brief words, though, the vivid memory of their unforgettable kiss provides a promise of more to come 

The Baxter Family Christmas - Karen Kingsbury - Two years have passed since the terrible car accident that took the life of John Baxter’s daughter, Erin, her husband and three of their four daughters. Prompted by grief, and missing his daughter, John has invited a stranger for Christmas Eve dinner—Kendra Bryant, the transplant recipient who now has Erin’s heart.
In light of their father’s idea, Ashley and her brother Luke don’t think it’s right. They want to protect their ten-year-old niece, Amy—the only surviving member of the accident. But John is determined and believes meeting this woman is something his deceased daughter would want.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Gift buying

Dear Readers,

As if any of us needed an excuse to give a book as a gift.

Happy Reading,

P.S.  These can also be great hints as to why you want/need a book off your wish list.

Books Makes the Best Gifts

Gift Giving Season is now upon us and, while we might be a little biased, we think books make the best gifts and here's 5 reasons why!

1. They're the gift that keeps on giving. People love to re-read their favorite books and a pretty book doubles as decoration!

2. They won't break the bank and don't we all love that?

3. You have thousands upon thousands of options to choose from. At first that might sound scary, but if the person is an old soul, maybe a classic is just the trick. Is your friend into what's new? There's a New York Times Bestseller for that. Into sports? We have books for that too.

4. They can take this gift anywhere! To the beach, on a plane, on a train or on a cozy couch in the house.

5. You will help your friend or family member relax. Books have a way of doing that. As C.S. Lewis once said, "We read to know we are not alone."

"A book is a gift you can open again and again."

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fredrick Backman

Dear Readers,

I meet a very interesting man this past week.  He was not always the most pleasant of men.  He is kind of set in his ways and had just lost his wife 6 months ago.  Most of his neighbors had no idea who he was.  He was 'retired' from his job.  He was having a hard time finding a reason to go on.

If this sound familiar to you, you have probably already meet Ove in Fredrick Backman's delightful book, A Man called Ove.  I know I am way behind in reading this little book, but am so glad I had the chance to get to know and fall in love with him.

There really isn't much to this book.  It is a quirky, funny, compelling story about a man who has given up on life and yet seems to be, as one of the characters says, "very bad at dying."  In a very gentle way, this book reminded me that I should get to know someone's story before I make judgements on who they are and why the act the way they do.

Not only did those who surrounded Ove in the neighborhood make those judgements about him, he actually was guilty of it also.  No preaching, no making the character feel bad because of those choices, Fredrick just gently lead us in the direction we should have gone while make the judgement.

As I listened to this book back and forth to work this week, it kept reminding me that I know people like Ove and I need to make sure I reach out to them.  It was a refreshing way to be reminded.  No judgements, just corrections in my thinking. We just never know when we will make a huge difference in one person's life.

Happy Reading,

P.S.  Yes there is language in the book.  To be honest it fit Ove's character so well I had a hard time being offended by it.  Besides the laughter it caused really made it all the more entertaining.