Friday, February 27, 2015


Dear Readers,

Sunshine and warmer temps, well ok it isn't below zero today.  But sunshine makes me want to just curl up in a chair and read.  Preferably with the sun shining on me the whole time.  Summer or winter I love to sit in the sun and read.  I am not sure what it is, whether it is because I am part plant and need the sun to survive or if it is just because it is warm.  What ever it is, it is my biggest guilty pleasure.

There are several titles that have come in this week that have made that even a bigger pleasure.  The smell and feel of a new book is the best.  Okay the smell of an older book might be better, but really e-books are going to need some sort of scent added to them to replace books completely.  I am amazed how many people when asked about hard copies of books and why they still read them, list the smell.  We are creatures that are physical beings and still are driven by touch, taste (don't eat your books) sight and smell.  Books do fill a lot of those needs.

I am wondering what you are reading now.  Is it going to be one of those that stays on your shelf forever?  I just read one that I will be putting on my shelf and not getting rid of for awhile.  In fact when I do loan it out it will be with the strict instruction of "don't loose it or wreck it and I need it back!"  Seriously, it should be crime to loose someone else's books. 

Okay so I go that all off my chest.  Thanks for listening. 

Happy Reading,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Susan Meissner

Dear readers,

Just over one year ago this week, I read a Susan Meissner book on a flight to Florida.  So imagine my excitement that a new one was available to do that with again.  Secrets of a Charmed Life released a couple days before we left and it was hard not to open the covers and dive in, but I managed to wait with most of the book.  I will admit I read about 50 pages before we left but still read most of it on the flight.

SecretsofaCharmedLife_cover"Secrets" is the story of a survivor of the blitz of London during WWII.  Isabel has never shared her story with anyone, but has decided to tell it to a grad student that needs a thesis.  Kendra is eager to get started, but little does she know what she is about to get into.

Emmy and Julia's life is not perfect.  In fact their mother seems to have little time for them and it is up to Emmy to take care of her much younger sister.  Emmy has dreams of her own and is willing to do just about anything to make them happen.  On the cusp of adulthood at 15, she wants to get a job at the local bridal shop with or without the war interfering.

So starts the book that will leave you with a better understanding about what it was like to survive during that part of WWII.  Bombs falling every night, people disappearing, and homes destroyed, life would never be the same for anyone.  People were separated from family with no way of knowing where anyone was.  Children were shipped off to the countryside. These are things we think of in horror and with little understanding of how anyone survived it. 

I don't know if I am Susan's biggest fan, but she is one of my favorite authors.  She once again hits it out of the park with a story of a coming of age during WWII.  Not just any coming of age story, but one of a teenager who lost everything including her family.  

I am looking forward to my next flight to Florida so I can once again read the next Susan Meissner book.  

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Release - Heaven on Earth - Vanessa Miller

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed several of Vanessa Miller's books. They are a different perspective on things and that makes for a wonderful read.

No PictureHeaven on Earth is the second book in the My Soul to Keep series.  Tamara grew up in a mega church that was her father's empire, making her feel like a princess.  Everything was perfect until the truth about her father and brother come to light and Tamara there is no reason to marry and trust a man.

Jonathan has loved Tamara ever since they met in college.  He was stuck in the friend zone and is not sure how to move to something more.  Nine years later their paths cross again, will Jonathan be able to take the next step?

Vanessa has been writing for years.  She has several series already in print, but each book has a different issue.  With love and marriage the main idea in most of them, and yet they all have another issue driving it.  Whether it is trust, forgiveness, or any of the many problems and difficulties we face everyday, they all give you a chance to work through them with the characters and learn a little along the way.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Release - My Heart Stood Still - Lori Copeland

Dear Readers,

Surviving the month of February around here takes some work and this year with the sub-zero temps and cloudy skies it has been harder than some years.  A good book with a funny sense of humor quite often helps me brighten my mood a bit.  My Heart Stood Still by Lori Copeland is the second in the Sisters of Mercy Falls is just such a book.

My+Heart+Stood+StillIt all started when the McDougal sisters' wagon is attack and each sister is carried off by a different man.  In book one, Sisters of Mercy Falls, you follow Abigail and her adventure.  In book #2 you meet Anne-Marie.  She is the middle sister and she is carried off by Creed one of the Crow warriors and it is loathing at first site. 

With bandits on their tail looking to steal the cache of gold Anne-Marie and Creed are trying to hide and now the law after them, the will need to learn to trust each other.  Will they be able to put aside their differences and work together?

Light, fun and story with a handsome leading man, what could be better on those last few cold and snowy days?  I know I always enjoy a good book while cuddled into a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea.

Happy Reading,

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Releases - February 16-21

Dear Readers,

Today is my first day back from vacation.  My husband and I made our annual trek to Florida and relaxed in the sun for a week.  It is always hard to make the transition back to the colder temps, but there is hope for our seasons here and it is already the end of the month. 

To encourage you to spring, here is a list of titles that make those last few cold nights more bearable.

Happy Reading,

Keys of Heaven - Adina Senft - #2 A Healing Grace Novel - Sarah is learning to help heal people in her community with the herbs she grows.  But one of the woman in her community needs more than herbs to heal what ails her, will Sarah be able to help?

One True Path - Barbara Cameron - #2 Amish Roads Series - Abram watches as Rachel enters her rumschpringe and move away from the life he hoped for them both.  Rachel is enjoying her new found freedom, but an accident makes her wonder if home is a better place to be.

A Harvest of Hope - Lauraine Snelling - #2 Song of Blessing - Miriam is called back to Chicago because of her mother's illness.  Her is able to continue her nursing studies after promising to return to Blessing, Miriam settles into take care of her mother.  But she can't get Trygve out of her mind.  Will she decide on her family or the man she loves?

Gift of Grace - Sharlene MacLaren - #3 Tennessee Dreams - After her fiancĂ© disappeared 2 years ago, Grace decides there is nothing in Boston for her, so she agrees to head to Paris to care for her great Aunt.  Love abounds again and marriage seems to be coming soon, until an unexpected visitor arrives.

Heaven on Earth - Vanessa Miller - Tamara has sworn off men.  Her past experience had destroyed all trust she had in men.  Then a friend from the past crosses her path in a professional way and he is willing to make their relationship more than what it was in the past.

My Heart Stood Still - Lori Copeland - #2 Sisters of Mercy Flats - When the wagon carrying the 3 McDougal sisters comes under attack, each sister is carried of by a different man.  Anne-Marie is carried off by Creed a Crow Warrior and it is loathing at first sight.  Will they learn to get along as they need each other to survive?

Friday, February 20, 2015


Dear Readers,

I am amazed the number of people who notice if you are reading a book.  Not a E-reader of some sort, a book.  Recently I was at the airport waiting for my flight and pulled out my book to get started on it.  I had 3 different people comment on the book.  One because they were surprised that anyone read real books any more and the other two because the recognized the author.

Of those two we had a lovely conversation about books, who we like to read etc...  and then I returned to reading, but it got me wondering.  Will we have conversations in the future if we all end up with e-readers.  Nothing says I want to be left alone more than using any sort of device.  You don't know if the other person is reading or doing something else.  So you don't ask for fear of interrupting.

That idea saddens me as most of readers love to talk about story lines talk about why we would read it again, and talk about and argue over which characters we love and hate.  It was something that connects us when we may have nothing else in common.  It is a starting point for more than one friendship that I have.  It is also the bases for what I do for a living.   I have started more than one conversation with a guest at my bookstore with "that is a great book," and then going from there.

Books are a great conversation starter and I feel we are losing that.  I know that e-readers are here to stay, but I wish the was a way to know what someone was reading so I could start a conversation with them also.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Release - Anna's Crossing - Suzanne Woods Fisher

Dear Readers,

Suzanne Woods Fisher is one of the authors fans of Amish fiction look for, but she wanted to do something a bit different and maybe attract different readers.  Anna's Crossing is the story of when the Amish were leaving the 'old' world to live free in the 'new' world. 

Anna%27s+Crossing%3A+An+Amish+Beginnings+NovelSet in 1737 we will join an intrepid group as they board a merchant ship called the "Charming Nancy" bound for a new life.  Anna Konig joins the group only as their translator as she is the only one in her community to speak English.  Her plans are to return home again as soon as possible, of course that does mean surviving the dangerous ocean crossings twice.

Bairn resents these somber people on his boat.  The 'Peculiars' as they are dubbed by his fellow crew hands, filled their lower deck with a quiet seriousness that unnerves the crew.  Why do they not interact with the others?  What makes them think they are better than those on ship with them?  But there is that lovely lass that catches his attention.  Why is she so different from the others?

This book could be called Amish fiction, but if you are a fan of historical, don't let that scare you off from reading this book as it is so much more than just Amish, it is part of our heritage in America.  It is always fascinating to me to learn how our different groups arrived on our shores.

Happy Reading,  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Release - Still Life - Christa Parrish

Dear Readers,

Christa Parrish is an author who does not leave you comfortable while reading her books.  She is what I call a gritty author, there is a bit of gritty that challenges you while reading and makes you uncomfortable what you find in yourself.

Still life is Christa's newest release and you encounter a couple of characters that you might not meet in real life.  Ada is born into a religious sect run by her father.  A person who rules with an iron fist and uses the Bible to prove his point.  Katherine longs for love.  Her marriage is a sham and she starts an affair.  One that brings her the touch and love she longs for.

Two very different women with very different lives and yet connected through one tragedy.  Katherine gives up her seat on a flight home so she cans spend one more night with her lover and Ada's husband takes it.  When the plane goes down the women find that are unsure of where they belong in the world.

Now knowing a little about Christa's writing, she will have us feeling sorry for both women at some point or another, but each will not be perfect.  They will each come with their own set of issues that will need to be worked out.

So not a comfortable read but one that you will make you want to share it with others.

Happy Reading,

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Releases - February 9 - 14

Dear Readers,

The new releases continue to pour in.  I can not keep up with them all.  I need to go on vacation, sit on a beach chair and just read for about a month.  Hmmm wonder what the boss would say?  Do you think it is a working vacation if you read the whole time? 

Happy Reading,

The Dandelion Field - Kathryn Springer - Raine's father walked out when she was young and now her and her mother live kind of a nomadic life.  They land in Banister Falls, WI and Gin promises Raine she can finish high school here.  Their lives become intertwined with Dan and Cody's in more ways than one and the results almost send Gin running again.

Still Life - Christa Parrish - Ada escapes her father's cult with photographer Julian only to loose him in a tragic plane crash.  Katherine's affair brought her escape and guilt when the same plane crash increases her sense of shame.  Will one small artistic boy be able to bring them together?

Song of Springhill - Cheryl McKay - A fiction story that is based on actual events - Hannah wants a fresh start when she returns home to Springhill the town where her father is killed.  The day after she arrives their is an explosion at the mine and her plans change when she needs to help support her family. 

Vines of Entanglement - Lisa Carter - Laura's life is a lie and she made it that way after her husband's death.  It all starts to unravel when she finds a dead body on a recreational trail.  Detective Jon Locklear starts digging into her past and becomes Laura's worst nightmare.

After a Fashion - Jen Turano - Harriet Peabody dreams of opening her own shop, but a errand goes wrong and cost her her job.  Oliver needs a fiancĂ©e and after witnessing Harriet's firing, he decides to help.  Harriet finds out that fashion is much more than what she wears and decides to call off the "engagement,"  until a threat shows Harriet and Oliver that love doesn't always arrive as expected.

Anna's Crossing - Suzanne Woods Fisher - An Amish Begins Novel - Anna sets sail with her fellow Amish believers for the new world.  She goes as a translator only and hopes to return home soon.  Bairn resents the "Peculiars" as the deck hands call them, but there is something about the bonny lass Anna that has caught his attention.

Secrets of a Charmed Life - Susan Meissner - The story of two sisters during WWII.  Moved to the country to keep them safe, they are separated and how their lives are transformed.  The story of a American scholar who uncovers their story and the burden it places on her heart.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Go Set a Watchman

Dear Readers,

Go Set a Watchman: A NovelOne of the things that the book challenge said to do this year is read or re-read a classic.  I am thinking about re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird.  With all the hype over Harper Lee writing and releasing her second novel, Go Set a Watchman, in July, it might be a good excuse to do so. 

I read TKAM in High school where I believe most of us read it and dissected it and then watched the movie and once again talked about racism and justice and how the court system in America works, for good or bad. 

I know I liked reading the book and I remember reading it all at once over a weekend, even though our teacher encouraged us not to do that so we could all learn the story at the same pace.  I don't remember ever thinking that I needed to read it again, but I know many people have. 

In fact I have a friend who says that part of the reason she is a writer is because of Harper's book. She was almost in tears with excitement with the thought of there being a new book from her hero. 

I have been asked what my feelings were on this new book, strangely titled Go Set a Watchman.  Honestly, I have to say I am not over the moon other than I am interested in seeing what the story is all about.  Maybe this is my cynical side showing, but there is just so often a reason that a book was not published years before.  Not always but sometimes.

That said, please don't let my opinion keep you from reading the book, my sister is one that is very excited about the release.  I myself am trying to get my hands on an advance copy for me to read, but keep in mind, Harper's editor read this and suggested a different storyline. 

Happy Reading

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Susie Finkbeiner

Dear Readers,

I am ashamed to admit that I did not read My Mother’s Chamomile by Suzie Finkbeiner when it first came out.  I really can’t remember why, but then it got pushed to the bottom of the TBR list and I just never got around to it. (Sorry Susie!)  Until now.  Simply put, I am sorry I waited this long to read it.  If you haven’t read it, go out and buy a copy right now and read it. 

PictureChamomile is a beautifully written story of a family who runs the only funeral home in the little town of Middle Main, Michigan.  I see several small towns represented in Middle Main, mostly because they all have some things in common.  Everyone is in everyone else’s business.  What might seem like a town gossip is someone who will be the first to lend a helping hand.  A day off to the big city is a reminder why you live in that little town and have no urge to live anywhere else.

The Eliot family has, for over 50 years, helped local families through one of the toughest times a family can face: the loss of a loved one.  Whether because of a tragic accident or disease or old age, they have stood quietly by the sides of any and all who have come.  It has also caused a toll on the family, the grandkids find it difficult to make friends and no one has been on a vacation in years, but they are very good at what they do. 

The story is told through the eyes of Olga, the matriarch of the family and Evelyn, one of Olga’s granddaughters.   These are two very different perspectives and that in and of itself helps make this story so very special.  With Olga you have the perspective of someone who loves her family and is very secure in what they do for a living.  She married into the funeral business and has no problem ministering to the town, though she would probably like a little more uninterrupted time with her husband over the years.   

With Evelyn you get the perspective of what it was like to be born into a family business that can be a bit scary for other kids in town.   This was something I never would have thought of.  I think that is what struck me so much about this book, is what it made me think about.   Not only what was it like to have a family business like the Eliot’s, but also relationships and what it means to walk to the end with someone.  I don’t want to say too much more about this book as I am afraid to give something away, but know that this little book is well worth the stop by.  

I was worried about finding a book that would make me cry for my book challenge, well I don’t have to look any farther.  Not out loud weeping, but a few tears running down my face?  Yes, and several moments of choking up.  That is a rare thing for me and yet it is one of the things that made me love this book even more. 

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Release - The Boy Who Loved Rain - Gerard Kelly

Dear Readers,

The+Boy+Who+Loved+RainFrom all descriptions of the book, The Boy Who Loved Rain by Gerard Kelly it will be quite a ride to read.  It is a story of a family in crisis.  When a friend of Fiona and David's son commits suicide they become concern with his behavior and find a commitment note to do the same thing.  Fiona wants to do something and David who is a pastor of a large church just says they just have to pray harder. 

Fiona flees with Colom and tries to figure out the demons that he is facing.  What she finds is even more awful than what she originally thought.  Will their family survive? Will their faith?

So not a cheery little read.  It delves into issues of how do you work with a teen suffering from depression to secrets that each family has.  Is pray ever enough?  Should a Pastor's job ever come before his family? 

Plan on entering into a story that will not leave you comfortable, but will be worth the journey.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Release - Where Rivers Part - Kellie Coats Gilbert

Dear Readers,

I am always interested to see an authors sophomore book.  Is it going to be exactly like the first, is it going to be completely different?  Hopefully they remember their fans of the first book and stick with that pattern, but not to much. 

Where the Rivers Part is Kellie Coats Gilbert's sophomore work with Revell and even though she stayed in Texas, she is venturing off in a different direction for her characters.  She knows what her fans like and made sure she uses that in her new story.

Where+Rivers+Part%3A+A+Texas+Gold+NovelJuliet has devoted her life and research to safe drinking water for millions.  She has gained many perks along the way, but one of the best is saving many from life with out water.  She is on the way up and yet has remained estranged from her father because her path in life is not what he would have chosen for her. 

When a disaster sweeps Juliet and her company up in scandal the only one she can turn to is her father.  With his help, she works to expose a conspiracy that is more far-reaching than either one ever planned on. 

Kellie's uses parts of society most of us will never experience.  Whether it is the elite of Texas society or the life a scientific researcher whose discovery has put her in the higher pay grade than most but it sure is fun to take a peek into a different way of life.

Happy Reading,

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Releases - February 2 - 7

Dear Readers,

We are half way through February.  The days are getting longer, hopefully there is a bit more sunshine and there is a small hint of spring in the air.  With spring break just around the corner, it is time to start planning on which books are you taking with you.  Here are a few titles to get that list going.

Happy Reading,

The Promise of Palm Grove - Shelley Shephard Gray - #1 Amish Brides of Pinecraft - (from the back cover) A young Amish woman finds herself torn between the man she's pledged to wed and the man her heart desires in this heartwarming story of chance, duty and choice in the face of love.

An Amish Cradle - Beth Wiseman/Amy Clipston/Kathleen Fuller/Vannetta Chapman - 4 in 1 - (from the back cover) - Tiny fingers, tiny toes, and lives that will never be the same.  Journey with 4 families as their lives are about to change forever.

Meek and Mild - Olivia Newport - #2 Amish Turns of Time - There is tension between the Old Order and the Marylanders of the Amish church in 1917.  Clara and Andrew are caught in the middle as they try to decide what is God's will and what is just man trying to control his congregation.

Where Rivers Part - Kellie Coats Gilbert - #2 Texas Gold Novel - Juliet has devoted her life to provide safe drinking water.  When a disaster brings it all crashing down she teams up with her estranged father to expose a far-reaching conspiracy.

The Crimson Cord - Jill Eileen Smith - The story of Rahab.  Sold into slavery then prostitution, Rahab wonders if she will ever be free again.  A spur of the moment decision to help two spies, gains her her freedom, but will she be able to over come the challenges outside the walls of Jericho?

The Babylon Contingency - Clifford Longley - DCI Robbie Peele is sent to investigate a very strange break in.  The criminals want  ancient clay disks with code written on them.  What secrets do the disks hold and why would a terrorist cell want them?

The Matchmaker - Sarah Price - #2 the Amish Classics - An Amish retelling of Jane Austen's Emma - Emma has found out she likes playing matchmaker with her friends, but when one such matchmaking adventure goes wrong, Emma finds herself in trouble with the community.  Will she be able to repair the damage?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Reading quirks

Dear Readers,

I love hearing about reader's quirks.  You know what I am talking about, those little habits each of us has.  Whether you are willing to admit it, we all have them.  Personally I always need to know how many pages are in a book.  I don't need to know the ending before I start, but by gum I need to know how many pages there are in a book. 

I don't know where or when I started doing this, but even when I try to not do it, I find myself flipping to the end of the book just to peek at the number listed there.  I guess that way I know kind of where the story is going and how quickly it is going to end. 

What is your quirk?  I know of a lady that will read the first chapter or so and if she get invested in the characters lives, will read the end of the book.  She said, "before that I don't really care what happens to them, but once I get to know them, then I got to make sure everything is going to be ok at the end of the story before I continue."  I never asked her what happens if she doesn't like the ending.

We also all know someone who just can't wait for the ending and will flip to the end, just so they know.  I think this is one that mystery readers are known for.  Personally I don't like to know the ending, I would rather guess than know and then still try to read the book.

I know another reader who will not a read a book that is set in a place they are headed on vacation.  She doesn't want anything bad to happen in the book as she is afraid it will effect her vacation.  Yes they know it is unreasonable, but she can't help it. 

How about the reader that once they get to less than a 100 pages left in the book they are reading, they better know what their next book is going to be or they get anxious and stressed about what they will be reading next. 

Are you an end of the story reader?  Do you have any other quirks?  What fun they are.  They remind us that we are all human.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Julie Klassen

Dear Readers,
Secrets of Pembrooke Park is Julie Klassen’s latest release in a long line of books.  Each one is a regency romance, but each one is very unique.  I am not sure how as an author you don’t end up crossing wires somewhere along the way and forget which characters you are working in or which town.  But however Julie keeps it all straight, we are blessed with many new and exciting titles.

Abigail’s family has lost their fortune and it is all her fault.  She encouraged her father to invest along with her Uncle in a bank and they lost everything and are now forced to move.  A long lost relative offers the use of their family home, but Abigail and her family can’t ask any questions and they must leave the house as is, other than cleaning it.  But the house comes with a dark secret.

When Abigail arrives she is not warmly welcomed by the steward who has guarded the house ever since it has stood empty.  When he learn she is family come to reopen the house and is not one of the treasure seekers, he begins to warm up and Abigail starts to set the house to straights.  But the stories of ghost and treasure hunters make it difficult to settle into the house.  She finds herself drawn into the mystery and wonders if she can restore her family’s fortune by finding the treasure.

Secret treasure, a handsome parson, and a wonderful huge estate.  What else do you need for a fun read.  Regency isn’t my thing, but Julie writes such delightful books, they are a great break from an intense thriller.  I love her writing style and how she can make you kind of wish you lived in one of those wonderful old houses even though you know that they are drafty, hard to heat and probably not all that fun to live in. J  She has a gentle way of writing and yet the mystery of her books is always interesting. 

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up one of her books, let me recommend that you get started soon as she is still writing and it will take a bit of time to catch up. 

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Release - Remember the Lilies - Liz Tolsma

Dear Readers,

Liz Tolsma zip to the top of many readers in the area with her first book, Snow on the Tulips.   Many of the families in the West Michigan have ties to the Dutch Resistance of WWII and that book gave many a chance to talk about their relatives who were part of the Resistance.  I know of several book clubs that read the book and then spent their time together just exchanging stories instead of discussing her book.

Her third release is Remember the Lilies and is set in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation.  The main character are American's that lived there at the time and what happen to them, but it also touches on how cruel the invaders were to the natives of that country.

Rand lived and worked in Manila.  He owed several clubs and was counted among the wealthy.  The attack on Pearl Harbor changed all that and now he is just another prisoner in the Santo Thomas Internment Camp.

Irene is a missionary who is now employed by the Japanese delivering censored letters to the prisoners.  Her mistake stops Rand's escape attempt and lands him in the torture chambers.  When he returns to camp Irene hopes to help in someway, but this unlikely couple are not sure they can survive let alone profess their love for each other.

We sometimes forget about the Pacific theater of the war.  Liz reminds us once again that we fought on two fronts and our men and women suffered along side the natives of those countries.  I think there are stories to share that we have never heard about those times.  Thankfully authors are discovering those stories and sharing them with us.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Release - Twisted Innocence - Terri Blackstock

Dear Readers,

I am sorry for the first release of this post.  I don't know why only part of it released.  Here is all of it this time... I hope.

Terri Blackstock has been writing fiction as long as I have worked for Baker Book House.  She has been a favorite of readers as long.  She was the first writing romantic suspense, leading the way for what we now know as the genre. 

Her newest Twisted Innocence is the 3rd in the Moonlighters series and this time Holly is in the forefront of the story.  As she has tried to turn her life around from a party girl to a mother with a way to support her daughter and herself, she has put the old life behind her, including her daughter's father.  At least she thought she had.

When the police come looking for Creed, Holly tells them she has no idea where he is.  But she decides to looking for him to turn him over to the police.  Instead he kidnaps her and her daughter professing his innocence.  Is it true?  Is he being set up?  Holly isn't sure who to believe or trust. 

Terri always has a twist or two in her storylines that make for a very interesting reading.  I have enjoyed reading her books for years now and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.

Happy Reading,

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Releases January 26 - 31

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the month of love.  Everywhere you turn you see the colors of red, pink and white.  Romance is in the air and there are even a few hints of spring.  Soon we might even make to above 50 degrees. 

To help you get in the mood for Valentine's day, here are some romances for you to enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Miriam's Secret - Jerry S. Eicher - #1 Land of Promise - Miriam inherits $2,000,000 dollars and a wonderful farm from the man she has compassionately taken care of for years.  She tells no one about the money and yet she can't trust Ivan, a young man who use to court her.

The Amish Clockmaker - Mindy Starns Clark/Susan Meissner - #3 Men of Lancaster County - Matthew Zook just wanted to expand his business, but until he can track down the clockmaker who used to own the building he will not be able to.

Love Gently Falling - Melody Carlson - Rita heads back to Chicago to help her mother recover from a stroke.  While there she reconnects with a couple of old friends.  When did Johnny become so good looking?  Why is he suddenly so helpful?

The Trouble with Patience - Maggie Brendan - #1 Virtues and Vices of the Old West - Patience gives up her hope of being married when the man she has pinned her hopes on dies.  Jedediah  has other ideas and makes himself a presence in her life.

The Boy Who loved Rain - Gerard Kelly - Colom has the perfect childhood, that is why the nightmares are hard to explain.  His father refuses help other than the church, but his mother is willing to find help any way possible.

Twisted Innocence - Terri Blackstock - #3 Moonlighters series - Holly has turned her party girl life around.  When the police wonder if she knows the whereabouts of her ex, she decides to try to track him down first.  The tables are turned when Creed takes her and her daughter kidnapped. 

Remember the Lilies - Liz Tolsma - Set in the Philippines during WWII, an very unlikely couple struggles to stay alive.  Irene is working for the Japanese while trying to help smuggle letters into the prison where Rand Sterling is just another prisoner.