Friday, August 30, 2013

New Release - An Accidental Life - Pamela Ewen

An+Accidental+LifeDear Readers,

Most books I read will teach me something, some set out to do that, others it is just part of the story.  I have to admit that most fiction books that set out to teach you something can be dry.  An Accidental Life by Pamela Ewen set out to tell us about a very dark side of life.

Jill Stanek is a real person, you can look her up online, I did.  She took on the pro-abortionist.  She testified in front of congress about live births after an abortion.   She actually got a federal law changed to protect those babies, but it is not enforceable on the state levels.  It is all part of know facts.

Pamela wanted to tell her story, but in a different way.  So she wrote a fiction story set in New Orleans in 1982 where Peter Jacobs is facing the trial of a lifetime.  His wife also finds her life spinning out of control.  Everything is about to change.

This will not be an easy, light read.  I think this book will leave more than a few people uncomfortable, including me.  It is always nice to find a fiction book that is willing to take on a a powerful topic.

Happy Reading.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Liz Tolsma

Dear Readers,
Until a trial comes upon you, you will have no idea how you will react.  Those who fought in the Dutch resistance didn’t know that is what they would do, and those who didn’t fight also chose not to for some very good reasons.  In Snow on the Tulips Liz Tolsma gives us a peek at both reasons.  
No matter the reason they had, Liz presents both sides in a clear manner.  Now does that mean I agree with the reasons for or against, no.  I would even like to think I would have helped the resistance in any way I could have.  I am not sure how brave I would be. So until I am in the situation, hopefully never, will I be able to know what choice I will make. This book sure made me think about it in more ways than I had thought about it before.
Now I have mentioned before that my in-laws were involved in the Dutch resistance during the war and I am only learning the stories now.  Liz’s family has always known about the stories of their family’s involvement and the ‘legends’ that go along with it.  Some of those stories come out in this book.
Cornelia is just trying to live through the war.  The only thing she is doing that is illegal is keeping her younger brother hidden in her house.  She doesn’t try to ruffle any feathers, she doesn’t get involved and she surely doesn’t join any of the resistance activities as all of it would require her to have her heart challenged again.  That all changes when Johan brings home a wounded resistance worker and challenges her to get involved.
Anki’s husband Piet doesn’t get involved with anything to do with the resistance because he believes that God had told them to render on to Caesar that what is Caesar’s, even when that government is killing citizens for no reason other than being Jews.  Anki isn’t going out on missions, only helping her family, but it is causing trouble in her marriage.  Who is right?
One of the things that this book challenged me to think about is who would I be, Anki, Piet or Cornelia.  Each one is doing what they think is right to survive a war that none of them asked to be involved in.  None of the choices are easy to make. Turning out a fellow human to his death is not something any of us have dealt with, but Cornelia did.  It meant a threat to her and her brother.  When Anki got involved it put her and her husband at risk.  What would you do?  I am still not sure.
Happy Reading

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Release - The Miner's Daughter - Tracie Peterson

Dear Readers,

Tracie Peterson has written over 51 novels.  Some she has written by herself and others she has written with a co-author, but 51 novels is amazing and she shows no sign of slowing down.  Her fans still eagerly await the next book.

The Miner's Lady is the third book of the Land of Shining Water series, The Icecutter's Daughter and the Quarryman's Bride are books 1 & 2.  Even though the books are all set in Minnesota, they are stand alones.  The first two have been stories of women trying to find love and struggling against what is expected of them by their families.

Chantel's younger sister is in love.  The problem is it is with Orlando and he is a member of the hated  Calarco family.  When asked if she will help them spend time together, Chantel knows that this relationship is due to failure.  That is until she meets Dante, Orlando's older brother.  Now there are two Chantel sisters in love with the enemy.

Tracie takes the age old story of star cross lovers and set it in our country.  She throws in the twist of having the sisters and brothers loving each other.  In her classic writing, Tracie pens a delightful historcial love story.  It is a lovely way to find out more about the mining community in Minnesota.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Release - Chasing Hope - Kathryn Cushman

Dear Readers,

Kathryn Cushman is known for her emotional laced books.  She has taken on the subjects of death, addiction and even reality TV.  They have all been interesting peeks into life while woring through the issues.  Most of us will not lose a child to a tragic accident and yet in her book A Promise to remember she gives you both sides of issue.

Chasing Hope is Kathryn's newest and the emotion run high once again. Sabrina knew from a very young age God had called to to Olympic gold and to use her fame to reach more for Christ, just like her hero Eric Liddell.  When those dreams are dashed because of a health issues she is positive she heard God wrong and that want her hopes and dreams are don't matter to Him.
Brandy is a child with her last chance.  There is only one way to stay out of Juvie and that is to join anything that is extra curriculum.  She is told the cross country team will give her a try, but she has to also find someone that is willing to train her on the side.  This is where these two very different girls meet and their first meeting does not go well.

A story about running , but how it can bring two people together.  It is also a story about how we should not judge someone until we know their history.  Some times things we think we know are not what they appear.

Happy Reading

Monday, August 26, 2013

New Releases August 19-24

Dear Readers,

As I am resting at home, the books keep coming in.  I am so glad I can continue to bring you titles and let you know what is available at the store.  Thank you Mariam. 

Happy Reading,

Harvest of Gold - Tessa Afshar - Book #1 - What was it like to live when Nehemiah was trying to rebuild Jerusalem?  The continuing story of Sarah and the husband she has grown to love.

Wake the Dawn - Lauraine Snelling - Ben is trying to hid his pain in the bottle.  Esther is trying to hid her physical problems.  When Ben finds a baby they join forces to save the child.

Grace Unplugged - Melody Carlson - based on the motion picture of the same name starring AJ Michalka and Kevin Pollak - Grace is passionate about two things, her faith and her singing.  When a break puts her in the real world of music, her faith is put to the test. 

Unlimited - Davis Bunn - When Simon receives a call from an old professor, he doesn't expect to have everything go wrong, including the professors death.  As he hides in the only place available, he finds out there maybe a higher calling.

The Miner's Lady - Tracie Peterson - #3 Land of Shining Water - The Panettas and the Calarcos have been sworn enemies for years, but when their sons and daughters start to fall in love will the angry be able to stand up. 

Chasing Hope - Kathryn Cushman - Known for her emotional laced story, Kathryn tells the story of Sabrina who had to find a new dream when she had to give up the one for Olympic gold.  Brandy is just trying to survive, will running be her salvation?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lori Benton

Dear Readers,
I love being able to share new authors with you, especially one that is writing a little different genre.  Right now the Revolutionary War is very hot in fiction and Burning Sky by Lori Benton is set just after the war is over.  The main focus of that book is not the war, but what was happening in some of the areas of the country.
14 years ago Willa was kidnapped away from her family and adopted into the Mohawk family.  She became part of their family and survived very well.  But she never forgot her ‘real’ family and when she is able she heads home to find out what happened to her parents. 
When she arrives at the edge of her family's land she finds a wounded man and takes him home to what turns out to be an empty house.  There are many things that happen and Willa ends up being a woman caught in two different worlds.  She will have to decide which world she wishes to live in and that is not the easiest decision to make. 
I don’t want to say to much more about the story line because this book was such an interesting read.   It is part of USA’s history that they don’t talk about in history books: what went on in the countryside during and after the war.  People that were seen as loyal to the crown were chased from their homes and had their lands stolen from them.  Native Americans were feared and anyone who defended them were often looked at as betraying their fellow countrymen and women. 
I am not sure what Lori will be writing about next, but I am interested to see what she does with her sophomore book.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Katie Ganshert

Dear Readers,
Sometimes I am just looking for a gentle story.  It doesn’t really have any excitement or mystery to it.  It is just a good story that is fun to read and enjoy.  Wishing on Willows by Katie Ganshert was the perfect book for that mood.

It is Katie’s second book and you pick up the story line of Robin who you met for the first time in Wildflowers in Winter.  She is a secondary character in that book, this time you find out how she is doing after losing her husband and opening her own cafĂ© all while trying to raise a 4 year old boy. 

Ian needs to prove to his father that he is not a complete failure.   His father’s development company is in trouble and the chance to build the condos in Peaks would save the company. 

I am not sure Katie set out to write a book that showed so clearly what it is like to lose a husband, but that is a picture you get from this book.  How much work it is, emotionally and physically.  How everything you would do requires an extra effort when you have a child.  

I love that there is more than one plot line going on. You know that Katie is setting up her next book and I am pretty sure of who it will be about, but that is what life is like.  There are things going on in everyone’s life even if we forget that sometimes.

This is a wonderful read for those quiet times, a chance to get away from it all and just enjoy.
Happy Reading

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ann Tatlock

Dear Readers,
17 year old Eve and her family are moving from the sanctuary for mobsters, gangsters and bootleggers, St. Paul MN, to the safety of her Uncles Cy’s prosperous lodge in Ohio.  Her father has lost his job, so when his brother offered him a job helping at the lodge the family really didn’t have a choice but to go.
For Eve the move offers a chance to get away from the place where she saw a man gunned down in broad daylight.  For that reason she is more than ready to move away to a place that holds good memories from summer vacations spent on Marryat Island.
So starts Sweet Mercy by Ann Tatlock, a coming of age during the depression, while prohibition is in full swing, where the guy sitting next you in the pew on Sunday could easily be running moonshine the rest of the week, and where the lines of right and wrong sometimes blurred just a bit.
I am amazed at the stuff I learn about in fiction that history classes in school never taught me.  I had no idea that St. Paul was a haven for criminals in the 20’s and 30’s.  I also had no idea that many of the people that were bootleggers were actually driven to do their job because of the depression and it was one of those jobs that was available.  They needed the money for their families to survive.  
Once again Ann writes a sweet story, no pun intended, that can while away the time in such a gentle manner that you may not even notice that several hours have past. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Release - August 12 - 17

Dear Readers,
Just a few titles for you this week.  One I have already read and hope to have a review up soon for you.   The other one is a good way to end the summer reading season.  I will be out of the store for the next few weeks, hopefully I can continue to let you know what new and exciting books are available for you. 
Happy Reading,
Prairie Song – Mona Hodgson – Hearts seeking Home #1 – Anna and her family join the wagon train to move past the loss of a brother/son/grandson.  Caleb joins the wagon train to guard his secrets and to avoid God’s calling.
Burning Sky – Lori Benson – A novel of the American Frontier – Willa returns home after having spent most of her life as a captive of the Mohawk Indians.  A woman caught between two worlds, how do you adjust back to a life where the people you love hate each other.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wil Mara

Dear Readers,
Conspiracy theories are not my thing.  So at first I was a little gun-shy about reading Frame 232 by Wil Mara, but I kept getting drawn to the book and finally I thought I should check it out.  After reading the afterward I decided to give it a try.
If you go and look at the pictures of the Kennedy assassination there is a woman standing alongside the road holding what could easily be a camera.  Go ahead a minute and look, just Google it, that is what I did.  See there she is.  She has been titled the Babushka Lady; no one has ever been able to identify her, until now.
Sheila Baker inherits everything from her mother, including a mysterious film. Once she views it she knows that there are people that would kill for the evidence this film holds and within hours of seeing the film for the first time someone is hot on her and Jason Hammond’s trail.
Because this book has the mystery/adventure to it I won’t go any farther into the plotline.  Maybe because I don’t put a lot of stock in conspiracies, I was able to enjoy this book as Will wrote it, purely fiction.  It was an interesting read that included lots of facts of what did and didn’t go down on that tragic day in Dallas. It also had a bit of a history lesson on different things that were going on in the world at that time. 
So over all it is a book I would recommend, just don’t expect it to answer any questions about the Kennedy assassination.
Happy Reading

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lauraine Snelling

Dear Readers,
With the Lauraine Snelling visit just around the corner, I wanted to read her newest release in advance and give you a short taste of the book.  I had a chance to read it while sitting in a beach chair while on vacation and believe it or not that is probably the perfect place to read it.  Of course that is best place to read any book.
Wake the Dawn releases on August 20th and Lauraine will be in our store on the 22nd talking about the story. She'll also speak about any of her other books that she has in print, including her second release this year, a long awaited prequel to the beloved Red River of the North Series, titled An Untamed Heart.  That book tells the story of Ingebord’s journey to America and how she settles in Red River.
Wake the Dawn on the other hand is a contemporary story set in the wilds of Minnesota where you meet Ben. Ben is still reeling from the loss of his beloved wife and unborn child.  He is finding the answers at the bottom of the bottle and is barely keeping his head above water.   Even with the people who love him trying to help him, he continues down a destructive path that may also lead to the loss of his job.
While out patrolling the known paths of illegals coming across the border, Ben and his dog find a baby hiding in the weeds.  Who would leave their baby behind and why?  Ben doesn’t know the answers to those questions but he does know he needs to get this baby help and he heads off to the local clinic as a terrible storm hits and cuts the city off from the rest of the world. 
Esther is doing the best she can in a second rate clinic during a time of great crisis and when Ben is teamed up with her they find that they work well together in spite of some glaring problems they both have. 
If you have enjoyed Lauraine’s contemporary books in the past, I am sure you will enjoy this one also.  If you have only read her historical then you are in for a treat with a different time period.  Lauraine has a way of writing about people that makes you care for them and even start thinking that you wished you lived in their neighborhood so you to could enjoy some time in their company. 
This book is not a fast paced action/adventure book, but it does move right along and you are moved through Ben and Esther’s stories and how they each find out that they by themselves are not strong enough to overcome their past hurts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Francine Rivers

Dear Readers,
There are not many fiction books that can say that stay in print for over 20 years, but Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers can brag that it is one of the few. I loved, loved, loved this book.  I recommend to any and all to read it, especially women. 
I am almost sure that I don’t have to tell you what the story line is about, but I will remind you that it is based on the book of Hosea in the Bible.  It is the story of God’s pursuit of us and how we return over and over again to our old life. 
I cannot say it enough. If you have not read this book, go find a copy in any one of the three covers that it has been released in and read it.  Just don’t start it on a day you have something important to do, you might not be willing to lay the book down and leave it behind until you are completely finished.

Happy Reading.
P.S.  I was asked to read and post a review of this book by Waterbrook/Multinomah

C.F. Dunn

Dear Readers,
I was asked to read Death Be Not Proud by C.F. Dunn by Kregel and give my honest review.   I will be honest and say, I did not read book #1 of the series The Secret of the Journals, Mortal Fire. If I had it might have changed how I felt about it.  

I spent most of the book wondering what was going on and really not caring about what had happened in book one either.  I have had books where I ended up wanting to read the first book after reading book two, but not this one.  Mostly because by the time the time I got done listening to Emma whining about the loss of her love Matthew, he shows up and she is falling all over herself to talk and be with him. 
*Spoiler* As the book progresses you learn very quickly that Emma does not make great decisions about men, and the sad part is she is still making stupid choices when it comes to guys as she lets her stalker in even when she feels uncomfortable about him.   I would hope she would learn and yet she once again gets beat up by a guy. Yes again… *sigh*
C.F. does remind you of what happens in book one, but it is most of the plot line of the first half of the book and if I had read the first book it would have annoyed me to no end. If I had read book one I would have been bored with this book. 

I also do understand that book two can be a transitional book between one and three, but if it is then it has to make you want to read book 3. This book does not do that.  I am sorry to report I will not be recommending this book to anyone else.

Happy Reading   

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Releases August 5 -8

Dear Readers,
This might be the last new release list for a couple of weeks.  There may be one next week yet, but it depends on what hits the shelves when.  I am having surgery this week Thursday and will be out of commission for a little bit.  The nice thing is I hope to continue to do reviews and even do some highlights of books that I think need mentioning as exciting. 
Thank you for all your support and I will be back soon
Happy Reading,
The Farmer's Brides Collection - DiAnn Mills, Kimberley Comeaux, Susan K. Downs, JoAnn A. Grote, Ellen Edwards Kennedy and Debby Mayne - (from the back cover) Homestead fueled the expansion of America and these farms depended on families to run them.  In this collection of 6 down-on-the-farm stories, marriages are formed often with the future of the land in mind before romance.
Memory's Door - James Rubart - #2 A Well Spring Novel - (from the back cover) The prophecy brought them together, but the wolf has risen and now begins their greatest battle.
Snow on the Tulips - Liz Tolsma - At the end of WWII Johan brings a wounded Dutch Resistance fighter to Cornelia's door.  Is she willing to risk everything to protect Gerrit from the Nazi's?  What of her heart?
The Tattered Quilt – Wanda Brunstetter – Return of the Half-stitched Amish Quilting Club – Emma starts a new quilting class with a whole new group of misfits.  A busy body, a roofer, one loses a bet, one is trying to keep a family member from leaving the faith, one is bitter and one needs her heart mended, they are all very different and yet need each other.
Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold – Joyce Magnin – Sequel to Harriet Beamer takes the bus – After her cross country move Harriet is ready to settle in and enjoy her new life. 
Summer Promises – Marianne Ellis – An Amish Seasons Novel – Mariam has a chance to win the heart of the man she loves – her husband.

Friday, August 9, 2013

New Release - Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold - Joyce Magnin

Dear Readers,

Joyce Magnin has some very interesting main characters in her books.  In Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold carries on the tradition in that she writes about an older character and usually with a sense of humor.  There are certian problems with being an older person, but Joyce makes sure that her characters do not have a poor old me attitude.

Harriet has moved across the country,to read that story read Harriet Beamer Rides the Bus, to live in Grass Valley California.  She finds out that she is going to be a first time grandma and thinks look like it is going to a great time.  That is Harriet falls for a scheme that may cost her lots of money, but is money more important that a teen at risk?

I love reading about Harriet because I want to be like Harriet when I grow up.  She loves to be alive and it shows through in the story.  She sounds like the kind of person you will want walking along side you when something goes wrong.

Happy Reading.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beth Webb Hart

Dear Readers,
Anytime I read a book set in the low country of South Carolina I feel like I am reading about home.   I love west Michigan, having grown up here and raised my family here, but I do miss living in South Carolina and all the smells, sounds and the feel of the area.  I am sure that is part of the reason I love Beth Webb Hart’s book, of course the other reason is they are so good to read.
Moon Over Edisto is Beth’s newest release, but know it came out in February of this year. I just kind of put if off to read until that perfect moment.  I do love reading them in the middle of the winter because of Beth usually writing about the hot summer days in SC, but for some reason I felt it necessary to read this one in the middle of our July heat wave.
Mary Ellen had a beautiful life.  Her husband and daughters made for the perfect family.  They lived in Charleston, but vacationed on the shores of the Atlantic on the Island of Edisto.  What more could one woman ask for.  That is until the one summer when it all fell apart. 
Mary Ellen struggles to understand where her picture perfect family went.  Meg is over controlling.  Julia ran away from the Island and all its memories with the idea that she would never return to it again.
I have vacationed on Edisto Island a couple of times and each time it is a wonderful place to be.  The pace is slower and because it is a bit out of range, cells phones don’t always work and internet connection could be a bit spotty.  But that is what adds to the charm of the island, you are truly getting away from life and no one who lives on the island wants it any different.
This book fits that perfectly, it is one that is no hurry to get anywhere and yet as you drift along the storyline develops so that you are drawn in and never want to leave.  The characters are well written and very 3 dimensional.  They could easily be part of any of our families.  This make it easy to relate to what they are going through and yet you can’t wait to see how they will recover from their past.
Happy Reading

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Release - Memory's Door - James Rubart

Dear Readers,

James Rubart writes a somewhat different fiction.  They are fantasy, but not with a whole new world, but more of the spiritual aspect of our own world.  Yet as I type that I am not sure that is entirely sure that is right either.  He writes books that are not easily explain in a normal world, but if you allow your thoughts to travel just a little outside of the norm, then his books fit very nicely there. 

Soul's Gate introduced us to a group of people that are brought together because of a prophecy. He continues that storyline in Memory's Door.  The first half of the prophecy was fulfilled and the second half is coming true.  The wolf is following them. 

As each of the group deals with something that makes them vulnerable. Reece is having a hard time dealing with the loss of his sight, Brandon is being stalked, Dana is losing herself to her job and Marcus is thinking he is going insane.   Will they be able to escape the Wolf's trap or will they be defeated. 

If you are looking for something a little off center, faced paced and interesting, James Rubart is a good author to give a try.

Happy Reading.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Release - Snow on the Tulips - Liz Tolsma

Dear Readers,

Snow on the Tulips, Liz TolsmaSometimes a new title draws you attention because of a beautiful color, sometimes because the story line because it is a favorite author and other times it is because of storyline.  Snow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma drew me in because of the subject matter; of course the beautiful cover didn't hurt.

Snow is about the Dutch resistance at the end of WWII when the Germans are slowing being pushed out of the Netherlands by the allies but are still a force to be feared.  They are still hunting the resistance and killing any and all they find.

Cornelia has lost so much to the war; she is just a shadow of who she use to be.  She just wants to survive and live quietly.  When her younger brother brings a wounded resistance fighter, Gerrit, to her doorstep, she knows that her life is about to change again.

A war story with a little different perspective, one with the view from the people whose land was invaded.  The innocent bystanders who just want their country back and are willing to fight for it and sacrifice so much to earn it back.  Did they need help?  Yup, but that did not make their work any less impressive. 

Happy Reading,

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Releases July 29th - August 3

Dear Readers,
I want to take this time to let you know that my post maybe changing a little bit as I will be on medical leave.  I am having surgery in the next 10 days and will need 6 weeks recovery time.   I  hope to be able to keep up as much as possible, but it maybe that I will only be posting new reviews for a little while.  Thank you for your understanding.
Happy Reading,
Sisters of Mercy Flats – Lori Copeland – rerelease – Abigail is rescued from an attack by a twit of a shoe salesman.  She steals his horse and rides off to the next town.  But what she finds in his saddle bags changes everything.
Pattern of Romance – Carla Olson Gade – Quilts of Love – 1769 – Honour is known for her quilting skills.  When she agrees to quilt a white work wedding quilt, she may be in over her head. 
Millie’s Treasure – Kathleen Y’barro – The Secret Lives of Will Tucker – Millie doesn’t know that her fiance’ is not whom he seems to be.  Kyle Russel of the Pinkerton agency is determined to catch Will Tucker, but isn’t sure if Millie is an accomplice or victim.
The Immigrant Brides Collection – Various Authors – 9 stories celebrate settling in America – (from the backcover) Lofty dreams of a new and better life lured untold thousands to America.  Among those “huddle masses yearning to be free” are nine displaced  individuals who arrived on American soil… to pursue happiness, make a home and secure love.

Friday, August 2, 2013

New Release - Beneath the Dover Sky - Murray Pura

Dear Readers,
I am kind of a Johnny come lately when it came to Downton Abbey.  I didn’t really start watching it until this past season, and then I couldn’t get enough of it.  I watched to two seasons I missed in about 3 days.  Loads of emotion involved, but oh so good.

Murray Pura came onto the fiction market just a few short years ago with an interesting series about the US during and just before WWI.  Then he started a series that is set in the era and setting of Downton Abbey.  It is a good way to fill the day’s in-between the seasons of Downton, but they are not long enough.

In Beneath the Dover Sky he picks up the story of the Danforths of Lancashire.   Sir William is now Lord and though the country is recovering for WWI there is a new politic threat arising in Europe, a man named Adolf Hitler is saying and writing things that gets some attention and it is not all good.

Michael and Libby welcome a new family member and Catherine is not amused by the theologian that her father has befriended. 

Once again you will be caught up in the wonderful delightful tales of life in the English countryside.  As the different storylines continue you will, like me, will find yourself wishing you could step into the pages of the book and join the family.

Happy Reading

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Robert Whitlow

Dear Readers,
The Living Room by Robert Whitlow is a bit different for him and not in a bad way.  He still weaves a good story and it is definitely in the southern genre.  It just does not have the heavy mystery that most of his others have in them.   The story line focuses more on God speaking to us and are we listening carefully to what he is saying or do we run off and assume we know what he wants us to do.
Amy has gone to the “living room” in her dreams for as long as she could remember.  It is a holy place in her dreams where she meets with God and finds peace and rest.  It is a place that she doesn’t talk to many people about because she is afraid that they will think she is a bit batty. 
The living room is where she has gotten ideas for her current novel and the one to be released soon.  She loves that God comes and speaks to her in such a personal way, but when the dreams start changing and seem to be predicting the future and warning her of people and circumstances, Amy needs to decide what to do.
As I said earlier, this is different for Robert, but should still be on your list of reads if you are a Robert Whitlow fan.  His writing style comes through and he gently nudges you along in the story to find not only the answers for Amy but maybe even for yourself.
Happy Reading