Monday, August 31, 2015

New Releases - August 24 - 29

Dear Readers,

August 31st!!  Yikes!  I am not ready!  Fall is a wonderful time of year, but I am just not ready for those cooler days and cold nights.  And because it is Michigan there is that chance that we are only 2 months away from our first, I hardly dare say it, snowfall.  (Yuck!!)

Happy Reading,

Counting on Cowboys - Debra Clopton - #2 of A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance - One is running from a past that still haunts her.  The other is a new father of a son he never knew about. Together can they find romance and hope?

The Lost Heiress - Roseanna M. White - #1 Ladies of the Manor - Is Brook the Missing Heiress?  Her father thinks so but the servants are more reluctant to accept her.  Will they move to protect be to late too save her from the same fate as her mother?

Where Treasure Hides - Johnnie Alexander - Drawn to Ian during their chance meeting at Waterloo train station, Alison Schuyler begins to question her fear of love.  As WWII starts they are separated, Alison to fight with the Dutch resistance and Ian to the battlefields.  Will they both survive to love each again or will their story end the way so many did in WWII?

Mind of her Own - Diana Lesire Brandmeyer - After a bump on the head leaves Louisa with amnesia, she has to figure out who this man who claims to be her husband is?  Also what's with these kids?  They almost always need something.  They all think she is Louisa when she knows she is Jazz Sweet a romance writer.  She just needs to figure out who is right.

Secrets She Kept - Cathy Gohlke - Hannah Sterling never understood why her mother was the way she was.  That is until she started following a trail her mother left her and Hannah discovered stuff that no one would ever believe her mother went through in her teenage years.

The Sea Keeper's Daughter  - Lisa Wingate - Whitney is trying to keep her restaurant from a hostile takeover.  When she hears her step-father is having health issues, she thinks this might be the answer to her prayers.  Sell the old building and put the money into the legal battle and win.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lisa Wingate

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with Lisa Wingate's writing years ago when she was writing for the ABA market.  So when she started writing for the CBA (Christian Market) I was so excited to start carrying her books here at the store, but also to start reading them. 

The Sea Keeper's Daughter is her newest release and once again Lisa takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride.  One that may even have you packing your bags to head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to find the Excelsor Hotel and help Whitney find her past. 

Whitney and her business partner Denise are struggling.  They have one restaurant that is doing well and another that is not.  They are fighting the "good old boy system" where their second restaurant is located.  It is actually driving them to bankruptcy and Whitney just doesn't know where else to turn. 

She receives a message from a stranger in North Carolina telling her that her step-father is not doing well and she needs to come and take care of him.  She sees it as a way to maybe get some quick money from the sale of the Hotel she inherited from her mother.  The only problem is that Clyde lives there and gets to, according to the will, as long as he wants. 

What Whitney finds doesn't change her attitude about Clyde or the Hotel.  She just wants to clean it out and sell it to the highest bidder.  But as she starts sorting through her mother's and grandmother's stuff, she discovers a story that changes how she understands her family.  

If you have read The Story Keeper, then you will for sure want to read this one.  They are not really a series and yet I do recommend you read them in order if possible.  Once again Lisa writes a story that draws you in and makes you wish to join the journey of discovery.   It may even make you do a little research on your own, it did me. 

Happy Reading

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Release - The Bones will Speak - Carrie Stuart Parks

Dear Readers,

I love love love Carrie Stuart Parks books.  Okay the one I have read, A Cry from the Dust and I could hardly wait to read book #2.  Thankfully The Bones will Speak just released and I am already to get started.  A weekend away will be the perfect time to read it.  Of course a book with murder and mayhem may not be the best book to read while staying in a cabin in the woods...

"Bones" is book #2 in the Gwen Marcey novels.  This time Gwen is taking on a serial killer.  A killer who seems to have a thing for girls that look a lot like Gwen's daughter.  So Gwen is in a race to find the killer before he carries out his revenge on her and the only family she has left.

Edge of your seat, who done its that are interesting and fun to read are my favorite genre.  Starting with Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown, I find mysteries one of the best reads out there.  When you work alongside the detective, PI or just amateur sleuth trying to find out who did it first, just makes the writing/reading so much more entertaining.

I look forward to enjoy many more titles by Carrie and hopefully in the very near future.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Release - The Memory Weaver - Jane Kirkpatrick

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with Jane Kirkpatrick's writing many years ago and always eagerly await any and all new books from her.  Jane's newest book to hit the market is Memory Weaver and as is most of her writing, based on a true story.

The+Memory+WeaverThis time we meet Eliza Spalding Warren who as a child is taken hostage by the Cayuse Indians.  She is still haunted by memories of that time and struggles with how to deal with trauma in any situation.  She wishes she could ask her mother, but all she has of hers is the diaries she kept.  As Eliza searches the diaries for answers, she realizes that her memories of the day she was taken is much different than what her mother writes.

Jane's writing style puts you right into the middle of the story and makes you wish they taught history in school the way she writes books.  I know I would have liked history class if we could have followed regular people across the plains instead of only those that made the "headlines" so to speak.

Stories like Eliza's make history come to life and I am so glad that Jane takes the time to find these stories and share them with the rest of us.  I can't wait to get started on Memory Weaver and learn more about America's history and the people that made her great.

Happy Reading,

Monday, August 24, 2015

New Releases - August 17 - 22

Dear Readers,

It is September next week.  Seriously does anyone have any idea where the summer wandered off to?  I have piles of books I had on my summer reading list and I feel like I hardly made a dent in it.  Well I guess I will have to move them to my fall reading list and add a few more...

Happy Reading,

The Bones will Speak - Carrie Stuart Parks - #2 Gwen Marcey Novel -Gwen Marcey is back.  This time there is a serial killer on the loose.  And he seems to have Gwen and her daughter in his sites.

The Mistress of Tall Acres - Laura Frantz - After the American Revolution, Sophie is longing for good news, but her neighbor only brings more tragedy.  Newly returned from war and a widower, he is looking for a mother for his young daughter.  Sophie sees it as an answer to her problems, that is until a woman returns who claims she is the rightful Mistress of Tall Acres.

A Noble Masquerade - Kristi Ann Hunter - #1 Hawthorne House - Lady Miranda is every inch a lady, at least on the outside.  On the inside she longs to be completely different.  She pours her heart out in letters to her brother's friend, never intending to mail them.  When the accidently get mailed, it sets off events that put more at risk that just her heart.

The Memory Weaver - Jane Kirkpatrick - Eliza Spalding Warren was a child when she was taken hostage by the Cayuse Indians.  Now her husband wants to return to the land of her captivity and she longs to ask advice from her mother.  But all she has is her mother's diaries and they tell a very different story of the past than Eliza remembers.  Based on a true story.

Friday, August 21, 2015


“Why can't people just sit and read books and be nice to each other?” 
― David Baldacci, The Camel Club

art: Torajiro Kojima

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Billy Coffey

Dear Readers,

Have you heard what is happening in Crow Hollow?  It seems that a few teens decided to go up to the old haunted mines to celebrate one of the girls birthday and instead they awaken the witch that lives there and now they are all sick.  In fact not only are those girls sick, but all the girls in town are sick. 

Yup just the girls, none of the boys even though there was one of the teen boys that went along.  There was something about a bracelet that the witch stole and all the girls were trying to do was get it back so they could put it back where they got it from.

I know amazing isn’t.  The sad part is now the folks in town are turning on each other.  Did you hear about what they did to the grocery store?  My goodness. 

Have you heard the latest rumor?  The one about Stu, the witches late husband?  Oh let me tell you.  It will make your hair stand on end…

The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey is his 4th book set in the hills of Virginia.  I have enjoyed all 4 of them now, but this one kept me on my edge of my seat just a bit longer.  It is that type of tale that you might tell around a campfire just to see if you can scare the other there with you.

It is easy to imagine what is happen in the story is real because Billy has a way of writing that makes you feel at home.  Whether you want to live there or not.  I know personally I really don't think I would be comfortable in that little town like Crow Hollow if there really was a curse hanging over them.  But Billy welcomes you in anyways and boy you better be ready for a scary little ride. 

Happy Reading, 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Release - Be My Valentino - Sandra Bricker

Dear Readers,

I think Sandra Bricker is about the only author I know of that can take on such a heavy subject and yet do it with a sense of humor.  Be My Valentino by Sandra is the second in her Jessie Stanton Novels.  Jessie has just found out about her husband's double life and is now moving on.
On a Ring and a Prayer is book 1 in the series and with book 2 we pick up the story where the other left off.  Jessie is now trying to get her feet under.  She is struggling to get her rental store on its feet which in Hollywood should be easy that it seems.

The problem arises when the local paparazzi take a liking to Jessie's newest model.  When he shows up on the front cover of one of the local newspapers, his PI business begins to suffer.  Can their relationship survive?  Will her store get more business because of it?  How does Jessie know if this relationship is the one or will it end in disaster also?

So light hearted and yet with very serious undertones.  Sandra addresses life issues while encouraging those embroiled in them, to carry on with life.  There is none of the woe is me type character, but ones that after a good cry, pull up themselves and move on in their lives.

An really good book to bring along on that end of summer vacation.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Release - The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade -

Dear Readers,

If you are looking for one of those quirky little books that is just fun to read, The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade by Virginia Smith will fit the bill.  It is light hearted and yet touching on the subject of "quitting" life when you retire.

Al is 3 years and 63 days away from retirement and can wait.  He plans on doing nothing.  Rising late, relaxing on the porch while drinking his morning coffee and putting his feet up.  The problem is his wife has other plans.  Plans that may take just a little bit of finesse to make sure he is willing to go along.

The+Most+Famous+Illegal+Goose+Creek+ParadeMillie wants to buy the local run down manson and redo it into a B&B.  She has dreamed of owning this house since as a little girl she and attended a birthday party there.  But she knows that Al will not be on board until he thinks it is his idea.

Of course anyone that is married recognizes the things we do to get our spouses to see our side of an idea.  Which of course then makes us laugh out loud when we find those little schemes on the pages of a book.

With a whole community of people that will tickle your funny bone, Goose Creek is a wonderful little read for those summer evenings when the crickets are singing and it is time to go in, but you are just not ready yet.

Happy Reading,

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Releases - August 10 - 15

Dear Readers,

I can not believe it is the last half of the month.  This week is our annual Youth Pastor breakfast and so I will be working with that most of the week and then am going to take a couple days off to relax before hitting the busy September season.  I will be ready to enjoy a couple really good books.

Happy Reading,

Guardians of the Heart - Loree Lough - #2 Secrets of Sterling Street - Though their journeys are different both Nell and Asa have one goal in mind, return the Stone Hill Inn to former glory.  But disaster strikes and they both must face their past before they can be together.

Bathsheba - Angela Hunt - #2 A Dangerous Beauty Novel - The woman who caused King David to falter.  Bathsheba is one of the most notorious women in history and her only fault was her beauty.  What was she really like?

Grandpa Pitched for the Cubs - Dr. Elmer Towns - The story of Remle as he becomes something he never thought he would - a major league pitcher.  As life crashes around him, a police inspector comes alongside him to help him work through everything thrown in his path.

The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade - Virginia Smith - #1 Tales from the Goose Creek B&B - Al Richardson just wants to retire - 3 years and 63 days, but who's counting.  But his wife has other plans, she wants to start a B&B and the town, well the town is in a tizzy over who should paint the water tower.

Be My Valentino - Sandra D. Bricker - #2 A Jessie Stanton Novel - As Jessie starts to stand on her own after her husband's secrets were revealed, she hopes to put her store on the map.  In Hollywood that is easier said than done.  Suddenly her reluctant model is getting more attention than the store and that is not helping his career as an undercover agent.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The State of Christian fiction

Dear Readers,

Chip MacGregor wrote an interesting blog post a few weeks ago that got him in hot water with just about anyone that has something to do with Christian fiction.  I read the article wondering what he had to say that had everyone is such an uproar.  Well to be honest I am still wondering as I have read and reread the post a few times now.  I guess mainly because I think he is correct in his thinking.

It is true that many of the publishing houses that use to be strong in fiction have dropped their fiction lines and it is getting harder and harder to find Christian fiction in any bookstore.  I am not sure why that is happening as more and more people are reading fiction, especially Christian Fiction.

It is also true that more and more authors are writing Christian fiction, but why are we having such a hard time finding it.  Well I do have a strange thought on that.  It is not easy to find a book of an author you don't know to look for.  Okay that sound even strange to me, but if the only place we end up looking for books is online, I can almost guarantee that readers do not and will not "browse" those shelves like they would a bookstore.

Readers love new books.  But we do get stuck reading our favorite authors over and over again.  Or at least waiting to read their next release.  When we discover a new author it is because someone recommends them or it is on sale and we decide to take a chance on them.

So bookstores are still a needed component in the equation of readers and books.  For some reason a few years ago when e-readers were becoming the big thing and it hit the fiction market hard, bookstores started carrying fewer titles.  Well when the excitement wore off and readers returned to the traditional books, bookstores seemed to not get back on board.

So now we have a problem.  Readers looking for and waiting books, but have no one to buy them from.  Bookstores, we need to get back in the game and start bringing those (fiction) readers back into the stores.  If you wonder if they are reading, go to a Barnes and Noble and decide for yourself if fiction makes money or not.  Over 3/4ths of a B&N is fiction and they are busy.

But fiction selling takes more work than just sitting the books you like on the shelf and figuring the readers will be fine with that selection.  You must carry a variety.  Ex.- I was at a conference and attended a workshop about selling fiction.  When asked what kind of fiction books the other attendees (all bookstore owners/workers) carried, about 1/2 of them mentioned only Amish or Historical.  I can tell you right now I would have not shopped at their stores.  Why? I am Christian I should support that store right?  But they don't carry what I read and not because I read trashy novels.

Now I am not saying those genres are bad, but they are not the genres I read.  I am here today to say, bookstores the other genres are alive and well in the Christian fiction market, yes it takes a bit of effort to find them and carry them.  But I will also tell you that fiction readers are loyal to a fault and once you win them over they will shop you store all the time.

You will have to let them know what you are doing, start a bookclub, advertise to local libraries and church libraries.  Throw a special fiction reader event.  Have authors in.  More than one variety.  Yes some of those visit will be poorly attended, but don't stop.  Work at it and they will come.  (sorry couldn't resist).

Okay off the soapbox I am on, but it is an issue that I find near and dear to my heart.  Fiction is easy to sell, but you do need to get started and that is where the work starts.

Happy Reading,

P.S. Here is the link to Chip's blog post if you are interested.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hillary Manton Lodge

Dear Readers,

I am really Johnnie come lately on the review of this book.  I really really wanted to read it sooner, but deadlines and a lost book delayed it a bit for me.   Once I found my copy back, it was between the headboard and the wall.  Who knows how it got there other than I must have fallen asleep while reading one night… 

Reservations for Two by Hillary Manton Lodge was the much awaited sequel to The Table by the Window.  For anyone who read the first one you know and understand how the book ended.  It just ended, with Juliette and Neil arriving in France to follow her grandmother’s history and the mysterious photo Juliette discovered.  Yikes, who does that to readers?  J

Reservations+for+Two%3A+A+Novel+of+Fresh+Flavors+and+New+HorizonsReservations picks right up where the other left off and you don’t miss a beat.  Juliette and Neil not only are in France, they move on to Italy to follow her grandmother’s story.  What they find in Italy is a stash of letters that may or may not explain everything and Juliette is eager to get started reading.  She meets her grandmother on the pages, a young lady determined to got to pastry school despite her parent’s wishes.   As Juliette reads on she finds a part of her heritage that she knew nothing about. 

This is such an enjoyable way to tell a story.  Hillary has really hit it out of the park with the mixture of contemporary and historical.  Throw in the wonderful recipes and she has you captured right from the beginning of the book.  Of course she leaves us totally up in the air at the end of this book also.  So once again we will wait patiently (maybe) for the next book to find out what happens not only with Juliette, but also her grandmother.

On a little side note, I did find reading this book at night is maybe not the best idea.  With all the wonderful food described and recipes given it will basically make you want to get up and create a dessert and devour it all on the spot.  Okay maybe go buy a wonderful dessert and then eat it all.  Whichever works for you.  Just be forewarned.

Happy Reading,

P.S.  The picture shows the original cover, there is a different one now that matches the first book better. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Release - Somewhere Safe with Someone Good - Jan Karon

Dear Readers,

Summer is rapidly nearing it's end.  I hate that thought, but it brings to mind all those last minute vacation we all love to take before the business of fall hits.  I personally am always on the look out for books that I can easily bring on a short trip to a cottage or camping.  I love a "cozy" read for those days of relaxing in a lawn chair on the beach.

Somewhere Safe with Someone Good by Jan Karon fits the bill to a 't.'  Many readers commented that they were waiting for it to release in paperback and I am happy to announce that it is now available.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Mitford books, know that you will be welcomed into the neighborhood and embraced.  Each person you meet will have an unique personality and you will fall in love with each and everyone... well almost all of them.  There are a few, just like any neighborhood, that will just rub you the wrong way.  But the others more than make up for it.

That is why I find Jan's books as those wonderful end of summer read, you can take a short trip to Virginia without ever leaving your chair.

Happy Reading.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Release - The Curse of Crow Hollow - Billy Coffey

Dear Readers,

So is any one ready for fall?  Yay me neither, but this book puts me in the mood for Halloween.  The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey has that creepy look and feel that makes you think it should be a dark, windy, cooler night when you are reading this.  You know where a fireplace and a warm quilt will keep you safe from the boogy man.

Even though Billy does not mark these as a series, it is the 4th one set in the area of Mattingly, Virginia.  I am beginning to think I shall be avoiding the area as there are many strange things that have happened there. :-) But that won't make me avoid the book as I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone of them.

This time we meet Alvaretta Graves, the local witch.  Well if you talk to any of the locals she is.  She vow vengeance on her husband's grave and it seems to be that she is finally getting her revenge.  Three teens stumble on her little cabin in the woods and awaken her curse.  When a mysterious illness sweeps the Hollow, everyone just knows it is Alvaretta extracting her revenge.

Oh and don't forget the rumors that Stu Graves has returned from the grave for his own brand of revenge.

See doesn't that get you in the mood for a couple of good ghost stories?  I can't wait to start this one and find out all about what is really going on in Crow Hollow.

Happy Reading,

P.S. Thank you Billy for writing these wonderful books that are a bit off the beaten path but such great fun to read.  Please keep writing.

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Titles - August 3 - 8

Dear Readers,

A couple of books that came in this past week I have been itching to get started on.  I never know what to do when I am reading a really good book and another one (one I have been waiting for) arrives.  Now what do I do, start a 3rd book (Sometimes 4th book if you count the one I am listening to in the car) or do I wait and savor the excitement for a bit.

Oh the problems of a book addict.

Happy Reading,

A House Divided - Robert Whitlow - Corbin is slowly drinking himself into an early grave.  His addiction has estranged his family from him, is costing him his law firm and he has lost his wife.  When he sees one last chance to make a stand and turn things around, it may even cost him more.

The Curse of Crow Hollow - Billy Coffey - #4 in the Mattingly series - Alvaretta is a witch, well according to those that live in Crow Hollow.  The vengeance she swore on her husband's grave hangs over all their heads.  Now there are rumors that Stu has returned from the grave and is seeking revenge for his death.

War Room - Chris Fabry - Based on the movie of the same title - By appearances Tony and Elizabeth have it all, but Tony is wrapped up in his own success and Elizabeth is becoming more and more bitter.  When Elizabeth is challenged to pray for her family instead of fighting her family, things begin to change.

The Gift - Wanda Brunstetter - #2 Prairie State Friends - Leah seems to have the gift of healing and reflexology.  Adam is in need of a wife to help him raise his two young nieces, but will he be able to put aside his belief that Leah's healing is really just a bunch of lies?

Somewhere Safe with Someone Good - Jan Karon - Paperback version of the the wonderful continuation of Father Tim and Cynthia's story.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Borrowing books

Dear Readers,

Do you have as much trouble loaning you own personal books out as I do?  I hate when people ask me if they can borrow a book, it is almost like they have asked if they can take one of my kids.  Okay maybe not that bad, but I am sure they wonder about me when I hesitate before I loan them the book. Maybe I need to post this sign in my library at home.  Well all but the last one.

Happy Reading,

P.S. Yes I know creases not cresses, but still not food and no fingerprints!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thomas Locke

Dear Readers,

Trail Run is the first in a new series for Thomas Locke, a.k.a. Davis Bunn.  We first ‘met’ Thomas when he waded into the waters of Fantasy genre with his book Emissary.  You can see my review for it here -  In this series he is blurring the lines a bit between Science Fiction and Suspense.  To be honest, some of the stuff they talk about in the book, I have no idea what it means. J

Dr. Gabriella Speciale has a very specific goal in mind.  She wants to create and control out of body experiences.  She hopes that her experiments will expand the boundaries of human consciousness.  She has an very elite group of people working with her to see what they can do.  When things start to go horribly wrong and people are not returning from the ‘ascension’ but remain in a coma like state, Gabriella races to figure out what is happening and to protect her group from further attacks from outside sources. 

Add in quantum physics and you have a wonderful mixture that makes for an fiction story that is just close enough to fact to make you wonder if you could actually do those things.  What would it be like to be able to pass through walls? Imagine what a country would do to possess this knowledge, it would change the face of espionage forever. There would be no place to hide your secrets that would be safe from the enemy. 

That is why I liked this book and look forward to the next one in the series.  It makes you wonder “what if?”  And then even makes you think maybe it already is happening.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Release - A Heart Revealed - Josi S. Kilpack

Dear Readers,

A Heart Revealed by Josi S. Kilpack comes to the store by way of a little publishing group that is making a bit of headway in the Christian fiction world.  I kind of accidently stumbled on Shadow Mountain publishers when I went looking for a title I heard about from an author.  I had someone who was interested in purchasing several copies for a book table and I had not heard of that book and did some research for it and not only found the book I was looking for, but also discovered another source for Christian fiction.

Heart_Revealed_convertedAmber Marie Sterlington has been all the rage during her first season.  She isn't really looking for love as she feels that is over rated.  She is looking for money and a title.  Those things she can work with.  So with her pick of men why would she settle for a third son of a country lord?

That is until a scandal rocks her little world and threatens her social standing.  She is sent to Yorkshire to wait out the results of the public humiliation and hopefully return to society soon.  What she finds instead is a lonely world that has her rethinking what she desires in the world.  But who will love a fallen debutant?

Historical fiction is still one of the most popular genre in the Christian market.  Add a little regency romance to it and you have a book that is perfect for taking on that late summer vacation.  So pack that beach bag and don't forget to include A Heart Revealed.

Happy Reading,

P.S. Keep up the good work Shadow Mountain.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Release - A Way of Escape - Serena B. Miller

Dear Readers,

A Way of Escape by Serena B. Miller is one of those books that I kind of accidently found while doing research on one of her other books.  The person whom I was helping was asking a couple of questions and A Way of Escape popped up.  So I made sure I ordered a few copies for the store as Serena has been pretty popular here.

A_Way_of_Escape_200dpi_ProgressiveBlake Ramsey dedicated his life to the war on drugs.  As the county prosecutor he is able to put more people behind bars and to try and keep his county clean.  So when he is found dead of an overdose of cocaine, people that it was all a lie.  Now his wife and daughter have to live with the results of his hypocrisy.

That is until Erin starts digging.  What she finds is that their town is no longer safe, especially her and her daughter.  On the run, they try to stay ahead of those trying to keep secrets.  Their only hope is someone Erin put in jail years ago, but can they trust him?

So very different for Serena, I know her historical and Amish books, but a romantic suspense is new.  Her writing style has always been easy to read and enjoy, so I am looking forward to reading and learning about her new genre of writing.

I am wondering which genre does she like writing?

Happy Reading,

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Releases - July 27 - August 1

Dear Readers,

I can not believe that it is the first week of August.  Maybe because our summer has been pretty mild and low humidity, but for whatever reason, I feel like I just wrote my Summer read list.  How many did you get read?  Hopefully you had plenty of time to make that TBR pile a bit smaller.  Here are a couple more to add to it, just in case.

Happy Reading,

Trial Run - Thomas Locke - Gabriella is an elite scientist who is working on out-of-body  experiences that will transcend time and space.  But now those that are willing volunteers are falling into comas and they don't return. What is causing this to happen? and who is responsible?

A Heart Revealed - Josi S. Kilpack - Amber was the toast of the town when she had her first season.  She has her pick of men and she knows she wants a title and money.  Why worry about love when you can have those things instead.  A scandal brings her down and she wonders if anyone will every marry her?

The Potter's Lady - Judith Miller - #2 Refined by Love - Rose McKay is determined to help her brother make their new pottery business work.  Rylan Campbell resents that she is changing everything and when the company begins to lose business he thinks it is their competitor who has been making friends with Rose.

A Way of Escape - Serena B. Miller - Blake Ramsey fought the war on drugs until it took him down.  He died of an overdose, but his wife and daughter don't believe it and when they start checking the facts they themselves become a target.  Will they find the killer before the killer finds them?

The Brightest and Best - Olivia Newport - #3 Amish Turns of Time - Ella plans on marrying Gideon, but the US government puts a hault to it when they say all Amish children must attend regular school, not the Amish school they have been attend and when parents take a stand, there is consequences to their quiet protests.  Will there be a what to balance God's Will and the government's will?