Thursday, July 17, 2008

Charles Martin - Where the River Ends

Dear Readers,

Any of you that have gotten my reviews of the past few years know how I feel about Charles Martin. I like him better than Nicholas Sparks. He writes good Southern genre books. I can pretty safely say, that if you do like Nicholas you will probably like Charles, if you haven't read him yet.

Where the River Ends has just hit the shelves. It is a tear jerker, without being a "chick" book. I think guys will be able to relate to Doss with very little or no problem. What he wants to do to help his wife is something most girls dream of their husbands doing for them if the need ever arose.

Abbie and Doss are soul mates. They are nothing alike and yet are madly in love. He is a struggling artist and she a super model ( don't worry it isn't about that). He is from a trailer park, her dad is a powerful senator. As you can see their worlds should never have met.

This is a love story. It is a sad love story, but it is a beautiful love story. Most of the book is spent going back and forth between what is happening present time and and their past, but it really adds to the story.

Abbie has a list of things she wants to do before she dies, and they don't have much time left. The one thing she really wants to do is take a 130 mile trip downt he St. Mary's River. She wants to learn about where Doss used to live and work. It could be a trip of a lifetime and it will be.
Charles once again tells a gentle story of two people in love even though society tells them they shouldn't be. He tells the story with great gentleness on a topic most of us don't want to deal with and yet he makes us face our own end. He is easy to read and it is so easy to fall in love with Abbie.

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff, but if you didn't already understand, I liked this book. It is an easy read. It is one that would fit well in a chair on the beach with a tall glass of sweetened iced tea - southern style.

Happy Reading

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