Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sharon Carter Rogers

Dear Reader,
Ok this review has been a bit difficult to write. I loved this book, but it is a bit different than most mysteries. In fact I have taken to calling it a "stalker" book. You know who does the crime and yet you spend the book following him and hoping he doesn't catch up with the only witness to the crime.

Unpretty is the follow up book to Sharon Carter Roger's first book Sinner. It is not a sequel as I had hoped, because of the characters I had come to love in the first one, but in and of itself this is a good book. It has it's own share of quirky characters. It is one that if you liked her first you will enjoy the writing style of this one. She is a good author and someone I will enjoy hopefully for sometime to come.

Now here is the hard part. I want to write a review that makes you want to read this book and one that makes me sound some what intelligent, while not giving any of the story line away. This is one of those books that if I say just a couple words to much it will take away from the story and may even make it not worth reading.

So here it goes... If you like murder and mayhem, if you like books a little off center and if you like books that are just a bit creepy, this is the book for you. It is probably a little more different than anything else you will read this year. It is one that I don't recommend for the middle of the night reading. (Even though I did do some of that) It is one that you will want to race to finish, but you don't want it to end for fear of what is going to happen.

I hope that helps you decide if you want to read this book. I really did like it and am already waiting for Sharon's next book.

Happy Reading

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