Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tim Downs

Dear Readers,
Tim Downs is back with his 4th bug guy book. Less than Dead continues the story of Nick Polchek story.

Nick has finally meet his match. He is hired to find out why there is dead bodies on the land where the new shopping mall is going up. When the first cadavier dog fails to find more bodies, Nick, of course, desides to hire someone new. The witch of Endor, or Alena to just a few people. She trains dogs that are able to find just about anyone, living or dead. She is hard headed, opinionated, and very independent, so in other words just like Nick. Which of course makes for some great conversations and scenes in the book.

If you know Nick at all you know that he never goes by the rules. He doesn't really see any sense in doing something just because someone asked him to. Even when his friend is removed from the case and begs him to cooperate with the new guy, Nick does his own thing. Which of course makes this much more interesting. Add a senator-soon to be president if the election goes well- and his wife who have a few to many skeletons in the closet to make this an interesting tale.

There is plenty of murder and mayhew to satisfy anyone that loves a good mystery and then just add Nick and his attitude and mouth and I actually found myself laughing out loud. I love Nick the bug guy and can't wait for his next installment. I also would love to meet Tim Downs to see where this great character is coming from

Happy Reading

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