Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas ideas for... Him

Dear Readers,
I get asked every year what are good books for a guy for Christmas.  I try to recommend books that were released in the past year, but sometimes the author is someone I recommend because he or she is that good.  So here are some ideas for you.

When the Devil Whistles - Rick Acker
The Cool Woman - John Aubrey Anderson
The Malacca Conspiracy - Don Brown
Immanuel's Veins - Ted Dekker
The Bishop - Steven James - ( Patrick Bowers series #4, but the whole series is good)
The Skin Map - Stephen Lawhead
Redeeming Liberty - David and Diane Munson
Fatal Convictions - Randy Singer
Back on Murder - J. Mark Bertrand
Imaginary Jesus - Matt Mikalatos
The 12th Imam - Joel Rosenberg

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday

Dear Readers,
First let me wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.  In our prayer circle at the store wednesday morning we were all asked to say what we are thankful for.  Many things were brought up, family, friends, job, health, etc... but I brought up customers, not because of the business that you all bring in, but because of the many friends I have made.  You all seem to have a word of encouragement to me just when I need it most.  I am thankful for a great job that allows me to get to know you all. 

Secondly, which is business. :-)
Black Friday/Saturday specials
Here are some great ideas for that reader on your list or for yourself. ;-)
The Thorn by Beverly Lewis - Reg. $14.99 - Sale - $8.97
Her Mother's Hope - Francine Rivers - Reg. - $24.99 Sale - $14.97
  -We have Her Daughter's Dream on sale for 25% off regular price which means you can get the two book series for $34.99 reg. $49.98.

There are also $5.00 deals for Friday and Saturday.
In Harm's Way - Irene Hannon
Maid to Match - Deeanne Gist
Morning Refrain - Tracie Peterson
Too Close to Home - Lynette Eason
A Prairie Christmas - Tracie Peterson, Deborah Raney and others

Have fun shopping and be kind to your store clerks. :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Releases Nov.15-21

Redeeming Liberty - David and Diane Munson - Exclusive to Baker Book Store.
May Cooler Heads Prevail - T.L. Dunnegan
Redeeming Liberty, , n9780982535547 
A few more Christmas ideas for very inexpensive

A Woodland Christmas - 4 in 1 book - Variety of Authors
A Door County Christmas - 4 in 1 - Variety of Authors
A Riverwalk Christmas - 4 in 1 - Variety of Authors
Christmas Mail-order Brides - 4 in 1 - Variety of Authors

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mindy Starns Clark

Dear Readers,
I became a fan of Mindy Starns Clark with a series she did a while ago called the Million Dollar Mysteries.  Each book had its own mystery, but the series had a mystery running through all of the books.   I miss her series, but her stand-alones are just as good.  Secrets of Harmony Grove is her latest.  Again it is set in Amish country, but it is not a typical Amish book that we have all come to know in recent years. 
Harmony Grove is a small community in Lancaster county and Sienna owns a Bed and Breakfast there.  She has pretty much let it run itself and she cashes the checks that come every month.  That is until she finds out she is under investigation from the federal government.  When she arrives in town to check on what is going on around her little B & B she discovers a dead body and more questions than she knows what to do with.
Secrets of Harmony Grove, , n9780736926256Because of where this book is set, it has many Amish characters in it, but again they are not the focus of the book.  They just happen to be in the story because that is where they live.  I really like that in her books.  What is it like to have Amish neighbors or relatives?  Are they completely standoffish or are they ready to help?  Mindy includes that in the book, which gives her books a bit of a different feel to them.
I will admit I didn't have the complete mystery solved before the end, but that is ok. ( I am going to blame it on my being on vacation :-) It is a good read.
Happy Reading

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm on the Radio

Dear Readers,

I have started something that is a bit exciting.  I am doing reviews of fiction books on a local radio station.  They are on the air every other Thursday at 5:20p.m., with the first being on last week, the 11th of Nov.  They will also run the following Saturday in the a.m. 

I have to say this was one of those things that when your boss walks up to you and says, "I have a great idea for you to do," it actually made me want to run away.  I have actually never done anything like that before and was a bit nervous about doing it at all.

When Louis, a fellow Baker employee, and I went down to the radio station to record the first group of books we were sure the radio station would pay Baker so that we would never come back.  But it turned out very well.  Don Michaels, the DJ that is playing the reviews, was a huge help in getting us to relax.  It was actually a load of fun to do.

If you are interested in listening to my first review you can hear the ones you miss by going to  and listening in.  You can also tune into WCSG 91.3 fm or go to  If you listen to it on line feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Reading

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Releases Nov. 1 - 13

Dear Readers,
As you can see once again not many books.  There are a couple good ones.  There are a couple good gift ideas also.

Happy Reading

Dining with Joy - Rachel Hauck
Blacksmith's Bravery - Susan Paige Davis
The Lost Testament - Brian L. Thompson
Sisters of the Quilt - Cindy Woodsmall - 3 in 1
Dining with Joy (A Lowcountry Romance), , n9781595543394

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jan Karon

Dear Readers,
There are just certain books and authors that when you read them it is like coming home.  There is a certain amount of comfort and peace that goes along with reading these stories that it is just plain enjoyable to read them.  A cup of tea, a comfy chair and a big cozy blanket and let the world go by.

The Mitford and Father Tim series by Jan Karon have been that for me.  I just love them.  So when In the Company of Others by Jan Karon released I was just chomping at the bit to get to it.  I was in the midst of reading another book and couldn't finish it fast enough.  It has been a long wait since book one and I couldn't wait to see what adventures Father Tim and Cynthia have. In the Company of Others: A Father Tim Novel (The Father Tim Series), , n9780670022120

The long awaited birthday trip to Ireland starts with a couple of hiccups.  Walter and Katherine, who was going to travel with them, are delayed and have to join them later. After a breath-taking car ride, they arrive at their bed and breakfast to find the electricty out. After an intruder scares Cynthia, she twists her ankle and is to told not to travel for several days.  Which is a good excuse to stay and enjoy their time with friends from past visits.

While resting, Tim becomes embroiled in a family fued from many years past which leads to a missing painting and history that no one is willing to forgive or forget.
In normal Father Tim tradition he picks up many strange and quirky characters.  They all add so much to the storyline and make for such fun reading.  I so enjoy that part of Jan's stories, her wonderful characters that make her books a pure pleasure to read.

Of course now that I have finished this book, I have to start the long wait for the next one.
Happy Reading

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Christmas Releases 2010

Dear Readers,
A Simple Amish Christmas - Vannetta Chapman
Snow Day - Billy Coffey
Advent of a Mystery - Marilyn Leach
Mary's Son - Darryl Nyznyk
The Snowflake - Jamie Carie
A Prairie Christmas - Various including Tracie Peterson, Tracey Bateman, Deborah Raney & more.
A Plain and Simple Christmas -Amy Clipston
Christmas at Harrington's - Melody Carlson
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball - Donita K. Paul
The Treasure of Christmas - Melody Carlson - 3 in 1 book
    -The Christmas Bus, The Gift of Christmas Present & Angels in the Snow
The Joy of Christmas - Melody Carlson
    -An Irish Christmas, All I have to Give & The Christmas Dog

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Walter Wangerin

 Dear Readers,
Walter Wangerin changed how I look at and read the Bible.  Since I was born and raised in a christian family and attended the christian school, I have always known the Bible.  There was never any great discovery moment until I read the Book of God by Walter.  It showed me that the Bible is actuallly God's story to me.  He is telling me about himself in a form that I could understand.  Story, my favorite type of book.  Wow. 
To say that I was very eager to read one of my favorite Bible stories rewritten by him is a bit of an understatement.  I know some of you are wondering why I didn't release this review earlier, then.  I am sad to report that I had to tragically keep putting this book off and reading others that had deadlines. (Yes I said tragically, even though the other books were very good also. :-)  Naomi and Her Daughters: A Novel, , n9780310327349

Naomi and Her Daughters is the retelling of the book of Ruth, sort of.  As you read it you will understand that statement, as this story doesn't fit neatly into the story in the Bible.  Walter doesn't change anything from the Bible story, he just puts it in to the correct setting with what was going on in Israel at that time.  Israel was in chaos and the enemies on all sides are attacking.  Into this time in history a small story happens that prepares the way for the coming Messiah. 

This isn't just the retelling of the Bible story, but a story of a woman who feels God has turned his back on her and she will now take control of her life and live it out quietly in her home land.   Having just read Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar actually made this story even more poignant.  That is the story of Rahab who is Boaz's mother and here is the story of Ruth who marries him.  It is so beautiful to see the way those two stories of two very different families and people twine together to make the Book of God.
Happy Reading

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Releases Oct 25 - 29th

Dear Readers,

I will be out of the store the week this releases, but please feel free to order or contact the store.

Stronger than the Sword - Faith Cook
Long Time Coming - Vanessa Miller
Dining with Joy - Rachel Hauck

Happy Reading

P.S. I know it doesn't seem like many books, but Oct/Nov it is mostly Christmas book releases as you will see on next week Monday's post.