Monday, September 29, 2008

Alice J. Wisler

Dear Readers,
A new author is always exciting. I also must say that one that picks out such great covers, well all the better. Rain Song by Alice J. Wiser, is a gentle story of Nicole Michelin finding herself and her mother.

Nicole and her dad flew back from Japan when Nicole is 2 and her mother had been killed in a fire. That is all the information that Nicole knows and her father refuses to tell her more. Nicole has lived with this little bit of knowledge all her life. That one experience of flying, being sick the whole way home, makes her never want to fly again. She has her teaching, her Koi, and her doll that her mother gave her when she was just a baby.

That is why when her life is turned upside down by someone she meets on the internet. He lives in Japan and it turns out he knew her and her family when they lived there. Does Nicole continue to pursure this relationship or does she cut it off before it leads to something she doesn't want to continue? Does she want to know more about her mom? What if her dad kept a secret about her mom she doesn't really want to know? What if...? Is it worth the risk?

This is again a look at family secrets. It is a different in that the secrets didn't really need to be kept. I know there are certian things you can't tell you kids, but why would you not tell your daughter about her mother? I was to say the least a bit frustrated by Nicole's father. I think that is part of Nicole's problems and of course the wacky/normal family adds to the problems.

I did like this book a lot. I found it a story that any of us could live. The characters are normal, lovable and very annoying when they need to be. It is a good story that is fun to read.

Happy Reading

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tim Downs

Dear Readers,
Tim Downs is back with his 4th bug guy book. Less than Dead continues the story of Nick Polchek story.

Nick has finally meet his match. He is hired to find out why there is dead bodies on the land where the new shopping mall is going up. When the first cadavier dog fails to find more bodies, Nick, of course, desides to hire someone new. The witch of Endor, or Alena to just a few people. She trains dogs that are able to find just about anyone, living or dead. She is hard headed, opinionated, and very independent, so in other words just like Nick. Which of course makes for some great conversations and scenes in the book.

If you know Nick at all you know that he never goes by the rules. He doesn't really see any sense in doing something just because someone asked him to. Even when his friend is removed from the case and begs him to cooperate with the new guy, Nick does his own thing. Which of course makes this much more interesting. Add a senator-soon to be president if the election goes well- and his wife who have a few to many skeletons in the closet to make this an interesting tale.

There is plenty of murder and mayhew to satisfy anyone that loves a good mystery and then just add Nick and his attitude and mouth and I actually found myself laughing out loud. I love Nick the bug guy and can't wait for his next installment. I also would love to meet Tim Downs to see where this great character is coming from

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lynn Austin

Dear Readers,
Lynn Austin's newest book is here. Yeah! I so enjoy her books, they are just really good stories. Whether a contemporary tale or one set in Biblical times, they are all very good and interesting.

In Until We Reach Home, Lynn writes about 3 sisters that head for America to get away from an Uncle who is to friendly with the oldest one. Elin can think of no other way to keep her sisters safe from him. She can't share her secret with them as they will think less of her and may not even believe her.

Kristen is also keeping a secret. One that may keep her from getting into America and there is nothing for her to go back to. On the eve of their leaving, Tor, her true love tells her that he will never be able to marry her because of her family history.
Sophia doesn't want to leave their family home. Mom and Dad are buried there and their older brother has moved to Stockholm. Why would anyone want to leave the farm?

Secrets kept and later reveled. This novel is about family, about love and truth. It is one that is well woven together and paints a beautiful picture of what life was like for the new immigrants coming to America. It wasn't streets of gold and picture prefect, but yet it was still a new start for people who needed it.

I can easily say that if you like Lynn's books you will love this one also. I was hooked right away, even if some of it was easy to guess what was coming next. It is not a complicated book, but a great story. Take time out of your busy schedule and relax and enjoy a wonderful read.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John B. Olsen

Dear Readers,
With the wide spread popularity with the Twilight series of books and show like Angel and Buffy, John thought he would take the Vampires on from a Christian perspective. In Shade John does just that. He takes on "real" vampires and want-to-bes. The "real" vampires are really just very evil men and women who are dabbling in Satanic worship. The want-to-be vampires are people that are trying to live the life style and just don't understand what they are really messing with.

Hailey Maniates feels like she has fallen through the rabbit hole. Her quiet life is no longer quiet. After being rescued by a homeless guy, everything she knows is right is no longer correct. What she thought was just stories, turn out to be real. She is questioned and doubted by other, which makes her begin to even doubt herself.

Hailey decides for her own sanity she needs to find the homeless guy and at least make sure he is ok and to thank him for saving her. So starts her journey into a side of life and the world she never thought she would see.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this book, but I quickly got caught up in the storyline and the action of it all. There were times as I was reading it that I actually had to stop to figure out where I was. It is a fast moving book. It really is fast paced and keeps you on your toes. I don't recommend it for anyone that is looking of a quiet read, this book is not very restful at all. In fact I was on a camping trip with our youth group and we stay in tents. This is not a good book to be reading when staying in a tent. (Kind of Creepy) It is not a slow read either. It is one that I would recommend for those who have read the Twilight books and are looking for something else. This book gives a much more negative view of this sub-culture. It by no stretch of the imagination paints it in a good light. It is a good and interesting read.

Happy Reading

Patti Hill

Dear Readers.
I have to admit that I didn't think I would like The Queen of Sleepy Eye by Patti Hill as much as I did. I totally enjoyed the story and even found myself a little sad that the story ended.
During the summer of 1975, Amy and her not so traditional mother head on a road trip to California so Amy can finally find the freedom from her mother. That is the only problem with this trip, Mom insisted in coming along.

When Mom's beloved Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe loses it's tranmission, they are stuck in the small town of Cordial. Colorado. Francie, mom, is ok with this and ready to make the best of it. She finds a job, strikes up a friendship and even finds a boyfriend, of course that is the problem. Mom isn't acting like she wants to leave and Amy can't wait to leave.

When Franie takes a job at the local funeral home Amy is sure that she will never see California. Not only is she stuck in this one horse town, she now has to spend her days and nights answering the death calls, as Mrs. Clancy so delicately puts it. How will they ever get a chance to leave? Will it ever work out and will Amy leave even if her mother doesn't want to?

Susan May Warren is quoted as saying this about the book, "More than a coming-of-age tale, it's about life and loss, love and forgiveness. and discovering there is more to the world than what we see." She is correct. It is one of those books you have to read to really experience it. I know that sounds funny, but this is a book you may not pick up on your own, but I recomend it to all who are looking for something a little different.

Patti has really found her stride with this book. I love the desciptions in it, you can almost feel the summer heat rising from the book just by the word pictures. Even the hippie commune is well pictured and I think I would be able to find this little town, just by how Patti paints it in words.

Happy Reading

Kim Vogel Sawyer

Dear Readers,
I am not sure that Kim is done with this series yet. Where the Heart Leads is a sequel to Waiting for Summer's Return.

A few years have past and we pick up the story of Thomas Ollenburger as he graduates for college. He heads home for a short visit with his family. He is ready to announce some changes that he is making in his life, the biggest being that he is planning on working in Boston not Hillsboro Kanas, as his family expects.

When Thomas reaches Hillsboro and finds things are not as he left them. Will he change his plans? Should he stay in town to help support his family and enjoy getting to know his little sisters? How can he tell his dad that he wants to live and work in Boston when Dad seems so happy to have him home.

Thomas struggles with what he finds out about his new boss and even the canidate he wants to support for President. Is this what God really wants for him? Thomas relizes that he is not making his decisions based on what God's will for his life is. He is deciding things for himself and he has made a royal mess of things
Once again Kim writes a wonderful historical novel which even though is set in1904 has a bit of election year intrigue to it. Of course not our election, but it is a good reminder that underhanded politics is not new to our age. .

Kim does a nice job of teaching me a couple things I didn't know about that time in America's history. I guess it is good to have a history lesson every now and then. Don't worry this book does not read like a history book. It is a good delightful read.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christa Parrish

Dear Readers,
Home Another Way by Christa Parrish is her first novel. I wasn't sure what expect but found a delightful read.

Sarah Graham had never forgiven her father for killing her mother. O.K. first off I am not sure I would be able to forgive that either. She is living a hard and fast life and is now flat broke. When she is told her father had died and has left her an inheritance. Sarah figures she might as well collect it, forget about him and go on with her life. What can it hurt?

When she arrives in Jonah she knows that this is going to be a fast trip. In and out as fast as she can make it. The lawyer for her fathers estate has other ideas. Dear ole Dad has written in his will that she must stay in town for 6 months. Sarah isn't sure that the inheritance is worth it, but what other choice does she have and where else would she go.

She meets the town folk that are not what she expects, especially the pastor of the local church. She also finds out that her father is not who she remembers him to be. We all can learn that things are not always what we suppose them to be.

I really did enjoy this book. I again will say, I wasn't sure what to expect, but found a neat little book in the process. I hope that Christa keeps writing as I am looking forward to her next one.

Happy Reading