Friday, May 30, 2014

New Release - Woman of Fortune - Kellie Coates Gilbert

Dear Readers,

When you first start reading Kellie Coates Gilbert's book, Woman of Fortune, you will probably not be able to relate to the way of life that Claire Massey lives.  She lives in the lap of luxury and expects things to be a certain way.  I know I had no idea what it would be like to have your own "buyer" who when you call them will go a get you a different pair of shoes just because the ones you had picked out for an outfit don't quite match.  Then no matter the cost, deliver them to your hotel suite. 

It all comes crashing down when her husband is arrested for fraud and suddenly she is squaring off with lawyers, the media and those who lost money.  She needs to find her way on her own and learn who she really is. 

Kellie's writing style is inviting and one where you feel like you should pull up a chair on the front porch and enjoy the story.  It is a comfortable fit and one that is easy to like.  Even though the characters are not perfect and not always easy to like, you will find yourself feeling at home right in the heart of Texas, even if it is not the same size house you live in now.

                                             Happy Reading,

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Victoria Bylin

Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago I had a chance to tuck myself in a warm corner of my porch.  Out of the wind but in the sunshine.  It wasn’t really sit-outside weather yet, but that little corner was prefect.  I thought I would enjoy a few minutes of reading a new author Victoria Bylin’s book Until I Found You.  Well, a couple hours later I found myself completely enjoying the storyline and the romance that went with it. 

It is a typical boy swears off girls, girl swerves off road, boy rescues girl from the cliff story.   Ok, not so typical, but loads of fun to read.  Each of the main characters has different reasons for not wanting to get involved with anyone.  Kate doesn’t want to get involved because she only plans on staying in town long enough to make sure her grandmother has recovered from her stroke.  Nick is a new Christian who is recovering from life in the fast lane.  He figures the best way to do that is to focus on his new found faith and his work.  Of course Kate challenges that right from the first minute when he finds her hanging off a cliff. 

A sweet story with lovely characters is always a pleasure to read, but Victoria adds in a California Condor named Wistoyo.  It is an element that adds so much to the storyline.  I knew very little about California Condors. While I was reading about them in this book it made me want to know more, so I looked up some information on them and found out lots of interesting things about the birds and how they are recovering since being on the brink of extinction. 

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Reading List - Part II

Dear Readers,

Part II of the list is a bit longer than the first, but I thought instead of drawing out the list for several weeks, I would get it a bit quicker for your summer reading.  The third installment in next week.

Happy Reading,

Meant to be Mine – Becky Wade – After a whirlwind wedding, Celia is ready to be Ty’s wife, but Ty is not ready to be a husband.  After 5 years, Ty returns to the woman and child he left behind.

Silenced – Dani Pettrey - #4 Alaskan Courage series – Kayden is out for a relaxing climb when she comes face to face with a dead body.  Is it murder? 

Here to Stay – Melissa Tagg – Blake is ready to settle down, but Autumn is ready to be anywhere but Whisper Shores.  Her dream job in Paris is waiting, until Blake asks her to help him with planning the Christmas festival.

Runaway Saint – Lisa Samson - Sara seems to have her life completely together, a supportive husband, a hip business, and a house that is the envy of the neighborhood.  That is on the surface.  Underneath she is restless and when a long lost Aunt shows up unexpectedly on her doorstep, everything comes to the forefront.

Life Support – Candace Calvert - #3 Grace Medical - Nurse Lauren puts her life on hold to help her sister.  Elijah is at odds with his father over the care of his disabled brother.  They need each other, but they seem more at odds with each other than able to get along.

How Sweet the Sound – Amy Sorrels - 3 generations come together on the family plantation in Alabama where 13 year old Anniston finds love and forgiveness that only God can give.

Dancing with Fireflies – Denise Hunter - A Chapel Springs Romance #3- Jade McKinley couldn’t wait to leave Chapel Spring behind, but now she is forced to return.  Daniel has loved Jade for years, and now he has a second chance to win her love.

For Such a Time – Kate Breslin - Stella Muller isn't whom she seems to be.  She is really a Jewess hiding in plain sight.  She is able to work for a German while working to save her people from the death camps.

Smitten Book Club – Colleen Coble/Denise Hunter/Diann Hunt/Kristin Billerbeck - Heather finds an old book written by former Smitten resident Pearl Chambers, little does she know how that book will change her life.

Butterfly Palace – Colleen Coble - When Lily recognizes the man that abandoned her at a dinner party, her past and present collide.  The Servant Girl Murder is moving closer and she feels trapped in a web that is closing in on her.

A Draw of Kings – Patrick Carr - #3 Sword and the Staff - The awaited conclusion to the series.  Can Errol and his band of friends save their country from threats within and outside their borders?

The Fall of Marigolds – Susan Meissner - Two women connected over the years by a beautiful scarf.  A scarf that arrives in their lives at a time when they needed reminding that they are loved

Summer of Joy – Ann H. Gabhart - #3 The Heart of Hollyhill - re-release- As the summer of 1964 draws to a close, two people arrive in Hollyhill.  Each one comes for a different reason, but each will stir things up for Jocie and her family.

Death by the Book – Julianna Deering - #2 A Drew Farthering Mystery - Drew and Madeline are once again involved in a murder mystery.  This one is puzzling them as there seems to be no connection between the victims.

The Dancing Master – Julie Klassen -Regency romance - Alec is hoping for a fresh start for himself and his family in remote Devonshire as a dance teacher.  Julia's mother has an unwritten rule against dancing in their small village.  Both families have secrets that just don't want to stay hidden.  

All Things Hidden – Tracie Peterson/Kimberly Woodhouse - Gwyn loves being a nurse for her father and hates change.  Their little town is about to have major changes to it and she isn't sure she is ready for it.

Shadowed by Grace –Cara Putman - The story of the Monument Men - Rachel takes her newspaper's assignment in Italy to find a father she never knew.  While there her story gets her involved with Monument Men and their quest to save works of art and monuments from the Third Reich.

The Sentinels of Andersonville - Tracy Groot - (from the dust jacket)  "Near the end of the Civil War, inhumane conditions at Andersonville Prison caused the deaths of 13,000 Union soldiers in 14 months.:"  This is the story of 3 Confederates and their fight to improve what was happening in their town.

Sweet Olive – Judy Christie - Camille has one final job to finish for the oil company that her family owns.  She is ready to move on to her real passion of running an art gallery, but first she has to return to the town that was the scene of the worst week of her life

The Prayer Box – Lisa Wingate - Tandi is running from her past, but when she is given the tasks of cleaning out Lola's Victorian House, she finds that years’ worth of prayer boxes.  They tell a story of an unassuming women and her journey of faith.

Return to Me – Lynn Austin – 1 The Restoration Chronicles - The Jews are ready to return to Israel and rebuild the temple.  But who will lead them?

A Broken Kind of Beautiful – Katie Ganshert - Ivy Clark has only known the fashion industry.  As her career seems to be coming to an end, will she be able to find herself in something besides her looks.

Bridge to Haven – Francine Rivers -After a 3 year wait Francine delights us with a tale of Hollywood's golden age.  

Distortion – Terri Blackstock - Moonlighters Series #2 - Juliet sees her husband murdered by what she thought was a random shooting, until she arrives back home and hears the threatening voicemail.  She realizes that she and her children are at risk until she can figure out all the secrets of his past.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Release - Twice a Slave - Sammy Tippet/Randy Willis

Dear Readers,

Sammy Tippet has written several non-fiction books, so Twice a Slave is a bit different for him. Even though this book is based on a real person,  Joseph Wallis, it is considered a fiction book as it is a fictional telling of Joseph's story.

Twice-a-Slave-Book-PicJoseph was born into slavery.  He was the son of a white man and Cherokee woman.  He struggled to find freedom his whole life.  He looked for it in many different places including falling in love with the wrong woman. 

When he became a slave to Jesus Christ is when his whole world changed, he experienced a freedom no man could take away from him.  He helped change the course of a nation and establish the Baptist faith in America. 

Starting in 1758 this book gives a small picture of America's history before we were even a country.  I went looking for information on Joseph and the details I found were pretty interesting.  He didn't have an easy life from the beginning and it didn't get easier when he became a Christian, the struggles were just different. 

So here is a different type of story that reminds us of the courage it takes to stand up for your faith.

Happy Reading,

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Releases May 19 - 24

Dear Readers,

memorial_day_000014_0001_tnb.png 45.6K
Thank you to all have and are serving to keep us free.

Happy Reading,

The Midwife - Jolina Petersheim - Much anticipated 2nd book - Beth Winslow doesn't exist anymore.  Years ago she became Rhoda Mummau, head midwife at Hopen Haus.  Her story is the reason she does what she does. 

A Woman of Fortune - Kellie Coates Gilbert - Claire loves the life she has.  Designer clothes, Luxury cars, beautiful homes, it is everything she could have dreamed of.  Until it all comes crashing down when her husband is arrested for fraud. 

A Place in His Heart - Rebecca DeMarino - #1 The Southold Chronicles - Mary Langton wishes to marry for love, but instead she along with Barnabas Horton marry to proved his two sons with a mother.  But his secret of moving to the new world turns Mary's world upside down.

Truth be Told - Carol Cox - Amelia vows to print only the truth in the newspaper she has taken over for her father.  The problem is sometimes the truth can cause as many problems as a lie.  When the wrong people take offense at an article in the paper, Amelia decide to investigate why.

Network of Deception - Spencer E. Moses - (from the backcover) He's committed to his country. She's committed to her God.  The problem is, someone is committed to their utter destruction.

Full Steam Ahead - Karen Witemeyer - Nicole's father has always reminded her what she is not, not a man, not married and not able to run his company.  She sets out to give him an heir the results are not exactly what she had in mind.

Rumspringa's Hope - Beth Shriver - #1 The Spirit of the Amish - Torn between two worlds, Emma needs to decide between staying in the big city with Caleb and his mission work there or returning to the farm to start a family with Zeb.  Which man is the right one for her?  Which calling is the place she wants to be?

Stuck Together - Mary Connealy - #3 Trouble in Texas - Tina focuses on getting the only saloon in town closed.  When unknown and unexpected family shows up Vince feels even more pressure to stay open.  But Tina's picketing may reveal more than she planned on and could put his whole family at risk.

A Moment in Time - Tracie Peterson - #2 Lone Star Brides - Alice lost her family in an attack that left her terribly scarred.  Texas is a place to recover and start over.  Robert seems an answer to pray as he doesn't worry about obstacles in the way.

Northkill - Bob Hostetler/J.M. Hochstetler - #1 Northkill Amish - Story of the authors family and what they went through while settling in America after fleeing Europe to find religious freedom.  Jakob is forced one morning to make a decision that will forever tear his family apart.

Twice a Slave - Sammy Tippit - Based on the true story of Joseph Willis who changed our nation forever.  Joseph is born a slave because of white father and Cherokee mother.  When he receives Jesus, he is no longer a slave to man. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

New Release - Somebody like You - Beth K. Vogt

Dear Readers,

Can you imagine what it would be like if you were mourning you husband and suddenly on your doorsteps he appears?  Haley had that happen, but it wasn't her husband but a twin brother that she knew nothing about.  The brothers had been estranged from each other for years and Stephen comes to make amends with his brother, but to late.

That is the storyline behind Somebody like You by Beth K. Vogt.

I can't even pretend to know what that would be like.  First of all the shock would be hard enough, but then secondly, to find out that my husband had been hiding a secret like a twin brother would be so very hurtful.  The person you thought you knew best didn't trust you with knowledge of a brother. 

What an interesting idea for a book.  A chance to enter a story that we will never experience, but a thought provoking story.  How do you handle a situation like that?  How do you come to grips with something you late husband did?  The book creates lots of questions that beg to be answered.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Reading list 2014

Dear Readers,

With Monday being Memorial day I thought I would start releasing my summer reading suggestions.  Not ever good book is on the list as I think this year it would be about 6 or 7 pages long.  They are not in any particular order, I recommend them all, just pick out the ones you would like best and enjoy.

This year you can map your summer reading road trip out.  Amy at Bethany Publishing gave me the idea and I thought it sounded like fun.  Grab a map or let me know and I can send you one, and color in the state that the book (s) that you are reading is set in.  See how many states you can visit before Labor Day.

Happy Reading,

P.S. I will be sharing more of the list as dates and time allow.  If you want the complete list right away, please contact me and I will mail you a copy or you can stop by the store and pick up a copy in the fiction department. 

All My Belonging – Cynthia Ruchti - (From the back cover) Where do you turn when changing your name doesn't give you the anonymity you want? 

One Perfect Spring – Irene Hannon - Keith had no idea that the letter that lands on his desk will change everything for not only himself and the letter writer, but those around him also.

Critical Condition – Richard L. Mabry -What is supposed to be a quiet dinner party turns into a scene of a murder when a stranger is killed on Shannon's front yard.  Now there is someone wanting to know what he said before the stranger died and he will stop at nothing to find out. 

Scarlett Says – Julie Cannon - Scarlett's muse is a fictional character, Scarlett O'Hara.  She uses Scarlett's devil may care attitude to write her blog and give advice that she normally wouldn't.  But when one of her first readers offers her a chance at a life outside of make believe, Scarlett isn't sure she is ready.

Visible Threat – Julie Cantore - book #3 of the Brinna Caruso series - Brinna is asked to help solve the murder of a young lady found with a strange tattoo on her hip.  What Brinna finds is something more dangerous than anything she experienced before, a human trafficking ring.

Just 18 Summers – Rene Gutteridge/Michelle Cox - (from the back cover) "With just 18 summers before their children are grown, how do (parents) make the most of that time when life gets in the way."

The Queen’s Handmaiden – Tracy L. Higley - Lydia is the handmaiden to Cleopatra and her young son.  But when Lydia's mentor is murder, she decides to deliver the old scrolls to Jerusalem herself.  Can she deliver them safely before they fall into the wrong hands and are destroyed forever?

The Auschwitz Escape – Joel Rosenberg - (From the backcover) "Evil, unchecked is the prelude to genocide."  Jacob works for the resistance in Belgium.  When he and his fellow workers attempt a daring rescue of a train headed to Auschwitz, Jacob becomes trapped in one of the cars.  Once at Auschwitz all he can think of is escape.

A Table by the Window – Hillary Manton Lodge - first novel of Family Secrets and Heirloom Recipes - Juliette writes for a food magazine, but she is unsure of what she really wants to do with her life.  When her brother Nico offers a chance to open a new restaurant together she is unsure what to do. 

Pelican Bride – Beth White -  #1 Gulf Coast Chronicles - Genevieve Gaillain agrees to be a bride to a man working in the new world to escape her painful past, what she finds is love and that nothing can be hide forever.

Woman of Courage – Wanda Brunstetter - Amanda gives up on romance and decides to follow fellow missionary couple Rev. and Mrs. Spalding over the mountains.  Her first convert is the wife of a trapper who saves her life, but he and a fellow trapper want nothing to do with Christians.

The Fearful Gates – Ross Lawhead - #3 the Ancient Earth Trilogy - (from the backcover) "The army is gathered.  The Alliance for good is holed up in the Langtorr.  The fate of Britain - and the world - will be decided in the events of a single day... a day when the Fearful Gates are finally opened, and the mystery that lies behind them is revealed."


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Release - The Baron's Honourable Daughter - Lynn Morris

Dear Readers,

Lynn Morris is probably best known for her Cheney Duvall series.  Set in the 1800's they were an interesting look into America's history.  With The Baron's Honourable Daughter Lynn takes us over the pond and delivers us to the Regency era of England. 

The+Baron%27s+Honourable+DaughterWe meet Valeria who is trying to help run her step-father's estate after her passes away suddenly.  She is not the rightful heir, but her mother is buried in grief and her step brother is to young.  Valeria is just trying to do what is right, but each day brings a new challenge with servants, stewards and solicitors.  None see her as the rightful owner and because she is a woman, they refuse to respect her or listen to her.

She ends up relying on the help of a distant relative Lord Hylton.  He is willing to not only help with the estate, but suddenly no matter where she is he seems to be close at hand.  Why does it seem like he finds it necessary to follow her around?

For those readers that also love regency romance books, it is always nice to find another proven author writing books.  Lynn has a great track record for doing research and writing novels that take you to the time period in ways that make you wish you lived then and could meet the people involved with the story.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Release - Godless - James Dobson/Kurt Bruner

Dear Readers,

Godless by Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner is the chilling conclusion that is set in America 30 years from now.  The authors used trends that are happening in America now to reach some of the conclusions that are in the series.  Fatherless is book number one, Childless is book #2 and each book has a bit of a different main story theme, but all three have one story line that carries throughout.

The economic crisis in America is continuing to grow.  The growing number of senior Americans is out pacing the ability of the younger work force and the ability to support the older generation.  Alex Ware is pastor at Christ Community Church and has spoken out against the Youth Initiative which is not making his board of directors happy.  They believe their older members should gladly embrace the Initiative and allocate a portion of their estate to the church.

Alex knows it is wrong, but speaking out may cost him his job.  Will he be able to stand strong with the Word of God supporting him, or will he be convinced that the Youth Initiative is something to be supported by all, young and old?

This series has been a very interesting read because of the different subjects that it covers.  More than once I had to try to remember if it was something I read in the book or if it was something I heard about in the news.  Area we as America headed down this road?  Who can tell, but this series will make you wonder if we have all ready slipped down the slope.

Happy Reading,

Monday, May 19, 2014

New Releases - May 12 - 17

Dear Readers,

Next week is the un-official start of summer.  It is time to plan your summer reading list.  Or do you already have it done?  Mine is not complete as I keep wanting to add new titles all the time.  That to-be-read list grows and grows, I need more time to just read. 

Happy Reading,

Spirit Bridge - James L. Rubart - A Well Spring Novel #3 - ( from the  back cover) (this book) is the epic conclusion ... (of the) Well Spring series, which will propel each of the Warriors Riding on a quest of true identity, ultimate freedom, and a final battle that will leave them changed forever.

The Miting - Dee Yoder - An Old Order Amish Novel - Leah is full of questions.  Questions that could get her shunned from her community and family.  When she is told that she must give up reading the Bible to save herself from the Miting, she has to decide if that is what she will do.

Rope of Sand - C.F. Dunn - #3 The Secret of the Journal - Now that Emma knows Matthew's secret she is ready to meet his family.  But one family member seems to have it out for her.  Will Emma be able to figure out why Maggie is so hostile towards her?

Fair Play - Deeanne Gist - Billy Jack Tate is saddled with a man's name, but also is pursuing a man's profession.  At the 1893 Chicago's World's Fair she runs into Hunter a man who has no time for a woman trying to make it in a man's world.  Until they team up to save an abandoned baby.

The Baron's Honourable Daughter - Lynn Morris - Valeria is trying to run her stepfathers estate after he passes.  She is trying to keep things going for her younger brother while fighting to earn the respect of the men she now has to work with. 

Deeper than Red - Sue Duffy - #3 Red Returning - Once again Liesl finds herself embroiled in a Russian plot.  It involves a colony of mediums in the Florida Keyes.  How does it all fit together?  Liesl needs to find out before the powers of darkness are able to prevail.

Godless - Dr. James Dobson/Kurt Bruner - #3 - How does a Pastor support the Youth Initiative and praise the heroic volunteers?  How can he keep fighting the board of his church that want more attenders and more people to give?  Alex Ware is trying to stand for what is right, but the pressure is becoming greater.  The chilling conclusion to a scary series.

Somebody like You - Beth K. Vogt - Haley's husband Sam is killed in Afghanistan and she is trying to make a new life for herself.  All of that is derailed when she arrives home to find him waiting for her.  At least an exact likeness in his twin brother she knew nothing about.

Chateau of Secrets - Melanie Dobson - Chloe is surprised to find out that her ancestral home was occupied by the Nazis in WWII.  What surprises her even more is the role her family played and the secrets that they kept.

Friday, May 16, 2014

New Release - Silenced - Dani Pettrey

Dear Readers,

Silenced by Dani Pettrey is book #4 in the Alaskan Courage series. The entire series has been set in the glorious state of Alaska.  There is something about books that use that backdrop that seem to attract readers almost faster than any other state. 

Kayden McKenna is ready for a day of climbing.  A relaxing day that quickly takes a turn when she discovers a dead climber.  She turns to the one person who can help her in the investigation of whether it was just tragic accident or murder, Jake. 

Jake is ready to leave his past behind, but he is not ready for this investigation will lead him.  As it becomes clear that it was murder Kayden and Jake realize that the murder is on to them and ready to kill again to keep his secret.

Dani's books are wonderful novels that keep you guessing to the end.  The fit very well in the romantic suspense genre and happily fit right along side of favorites like Dee Henderson and Irene Hannon.  She is definitely one of those authors that if you are not reading her, you should be. 

Happy Reading,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kate Breslin

Dear Readers,

I really didn’t want to read another book about WWII and I really didn’t want to read another book about Auschwitz.  I wasn’t going to read For Such a Time by Kate Breslin until later in the year to give myself a break from the horrors of war.  Then I started talking to people who have read it and one night when I needed a new book to read it was the only one sitting on my night stand. I thought “Okay I will start it, I can always finish it later.”  Well later was just a couple days after starting it because I couldn’t lay it down.

Stella Muller is rescued from the firing squad at Dachau by SS Kommandant Colonel Aric von Schmidt.  He found there was a problem with her papers, someone had marked them “Jude” and she was clearly not Jewish.  He takes her to his headquarters and makes her his secretary.  But Stella has a secret, she is really Hadassah Benjamin and she is a Jew posing as Stella to escape the terror of Nazi Germany. 

Will she be able to work for a SS Kommandant and hide that she is a Jewess?  How long will she be able to fill out the paperwork that sends thousands of her fellow Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz?  Maybe God brought her to this camp for such a time as this.

Using the story of Esther, Kate writes a story that doesn’t leave you comfortable.  She makes you think about what you would do in the situation that Stella/Hadassah finds herself in.  You wonder if you would be able to do what she did in secret without giving away who she really is.   How do you live with the guilt of living in luxury when fellow Jews live in such awful conditions?  How could you save some and yet live with the knowledge that you can’t save them all? 

This is not a quick easy read, but it is not as gruesome as some of the other WWII books I have read.  It does make you think outside yourself and it will keep your attention to the end.  It is a book that once you are done with it you will want to find someone else who has read it so you can discuss it with them and if you can’t find someone who has read it, then share it will as many people as possible so then you can have that discussion.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Release - Edwin - Edoardo Albert

Dear Readers.

It is time to travel back in time.  Lets head off to 625 B.C. England and find out what is happening to the monarchy of that time.  That is the greatest thing about reading fiction.  You can sit down and travel to a different time or place.  No packing required.

In the pages of Edwin by Edoardo Albert we find King Edwin who is exiled to Northumbria.  He has found the sanctuary in King Raedwald's court.  He is not sure that he is as safe as he once thought as his friend faces the lure of riches to turn Edwin over to his enemies. 

As Edwin wonders about his fate he receives a strange prophecy that tells of him doing great things.  But will Edwin live long enough to fulfill the prophecy?

It is always fun to step through the pages into a high court and find out what it is like to run a country so long ago.  I love to be able to find out a little more about what life was like in a time that we know very little about.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Release - Daisies are Forever - Liz Tolsma

Dear Readers,

After reading Snow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma I could hardly wait for her next book to release.  I had more and more customers ask when the next one was releasing and as word of mouth got out, I even received emails asking about it.  That says a lot for a new author.

Daisies are Forever is finally here.  I say that like it has been years instead of months, but it does seem like it was way to long to wait for a book when it is one you really love to read. 

Gisela flees Prussia in front of the advancing Red Army.  An American caught behind the lines of the Russian army is not a safe thing to be.  Her friend Ella tells her to head to Berlin and please take Ella's two children with her and find safety until the American army can reach her. 

Along the way she finds a fake SS officer, Mitch Edwards.  His British accent gives him away and Gisela agrees to be his wife to keep him safe, but also to give her and the children a chance to make it to Berlin.

It is hard to stand out in a very crowded field of books about World War II, but Liz does a very good job of it.  She really gives a different perspective on the war, it isn't just about the armies that were at war with each other, but about the people that were living in the countries that were involved.  The citizen that was caught behind enemy lines just trying to survive.  A downed soldier just trying to make it back to his own army.  They are all storylines that just bring a little different light to the war.

Happy Reading,

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Releases - May 5 -10

Dear Readers,

May is in full bloom here.  The smell of spring is in the air and we are all moving outside to enjoy the weather.  It is so perfect to be able to sit on the porch and enjoy a cool glass of iced tea and a wonderful new book. 

Happy Reading,

Thankful - Shelley Shepard Gray - Return to Sugarcreek #2 - Christina has always felt Aden Reese was going to be her husband.  When his parents are killed, Christina's family takes him in.  Now can Aden keep his feelings for Christina quiet?  Even while she starts "dating" other young men.

Edwin - Edoardo Albert  - Edwin is the exiled King of Northumbria.  He is hiding at his friend King Raedwald, but now he fears for his life.  Are the prophecies true or will he lose his life before any have a chance of coming true?

Casting the Net - Pam Rhodes - #2 The Dunbridge Chronicles - Neil's second year as curate isn't going to be any easier.  Between what is happening in the church's life and his own life, he will have to stay on his toes.

Dynamo - Eleanor Gustafson - Jeth is just trying to get his life back after a brief stay in prison.  He finds a small horse farm that trains show jumpers, but the main attraction for working there is Dynamo.  A stallion no one else can train. 

Daisies are Forever - Liz Tolsma -  Liz's awaited second book is finally here!  Gisela is watching the Red Army advance and when word arrives that they will invade that night, she decides to flee to Berlin with her friends children.

The Advocate - Randy Singer - Theophilus has been haunted by the memories of watching an innocent man die on the cross, now he has been tasked with defending Paul in Nero's deranged court.  Can he save another innocent man?

Heart's Pursuit - Robin Lee Hatcher - Silver is after the man who left her at the altar and stole her father's money.  Jared is seeking revenge for past that continues to haunt him.  When they team up they know it isn't a good idea, they just don't know how bad an idea it is until they find themselves at odds with each other.

Friday, May 9, 2014

New Release - The Lost Loves of WWII - Bruce Judisch & Sharon Bernash Smith

Dear Readers,

I am not a fan of novellas.  I love a big long book that takes more than a couple of hours to read.  That said I also have to say, I have read some novellas that are just delightful, but left me wishing for a little longer story.   So I don't usually write about novellas even the 3 in 1 type books.  This one seems a bit different.

The Lost Loves of World War II by Bruce Judisch and Sharon Bernash Smith is, as the subtitle says, 3 novels of questions unanswered since World War II.  I guess that is what caught my attention the most.  The telling of living through WWII through the eyes of those who were there. 

Katia by Bruce Judisch - Katia wants to tell the truth about her family members that have left their Berlin to never return.  She has waited years to tell the story and now she is ready, even if the young lady she hires to help her thinks she can do it.

For Maria by Bruce Judisch - Madeline finds out that she has twin Aunts that no one has heard from of seen since they were babies.  She wants to reunite her grandmother with her long lost children, but it is a race against time as Grandmother is failing.

The Train Baby's Mother - Sharon Bernash Smith - Fritz Miller lived a quiet life on a remote farm in war torn Germany.  That all changes when he finds a baby that was tossed from a moving train full of people.  He is forced to give her up, but still wonders what ever happened to that child.

Each story has a different view of life and yet they all tie together in that they each have a story that needs to be told.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine how anyone survived the war, but there are always stories of how people did the right thing even at the risk of their own lives. 

Never easy reads, stories of WWII are ones that need to be read and remembered.  Remembered so that we don't allow it to happen again and if it does, may we gain courage from these stories and do the right thing.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Katie Ganshert

Dear Readers,

Every once and a while an author surprises me with a book I really didn't expect from them.  Katie Ganshert did that with her newest, A Broken Kind of Beautiful.  Now I expected it to be good, don't get me wrong about that, but it was such a beautiful story about a little girl's search for love in all the wrong places. 

Ivy is only 24 but her modeling career seems to be at its end. She has burned some bridges and now the only job that seems to be opened to her is one back in Greenbrier South Carolina, the last place on the planet she wants to go to. 

Davis gave up what was his calling.  At least he thought it was his calling until a terrible tragedy struck and he figured if his sister couldn't do what she wanted then he could no longer be a photographer, but why does it seem like God is calling him back to it?

We have all heard it, "God meets us where we are at."  We don't all truly believe it, we think we need to 'fix' ourselves first before God will except us back.  We need a reminder that God really does love us even when we are not really loveable and that he never checks to see if we are picture perfect first, he just loves us as we are. 

Katie does that in this book for us.  She reminds us gently that we just need to return to him and he will take us as we are.  In a book you will end up wanting to share with others, you will find yourself in the pages and your heart will find a gentle nudge that He is there all the time.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New (re) Release - At Home in Mitford - Jan Karon

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with the Mitford books the minute I met Father Tim.  I wanted to move to Mitford and enjoy the pleasure of all the quirky characters you meet between the pages.  I mourned the loss of several of the wonderful characters and even more so the slow death of the little town tucked into the hills of North Carolina.  I waited months for the new book to arrive and would savor every moment in the company of some of the best people I knew. 

Whether in Mitford itself or following Father Tim and Cynthia around the world, the books of Mitford have always felt like coming home.  So when word got out that there was going to be a new Mitford book this fall, Somewhere Safe with Someone Good, I put it on my must read booklist where I am sure it will pop right to the top when the book arrives.

In the mean time, the first book of the series, At Home in Mitford has been re-released.  Not only in honor of the new book, but also because it is the 20th anniversary of it's first release.  20 years of pulling up a chair, grabbing a cup of tea, putting your feet up and relaxing while a delightful story washes over year and clears the dust off your soul.

If you have never read the Mitford books there is plenty of time to find your way to the world of Father Tim, fall in love and eagerly await the next one with the rest of us.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Release - Undetected - Dee Henderson

Dear Readers,

When Dee Henderson decided to return to the world of fiction writing, it caused a giant ripple.  Readers couldn't wait to get their hands on her books and each new release generates excitement that has people wandering into the fiction department to look for the new title weeks in advance hoping that it is out already.

UndetectedUndetected has been no different.  Readers have eagerly awaited this book since finishing Undisclosed this past fall.  This time Dee takes us below the surface of the ocean in to the dangerous world of submarine warfare.

When Mark Bishop is asked what he does for a living, he always answers "I'm in the Navy."  He doesn't go into great detail, but he is the commander of a nuclear sub and that is not a job to be taken lightly.  The only thing missing from his life is some one special to come home to.

Gina loves the idea of being married, but a bad break up has made her a little gun shy.  She is focusing on her career of ocean science research and is about to make a breakthrough.   She just needs to talk to Mark and get his understanding of what she has found because it will change his job forever.

Once again fans of Dee will find themselves lost in the land of intrigue and mystery wrapped around a romance that we all know will happen, well everyone but the two people involved.  Dee has a gift for writing books that make you want to walk along side of the character and help them to see that love is staring them right in the face, they just need to open their eyes. 

Happy Reading,

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Releases - April 28 - May 3

Dear Readers,

In the past few weeks I have gotten great news.  News I could hardly wait to share with you.  Most of you probably already know that Jan Karon has a new Mitford book coming this fall.  Which is something to be excited about. 

The second bit of news I got was one of my favorite authors is writing again.  Jamie Langston Turner has a new book releasing in September and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

But until then there are these great titles to read! 

Happy Reading,

Meant to be Mine – Becky Wade – After a whirlwind wedding, Celia is ready to be Ty’s wife, but Ty is not ready to be a husband.  After 5 years, Ty returns to the woman and child he left behind.

Silenced – Dani Pettrey - #4 Alaskan Courage series – Kayden is out for a relaxing climb when she comes face to face with a dead body.  Is it murder? 

Here to Stay – Melissa Tagg – Blake is ready to settle down, but Autumn is ready to be anywhere but Whisper Shores.  Her dream job in Paris is waiting, until Blake asks her to help him with planning the Christmas festival.

Undetected - Dee Henderson - Mark is a commander of a ballistic missile submarine.  The discovery that Gina has made is going to change his job forever. 

At Home in Mitford - Jan Karon - Recover 20th anniversary - The book that started it all.  If you haven't met Father Tim, come home to Mitford, put up your feet and enjoy.

Raptor 6 - Ronnie Kendig - The Quiet Professionals #1 - Captain Dean Watters and his team have to reach Zahrah before the terrorist do.  The terrorists need her expertise in quantum cryptology and America's military secrets depend on Dean reaching her first.

A Stitch and a Prayer - Eva Gibson - Quilts of Love series - With only a note to tell her he left,  Florence doesn't know where her husband is gone.  She decides to make a quilt to grace the bed she is sure they will share again. 

The Lost Love of World War II - Bruce Judisch & Sharon Bernash Smith - (from the back cover) - For too many years, families were torn apart in Germany.  And the horrors of World War II didn't end when the peace treaties were signed.

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Release - Critical Condition - Richard L. Mabry M.D.

Dear Readers,

Critical+ConditionIn the past few weeks we have had several medical mysteries release.  Richard L. Mabry's Critical Condition is the latest to join the party.  Richard uses his medical experience to add to the realistic feel to the story.  He knows what he is talking about when he writes about the medical field.

Dr. Shannon Frasier's life is coming apart at the seams.  Her alcoholic sister shows up needed a place to stay, her father is diagnosed with cancer and then there is that dead body in her front yard.  When the phone calls start demanding to know what the person said before he died, Shannon's life slips over the edge.

When recommending medical mysteries, Richard's books are always on that list, he writes a fast paced book, that you don't want to lay down until the last page, but that last page arrives way to soon.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Francine Rivers

Dear Readers,

It has been a short, or long depending on your perspective, 3 years since Francine Rivers' last book.  Bridgeto Haven didn't take as long to release as the two-book set she wrote before this, that time we had to wait 8 years.  Thank goodness she doesn't always make us wait that long.

In the golden age of Tinsel town you find Abra. She is now known as Lena Scott, someone her agent created to make her a star.  She hates her life, she is sick of being told what to do, what to eat and how to act.  She is ready to call it quits. Not to head home, as no one there cares what has happened to her, but to find a different life.

Now I don't want you thinking this is a story of the poor little starlet that is sick of the fame and fortune, but it is very much the story of a young women who has had a very different life that has lead her to the place that she found herself in.  It is the story of how we sometimes misunderstand why people do what they do.  It is the story of how God and his love never leave us even when we believe we are completely unlovable and never will be able to be forgiven for what we have done.

There is something about Francine's stories that make me disappear into them.  The way she writes her characters and the settings she puts them in them make me feel like I am living right along side them.  I have known a few other authors who do this also and they rank in my favorites also.  It is a gift when a writer lets us walk along side their characters and find ourselves mixed up in their lives. 

Of course now that I have read Bridge to Haven it is another long, or short I hope, wait for Francine's next book.

Happy Reading,