Friday, May 30, 2014

New Release - Woman of Fortune - Kellie Coates Gilbert

Dear Readers,

When you first start reading Kellie Coates Gilbert's book, Woman of Fortune, you will probably not be able to relate to the way of life that Claire Massey lives.  She lives in the lap of luxury and expects things to be a certain way.  I know I had no idea what it would be like to have your own "buyer" who when you call them will go a get you a different pair of shoes just because the ones you had picked out for an outfit don't quite match.  Then no matter the cost, deliver them to your hotel suite. 

It all comes crashing down when her husband is arrested for fraud and suddenly she is squaring off with lawyers, the media and those who lost money.  She needs to find her way on her own and learn who she really is. 

Kellie's writing style is inviting and one where you feel like you should pull up a chair on the front porch and enjoy the story.  It is a comfortable fit and one that is easy to like.  Even though the characters are not perfect and not always easy to like, you will find yourself feeling at home right in the heart of Texas, even if it is not the same size house you live in now.

                                             Happy Reading,

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