Monday, June 2, 2014

New Releases - May 26 - 31

Dear Readers,

It is June already.  I am having a hard time believing that spring is almost over and summer is on the way.  Here in Michigan it took a bit longer to thaw out enough to get outside, but once the warmer temps hit, outside is where we were enjoying dozens of new books for the season.

Here are more good titles to add to the list.

Happy Reading,

Child's Play - Bill Meyers - First of the Last Fool series - (from back cover) - Fifty years in the future, religion is banned. Location - Sisco Heights mental Health Facility. Unconventional characters delve into a statement on a fortune found in a cookie - "You are my favorite child, God."

Through the Deep Waters - Kim Vogel Sawyer - Bad decisions and a shameful past because of her mother, Dinah doesn't feel she is loveable to anyone.  Amos wants to show her unconditional love, but will she be able to except it?

Sidetracked - Brandilyn Collins - Delanie is hiding from her dark past.  Reinventing herself, she has everything she ever dreamed of.  In fact her boyfriend is going to ask her to marry him.  That all crashes to an end when her friend, Clara, is murdered.  She wants to find the killer, but that will mean revealing her past.

Hallowed Halls - Hannah Alexander - Joy Gilbert is fired from her position in the city, returning home she finds much the same, but some has changed.  Her mother is struggling, her former fiancé is still single and her former bosses' daughter stowed away and refuses to return home. 

Sky Zone - Creston Mapes - #3 The Crittendon Files - Jack Crittendon is working part time, his pregnant wife is working full time, life is strained to say the least.  When he takes a job to help at a political rally life changes rapidly when a treat of a terrorist attack is revealed.

Forever Amish - Kate Lloyd - #3 of the Legacy of Lancaster series - Sally needs sometime away to sort through what is to come.  What she finds is a Amish woman who introduces her to a very different perspective on life and a handsome farm hand.  All of which may change her life forever.

Sarah's Choice - Rebecca St. James/Nancy Rue - Sarah is on the verge of getting the job she has dreamed of.  Huge raise, new car, travel, she is ready for it.  Only one thing stands in her way, her unborn baby.

For Love or Country - Jennifer Hudson Taylor - #2 the MacGregor Legacy - Tyra's spying for the colonials comes to a halt when she is placed under house arrest.  Donahue Morgan is sent to guard her and even though they are sworn enemies, there is attraction that can't be denied.

Rival Hearts - Tara Randel - Quilts of Love series - Molly writes for Quilter's Heart and Ben writes for Outdoor Adventures.  They are both up for a new promotion and to prove who is the better writer, they must switch jobs and learn about and then write about the other's magazine. 

Hacker - Ted Dekker - #2 Outlaw Chronicles - Nyah is a genius hacker.  She cracks firewalls for a living.  When the biggest job of her life goes wrong it becomes a life or death situation.

Blur - Steven James - When the veil between reality and madness begins to blur, Daniel isn't sure what to believe anymore.  He is sadden over Emily's death, but a terrifying vision brings that into questions.  Is there more to her death than what meets the eye?

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