Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Release - Undetected - Dee Henderson

Dear Readers,

When Dee Henderson decided to return to the world of fiction writing, it caused a giant ripple.  Readers couldn't wait to get their hands on her books and each new release generates excitement that has people wandering into the fiction department to look for the new title weeks in advance hoping that it is out already.

UndetectedUndetected has been no different.  Readers have eagerly awaited this book since finishing Undisclosed this past fall.  This time Dee takes us below the surface of the ocean in to the dangerous world of submarine warfare.

When Mark Bishop is asked what he does for a living, he always answers "I'm in the Navy."  He doesn't go into great detail, but he is the commander of a nuclear sub and that is not a job to be taken lightly.  The only thing missing from his life is some one special to come home to.

Gina loves the idea of being married, but a bad break up has made her a little gun shy.  She is focusing on her career of ocean science research and is about to make a breakthrough.   She just needs to talk to Mark and get his understanding of what she has found because it will change his job forever.

Once again fans of Dee will find themselves lost in the land of intrigue and mystery wrapped around a romance that we all know will happen, well everyone but the two people involved.  Dee has a gift for writing books that make you want to walk along side of the character and help them to see that love is staring them right in the face, they just need to open their eyes. 

Happy Reading,

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