Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Release - Godless - James Dobson/Kurt Bruner

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Godless by Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner is the chilling conclusion that is set in America 30 years from now.  The authors used trends that are happening in America now to reach some of the conclusions that are in the series.  Fatherless is book number one, Childless is book #2 and each book has a bit of a different main story theme, but all three have one story line that carries throughout.

The economic crisis in America is continuing to grow.  The growing number of senior Americans is out pacing the ability of the younger work force and the ability to support the older generation.  Alex Ware is pastor at Christ Community Church and has spoken out against the Youth Initiative which is not making his board of directors happy.  They believe their older members should gladly embrace the Initiative and allocate a portion of their estate to the church.

Alex knows it is wrong, but speaking out may cost him his job.  Will he be able to stand strong with the Word of God supporting him, or will he be convinced that the Youth Initiative is something to be supported by all, young and old?

This series has been a very interesting read because of the different subjects that it covers.  More than once I had to try to remember if it was something I read in the book or if it was something I heard about in the news.  Area we as America headed down this road?  Who can tell, but this series will make you wonder if we have all ready slipped down the slope.

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