Thursday, May 1, 2014

Francine Rivers

Dear Readers,

It has been a short, or long depending on your perspective, 3 years since Francine Rivers' last book.  Bridgeto Haven didn't take as long to release as the two-book set she wrote before this, that time we had to wait 8 years.  Thank goodness she doesn't always make us wait that long.

In the golden age of Tinsel town you find Abra. She is now known as Lena Scott, someone her agent created to make her a star.  She hates her life, she is sick of being told what to do, what to eat and how to act.  She is ready to call it quits. Not to head home, as no one there cares what has happened to her, but to find a different life.

Now I don't want you thinking this is a story of the poor little starlet that is sick of the fame and fortune, but it is very much the story of a young women who has had a very different life that has lead her to the place that she found herself in.  It is the story of how we sometimes misunderstand why people do what they do.  It is the story of how God and his love never leave us even when we believe we are completely unlovable and never will be able to be forgiven for what we have done.

There is something about Francine's stories that make me disappear into them.  The way she writes her characters and the settings she puts them in them make me feel like I am living right along side them.  I have known a few other authors who do this also and they rank in my favorites also.  It is a gift when a writer lets us walk along side their characters and find ourselves mixed up in their lives. 

Of course now that I have read Bridge to Haven it is another long, or short I hope, wait for Francine's next book.

Happy Reading,

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