Friday, May 9, 2014

New Release - The Lost Loves of WWII - Bruce Judisch & Sharon Bernash Smith

Dear Readers,

I am not a fan of novellas.  I love a big long book that takes more than a couple of hours to read.  That said I also have to say, I have read some novellas that are just delightful, but left me wishing for a little longer story.   So I don't usually write about novellas even the 3 in 1 type books.  This one seems a bit different.

The Lost Loves of World War II by Bruce Judisch and Sharon Bernash Smith is, as the subtitle says, 3 novels of questions unanswered since World War II.  I guess that is what caught my attention the most.  The telling of living through WWII through the eyes of those who were there. 

Katia by Bruce Judisch - Katia wants to tell the truth about her family members that have left their Berlin to never return.  She has waited years to tell the story and now she is ready, even if the young lady she hires to help her thinks she can do it.

For Maria by Bruce Judisch - Madeline finds out that she has twin Aunts that no one has heard from of seen since they were babies.  She wants to reunite her grandmother with her long lost children, but it is a race against time as Grandmother is failing.

The Train Baby's Mother - Sharon Bernash Smith - Fritz Miller lived a quiet life on a remote farm in war torn Germany.  That all changes when he finds a baby that was tossed from a moving train full of people.  He is forced to give her up, but still wonders what ever happened to that child.

Each story has a different view of life and yet they all tie together in that they each have a story that needs to be told.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine how anyone survived the war, but there are always stories of how people did the right thing even at the risk of their own lives. 

Never easy reads, stories of WWII are ones that need to be read and remembered.  Remembered so that we don't allow it to happen again and if it does, may we gain courage from these stories and do the right thing.

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