Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Release - The Baron's Honourable Daughter - Lynn Morris

Dear Readers,

Lynn Morris is probably best known for her Cheney Duvall series.  Set in the 1800's they were an interesting look into America's history.  With The Baron's Honourable Daughter Lynn takes us over the pond and delivers us to the Regency era of England. 

The+Baron%27s+Honourable+DaughterWe meet Valeria who is trying to help run her step-father's estate after her passes away suddenly.  She is not the rightful heir, but her mother is buried in grief and her step brother is to young.  Valeria is just trying to do what is right, but each day brings a new challenge with servants, stewards and solicitors.  None see her as the rightful owner and because she is a woman, they refuse to respect her or listen to her.

She ends up relying on the help of a distant relative Lord Hylton.  He is willing to not only help with the estate, but suddenly no matter where she is he seems to be close at hand.  Why does it seem like he finds it necessary to follow her around?

For those readers that also love regency romance books, it is always nice to find another proven author writing books.  Lynn has a great track record for doing research and writing novels that take you to the time period in ways that make you wish you lived then and could meet the people involved with the story.

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