Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Release - Daisies are Forever - Liz Tolsma

Dear Readers,

After reading Snow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma I could hardly wait for her next book to release.  I had more and more customers ask when the next one was releasing and as word of mouth got out, I even received emails asking about it.  That says a lot for a new author.

Daisies are Forever is finally here.  I say that like it has been years instead of months, but it does seem like it was way to long to wait for a book when it is one you really love to read. 

Gisela flees Prussia in front of the advancing Red Army.  An American caught behind the lines of the Russian army is not a safe thing to be.  Her friend Ella tells her to head to Berlin and please take Ella's two children with her and find safety until the American army can reach her. 

Along the way she finds a fake SS officer, Mitch Edwards.  His British accent gives him away and Gisela agrees to be his wife to keep him safe, but also to give her and the children a chance to make it to Berlin.

It is hard to stand out in a very crowded field of books about World War II, but Liz does a very good job of it.  She really gives a different perspective on the war, it isn't just about the armies that were at war with each other, but about the people that were living in the countries that were involved.  The citizen that was caught behind enemy lines just trying to survive.  A downed soldier just trying to make it back to his own army.  They are all storylines that just bring a little different light to the war.

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