Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Reading List - Part II

Dear Readers,

Part II of the list is a bit longer than the first, but I thought instead of drawing out the list for several weeks, I would get it a bit quicker for your summer reading.  The third installment in next week.

Happy Reading,

Meant to be Mine – Becky Wade – After a whirlwind wedding, Celia is ready to be Ty’s wife, but Ty is not ready to be a husband.  After 5 years, Ty returns to the woman and child he left behind.

Silenced – Dani Pettrey - #4 Alaskan Courage series – Kayden is out for a relaxing climb when she comes face to face with a dead body.  Is it murder? 

Here to Stay – Melissa Tagg – Blake is ready to settle down, but Autumn is ready to be anywhere but Whisper Shores.  Her dream job in Paris is waiting, until Blake asks her to help him with planning the Christmas festival.

Runaway Saint – Lisa Samson - Sara seems to have her life completely together, a supportive husband, a hip business, and a house that is the envy of the neighborhood.  That is on the surface.  Underneath she is restless and when a long lost Aunt shows up unexpectedly on her doorstep, everything comes to the forefront.

Life Support – Candace Calvert - #3 Grace Medical - Nurse Lauren puts her life on hold to help her sister.  Elijah is at odds with his father over the care of his disabled brother.  They need each other, but they seem more at odds with each other than able to get along.

How Sweet the Sound – Amy Sorrels - 3 generations come together on the family plantation in Alabama where 13 year old Anniston finds love and forgiveness that only God can give.

Dancing with Fireflies – Denise Hunter - A Chapel Springs Romance #3- Jade McKinley couldn’t wait to leave Chapel Spring behind, but now she is forced to return.  Daniel has loved Jade for years, and now he has a second chance to win her love.

For Such a Time – Kate Breslin - Stella Muller isn't whom she seems to be.  She is really a Jewess hiding in plain sight.  She is able to work for a German while working to save her people from the death camps.

Smitten Book Club – Colleen Coble/Denise Hunter/Diann Hunt/Kristin Billerbeck - Heather finds an old book written by former Smitten resident Pearl Chambers, little does she know how that book will change her life.

Butterfly Palace – Colleen Coble - When Lily recognizes the man that abandoned her at a dinner party, her past and present collide.  The Servant Girl Murder is moving closer and she feels trapped in a web that is closing in on her.

A Draw of Kings – Patrick Carr - #3 Sword and the Staff - The awaited conclusion to the series.  Can Errol and his band of friends save their country from threats within and outside their borders?

The Fall of Marigolds – Susan Meissner - Two women connected over the years by a beautiful scarf.  A scarf that arrives in their lives at a time when they needed reminding that they are loved

Summer of Joy – Ann H. Gabhart - #3 The Heart of Hollyhill - re-release- As the summer of 1964 draws to a close, two people arrive in Hollyhill.  Each one comes for a different reason, but each will stir things up for Jocie and her family.

Death by the Book – Julianna Deering - #2 A Drew Farthering Mystery - Drew and Madeline are once again involved in a murder mystery.  This one is puzzling them as there seems to be no connection between the victims.

The Dancing Master – Julie Klassen -Regency romance - Alec is hoping for a fresh start for himself and his family in remote Devonshire as a dance teacher.  Julia's mother has an unwritten rule against dancing in their small village.  Both families have secrets that just don't want to stay hidden.  

All Things Hidden – Tracie Peterson/Kimberly Woodhouse - Gwyn loves being a nurse for her father and hates change.  Their little town is about to have major changes to it and she isn't sure she is ready for it.

Shadowed by Grace –Cara Putman - The story of the Monument Men - Rachel takes her newspaper's assignment in Italy to find a father she never knew.  While there her story gets her involved with Monument Men and their quest to save works of art and monuments from the Third Reich.

The Sentinels of Andersonville - Tracy Groot - (from the dust jacket)  "Near the end of the Civil War, inhumane conditions at Andersonville Prison caused the deaths of 13,000 Union soldiers in 14 months.:"  This is the story of 3 Confederates and their fight to improve what was happening in their town.

Sweet Olive – Judy Christie - Camille has one final job to finish for the oil company that her family owns.  She is ready to move on to her real passion of running an art gallery, but first she has to return to the town that was the scene of the worst week of her life

The Prayer Box – Lisa Wingate - Tandi is running from her past, but when she is given the tasks of cleaning out Lola's Victorian House, she finds that years’ worth of prayer boxes.  They tell a story of an unassuming women and her journey of faith.

Return to Me – Lynn Austin – 1 The Restoration Chronicles - The Jews are ready to return to Israel and rebuild the temple.  But who will lead them?

A Broken Kind of Beautiful – Katie Ganshert - Ivy Clark has only known the fashion industry.  As her career seems to be coming to an end, will she be able to find herself in something besides her looks.

Bridge to Haven – Francine Rivers -After a 3 year wait Francine delights us with a tale of Hollywood's golden age.  

Distortion – Terri Blackstock - Moonlighters Series #2 - Juliet sees her husband murdered by what she thought was a random shooting, until she arrives back home and hears the threatening voicemail.  She realizes that she and her children are at risk until she can figure out all the secrets of his past.

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