Monday, May 19, 2014

New Releases - May 12 - 17

Dear Readers,

Next week is the un-official start of summer.  It is time to plan your summer reading list.  Or do you already have it done?  Mine is not complete as I keep wanting to add new titles all the time.  That to-be-read list grows and grows, I need more time to just read. 

Happy Reading,

Spirit Bridge - James L. Rubart - A Well Spring Novel #3 - ( from the  back cover) (this book) is the epic conclusion ... (of the) Well Spring series, which will propel each of the Warriors Riding on a quest of true identity, ultimate freedom, and a final battle that will leave them changed forever.

The Miting - Dee Yoder - An Old Order Amish Novel - Leah is full of questions.  Questions that could get her shunned from her community and family.  When she is told that she must give up reading the Bible to save herself from the Miting, she has to decide if that is what she will do.

Rope of Sand - C.F. Dunn - #3 The Secret of the Journal - Now that Emma knows Matthew's secret she is ready to meet his family.  But one family member seems to have it out for her.  Will Emma be able to figure out why Maggie is so hostile towards her?

Fair Play - Deeanne Gist - Billy Jack Tate is saddled with a man's name, but also is pursuing a man's profession.  At the 1893 Chicago's World's Fair she runs into Hunter a man who has no time for a woman trying to make it in a man's world.  Until they team up to save an abandoned baby.

The Baron's Honourable Daughter - Lynn Morris - Valeria is trying to run her stepfathers estate after he passes.  She is trying to keep things going for her younger brother while fighting to earn the respect of the men she now has to work with. 

Deeper than Red - Sue Duffy - #3 Red Returning - Once again Liesl finds herself embroiled in a Russian plot.  It involves a colony of mediums in the Florida Keyes.  How does it all fit together?  Liesl needs to find out before the powers of darkness are able to prevail.

Godless - Dr. James Dobson/Kurt Bruner - #3 - How does a Pastor support the Youth Initiative and praise the heroic volunteers?  How can he keep fighting the board of his church that want more attenders and more people to give?  Alex Ware is trying to stand for what is right, but the pressure is becoming greater.  The chilling conclusion to a scary series.

Somebody like You - Beth K. Vogt - Haley's husband Sam is killed in Afghanistan and she is trying to make a new life for herself.  All of that is derailed when she arrives home to find him waiting for her.  At least an exact likeness in his twin brother she knew nothing about.

Chateau of Secrets - Melanie Dobson - Chloe is surprised to find out that her ancestral home was occupied by the Nazis in WWII.  What surprises her even more is the role her family played and the secrets that they kept.

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