Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Reading list 2014

Dear Readers,

With Monday being Memorial day I thought I would start releasing my summer reading suggestions.  Not ever good book is on the list as I think this year it would be about 6 or 7 pages long.  They are not in any particular order, I recommend them all, just pick out the ones you would like best and enjoy.

This year you can map your summer reading road trip out.  Amy at Bethany Publishing gave me the idea and I thought it sounded like fun.  Grab a map or let me know and I can send you one, and color in the state that the book (s) that you are reading is set in.  See how many states you can visit before Labor Day.

Happy Reading,

P.S. I will be sharing more of the list as dates and time allow.  If you want the complete list right away, please contact me and I will mail you a copy or you can stop by the store and pick up a copy in the fiction department. 

All My Belonging – Cynthia Ruchti - (From the back cover) Where do you turn when changing your name doesn't give you the anonymity you want? 

One Perfect Spring – Irene Hannon - Keith had no idea that the letter that lands on his desk will change everything for not only himself and the letter writer, but those around him also.

Critical Condition – Richard L. Mabry -What is supposed to be a quiet dinner party turns into a scene of a murder when a stranger is killed on Shannon's front yard.  Now there is someone wanting to know what he said before the stranger died and he will stop at nothing to find out. 

Scarlett Says – Julie Cannon - Scarlett's muse is a fictional character, Scarlett O'Hara.  She uses Scarlett's devil may care attitude to write her blog and give advice that she normally wouldn't.  But when one of her first readers offers her a chance at a life outside of make believe, Scarlett isn't sure she is ready.

Visible Threat – Julie Cantore - book #3 of the Brinna Caruso series - Brinna is asked to help solve the murder of a young lady found with a strange tattoo on her hip.  What Brinna finds is something more dangerous than anything she experienced before, a human trafficking ring.

Just 18 Summers – Rene Gutteridge/Michelle Cox - (from the back cover) "With just 18 summers before their children are grown, how do (parents) make the most of that time when life gets in the way."

The Queen’s Handmaiden – Tracy L. Higley - Lydia is the handmaiden to Cleopatra and her young son.  But when Lydia's mentor is murder, she decides to deliver the old scrolls to Jerusalem herself.  Can she deliver them safely before they fall into the wrong hands and are destroyed forever?

The Auschwitz Escape – Joel Rosenberg - (From the backcover) "Evil, unchecked is the prelude to genocide."  Jacob works for the resistance in Belgium.  When he and his fellow workers attempt a daring rescue of a train headed to Auschwitz, Jacob becomes trapped in one of the cars.  Once at Auschwitz all he can think of is escape.

A Table by the Window – Hillary Manton Lodge - first novel of Family Secrets and Heirloom Recipes - Juliette writes for a food magazine, but she is unsure of what she really wants to do with her life.  When her brother Nico offers a chance to open a new restaurant together she is unsure what to do. 

Pelican Bride – Beth White -  #1 Gulf Coast Chronicles - Genevieve Gaillain agrees to be a bride to a man working in the new world to escape her painful past, what she finds is love and that nothing can be hide forever.

Woman of Courage – Wanda Brunstetter - Amanda gives up on romance and decides to follow fellow missionary couple Rev. and Mrs. Spalding over the mountains.  Her first convert is the wife of a trapper who saves her life, but he and a fellow trapper want nothing to do with Christians.

The Fearful Gates – Ross Lawhead - #3 the Ancient Earth Trilogy - (from the backcover) "The army is gathered.  The Alliance for good is holed up in the Langtorr.  The fate of Britain - and the world - will be decided in the events of a single day... a day when the Fearful Gates are finally opened, and the mystery that lies behind them is revealed."


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