Monday, May 12, 2014

New Releases - May 5 -10

Dear Readers,

May is in full bloom here.  The smell of spring is in the air and we are all moving outside to enjoy the weather.  It is so perfect to be able to sit on the porch and enjoy a cool glass of iced tea and a wonderful new book. 

Happy Reading,

Thankful - Shelley Shepard Gray - Return to Sugarcreek #2 - Christina has always felt Aden Reese was going to be her husband.  When his parents are killed, Christina's family takes him in.  Now can Aden keep his feelings for Christina quiet?  Even while she starts "dating" other young men.

Edwin - Edoardo Albert  - Edwin is the exiled King of Northumbria.  He is hiding at his friend King Raedwald, but now he fears for his life.  Are the prophecies true or will he lose his life before any have a chance of coming true?

Casting the Net - Pam Rhodes - #2 The Dunbridge Chronicles - Neil's second year as curate isn't going to be any easier.  Between what is happening in the church's life and his own life, he will have to stay on his toes.

Dynamo - Eleanor Gustafson - Jeth is just trying to get his life back after a brief stay in prison.  He finds a small horse farm that trains show jumpers, but the main attraction for working there is Dynamo.  A stallion no one else can train. 

Daisies are Forever - Liz Tolsma -  Liz's awaited second book is finally here!  Gisela is watching the Red Army advance and when word arrives that they will invade that night, she decides to flee to Berlin with her friends children.

The Advocate - Randy Singer - Theophilus has been haunted by the memories of watching an innocent man die on the cross, now he has been tasked with defending Paul in Nero's deranged court.  Can he save another innocent man?

Heart's Pursuit - Robin Lee Hatcher - Silver is after the man who left her at the altar and stole her father's money.  Jared is seeking revenge for past that continues to haunt him.  When they team up they know it isn't a good idea, they just don't know how bad an idea it is until they find themselves at odds with each other.

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