Thursday, May 8, 2014

Katie Ganshert

Dear Readers,

Every once and a while an author surprises me with a book I really didn't expect from them.  Katie Ganshert did that with her newest, A Broken Kind of Beautiful.  Now I expected it to be good, don't get me wrong about that, but it was such a beautiful story about a little girl's search for love in all the wrong places. 

Ivy is only 24 but her modeling career seems to be at its end. She has burned some bridges and now the only job that seems to be opened to her is one back in Greenbrier South Carolina, the last place on the planet she wants to go to. 

Davis gave up what was his calling.  At least he thought it was his calling until a terrible tragedy struck and he figured if his sister couldn't do what she wanted then he could no longer be a photographer, but why does it seem like God is calling him back to it?

We have all heard it, "God meets us where we are at."  We don't all truly believe it, we think we need to 'fix' ourselves first before God will except us back.  We need a reminder that God really does love us even when we are not really loveable and that he never checks to see if we are picture perfect first, he just loves us as we are. 

Katie does that in this book for us.  She reminds us gently that we just need to return to him and he will take us as we are.  In a book you will end up wanting to share with others, you will find yourself in the pages and your heart will find a gentle nudge that He is there all the time.

Happy Reading,

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