Monday, April 14, 2014

New Releases - April 7 - 12

Dear Readers, 

It is spring break around here.  Quite a few of the families in the area head to warmer weather for the week.  At the very least they take a few days to relax, rest and reset for the busy spring season.  It means that people are in looking for a few good titles to take along.  There are a couple goods ones on this list to fill that purpose.

Happy Reading,

Harbor of the Heart - Katherine Spencer - #5 Angel Island series - Daniel is thinking of returning to the medical field.  Liza doesn't understand why until she sees his skill in action.  But returning means giving up the love of his life.

The Last Bride - Beverly Lewis - #5 Home to Hickory Hollows - Tessie is the last of her sisters to marry.  She has her heart set on a man her father opposes.  The choices they make next effect Tessie in ways they never thought of.

Plots and Pans - Kelly Eileen Hake - (from the back cover) - Can a cranky cowboy and a clever cook stir up more than trouble?

Woman of Courage - Wanda Brunstetter - Amanda gives up on romance and decides to follow fellow missionary couple Rev. and Mrs. Spalding over the mountains.  Her first convert is the wife of a trapper who saves her life, but he and fellow trapper want nothing to do with Christians.

Sing for Me - Karen Halvorsen Schreck - Set in 1937.  Rose Sorenson longs for something more than just the hymns she sings at church.  Introduced to the world of Jazz clubs, she finds an exciting place that offers her what she wants.

Childless - James Dobson/Kurt Brunner - #2 in the Fatherless series - Book two is now available in paperback of this chilling realistic series.

Son of God - Roma Downey/Mark Burnett - (from the backcover) Grittily realistic, (this book) pulls no punches in conveying the harsh realities of Jesus' era. 

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