Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Release - Circle of Spies - Roseanna White

Dear Readers,

I have no idea why I don't think of a good spy novel being set in the early part of America's history.  I guess I still fall back to what I was taught in school and it made it seem like more of a gentleman's war and of course everyone played by the rules. 

Roseanna M. White's series Culper Ring has changed that thinking.  Circle of Spies is book # 3 in the series and is set in 1865.  The Civil War is raging in the country and spies are already busy at work for both the North and South.  Marietta Hughes gets drawn in because of her family, It is not something she wanted to become, a spy.  She is determined to make sure the secret society of Confederates does not succeed to destroy the Union that her brother fought and died to save.

Spies, handsome men, and a secret society, what more can you ask for in a book?   There is something about a good spy novel that is just fun to read.  I am sure I would have made a rotten spy, but I sure do like to read about them.  How about you? 

With spring break coming to this area next week, everyone's reading list gets a bit longer.  Make sure you add a bit of excitement to that list.

Happy Reading,

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