Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Release - Bridge to Haven - Francine Rivers

Dear Readers,

There are very few authors that generate as much excitement when it is announced they are writing a new novel as Francine Rivers.  I read Redeeming Love many years ago and it is a story that has stuck with me ever since.  I have read all of her books and there is not one that I didn't enjoy.  They have all had special messages in them and each have come to mean a great deal to me.

Bridge to Haven is the long awaited newest by Francine and it is one that you will get read quickly.  It is set in the golden age of Hollywood when every young teenage girl dreamed of being discovered and made into a star. 

Lena Scott is the brightest new star to hit the silver screen.  She is beautiful and every little girl dreams of being her.  But few know the price she paid to get where she is today and that she only dreams of going home again. 

Pastor Ezekiel Freeman knows who she is.  He knows all about the little girl that is seeking to just be loved.  He longs for her to come home again, but has no way to let her know all is forgiven.

Once again Francine will tug at your heart strings with a beautiful tale that is meant to remind us of God and his pursuit of us no matter what we have done.

Happy Reading,

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Shaina Turner said...

Can't believe it's finally out! We have a great 1950's themed giveaway on our Crazy4Fiction blog right now; you might want to check it out. Could win some pretty cool exclusive Bridge to Haven prizes. :D