Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hillary Manton Lodge

Dear Readers,

First let me tell you I really enjoyed reading A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge.  It is a wonderful story about families and what it means to be part of a loud and loving family.  How sometimes it can be awkward when everyone tries to take care of each other.  Sometimes it can be frustrating when someone thinks they have a better idea for your life than you do and how no matter what choices you make, they will love you completely. 

Second I want to tell you, the recipes included in the text made me want to take a cooking class or two to learn how to make some of the items listed.  There were no easy cook in a couple minutes recipes, these were involved dishes that required time to make and then more time to enjoy with a group of family and friends.

Juliette’s family revolves around food.  Grandma moved from Italy after her husband passed to open her own pastry shop in Portland, Oregon.  Her parents own an Italian/French restaurant that seems to be on everyone’s list to go to.  Her brother is a chef and she herself writes for a food magazine. 

When her grandmother passes, Juliette inherits her prep table.  She remembers learning how to cook and make pastries at her grandmother’s side.  She loves this table and the memories it brings.   While cleaning the drawers she finds an old cookbook of Grandmother’s and it contains a picture of someone who looks strikingly like her brother. Who could it be?

I will let you discover the answer to that question, it is a journey you need to take with Juliette.   Between the family she has and the history that is part of their story, it is a hard book to lay down.  It isn’t because it is so fast paced, it is because you won’t want to leave them. 

So grab a pastry of choice and rich cup of coffee and enjoy.


Happy Reading,


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