Monday, April 28, 2014

New Releases - April 21 - 25

Dear Readers,

Spring is here, I just spent a Sunday afternoon sitting outside reading.  I love spring.  What makes it even better is when you get new books in that you immediately put on your to-be-read list.  I can think of more than one that will be put on the top of that list.

Happy Reading,

First Impressions - Sarah Price - An Amish Tale of Pride and Prejudice - The Amish Classics #1 -  With 5 daughters and no sons, the Blank family is looking to marry off the daughters to someone who will be able to take over the family farm.

Dixie Belle - Debby Mayne - #1 Uptown Belles - Cissy flees to New York to escape an abusive relationship.  When she meets her Uncle's competitor she feels an attraction, but her Uncle does not approve because even though Tom says he is a Christian, he doesn't act like it at work.

Bridge to Haven - Francine Rivers - After a 3 year wait Francine delights us with a  tale of Hollywood's golden age.

A Lady's Honor - Laurie Alice Eakes - #1 a Cliffs of Cornwall Novel - (from the back cover) - On the cliffs of 19th century Cornwall, a spirited, impetuous young woman is torn between the honor of her family and the longings of her heart.

The Traitor's Wife - Allison Pataki - We all know about Benedict Arnold and the most notorious act of treason in America's history, but did you know that he was drawn into the act by his much younger wife.  Peggy Shippen was loyal to the British, she is the one who hatches the plan to turn West Point over to the British.

The Sons of Isaac - Roberta Kells Dorr - Reprint - (from the backcover) - When God tells Rebekah that she will bear Isaac twin sons and the youngest will serve the older, Isaac is skeptical.  But that revelation will forever mark the lives of his family.

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