Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Release - Sing for Me - Karen Halvorsen Schreck

Dear Readers,

Sing for Me by Karen Halvorsen Schreck is set in 1937 with a Jazz club as the backdrop.  Rose longs to sing more than the songs the Baptist church.  She has fallen in love the radio.  As a Birthday surprise her cousin takes her to a jazz club, which open a whole new world to her.  A world that is a foreign to her as the moon, but one that she can't wait to belong to. 

When one of the bands offers her a chance to be their singer, she is ready for the chance to do her heart's desire, but will it also be more dangerous that she plans.  When she finds herself falling in love with their colored piano player, Rose may find not only her faith tested, but her life at risk.

I have often found that one of the aspects of Jazz clubs, the races mingled freely and it seemed as if they were all equals.  That was until the lights dimmed and they stepped outside the club.   Because they have romanticized jazz clubs so much, I have seen where those relationships were tolerated, but in reality they were not. 

The roaring 20's followed by the depression era has always been a part of fiction, but because of the popularity of Downton Abbey, they have made a big resurgence again.  Much to readers excitement.  Take the time to visit an exciting time in US history, put on your flapper dress and pearls and enjoy.

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